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  1. From the manual: I would maybe have both of your fobs with you, and possibly order a 3rd as a spare. You can then leave one in the truck and it running, have one on you that way you can lock the doors and leave it running, and every hour, just take it out of park and back. Or, neutral with the parking brake set?
  2. LS/SLE Trims?

    I've seriously considered doing a Tahoe LS with the Custom option, and Max Trailer package. We had a midnight Custom on the lot, and I LOVED the third row delete, especially since that STUPID floor platform is yanked out of there as well. Really opens up the backend.
  3. Downsized from a full size?

    I would take one on an extended test drive if possible. Crew cab for sure. The Colorado crew has almost identical rear legroom to a Silverado Double Cab so keep that in mind if you have a crew Silverado now as you would sacrifice lots of rear interior space. If you have a Double cab now, its pretty much a wash. Basically, make sure that the space it provides is something you can live with. Box size. I can fit quite a bit in the 5ft2in box. Two sets of tire/wheel assemblies with a trifold cover folded all the way up. But, if you need the 6ft2in, the only ZR2 with that option is the extended cab, which is basically a regular cab Colorado with jump seats/rear storage. Kids would probably hate it. The diesel. If horsepower is a priority, get the V6. If diesel emissions equipment isn't your thing, get the V6. If you want some stump pulling torque and 24(winter)-28(summer)mpg consistently average, the diesel is a sweetheart. I have a crew Duramax Colorado with 24k on it and I love mine. I came from 4 fullsize trucks prior, so far this truck being a tie for my favorite. A note on MPGs, they can vary from what I've posted, but those are what I do since owning it. This thing can do 30-32mpg on a long trip all day long, and that's going 70-75mph for some good distances. I'm all stock powertrain and emissions. ZR2 is a monster setup. If the Bison upgrade is too much, GM does sell the skid plates and some other bits from the Bison package through the Chevrolet Performance catalog. Just tooling with the build and price, a Duramax Bison ZR2 breaks $53k, including Bose and nav. Otherwise, a ZR2 Diesel with Bose and Nav is $47,990msrp. Bose is def. worth it at a minimum. ZR2 comes loaded otherwise. Trim wise its based on the Z71 trim, so leather, heated seats and wheels, power seats, etc.
  4. Oil Filter Recs

    ACDelco PF63E. Only one GM calls for.
  5. Simple Fuel Cap

    Unsure where you looked, but both are more than available in GM's parts distribution network.
  6. Simple Fuel Cap

    I've posted these elsewhere before on this forum, but GM makes locking caps for the K2 truck capless filler neck. 84009129 (2017) 84308352 (2018–2019 K2)
  7. Truck Package Headaches

    If its a fleet order then its possible.
  8. Truck Package Headaches

    Add the factory remote start after the fact, and get the WT for the power seat. You can even swap the wheels if you wanted down the road.
  9. No. The old forged arms tweak the angle a good bit at 2" and really bad at 2.5". No different than the newer arms.
  10. 2019 RAM Heavy Duty

    I like what Ram has brought to the fight. My biggest issue? Its new front/box metal, new interior, carryover cab metal/doors, so it doesn't get the new 1500's larger cab, added legroom, etc.
  11. Perhaps some of that reading before purchase might have had some influence beforehand? Not trying to be a jerk, and sorry if I come off as one. The first two years of the K2 trucks are the ones with the bugs. Plenty of good trucks from those first two, but some bad ones out there. Good luck.
  12. Travel trailer towing capacity?

    9,400 lbs per the owners manual for a 2WD crew short box.
  13. Could have had a bit of dirt/mud on or in the vent solenoid filter (mounted along the filler neck). That would cause a restriction in the system and set the P0446 EVAP Vent System Performance code.

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