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  1. https://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/VehicleComplaint/ https://my.gm.com/contact Be a part of some change? They've got a phone # or you can fill it out online. I'd hope that others have possibly done this, or should be prompted to do it if they've had the issue. The more grease the squeaky wheel gets...
  2. The one I posted is the newest and latest one.
  3. 3500HD Suspension for a 2500HD

    11589273 are the bolts for the rear stops, 11516078 is the nuts, 11589278 are the bolts for the front stops, same nut as the front. GM doesn't sell the overloads on their own, only part of the entire spring pack which is 23401104.
  4. B0083 and B0084 set only for the impact sensors. Did the codes they pull have symptoms as well?
  5. X2 on the vacuum pump. I'd be looking for oil in the hoses to and from it. If that's the case, expect to replace the pump, hoses, brake booster and master cylinder as engine oil would have contaminated the brake booster and is causing the loss of assist. It would be under bumper to bumper (3/36) most likely.
  6. Its not the same girl underneath...other than power ratings and the re-use of two engines. The frame, front axle, rear axle, the way the driveshaft mounts to the rear axle, the width and size of the frame rails, front suspension, all the sheetmetal, lighting, etc. Lots and lots of new, and very little old unlike GMT-900 vs K2XX which share a lot of pieces and parts.
  7. GM slang for "Preliminary Information," or PI. T/C/P/E are sometimes used after the "PI" to designate "Truck", "Car", "Powertrain", "Engineering Information", etc. So as an example, in GM Service Information (dealer access only): #PIT5251C: EZ Lower Tailgate Opens Too Quickly / Additional Effort To Close. "Preliminary Information Truck (PIT) 5251 (PI number) C (revision)." PI's are not a TSB, but PI's are GM's way of documenting issues they have found in the field, and are either used to be an aid or hint to solving a vehicle's issue, or are a working stepping stone that lead to a service bulletin. A lot of what PI's present is based on information gathered from their dealer network, via the men and women that fix and sell GM vehicles. Worst case, Engineering requests, PI's and TSBs can lead to recalls, special policies, etc. On any of your paperwork, did the dealer mention any DTCs that were found? You don't get those warnings typically without the truck capturing a failure and setting a code.
  8. bug/hood deflector

    GM has them (made by Aeroskin/Lund). 19367034 is smoked, 19354150 is textured black, 19354152 is matte black and 19367035 is chrome.
  9. 2017 Canyon V6 transmission issue

    We've done 3 converters here on Colorados. They all got the triple flush first, only to get converters. None of the 3 have been back since. Equinox uses the 9T50 transmission and use Dexron 6. No recalls either on the Equinox for the transmission. There is however, a bulletin on the 9T transmissions for valve body plate machining errors that can cause loss of some or all gears/forward movement. We had a couple of those, they got new spacer plates and a reprogram.
  10. K5L is on the 5.3. KNP standalone is on the 4.8.
  11. Temperature Sensor

    Ignore this message. I cant read.
  12. Temperature Sensor

    Those are the old design mirrors. They would work. The numbers I posted are the GM kits and are the new style mirrors with the amber front lights, cargo lights and signals. One thing to watch for on the aftermarket mirrors, is that if you break a glass or the mirror motor goes, the GM stuff will not interchange. We had a customer manage to get a new set of mirrors on a 2013 truck a few years ago that had aftermarket mirrors on it. We ordered the motors originally, only to find out the aftermarket ones had some cheap crap random electrical connector in them. The tech told parts the motors were not going to fix it, so they ordered mirrors. Good thing GM didn't call them back as that would have burned us badly.
  13. Numbers are right. The 4.8 can probably handle it. Its the gearing and transmission combo that hurts you. 4L60 and the 3.42 gears produce much lower overall gearing than other combinations. If it was a 5.3 and 3.42 gears, that would have had the 6 speed, which offers a whole 2 extra gears and much steeper starting ratios, you'd be up to 9600lbs. If your 4.8 had 3.73 gears, you'd be at 6500lbs or so, but GM only ran those on 2wd for that year. I'd try to keep the trailer at or under 4500lbs. If you look at the tire sticker (white and yellow) on your driver door jamb, what does it say for the truck's payload? Also on your RPO label, do you show option KNP on there?
  14. Temperature Sensor

    Ambient temperature sensor is in the grille area on all trucks, 1/2 ton and HD. The HD diesel trucks have a second one located in the passenger mirror that is used to monitor ambient air for emissions purposes only. It will set a check engine light on a diesel HD if this sensor is not present. You want either 23372182 (black) or 23372181 (chrome) mirror kits. You also will need front door harnesses both sides. 84290984 (Driver) and 84290964 (passenger) are the harnesses you need. Back up sensors are pretty much a no-go unless someone has figured it out. You'd need a new bumper, the sensors (about $200 each) and then all the wiring and proper sensor modules, and then some how make it all work.
  15. On the contrary, that's an average of 48,500 Silverados every month, for 6 months. Seeing as GM does not report monthly numbers any more, I'd say the numbers are right on track with the usual. GMC averaged 16,833 Sierras per month. If anything, once T1 ramps up full steam, I'd expect GM to sell even more than the K2 trucks, which were rushed to hell and back...

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