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  1. Higher load index tires

    Higher load index tire won't raise your posted door jamb payload, so get that thought right out of your head. The published payload is the published payload, regardless of tire size/load.
  2. 2020 Silverado HD

    No. Click link HERE: https://www.autoblog.com/2018/08/20/2020-chevy-silverado-gmc-sierra-hd-truck-spy-photos/ These prototypes have the new towing mirror.
  3. Quicksilver/Silver Ice/Radiant Silver, WA-636R is called "Switchblade Silver Metallic." The "Switchblade Silver Metallic" naming was actually used on certain vehicles when the color debuted in 2009. http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/paintdetail.cgi?gmcode=WA636R
  4. Not a Silverado color. Sierra only. WA-634D GS6 Smokey Quartz Metallic. https://www.gmfleetorderguide.com/NASApp/domestic/proddesc.jsp?year=2019&regionID=1&divisionID=2&type=0&vehicleID=21485&section=col_trim&page=9&butID=3 Scorpion Metallic is GM's "internal" name for that color. For whatever reasoning, the paint name doesn't always match the name they end up using on the vehicle. For example, Northsky Blue Metallic is "Some Kinda Blue Metallic", Red Hot is "Pull Me Over Red," and Cajun Red is "Glory Red Tint-2".
  5. I think its for comparison purpose? Stock 20" on T1 are now an actual 33" tire, 275/60/20. 275/55/20 is 31.9", 275/60/20 is 33". Its only 1/2 inch ride height change in terms of tire size, 1.1 inch total diameter change.
  6. Transfer case info

    Thanks for the clarification.
  7. Transfer case info

    GM used two transfer cases in 2500HD trucks (2001-2007 classic), the NVG 261 and NVG 263 transfer case. The 261 is the manual shift 2 speed case (floor shift), RPO code on the build label is NP2. The 263 case is the electronic shift 2 speed case, RPO code on the build label NP1. There is some internal differences in the cases between the gas mated to 4L80, and gas/diesel mated to Allison cases in terms of gears, chains, input shafts, etc. I believe ones bolted to the Allison had "HD" or "XHD" tagged at the end of the case number on the NVG stamp on the rear. NVG261/3 XHD/NVG261/3 HD.
  8. LED H11 Bulbs?

    VLED or Xenon Depot. VLED makes housing compliant ones that fit behind dust caps.
  9. Was the crew cab a 5ft8in box or 6ft6in box? If the shorter of the two, the ride should have been 95% identical as they share the same exact wheelbase. The 6ft6in box I can see riding a bit smoother due to the added wheelbase.
  10. No offense to those that have Sirius/XM, but its turning into the next CD player with the advent of all these cellular apps such as Pandora, Spotifiy, Stitcher, Apple Music, iTunes, podcast sources, etc. Plus Sirius/XM kinda sucks. Most of the music channels play the same 20 songs every 2 hours. I can see why GM is slowing/stopping the standardization of it and went balls out with Apple CarPlay, Andriod Auto and now even their own in vehicle apps. Correct unless you go RST (aka color matched bumper LT) or LT Trail Boss.
  11. The area of the frame in question, whole frame, etc. The wax coating GM uses will smear when touched/rubbed. When you bought the truck, did you have anything done like an additional undercoating such as Ziebart, Krown, etc?
  12. Can you take a picture of it and post it here?
  13. Good stuff. Good to see that QC (I know I've repeated this in other threads) is strong right now. Didn't expect that they'd check EVERY truck though, that's good to hear.
  14. Key programming issue

    Sounds like they lost a key and remote before you got the truck, and then didn't erase them before replacing it. Driver 2 is the only one that is actually following its memory setting as it stands. Because the fob that is set at Driver 3 is not a primary driver (Driver 1 or Driver 2) it doesn't respond to automatic memory recall. Also, its the remotes that signal what driver it is, not the key.
  15. Correct. My Colorado does not have the wax coating. Painted or coated with something paint-like. Not sure what. You can run your finger on the rails, comes off clean each time. 2015-2019 too. T1 trucks are wax, but it seems to be applied better on the 4 trucks I've checked out.

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