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  1. Ive asked multiple people across instagram with 5.3s on 37s and they say it doesnt slow it down very much at all. and instead of spending alot of money on regearing im gonna get an intake and tuning by blackbear, and i already have an exhaust.
  2. So I was wondering what is the best quality lift for the money under $2000 for my 2018 silverado since i plan on buying it at the end of my lease and i always plan way tooooo far in advance for things like this. So here is my idea. I have dropstar 655bm 20X10 -25 offset on 33x12.5 toyo RTs on my truck leveled 2 inches at the moment but as soon as i fully purchase the truck i want to fit 37s. Although the 8 inch BDS and SuperLift say they can fit only 35s ive seen plenty of guys running 14 wide -72 offset on 35x15.5 tires on a 8 inch lift and fit so why cant i get a 37x12.5 on my 10 wide. So what lift would you guys go with in my situation. Im mainly looking at the mcgaughys 7-9, BDS 8inch, Superlift 8 inch. What one do yall think is gonna be my best bet. Thank You.
  3. i just installed mine on my LT as well and am running into these issues as well, half the time they are fine then out of nowhere my right turn signal is hyper flashing, but my left side has given me no problems in the past few days of ownership.
  4. I will be posting a vid of the tow mirrors led's and the exhaust soon. So stay tuned.
  5. Although i'd love the functionality of the steps i would hate the look since my truck is only leveled its not exactly super tall and im 6 foot 6 so i dont need them to get in and id like to keep the truck lookin tall. And as far as mudflaps go i dont think they will work as i have slight rub at the moment but i will see in the future. Thank you for the input and i will look into the mudflaps to see if they will effect the rubbing issue any more then it does now.
  6. Ya i hope to get them soon as my taillights are giving out i love the look of them but i want the 10 year warranty and build quality of the morimotos, i will definitely post about them if i get them just have to save up $500-600 on a college budget lol. Thank you by the way.
  7. Thanks you very much. Thats exactly what i went for not too much not too little just enough to stick out yet still be tasteful. Love your truck btw I have a soft spot for gold/bronze rims on white trucks just couldn't find any that suited my truck.
  8. Im not the biggest fan of debadgeing i respect the idea but i much prefer black badges such as the silverado lettering in black. Thank you for the complement. Love your truck btw i tried getting my truck in the same blue as yours but none were available at my dealer and for the same price that i wanted.
  9. I will be getting the front windows matched and a matching 6 inch banner on the windshield but as for the color match i dont have the money for it, college is taking away from my work hours to afford a $700 paint job.
  10. Ive had them on no for 1600 miles and have experienced them in many conditions, as far as noise they are no louder then the stockers. Mud they did fine for me they never clogged up, wet grass i didnt have an issue. They actually do really good in snow and ice i have found out over the past week as i am in mass and the roads got pretty bad. but the only thing i dislike is my mpg drop but that has to do with the added weight and my aggressive stance at about 2 inches of poke. honestly love the tires and the look of them.
  11. Its been awhile since I've put up an update post on what I have done to my truck in the past few months. So here is the list.... -RC 2 inch leveling kit -Carven performance exhaust ( Competition muffler ) -Aftermarket taillights ( returning soon as they already have issues ) -future planned taillights are morimoto's -Black bowtie swap front and rear -I may get aftermarket headlights in the future if prices go down. -Custom HD towing mirrors ( The front LED turn signals are sequential ) -20 inch light bar mounted onto a license plate bracket mount -20x10 -25 offset dropstar 655bm -33x12.5 toyo open country RT's -Front end air dam removal with trimming for tires -LED turn signal bulbs All these mods were done myself except for the tow mirrors since i had them done at my Chevy dealer so that i made sure everything worked properly and was warrantied for the wiring harness. Please give me your thoughts and opinions on my build and give me any pointers o what i should do next to the truck. I'm thinking about getting a cold air inductions CAI next.
  12. Thanks man for the input. But do you know if the tune voids any warranties?
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