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Found 141 results

  1. Here's my new to me CPO 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 5.3/8spd LTZ w/ LTZ Plus Package and Z71 Package. Silver Ice on Jet Black Here are pics the day I picked it up from Lone Star Chevrolet in Houston TX on Feb 28. Mods are going to be the usual and will be listed below Thanks for looking!
  2. I have had a 76, 76, 79, 82, 83, 85, 85, 94, 99, 04, 04, 10, and a 15. I loved my 15. Was the same basic truck in a Chevy version without a trailer brake controller bought new in 14. Put 40k miles on it. Always wished it had the integrated trailer brake controller. I never planned to sell the truck but GM decided to build the 2015 Z28 and I traded the 15 Silverado in on that car. Great decision as I love that car and I knew it would be much easier to find another truck later down the road or not. This was a lot of work. I paid to much for it as GM is not offer any rebates right now. I could wait for them, but then this truck might sell and there are no other like it. It has every single one of my must have options a few of my wanted options. I think the only thing missing is the spray on bed liner but thats is easy to add. My plan was to finance the Fireball package at time of purchase but I was unable to find anyone willing to lend me that much over invoice. At least not when I have the Z28 payment as well. I think, I will leave the truck stock for a year and then just pay cash for the Fireball upgrade. No mater what at some point the truck will be super charged. Will be lowered in a few weeks. I found the truck 6.5 hours away in NE after many calls and chats with GM. GM always wants your zip code and only searches for vehicles within so many miles. They deny this, but try asking a few different times, with different zip codes you get different results. I was told several times this truck wasn't in stock anywhere in the US but I kept searching. Took 3 full weeks to find it. I even tried to order the truck. I have my order number but the allocation was closed 3-23. I was told there was basically no way GM would build my truck at this point. They are getting ready to build the 2019's. I canceled that order this morning. Persistence... I finally got my 2015 Z28 in Dec of 2017 brand new hiding in a dealership in TX and I found my exact truck in NE. It wasn't really hiding but it seems no one but me wants a loaded regular cab. I drove a few 4 doors even ones with the 6.2 and they are pigs compared to the regular cab with the 3:42's. I want a truck for sport and fun not to haul the family around. My family actually all fits in the regular cab as we are a small family. Anyway here is another picture of another black 2018 Sierra. The difference is this one is mine. I have not seen the truck in person. Deal is done and they have the funds. Hope they really keep it locked up inside. I added my Z28 just cause.... Truck will get the same stripes the day I get it home.
  3. Truck was purchased new in November 2014. It's the 5.3L, with 3.42 gears. SLT crew cab short box 4x4 model. I added the G4 Elite Fold-A-Cover week 1.
  4. So I would like some advice. I want to level my 2015 Silverado 1500 4x4 crew cab. I am just out of the factory warranty with 38K miles. I was looking at installing a RC 3/2 leveling kit and have been reading many forums talking about how bad these leveling kits are to the suspension. Not just the RC, but any leveling kit. The kit is the 3" spacer between strut and tower with 2" block on rear. Many of the forums are saying the front suspension will wear out within 10K miles of installing. So I wanted to start a thread and get some opinions on some experiences with these kits. Has anyone had issues with these type of kits? What am I to expect in 10K, 15K, 20K miles to change out due to excessive wear from these kits? I know I will need to do an alignment right after install, but how will the truck ride and wear on the tires with these kits? Are they as bad as I have been reading? I read one thread where someone had to spend $6K to completely replace their IFS suspension from this kit. Was this a one off situation or a very good possibility? I want to get ride of that nose down look and give the truck a much better looking stance for a 4x4 truck. So what other options are there to level or give a slight lift to my truck that will cause as little damage down the road as possible to the suspension? I understand there is always risk when altering a suspension, but there must be some other options that do little damage and still allow a lift or level of the truck. Someone mentioned a body lift, but that still leaves the nose down look of the body. Thoughts?
  5. I'm wanting to put some nice looking Beadlock wheels on it with some 33-35 inch Tires, for my next upgrade. (220,000 miles so far) I would like some advice on what tire would fit while turning full lock to lock without Rubbing. I'm installing the big fender flairs from Bushwacker, that require cutting the fenders, these add 4-5 inches in width. Have a 4 inch lift in front and a 2 inch lift in the rear. (Rancho Suspension lift) I will drive this everyday on and off the farm (tends to get pretty muddy after a rain), as well as on and off road trips. Maybe even some storm chasing. I'm leaning towards these wheels: ATX SERIES BLACK AX757 CHAMBER PRO II WHEELS 17x9, 8x6.5, with the BF Goodrich KO2 Tires. Here is a link with the details. http://www.americanracingequipment.ca/wheel/33130/ax757-chamber-pro-ii How big of tire can I put on and NOT have any Rubbing? If the Tire sticks out no big deal the fender flairs will cover tires 4-5 inches outside the fenders. If there are better suited wheels AND tires for this Truck feel free to add that information. This is an expensive upgrade especially since the Drivetrain has also been replaced or rebuilt and upgraded. Looking for some well thought out honest advice. I need to run a Grade 8 Tire as I haul my Tractor for service, and I also want the ability to air down for more traction if necessary. The wheels are 17x9. (See Link Above) I would like a strong, capable long lasting Tire for the duties listed above. I will answer any questions you have of me. Thanks in advance, Texas Suburban Trucker Quote Edit
  6. Noticed today this crack any one know what's going on here other that it's not gonna be cheap to fix .... bought the truck used last year asked the dealer to install a proper leveling kit I ended up sitting with a 4" leveling kit and now what looks like an a&& f*(#ing. Hoping someone has also made this mistake . Truck sits nice rides rough as he'll I'm thinking they should have changed out the shocks for longer .....they did not .
  7. I have a1999 Silverado 2500 4x4 6.0 that I just got running again it has been sitting for 2 years because my girls dad was going through some rough time and didn't really care now 2 years later he is in no shape to be under a hood or on his back messing with the thing anyways I needed a vehicle and he said if I could get it running I could use it I went and bought a can of sea foam a 10gal gas can with gas and battery put everything in/on and it started right up like it was nothing I was like sweet since then witch was 2 days before this post ive don a oil change wit 10w30 Castrol edge high millage and k&n oil filter a much needed bath all new lights toped off dexcool, power steering, witch is leaking but the whole reason I was making this post was when I stop at nights 2 things happen AND ONLY SOMTIMES the gas peddles feels like its getting stuck when I go to APPLY presser but not on release and it idles funny but if I put it in natural and rev it the put it back in gear it will idle normal the rest of the time till the light turns green but at the next light it may or may not do it what do you think it could be
  8. I have a 2005 Silverado and I have a problem with it being in auto 4wd as soon as I start the truck some mornings. I have a brand new dash actuator and transfercase actuator on the transfercase. I just fixed some of the wires that were exposed for the 4wd. I still can't figure out the problem.
  9. Hi, I'm going to be converting my Z71 into AWD with the silverado SS transfer case and i need to know what type of Diff is in the front of my 1998 1500 z71. Wether it is Open LSD or Locking. Thank you.
  10. Hi, I have a 1998 1500 Z71 4x4 and some times when i turn on asphalt (mostly when turning right) with 4 wheel drive off. an audible culunk is felt under my feet, I thought it could be a u joint or my Cv joints but i do not know. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Issue 1: I have a 2014 Silverado 4wd rally, since I purchased this truck, there has been a rattling, pinging, from under my truck, the dealership replaced the muffler like 2 years ago and the noise is still present. Seems like when I am going up hill at 60-70 or any hill at 30-35, it clearly looses power and sounds like I need a lifter adjustment or the timing is off, but its from under the drivers side, under the bed. Service center has me pay for ride along's with a def technician who looks under the hood and changes the report and they throw there hands up and say we cant do anything if we can't duplicate my concerns. This has gone on since I've owned this truck, as a busy dad and contractor its difficult to get there. Issue 2: The truck also engages 4wd low, a chevy tech told me this was normal when traction control is engaged ? !!!! I was like what? The knob is on 2wd, the truck drops into 4wd low with no indication lights on the dash and just when leaving a parking spot or turning onto a street, I have to turn the truck off and back on to make it go away
  12. I have a question I just bought a 2018 Sierra 5.3 I got it with 260 Miles on it, never owned a new vehicle before so it seemed okay (they sold it to me as “New”)with me after taking it home I noticed my driver door wasn’t closing as smooth as it should for a brand new pickup, I saw a video where a guy was sold a “new” truck and it turned out to be a “dealer trade” and also he found out the truck had been wrecked before after finding pieces of glass in the truck , any way I became paranoid after watching this video and thought maybe mine has had a previous accident and the door not closing as smooth as I expect for a brand new pickup is a sign,figured mine had 280 miles on it, the door doesn’t close smooth, there wasn’t a window sticker when I bought the truck and maybe I’m just crazy but I feel like it doesn’t shift so smooth out of the first few gears (it’s an automatic), so naturally became more and more paranoid, so I got under the passenger side where door with the minor problem is and tried my best to find evidence of a previous wreck I saw a cable that was taped with electrical tape which looked fairly sloppy it split with another cable near the transfer case and it led to a connection adapter that was mounted on the chases of the truck and it ended right there at the adapter there was nothing connected to it so I was wondering is that normal? Like could it be there for some added accessories or am I missing something I don’t want to take it to the dealer in fear that they are well aware of an issue and won’t want to help, I already took it because the door not closing as smooth as the rest and they told me it’s a brand new pick up let seals break in and it shouldn’t be an issue, so please help . I’ll add pics to my profile for y’all to see because they’re to big to attach
  13. Noticed today this crack any one know what's going on here other that it's not gonna be cheap to fix .... bought the truck used last year asked the dealer to install a proper leveling kit I ended up sitting with a 4" leveling kit and now what looks like an a&& f*(#ing. Hoping someone has also made this mistake . Truck sits nice rides rough as he'll I'm thinking they should have changed out the shocks for longer .....they did not .
  14. Ok I just bought an 02 Yukon 4x4. It has push button 4x4, 4 low, 4 high, 2 high and auto 4x4. I pressed the 4 hi to try the 4x4 and the light just flashed then went back to 2 hi. I hit 4 lo and heard it engage then the lights went out on the switch. Now the switch does nothing and the front diff is engaged. The transfercase is in high but I think 2 hi not 4 hi. I took out the 4wd fuse in the cab and also the atc fuse under the hood. Disconnected the battery for almost an hour today. Hooked it back up and the front is still engaged. My switches still do nothing.
  15. Needing Possible Wiring Help

    Good morning. I am needing help asap. I have an 89 K5 Blazer that I cannot get running. History: First bought after some one spun a rod completely through the oil pan. I know the motor was bad, so I wasnt worried too much about tearing it up. I tried to start to see if everything else worked. i.e. starter, alternator, fuel pump, etc. Everything worked. So I immediately shut her down. I bought a replacement 350 from a running 94 Chevy 4x4 Pickup I put all wiring back in place as they were before. Replaced all fuses, spark plugs/wiring, rotor cap and button, etc. Now I have no headlights, slow turn over, wont start. I have removed the fuel line from motor, turned the key and NO GAS. I checked the fuel pump relay and its good, checked the fuse panel and its good. I know it is a long shot but wth do I look for? I am a mom and this is my only vehicle and need to get it running asap. By the way, At some point some dipstick turned it into a push start. Turn the key then push the button. I need help asap
  16. I just picked up a 2017 GMC Sierra 2500HD gasser last month. The first time I used the four wheel drive (electronic knob selector), there was a loud whirling noise coming from the front right of the truck. I took it to the shop with 950 miles on it and it has been there for a week. The dealership has new bearings on order and might end up changing out the transfer case if the noise continues. Has anyone else had an issue like this before? Seems crazy being a brand new truck.
  17. So Here is Ontario we got our first snowfall this year, so I went to go move my 08 GMC Sierra 2500HD Crew Cab Long box pickup and wouldn't go as I didn't have any weight in the back... So I switched it to 4 and went to go but nothing, The 4WD switch indicator light flashed for about 30 seconds and then finally switched (Or supposably) switched to 4WD HI and the 4WD HI light was aluminated but the 4WD wasn't working so I switched from 4HI back to 2HI and it switched normally on the switch no waiting 30 seconds... and tried switching it back again and then the service 4WD message on the dash came up. i also tried putting it in Neutral and tried 4L and 4HI but nothing. Back in the summer I was in a murder situation pulling a heavy trailer uphill so I switched to 4 all good and drove out, a few mins later went to switch back flipped it and immediately on the display came up "Service 4WD System" so I just kept driving (as per I was in a time crunch) and about 5 mins later after a few jerks of emptying a dump trailer and restarting the truck it finally switched to 2HI. After that i never thought about it again until now. I also have a loud/ quite like humming or growling noise like what winter tires would make when driving on pavement in 2HI at anything above 60 KM/h. I have bf Goodrich all terrain Tires on my truck, so I assumed it was just that. but now a little skeptical on if it is the tires or something like the transfer case. I am a good do it your self-mechanic, I don't know too much but I learn as I go, so any help is much appreciated.
  18. I've searched for an answer but can't find one identical to my question...I apologize if I missed it. I've got a 2007 Silverado w/ 4.8L, manual shift for 4WD. My 4x4 light stays on even when I'm in 2WD. I can switch to 4Hi or even 4Lo and back to 2WD and light stays on regardless. What could cause this issue? Thanks in advance.
  19. 4wd issues

    My battery died when it was well below -20 on my way home from work, I was in 4hi at the time my truck shut off and stalled. The following day my dad and I went out and tried to jump start my truck but that didn't work so we ended up just putting a new battery in. Ever since then none of the 4x4 modes in the truck will work, the light changes on the button like it switched but I don't feel the actual 4x4 engaging. I tried 4lo which works some times, 4hi just doesn't work, and when I try to use the auto4x4 it makes a whining or whirling noise and I'm scared to go over 5mph. Also there is now a rattling noise coming from what sounds like the front passenger area. This is kind of an urgent issue because I live in the middle of no where Iowa where no one bothers to plow the roads so working 4x4 is a necessity. My truck is a 2002 Silverado 1500.
  20. Earlier in the year i did a muffler delete on my 2017 Sierra 1500 Elevation. Here's an interior video of the exhaust volume for those of you that are looking to do the same thing. Cheap way to get a good result!
  21. I got a used truck back in September with a lucky 17500 miles on it when I got it. So low miles compared to the 28000 miles on the Subaru Crosstrek I traded for the truck even though they were the same year. I got the truck to tow my new travel trailer that I am full time living in as I create a business to travel the country to see what is out there. Tired of the office life. I got the gas version and know a diesel is better but the smell of the exhaust gives me migraines and I don't know how to fix them. So I purposely went for the gas truck. The travel trailer I have is only 8000lbs GVWR so I am well under the max towing of the truck. I look forward to doing some research here and looking into upgrades or changes that might fit my needs. Tim
  22. I bought my 2015 4 x 4 Canyon SLT from a Toyota dealership used so I got very little info. Do I have the z82 suspension package since I have the SLT 4x4 because that's what I've been told. does that mean I can tow the 7k lb? can I update the maps or OS in the GMC intellilink system? Keeps giving me traffic warnings for situations years ago and doesn't indicate roads that have been built since 2014. Does anyone have any tips or things look out for possibly any proactive maintenance tips? Have seemed to notice a intermittent slight rough idling issue when stopped at a red light sometimes.
  23. hi I have a 2009 GMC Sierra with a 5.3 L engine with 4l60e transmission with 4x4 and I want to make 550 horsepower how can I achieve that thnx

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