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  1. https://gm-techlink.com/?p=13143 I wouldn't doubt that the consumption rate will adjust as the ECM is learning/adapting. Probably because the reprogram does a hard reset on the system, the ECM is still adjusting the amount of DEF needed. I'd give it a few hundred miles and see what it does.
  2. The plugs for the regular vs. HD backup camera are different.
  3. No. The control module is different as well. I'd just get a set of Amp Research boards and call it a day.
  4. You can't do the kit mirrors as they won't work with any of the safety features your truck has like the blind spot indicators. You'd have to get individual mirrors that match your truck configuration and potentially change out the door wiring harnesses. Lots has changed since the GMT-900s....
  5. No. Two totally different body style trucks and most everything is changed between the two. Mount spacing and board length will be longer and won't line up.
  6. I narrowed down to ones that it sounds like you removed.
  7. What connector to the PCM did you have the pins out of? If you can give the color of it or which position it plugs into on the PCM. Also, new PCM wont run the truck unless its been programmed.
  8. Shell Rotella Gas Truck 0w20 now but I was running Pennzoil Platinum 0w20 on my first two oil changes, and ran that in my 2015 HD and the Euro L for my Colorado Diesel.
  9. After having my 2019 LD (the old body same as 2018) 5.3 custom tuned on 93 and set up for flex fuel/E85, not sure I need a 6.2. My tuner was daily driver conservative and still found about 20hp tuning on 93 over stock 87 octane, and gained another 24hp on E85. So over my baseline, on E85 I'm up 44hp. Feels every bit as quick as a 6.2 6 speed. I'm going to have to get some test data LOL.
  10. What...in the ghetto fabrication.... 11602292 x4 11602267 x8 84379976 x2
  11. ? Did you buy the kit or...? They come with the kit so if you are installing the kit and all of the other lift and the safety compliancy brackets, you'd have everything you need.
  12. The jounce spacers bolt to the 4 holed perch on the axle just inboard of each spring pack.
  13. It might be a combo of undercoat and DPF/exhaust smell. Burnt rubber would be from the undercoating, and might be worse if they got some on the exhaust. The DPF odor will diminish after the first couple of regens.
  14. Well for starters, the last year for 16 inch wheels was 2004. There are two hub assemblies listed for your truck, but your VIN or your RPO tag in the glove box will be the deciding factor. Wheel size is not a factor. GM # 84356637 / AC Delco # FW452 is for 2 wheel drive trucks WITH OUT any the following RPO codes: B2E Spring Special, B4U Sports Performance Package, B4V High Output Engine and NHT Max Trailer. GM # 84356638 / AC Delco # FW313 is for 2 wheel drive trucks WITH any the following RPO codes: B2E Spring Special, B4U Sports Performance Package, B4V High Output Engine and NHT Max Trailer. No. They are a unitized hub/bearing assembly just like any 1988+up GM IFS 4x4 pickup. GM hasn't had an actual separate and serviceable bearing and hub on spindle setup since GMT-400 2 wheel drive trucks. This is what a 1999-2007 classic 2 wheel drive hub looks like:
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