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  1. Any brake warning lights? Does it say service trailer brakes in the DIC? What type of brakes does the trailer have? Does the cruise control work on the truck?
  2. There is probably a code. Scan and smoke test it. Really the only way to properly diag an EVAP issue. Throwing parts = $$$$$
  3. Bumping this for those looking for the #s. See first page first post.
  4. True. I think our advisors, if its a reprogram they tend to have the shop do it, but things that have to be ordered or parts replaced for a recall they do get approval beforehand. Camaro key recall was a great example as plenty of Camaro owners wanted nothing to do with losing their flip blade key.
  5. That is typically how it is now. Per GM dealers are to perform any open recalls any time a vehicle is in for service. This took place primarily after the ignition switch debacle.
  6. There is a reprogram for premature brake pad wear life countdown. Have them just make sure the pads are still good in terms of thickness. The squealing may be just noisy pads. The inspection is the GM Multipoint Inspection. Just your usual filters/lights/brakes/tire depth/etc. checkover.
  7. http://www.hypertech-inc.com/vehicle-results.aspx?AAIAID=510073 Last one down. Part# 730129 GM will only calibrate to a factory offered tire size and nothing more.
  8. You can get at those with a regular grease gun and that fitting no problem. Even with the wheel on.
  9. I made a thread about the GM mirrors. At the moment they do not fit the 2019, only 2020+up.
  10. Ya I've read that too. Heat is the enemy right now as the DPF sits under the hood on these. The exhaust outlet makes a 180 out the turbocharger and goes straight to the DPF that sits right under it. It was done to improve DPF operation and get the exhaust hot and more optimized faster but adds to engine bay heat. Interesting fact, in the 2019 order guide there was a "Diesel Off Road Package" that got 3.73 gearing and Duratracs. Never made it for 2020. I think if they can just bring NHT Max Trailering to it with 3.42 gearing and stronger engine bay cooling, they could get 11-12k out of this truck.
  11. 140 FT.LBS and slap that dealer in the face for improperly torqueing your lugs.
  12. True. I also somewhat misspoke on PDR being the system Cadillac uses for their onboard camera recording. CT6 has it via the 360 Surround Vision, a system that is on T1 trucks too... https://media.cadillac.com/media/us/en/cadillac/home.detail.html/content/Pages/news/us/en/2016/jun/0614-ct6-surround-view.html
  13. No problem! Other than where I pulled from (GM), dismounted and scaled is just about the only way to really know for certain. Some diehards on the interwebs do take care of that for the curious however over various forums. Especially the sportscar forums aka. Camaro, Porsche, Corvette, etc. Those guys will scale the TPM sensors even lol.
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