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  1. The passenger door module (PDM) aka the passenger window switch is the receiver to the keyless entry system. The PDM gets the signal from the remote, the PDM sends the signal to the BCM and then the BCM sends signals to the door locks to lock/unlock. Programming a remote to the truck is done through the functions of the PDM, not the BCM. You'd need to get the PDM involved somehow otherwise you have no receiver. BCM is just the input/output device for the data from the PDM. I would be looking at the passenger door harness junction, specifically the body side of that plug for terminals in the harness for the passenger window switch. If they are there, then perhaps a passenger door wiring harness from a truck with windows and keyless entry and then a passenger window switch and matching door panel? Harness would be needed assuming there is no switches to plug in the window switch to on the existing harness. Here is a thread from 2005 on this: Can I add GM keyless entry? - 1999-2013 Silverado & Sierra 1500 - GM-Trucks.com (gm-trucks.com)
  2. Check engine light shouldn't set for low fuel but the check engine light will disable remote start.
  3. Intercooler. AKA Charge Air Cooler. The intercooler is mounted on top of the engine. What you would be restricting air flow to is the auxiliary radiator which is used to cool the coolant going through the intercooler, as well as the coolant through the fuel cooler as well. IMO, I'd be finding a way to mount one in the main upper grille.
  4. Why do you still have the truck? All the problems, it being a lemon, all the money thrown at it...yet you still own it?
  5. Legally per the weight tags on the door jamb, the payload, RGAWR and GVWR don't change if you had a 2500hd and added the 3500hd helper springs. In practically sense, yes it would equal it to a 3500hd from the factory.
  6. To go back on topic here and put the flames out on the G80 weaponized pissing contest.... Eaton does not make a Truetrac for the front. 912A557 is for an 8.5" 10 bot solid front axle. Nobody makes a limited slip or locker for the 8.25" IFS front diff. Your only options, if you re-build, will be stock or aftermarket stock parts.
  7. Yea, someone must have put them on it because they wanted 20"s. The tires are rated for less weight that GM used. 17 inch and 20 inch were a 121 load index tire, the 18 inch was a 124 load index. The load carrying ability of the 18 inch tire is hundreds of pounds higher per tire, hence why 1 tons only were built with 18 inch wheels. On the new 2020+up, its 18 inch or 20 inch as the tires they picked for both are 125 and 126 load index.
  8. 1 tons got only 18" wheels on SRW. The wheel/tire package offered the most payload capacity for the ratings of the 1 tons. 2500hd got 17, 18 and 20 inch options.
  9. Correct. 10.5" on gas 2500hd, all diesel and gas 1 ton use the 11.5" axle.
  10. What is your intended use case? If its a diesel engine to tow, go with a 1 ton for the maximum possible amount of payload, especially with a big trailer or 5th wheel. 2500hd is hampered quite a bit with the diesel with payloads as low as 2100-2200lbs on a loaded up crew cab. 1 ton you will see payloads 2900-3500lbs crew cab diesel depending on trim. If you aren't towing big but still looking diesel, a 2500 will do it for you. One VERY important thing to look for on a 1 ton is the GVWR. They did have the option to de-rate the GVWR on them to 10,000lbs. It cuts the max payload a LOT, back down to 2500hd levels and was an option for "legal" reasons for businesses and DOT rules.
  11. Chevrolet - Kicker Audio Upgrade Product Summary.pdf (vehicleaccessorycenter.com) 19417164 is for all radio options so IOR, IOS and IOT. Its just the sub, no amp. 19417165 is for IOR radio. This is a sub and amp kit. 19417166 is for IOS radio. This is a sub and amp kit. If your LT Trail Boss has the sliding rear window, you should have the IOS radio as both of those are part of the Convenience II package. If you don't have the slider, you have IOR radio.
  12. Correct, part of the mirror assembly itself.
  13. Lots going on with AFM. Torque converter is used during V4 to V8 transition, etc. AFM lifters and the system is sensitive to oil pressure as well. But the type of oil used should make no difference in the end. A good filter and good oil is all that's needed. If leaving AFM functional, a shorter interval might be ideal as well, say no more than 5000 miles. Lots of screens in the VLOM that can plug up and lead to oil flow issues to the lifters.
  14. All GM dealers that buy from GM"s dealer oil program have been on "synthetic" AC Delco Dexos 1 Gen 2 and gen 1for at a minimum of 5 years now. They only offer blend on 5w30 and 5w20 which are not Dexos spec oils. So its a 95% chance they put 0w20 synthetic. The AFM transition thing makes no sense blend vs. synthetic. I can see changing oil weight having some sort of change there as a 30 weight oil is of a thicker viscosity than a 20 weight oil but even then, it seems placebo. If you are planning to change your own oil, 8 quarts of your preferred 0w20 synthetic will do. Mobil1, Amsoil, Shell Rotella GT, Castrol, Pennzoil/Quaker State, Redline, the list goes on. No need to over think.
  15. Wireless just came out for the T1 new body 2021, which have all new and different radios, modules and radio operating systems compared to K2 trucks 2014-2018. There is a device in the aftermarket available: CPLAY2air wireless adapter for factory CarPlay – CPLAY2air.com
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