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Found 31 results

  1. Hey guys I know there are threads out there for it but I have looked and can't seem to narrow it down. I currently have a 2016 GMC Sierra All Terrain leveled 2.5". I am looking at upgrading to a Zone 4.5" and running bigger tires on my stock 20" All Terrain wheels. The question I have though is about the shocks. I want to upgrade my shocks right now, looking at the bilsteins. But my question is if I bought the bilstein (5100's) would I be able to run those on the 2.5" level and the 4.5" lift? I appreciate any help and information! Pictures or experience with either setup or future setup is helpful as well!
  2. I know there must already be a topic out there floating around about this but I figured I would ask. I am currently running a 2" RC level on a 2016 All-Terrain with the stock 20 "All-Terrain rims and have been looking at tires. I want a little more ground clearance on the truck too. I was hoping to run a 34" but then I am curious as how a leveled will look with a 34" tire. Does anyone have that or is running that? If so can you post a picture. Secondly if it won't fit I was thinking about throwing a 4" LIFT in and running a 34". Does anyone have any experience with that? Or running that setup? Any tips or information is helpful. Thank you in advance!
  3. I have a 2019 Silverado LT RWD. Put on a 2in rough country level kit with 295/60/20 Nitro Terra Grappler G2 on the stock rims. There is no rub at all! All clear pulling in and out of the driveway and at full lock! It was close at discount tire when they did the test fit but it worked. The only issue I have is after my alignment my steering wheel is a little off center to the right. Not bad but annoying on a brand new truck. They realigned it 4 times and came close but no luck getting it exactly centered. I gave up. The truck drives straight though.
  4. Looking for recommendations on a leveling kit (front & rear) or lift (4" or less) compatible with the ARC on the Denali's? If you have installed one, please post brand and lift inches?
  5. 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 Double Cab LT Z71 Current Upgrades: - Tinted front windows 20% - Shorty radio antenna - Bilstein leveling shocks - Nitto Ridge Grappler 275/70r18 on stock wheels (No rubbing/scrubbing/trimming) Picture before Bilstein leveling shocks and Nitto Ridge Grappler's were installed: Pictures after Bilstein leveling shocks and Nitto Ridge Grappler's were installed:
  6. Question for the off road guys on this forum.. I am looking to up my tire size on my leveled 2018 Z71 Silverado. I put the 2” RC level in and took it off-road and it performed much better than I had expected. However I hate the good year durotracs and want to upgrade my tires and get a bigger size, I was thinking 33s. Now I am just wondering if I put 33s on a 20” rim how that will perform off-road. I know some people say you can run 33s without rubbing but I’m assuming that’s only on road use. Would love to hear some recommendations
  7. Its been awhile since I've put up an update post on what I have done to my truck in the past few months. So here is the list.... -RC 2 inch leveling kit -Carven performance exhaust ( Competition muffler ) -Aftermarket taillights ( returning soon as they already have issues ) -future planned taillights are morimoto's -Black bowtie swap front and rear -I may get aftermarket headlights in the future if prices go down. -Custom HD towing mirrors ( The front LED turn signals are sequential ) -20 inch light bar mounted onto a license plate bracket mount -20x10 -25 offset dropstar 655bm -33x12.5 toyo open country RT's -Front end air dam removal with trimming for tires -LED turn signal bulbs All these mods were done myself except for the tow mirrors since i had them done at my Chevy dealer so that i made sure everything worked properly and was warrantied for the wiring harness. Please give me your thoughts and opinions on my build and give me any pointers o what i should do next to the truck. I'm thinking about getting a cold air inductions CAI next.
  8. Got the Fox 2.5's and the Cognito UCA's installed. Wanted to post this since I had a hard time finding good information about it myself. I have the aluminum stock upper and lower control arms so everyone made it seem you could only get so much lift out of those. Not true. I got the Cognito part specifically for the aluminum UCA's. From my understanding, the difference between aluminum and steel UCA's is the length of the bushings and bolts that connect the UCA to the frame. I mounted the ball joints underneath the control arm and have had great results. The shocks I have are the 2.5 Factory series Coil-over IFP. The ride is amazing, it looks great, and I am shopping for the rear shocks now... Definitely the correct way to do a leveling kit, well worth the cost. Fox # 883-02-028 adjustable 0-3" Cognito # UCAK100045
  9. I am looking for a 20x. . . Setup to fit my stock 275/55s then when I wear them out I want to do 285/55s. I do not want to trim anything and do not want to rub at all. Not sure what offset to run. Looking at hostile alphas in either 20x9 or 20x10 . . . Can’t find a consistent answer to this question.
  10. Looking for the best deal online for a 2.5" leveling kit for my 2017 GMC Sierra 4wd
  11. hey yall, new to the forum but just got a 2016 gmc 2500 denali, have color matched the flares,and now adding cognito stage3 leveling kit with fox shocks. Looking for insight on what size tires i can run on stock 20s, with this kit without any rubbing. I want to go as large as possible. Anyone who has done this please let me know, pictures would be great. thanks in advance,
  12. Hey i just picked up some 33x12.5R20s Haida Mud Champs for my 2014 gmc sierra all terrain. So I ordered a 2.5" RC leveling kits and ordered a 3" block with it too just in case it goes front end high. I would like to run mudflaps and save my paint. ✌ Hopefully someone has some pictures of some on a truck to get me going.
  13. Bought a 2017 duramax 3500 single rear wheel. Already had it leveled with new keys and shock extenders in the front and added an extra leaf in the rear I'm running toyo RT 285/75/18 (34.5 inch tall x 11.3 inch wide) on the stock wheels and they fit perfect with no rubbing even with mud flaps! Just curious is anyone knows the stock wheel dementions because I'm looking into getting a pair of summer rims (black) and I want to stick as close to stock as I can. I will be sticking with 18inch wheels.
  14. I'm looking to do 2inch wheel spacers on my 08 silverado 1500. I have a 2inch level on 275 65 r18 bfgoodrich ko2's and its a positive 30 offset (18x9). anybody run this setup and know about possible rubbing and the severity of it? Thanks y'all.
  15. New 2017 Nissan Titan XD Diesel wheels and tires on my 2015 Chevy, Raised suspension by Bulletproof Suspensions. Factory step boards powdercoated black semigloss

    © lovecars2016

  16. Well I picked this truck up on October 28th of last year and so far I have managed to take it from a bone stock luxury truck to something that reminds me of how I thought it should come from the factory if I ever was able to get a Denali. Almost like a John moss inspired rendition of the K2 Denali. Anyway off to the specs. 2015 Sierra Denali short bed crew cab L86/8l90/3.23 Started out by adding weather tech rain guards and floor mats. I couldn't stand the dead quiet exhaust mixed with the timbre of the "active exhaust valve"....what a joke. So I hacked the muffler and flapper and welded a straight pipe in is place Then added the pace Edwards full metal jackrabbit. After that the puny tires gave way at 5500 miles for a set of 285/55 20 bfg ko2's Had the front windows tinted 20% and a 5" glare strip Next came the kicker substage and vled headlights and fogs Followed by a suspensionmaxx 2.5/1 lift kit. Then Christmastime hit and I was actually able to sway my mother and father (I'm 31 not 21 so I really didn't expect them to feed my addiction like they used too lol)into getting me an afe momentum hd intake system. My wife got me a trinity including lews tuning services. Things are going swimmingly. Mbrp cat back went on next and things really started working together well. My trinity was showing 5.4-5.5 0-60 with an awd launch. Next came the long tube headers/off road y. And more tuning. It is at this point (minutes after flashing my post header wot tune in). That I ran 5.15 seconds 0-60 in auto 4wd shifting at ~6300(2-3 not 1-2 I hit the damn limiter every time I try to hold first)also added Taylor wires Switched to Mobil 1 5w20 at this point since we bumped the rev limiter up to 6500 and I play up there quite a bit. Neighbors complained about the noise(rightfully so it was LOUD) so I installed a spin tech 9000 series and an aeroturbine 3535xl into the mbrp catback. Which I highly recommend. Deepest tone I've ever heard out of a sub 500" v8 and as smooth as Mesa boogie distortion. 170 degree thermostat installed, which led to me discovering what a few others had already- that the temp gauge in the digital cluster is no more than a cartoon for pencil pushers and desk jockeys to confide in. Dash command showed 172 while the gauge showed 210 lol I trust in obd sensor data over the gauge at all times this just proves it in an extreme sense. At this point I let my redneck roots outweigh my racing bloodline and "got some more tar under there". 295 60 20 cooper stt pro's which I'm sure I'll love whenever I finally decide the fun off roading is worth the hard work cleaning up the next day. But at this point the truck has 15k miles so I'm sure that the coopers will be long gone before this truck is even broken in. I love them and hate them at the same time. Don't need them at any point(the ko2's drove better in every way and I never stuck them) So anyway I'm butt hurt that my tires are heavy and kinda wobbly and rub but they do look like they can go through some mud and that's the cliche look around here so I did it there are you happy!!!lol Ok but no amount of tire buyers remorse can stop this project. There was way to much chrome in little blips and semi perpendicular lines all over the truck and on a dark color that just looks retarted. Sorry to you people who say you like it but you may be in denial and just to afraid that it won't look right or maybe you are just cheap and lazy idunno. No offense to anyone it's late and I have now taken my meds lol. Oh yeah too many chrome blips. I took care of that by stripping the gmc and Sierra emblem on the t gate and had emblem pro's make me a black chrome version of their l86 6.2 emblem Also plastidipped the Denali emblems and the chrome door side molding in anthracite. Used ACdelco Rattle can iridium to do the mirror caps along with a few thin coats of perfect match clear(it turned out really matte looking but very even to the point I love it, I think it was the humidity that day) Used the same paint on the doorhandles and several coats of the clear on a dry windless sunny day which ended up matching the facory paint perfectly in color and luster. Best rattle canning I've ever done if I do say so myself. The vled's were a mild sidestep/upgrade to the poor factory Phillips hir (I tried the vosla bulbs too but they didn't make enough of an improvement to warrant keeping them so put them in my toolbox, they will probably get shattered in there lol. Latest upgrade consists of Morimoto 55w 5500k headlights and lmz 25 watt fogs. Vleds in the tag lights cargo lights and reverse lights. Removed steps in anticipation of the arrival of rb10's Sorry for the pics out of order I'll figure that out later pending: 1.75" bora wheel spacers are on order and lots of trimming bashing and maybe the new 3.5 rc lift for magneride with uca's cuz I'm rubbing bad now on the liner and the sway bar and the upper control arm. I have an lt1 Intake and all the tidbits needed to install(idler,belt, and 45* intake elbow, just waiting on my elite catch can to come in so I can do it all at the same time. Would really like a cam and heads but I think it might take me too long without a lift so I may farm this out to dynospeed in Memphis using lmr, vengeance, or tsp parts. Lt4 hpfp at that time. After that I'm thinking I'll get a better lsd and a circle d converter and call it a day. I am sure I am leaving something out but I'll edit this post over the next few days Sent from my iPhone
  17. Wanted to get a few new features. By far the best upgrade is the new LED headlights and the DRLs. Love the look. Apple car play and the 8 speed transmission we also a must. Must say I'm happy with these upgrades.
  18. Modifications on Truck ============== Already completed ============== -2" rough country leveling kit -33" KO2 tires -Max Legal % Window Tint -UWS Toolbox -RhinoLined Bed -Detached Plastic front bumper ============== In Progress ============== -WeatherTech Floor Liners -3" Stainless Steel RC Bull Bar w/ -20" LED Light Bar -RC 6 Step Nerf Steps w/ Tool Box Access -50" Light Bar Mount -Light Bar Brackets -Cab Multi-Color Lights -LED cup holder Rings ============== Wish List ============== -Cover King Seat Covers -MegaWarrior Yakima w/brackets and Lights -Kicker Sub and Amplifier ============== If y'all have any ideas for me that'd be great
  19. alright guys I'm finally ready for some new wheels and tires on my 2014 crew cab. Im having a really hard time deciding what i want so i figured id look here. Im keeping my truck on the 2.5 leveling kit and ill be going with the 33/12.50/20 atturo trail blades. Really leaning toward a 20x12 thinking chrome but black is also an option. Please post pictures here of your trucks or any ideas you have. Thanks
  20. hey how is it going guys. I just leveled my chevy 2500 hd with rough country leveling kit and im trying to figure out what size tire to put on my American Racing AR901 rims they are 20in x 9. any idea? thank you.
  21. mwalters

    IMG 1062

    From the album: Missouri Silverado

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