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  1. Yep. We had 2 Colorados come that were just for stock and they were either pre-sold or sold within 24 hours. Best bet is to check for any in transit and see if they are spoken for, or, find a dealer with order allocation and order one to guarantee a truck.
  2. Stop down to your dealer and ask them to print the ones you need.
  3. Honestly, I was thinking these were set up like the older Duramax with just one belt but I am wrong. It appears these new ones are a two belt system, with the water pump/fan being on its own belt and goes to the balancer, the fan pulley and a dedicated tensioner. And this is something that started with the 2020 L5P. 2019-prior Duramax including L5P are a single belt.
  4. Need more info here. What engine do you have, 6.6 gas or 6.6 Duramax? Single or dual alternator?
  5. Probably won't go anywhere given the ridiculous demands of full vehicle replacement. And they want a recall which recalls are for safety issues. Peeling or messed up paint is cosmetic, not safety. I can see GM "maybe" offering a repaint of affected panels if this does go anywhere at most.
  6. Any 5w30 full synthetic with a Dexos 1 label on the front is good to go. You can go to Redline or Amsoil if you wanted, but not a requirement. Everything on the shelf at Walmart for example should meet Dexos 1 Gen 3 so they'd all be good. OEM filter is a great option. You can use either the regular PF-66 or upgrade to the UPF-66R which has a better internal construction and higher quality media. Wix would be another good choice. Drain plug is re-usable unless its damaged or leaking. If you felt the need to, the entire plug is cheaper than just the o-ring. 12713651 is the number of the plug. Receipts are a good move to have just in case. This would then support that you've used a Dexos 1 compliant oil and if you use a factory filter that would look even better if for some reason something happened to the engine under warranty.
  7. Yea but, the non US ones get the 5.3 and higher trim levels than WT. They have access to LT/SLE and Trail Boss/AT4 on their regular cab short beds. US only gets the WT/Pro trim and the 2.7T for the RCSB. Have to go long box for the 5.3 but still, no trims higher than base.
  8. Sounds like its working correctly. Its an assist, not an automation.
  9. Take it in READ HERE - MC-10231644-9999.pdf (nhtsa.gov) Latest OTAs are acting up. Mostly draining batteries dead. The PI above talks about a reset procedure the dealer has to do, and then once that is done, the dealer can do the reprogramming from their hardware. Some details on the newest software they will install: 23-NA-034 Y167 Most Notable Improvements Most notable improvements contained in this release may include: Radio: AM or FM station stuck for an ignition cycle No rear view camera After performing a factory reset the physical Home button might not work Intermittent XM unavailable message Intermittent no audio at startup The volume bar pop-up screen might not show when adjusting the volume Voice recognition might not work When trying to sign in with a GM account the sign in through Mobil App does not work Latitude gauge goes up and down Tune knob might not change channels Customer is unable to add XM favorites Voice volumes will not change, only audio volume does The Now Playing screen might not show the station number of the channel playing When changing Favorite pages the > button does not highlight when pressed When trying to log in with a myGMC account, there is no error if the email format is incorrect In the towing app the wrong vehicle type is shown Intermittently there will be no audio Buckle to Drive might always be on Intermittent rebooting with Device is Starting message XM favorite channels jump when using the SWC Improve readability of MyBrand application XM can only play one channel, the rest show Unavailable in the browse list XM favorites are greyed out Invisible Trailer View Not Functioning When adding a new user there may be multiple blank screen Phone: CarPlay might stop after ending a call When switching audio from Bluetooth to USB the Bluetooth audio might continue The Add Phone button might not work When making a call, the Search Contacts screen might come up instead of the keypad Android Auto screen slow at launch The First to Connect setting might not save after an ignition cycle CarPlay would not launch Contacts still show after clearing phone numbers After shutting the vehicle off the Handset button for moving an active call is not highlighted Phone calls might have audio echo on the other end of the call (not in vehicle) Phone projection may not connect CarPlay might be slow to launch IPC: The incorrect language might show on the DIC Dyno Page graph not updating while idling V-mode shown in Drive mode of non-Cadillac vehicles In the Drive Mode pages there is Z-mode when it shouldn't be The sound for the turn signals is out of sync with the cluster indicators Intermittently "Turn your vehicle on" shows on ICS even with vehicle on OTA: An Over-The-Air update might take a power cycle to complete There is a black screen if the back button is pressed while performing an update
  10. Flint, Silao, Oshawa and Ft.Wayne all pump out great quality for the most part. I'd take an Oshawa truck any day as Oshawa has been one of GM's top rated plants for YEARS in the past. They ran truck production for many years until 2008 or so when GM dropped trucks from there. They also made in the past many of the W body products, 14-20 Impala, 10-15 Camaro, and much more. Silao doesn't do HD's but I've had zero build quality issues with my 2022 1/2 ton crew cab.
  11. That is the correct way. Felt pad on the seat side. Same 2019-current. The cable and the body coming out of the floor trim, that is part of the seatbelt anchor pretensioner. You can't install those on opposite sides, they are side specific and only attaches one way. Here is a picture of the right hand side anchor pretensioner. Notice the door side of it has no felt: And here is the other side of that cap where the belt comes out of. If its causing you a rattle, get a square of felt like that and stick it on the other side.
  12. Further down the main threads page is the For Sale/Wanted section - For Sale/Wanted - GM-Trucks.com You could also try posting in the 2019+pickup Facebook groups or even the 2.7 Turbo groups as well.
  13. Speed driven, proper tire inflation, mud tires vs say an all terrain or highway tire, bad gas, bad O2 sensors, etc. The variables are endless, or, maybe that's just what it gets. Might try searching the 88-99 section of the forum? 1988-1999 Chevrolet & GMC C/K GMT400 Platform - GM-Trucks.com
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