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  1. Nav. Its on vehicles with nav radio. Started in 2015 or 2016 if I recall. If you have the IOS radio in your truck, you can get the factory nav upgrade. $450 SD card that installs nav to your truck.
  2. This was from a GMT-800/900 but gives a good visual. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf1bhVI7bL4
  3. Coilovers will have more travel than torsion bar that's why the jounce bumper is where it sits. I assume that having gone to coilover, you no longer have the torsion bars in there? Do the BDS coilovers have a jounce bumper in them? On the 1/2 ton Chevy trucks, the OEM struts have the jounce bumper integral to the strut. Sits right under the bottom of the strut mount. No bumper on the frame to the lower A arm.
  4. Dealer unless you can find or know a guy that has a good scanner that can read 2010+up GM cars/trucks. One of those scanners (MAC, Snapon, etc.) might have access to do it. It takes all of 5 minutes to actually do, but they will probably charge a minimum of a 1/2 hour. Its as simple as going into the HVAC control module and turning it on. No programming required at all otherwise. I've done this on my last two trucks, no unwanted HVAC odors yet. The blower motor runs a few minutes after shutting the truck off to dry out the evaporator core. It can vary the run time based on HVAC demand when the vehicle was running, so the colder the temps set, the longer it may run to dry it out.
  5. The new trucks all picked up on GVWR big time. The 2500hd trucks are GVWR'd almost at the 2015-2019 3500hd trucks. You can de-rate from the factory to 10,000lbs GVWR. The way I read it from GM, over 10,000gvwr for business, you need your DOT stuff in line. The build code for de-rate to 10,000lbs is C7A. C7A from the order guide: With de-rate, keep in mind you will lose payload and you will lose about 5% of tow rating over a non de-rated truck. If diesel, you will lose a lot of 5th wheel rating. RPO CGO de-rate applies to Custom and High Country trim with 20" wheels only per GM. However, per the vehicle order guide, CGO isn't even listed as a GVWR RPO code, just C7A. #iworkforGMtoo
  6. If you are diesel, that sounds right. Check the sticker in the b-pillar when you open the door and see what the published curb weight is for your truck.
  7. The every 5 days is the DPF performing a regen. Try as much as you can to complete a regen when you see the MPG drop as it will ensure proper cleaning. Shutting it off during a regen may result in a "Drive vehicle now" message upon a restart. On the noises. All normal. A few things:
  8. Owners manual has the preferred and alternate loading ramps methods for the MultiPro gate with pictures. They prefer that you open the step portion of the gate and place the ramps direct to the lower half of the gate. If you wish to not open the middle and use the whole gate, they recommend a load distributing piece (my guess is a 2x4 or something?) across the end of the gate.
  9. I can speak from a smaller dealer stand point on this if I may. We will be getting ZERO parts other than items that come from certain facilities. Anything from our facing GM warehouse? No parts due to the strike. The freight company that delivers our daily runs is still running however, allowing for us to send in core returns and other types of returns. For now, we will get NO GM re-stock of parts, no special order parts, etc. It also means added costs for emergency purchases from other dealerships. We've got some downed vehicles that will be downed even longer until they figure this crap out, which better be soon.
  10. There is a nice warning in the owners manual about this...
  11. https://www.pennzoil.com/en_us/products/full-synthetic-motor-oils/pennzoil-platinum.html I use it. Good stuff. Seems to be a top 3 oil on BITOG that rates better than Mobil 1 and close to Amsoil, and the top for the price, especially the 5qt jug from Walmart which runs $22.68 + tax. This is the new labeling too. The nat. gas are either Platinum or Ultra Platinum. Ultra Platinum is not a Dexos 1 Gen 2 licensed oil, but regular Platinum is.
  12. It's definitely been doing regens this whole time. If you don't have any warning or service messages, its working. Typically its one regen per tank of fuel. Highway unloaded driving would lower the frequency of 1 regen/xxx miles, loaded with a trailer would increase the frequency of 1 regen/xxx miles.
  13. A GM replica wheel should take the GM locks no issue I would imagine. They are made by mcgard for GM. GM number is 9599493. You can also get the lock and lug sets too, chrome are 12451945, black are 84332438. I have the 12451945 chrome set on my GM OEM accessory wheels. Really nice quality lug set. The full lock/lug sets come in a nice cardboard box with foam inserts that have 24 holes for each individual lug to sit in.
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