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  1. Here is the description and operation on the shutter system.
  2. Couple possible leaks on L5P 2017-2019. #18-NA-006: Constant or Intermittent Low Coolant Message Displayed On the Drivers Information Center (DIC) - (Sep 24, 2019) And PIP5487C: 6.6L L5P Duramax Coolant Leaks - (Aug 1, 2018) - Coolant reservoir. - EGR Cooler - Coolant pipes - Engine Oil Cooler - Flywheel Housing Interface - Behind Starter Motor There is a procedure for checking system pressures. If during the test it spikes over 25psi or maintains more than 15psi after a 24 hour cold soak, inspect for a bad head gasket. The best thing perhaps for your dealer to chase would be to dump some of the GM coolant leak dye in there, have you drive it and then let them blacklight the SOB to see where its coming from. The operating temperature sounds normal however as the two thermostats are 180F and 185F. That bulletin mentions operating temp of 212F.
  3. You aren't missing anything really unless you drive down some steep a$$ offroad trails or something. Hill descent control only works at 14mph or less.
  4. No defect other than not clearing your window off and relying on the wipers to get rid of snow/ice before heading out.
  5. This one? https://www.pickuptrucks.com/trucks/gmc-sierra_1500-2017-3gtp1nec7hg406134 Not a max trailer but it has 3.42 gears. Mirrors were added as the truck was built with the standard SLT power folding small mirrors.
  6. The torque in 1st gear thing is quite conflicting. Nowhere in GM's press releases does it state that only the 1 ton is tuned accordingly. Its listed as Silverado HD, not a 2500 or 3500, but HD as a whole. https://media.chevrolet.com/media/us/en/chevrolet/vehicles/silveradohd/2020.html
  7. Just ran your VIN. You have 3.08 gearing, also you have the eAssist. On your 2wd crew cab short box with eAssist, your tow rating is 6400lbs. This info can be found in the Silverado eAssist supplemental owners manual that hopefully came with your truck that shows the tow rating specifc to Silverado eAssist.
  8. He missed on one important thing. The combustion seals. Those two black teflon o-rings at the tips of the injectors MUST be replaced any time the injector is removed. A new injector comes with new seals on it already, and typically comes with new seals for the remaining injectors on the rail. There is also special tools to install and re-size those new seals.
  9. Canadian market trucks get the 5yr/100k. Did you buy used? If so, your truck is probably from Canada and was brought to the states.
  10. Looks normal, especially if you have a short commute. How many miles is your drive? Do you remote start in the cold? If I start off after letting run 3-5 minutes on remote start, the needle will be at or just above 160F (which BTW, is a dummy gauge until it hits operating temp). It takes about 2-4 miles to reach 210F on the gauge.
  11. They all do it. My 2015 did it with both the early build and late build tow mirrors, my 2012 did it too. What I think causes is it, is the detented position of the mirror. If you looked at a top down view of your truck, the passenger side mirror sits more angled back in its "detent" position. I think that lets the wind slowly pull it out over time.
  12. Did you buy that truck used in the USA? Or are you located in Canada? Also, do you run 87 octane or 93?
  13. GM Block heater - 12586687 The cord - 23357321
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