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  1. 8 speed has some odd shifting at times. Some normal, some not. Some 8 speeds encounter torque converter shudder, which if you drove one that does it, you'd know exactly what it felt (and sounds) like. Otherwise, two totally different transmissions. 6 speed may flare on 2-3 shift after driving it once, shutting it off, then restarting the truck. That is normal. Once and a while, some minor fishbite. Harsh downshifts seem to be grade braking related.
  2. HUD display color

    early GM HUDs were like the one in your Vette. I assume its a C5 or C6? All the new ones are full color with the white lettering. No color change. Perhaps the angle or brightness could be adjusted to better suit the issues you are experiencing?
  3. Well...I got them. Wrapped them in P265/65R18 General Grabber APT tires. I'm happy
  4. LT Trail Boss and High Country get the A10 standard on the 5.3 for 2020. Link below shows the 2020 Silverado changes: https://www.gmfleetorderguide.com/NASApp/domestic/newfeatures.jsp?year=2020&regionID=1&lang=1&divisionID=1&vehicleID=21795
  5. Yes. Sensors must be installed to the trailer's wheels. Just like the ones that are in the wheels on the truck.
  6. First page has 2020 production start up dates for all cabs. Updated 5/16/19.
  7. Adding factory brake controller to 1500

    No can do sir. If its not factory installed, gotta go aftermarket controller.
  8. Have you always driven a truck?

    1997 Oldsmobile Achieva sedan was my first. Drove it senior year in high school. Engine went about august 2009 on my way to college orientation. Loved that car, minus the occasional flooded floor from a mystery water leak. Trucks since then however. Honestly, I'd love to find another one just as a 3 season commuter (western NY). Just a super clean, low mile garage queen. Some pop up once and a while.
  9. Floor Mats

    If they are nasty, some all purpose cleaner like Adams APC works wonders.
  10. Diesel vs 5.3

    You'd love it for the commute alone. You'd score high 20's-low 30's in the MPGs. Torquey little fella. Vs. Silverado, the biggest difference is really cabin space. If you feel comfortable with essentially a narrower and shorter ceiling height Double cab Silverado, then I'd go for it. But, if you need the full size crew back seat, wait for the 3.0 Duramax. I put just over 30,000 miles on my 2016 before turning in the lease. I loved it. Towed wonderfully. It won't win any races with a trailer, but it can get to and hold highway speeds quite well.
  11. Can't really blanket the PAG oil recommendation on 2014-2019(old body) as two refrigerants are used. 2014-2016, and some 2017 use R-134a refrigerant. Those use GM 88901445 R134a PAG oil, 46 viscosity. Some 2017 and most all 2018-2019 old body use R1234yf refrigerant. Those use GM 19354657 R1234yf PAG oil. Only hybrid/EV vehicles use POE refrigerant oils.
  12. In all seriousness, 400lbs in the bed. I've driven a few of these empty however. Western NY so bumps/potholes a plenty. Can't say I've had any go sideways over bumps/rear end jumping around.
  13. Strangely normal. You could try a catch can if its installed correctly. PCV is to blame, and GM for the L5P added in a new air/oil separation for the system to reduce/prevent this.

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