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  1. DCM remote start? So its an aftermarket remote start?
  2. Just thought of some food for thought on this one. 2.7 Turbo. GM actually WANTS the filter pre-filled before installation. Why? It can set a check engine light. #PIP5844: Diagnostic Tip: Possible DTC P06DD After Changing Engine Oil and Filter - (Mar 17, 2022) Brand: Model: Model Year: VIN: Engine: Transmission: from to from to Buick Encore GX 2020-2022 All All 1.3 L3T All Cadillac CT4 2020-2022 All All 2.7 L3B All Chevrolet Trailblazer 2021-2022 All All 1.3 L3T All Chevrolet Silverado 2019-2022 All All 2.7 L3B All GMC Sierra 2019-2022 All All 2.7 L3B All   Involved Region or Country North America Condition Possible DTC P06DD After changing engine oil and filter Cause Low or no oil pressure Immediately following engine oil and filter change due to oil filter being empty If you encounter DTC p06DD during first start up Immediately following an engine oil and filter change clear the DTC using GDS and verify the code does not return. This issue was likely due to the engine oil filter not being pre-primed with engine oil before installation causing low or no oil pressure on initial start-up. If the vehicle arrives with DTC P06DD in history question the customer as to when the engine oil and filter was last changed. If the oil and filter was recently changed then clear the P06DD code using GDS and verify the code does not return. The above condition may have been induced if the engine oil and filter was recently changed at another repair facility.
  3. Without intending to sound like a total smartazz, trade it in on a gas truck. Your problems will literally go away. Wait for 2024 model year if you can as the gas engine gets a tow bump because it gains the 10 speed Allison. Modern diesels with all the emissions equipment can be very tempermental. If they idle for a living, if they city drive for a living, its super hard on the DPFs and the sensors tend to run dirty and fail. Deleting is a possibility, but tread very carefully. EPA is coming down HARD on consumers now even.
  4. 1 quart in 4,000mi is more than acceptable. GM's limit for oil consumption is 1 quart or more within 2,000mi. Anything less than that is considered acceptable. You technically don't have a problem. Try a different oil perhaps, hot rod your truck a bit too. A common theme I've noticed on modern engines with low friction rings is the ones that eat oil are the ones never hot rodded or raced. I drove my last truck (2018 5.3) HARD. Never burned an ounce.
  5. States that have vehicle inspections (NY for example) you need them to pass inspection.
  6. Have them order 84582652 and 84582651. These are the entire assembled parking brake with actuator. Just the actuator is $482.92 ITSELF. These brake assemblies are $308.77 ea. You are still looking at probably 3hrs per side of labor as they will have to pull the hubs to do this. Actually, this is probably what they quoted you. So yea, its right.
  7. I look at what the "chip shortage" excuse on the 5.3s as less of a chip shortage and more of a warranty costs savings. Only 6.2s and 5.3 with NHT max trailer have DFM turned on, an all the high volume 5.3s it seems to still be affected by the "shortage".
  8. I just realized that you are the one with the single spring truck LOL. To answer your lift question. For now it would appear that a rear spring conversion would be the only course of action until the lift companies have a lift solution for these trucks that have the new mono leaf. Flipping through everyone's instructions on a 6 inch lift, they only show standard leaf spring trucks. GM sells a steel spring kit that's for adding on the 2 inch lift they sell to convert from the trucks that have the 3 leaf that's 2 steel with the lower composite, so you'd need those most likely.
  9. Thanks for that. Just out of further curiosity, what is the payload on your truck in the door jamb tag?
  10. 2019-2021 the trucks that had the carbon composite springs, it was just the overload spring (biggest one at the bottom). It is still a 3 spring leaf pack, 2 are steel, one is composite. Your truck is the second one online I've seen with this new mono spring. What trim level is your truck? Chevy? GMC? From the parts catalog I do know that this mono spring design is crew cab short box 4x4 only so far, so not every truck has it. My LT 2.7HO CC Short for example has the traditional 3 leaf pack all steel.
  11. Real simple. An oil drain valve won't void your warranty, unless, the oil drain valve can be found to be the cause of engine failure. So for example, if you had that on there and it was leaking or somehow failed and drained the crankcase and the engine blew, your repair would not be a warranty related repair. Now lets say you had a lifter fail, but burned no oil, no leaks. The drain valve would not have been the cause of lifter failure, and therefore your lifter repair would be covered under warranty.
  12. Weight reduction. 12lbs less per side, total of 24lbs weight reduction. That I know of and have seen in the field, Silverado LT with the 5.3 are about the only trucks that come with it as LT 5.3. GM also now has a composite mono leaf that has been making its appearance on the 2022 refresh and 2023 trucks.
  13. 3.0 Duramax has the exact same Active Thermal Management system on it as well. There's a few of both motors in some of the Facebook groups with over 100K on them.
  14. Media hasn't driven yet, production doesn't start till beginning of 2023. It might be close to the Silverado with the HO in terms of performance when it comes to the Turbo Plus and the HO in the Colorado. GM has the WT and LT at 4716lbs curb weight, Trail Boss and Z71 at 4971lbs and ZR2 at 5298lbs. For comparison my LT HO crew cab short box on the door sticker is 5049lbs. A WT or LT with the Turbo Plus (390tq) would likely be faster than my truck by a couple tenths as thats about 300lbs lighter, a Z71 or Trail Boss sounds like it would be a very close race, and a ZR2 might lose by a couple tenths. In theory its 100lbs/tenth in the 1/4.
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