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  1. Short Bed - Actual Length

    No problem! I'm sure they'd get a kick out of it LOL but there's plenty a strange thing that occur when people buy cars.
  2. Short Bed - Actual Length

    Wall to gate is 67.91 inches.
  3. I've driven aobut 6 GM vehicles with adaptive cruise, as well as two Ford products. GM's was the smoothest at maintaining speed amongst vehicles ahead, and the "close" distance was not so tailgating like the Ford system was. The Ford system at close range kept me 1 maybe 1 and a half car lengths behind the car in front, where the GM system has a better distance buffer. The Ford system seemed rather jerky with its speed maintaining.
  4. Nothing wrong with doing it. Just got to play within the limits of it. All the big plow manufacturers make half ton specific blades that keep the weight on the front end on the lower side of things.
  5. Can do as soon as they show. The LPO accessories are here, just waiting for the trucks any day. Northsky is awesome though, we have an RST here with black accessory 22" wheels and its sweet.
  6. Have a read: https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/216529-16-na-175-8-speed-shudder-update/?tab=comments#comment-2170837
  7. 4 bolts that hold it in. Its not just the light portion, rather its a whole lamp assembly. You might have to loosen up the wheel house liner to see if there is enough clearance to sneak it out, otherwise GM says to pull the front bumper off to get to it. Alldata books time at 3.5 hours. Driver side is 84000613, passenger 84000614. Retail for $240 each side.
  8. Nice. 3 CustomTB in bound where I work. Northsky, Red Hot and Black.
  9. Next gen Escalade better beat out its own cousin Denali at everything. They can have the same engines or whatever, but Escalade needs at least one unique engine that's Cadillac only, but the fit/finish and materials have to trump GMC big time. Navigator is a threat for sure, but Denali is as well as I think its part of what is hurting Escalade.
  10. 2020HD Wish List

    2011+up IFS is way more capable than the older ones. Same FGAWR as Ford and Ram HD. Its a wash 2011+up. Comes down to ride comfort, handling, etc. We change a lot less parts on GM IFS vs. any Fords or Rams we see here.
  11. Exhaust note change with tach flutter is typically AFM. The rumble strip feeling is a common symptom of A8 converter shudder.
  12. K2 was like this as well. I'm going with it being normal. The door speakers are mainly fill or certain ranges, the two speakers right at the top of the dash do the heavy lifting. Allows for the sound to travel the cabin.
  13. Sucks it took 11 trucks to get to this point, but at least they thoroughly examined them and came up with a solution. Kudos GM.
  14. They've always been like this. Nothing you can do.
  15. Not sure if this has made rounds on this forum yet, but it was brought to my attention at work as we have a 2016 5.3/A8 in for this concern right now (we've done them in the past but its been a month or two). I've highlighted in red the big change, GM is no longer replacing converters based on their findings on returned warranty units as it can still come right back. The triple flush has been dropped for now, just a flush and re-evaluate. It does appear they must be on to something that is a better fix as they are working on one to be released Q1 2019. Looks like they will continue to only flush/fill them for now. This does apply to ALL 8 speed applications, both 8L45 and 8L90, EXCLUDING the new T1 1500 trucks. Stay tuned...

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