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  1. First picture is X315. Mostly only used on Tahoe/Suburban. Headliner harness for active noise cancellation. Second picture the blank would house a big bodied connector which would be power feed to the sunroof. Third picture, the tops are the back of the radio. Those two unused on the right could just be ports for a different vehicle that uses the same radio. Third picture, the bottom module. That is the Onstar Telematics Control Module. Again, could be un-used in your truck but used in a different vehicle that uses the same module.
  2. No online option from GM. You'd have to try the dealer or an online Monroney label reproduction site. Those sites charge $10-15 for them typically.
  3. No. They will NOT fit. - The strut mounting holes will not line up. T1 mounting pattern for the strut mount is oriented different than K2. - Mounting stud to stud the T1 ones are wider apart, almost a whole inch. - The T1 shocks are almost 3 inches LONGER than K2. Remember, T1 trucks are on the entirely new T1 frame. Shares no components other than maybe fasteners from K2. Completely ground up. The front suspension setup and geometry isn't the same either. K2 was 95% the same frame as GMT-900 so K2s origins date to 2007. The only T1 part
  4. Just retain useless info sometimes LOL. I put the link above from the engineer back in 2019 talking about the heat issue they had to address.
  5. No frame changes. What they probably have done is just repackage the cooling area with the updated front end so it can accommodate the added cooling with the I6 configuration. That was the issue with the 2020-2021 trucks was cooling flow. GM knew that the diesel could tow more than 9300lbs when it launched, but they couldn't get more airflow in with that engine. DPF is under the hood on the 3.0 trucks, not under the truck like the HDs, so engine compartment airflow is crucial. EDIT: Here is the article with the engineer talking about heat reduction back in 2019 o
  6. The frame is already boxed on T1. 1/2 ton frames have been boxed since 2007 with the GMT-900. All they've done is add what they do with the gas powered NHT. Higher capacity cooling, 3.73 gears, 9.76" axle, different springs and shocks. The 10 speed does get a shift calibration tweak to it as well with the diesel.
  7. ? You've got something else going on if you have a hesitation and no check engine light on. The 16 lifters is a true deal. GM has it in their "valvetrain" repair flow chart for 2020-2021. Its all based on mileage. Scenarios for Consideration (flowchart attached) If a customer has a lifter failure, with no previous valve-related failures: Vehicle is under 8,000 miles, replace both banks of lifters. Vehicle is over 8,000 miles, replace one bank of lifters. If a customer has a lifter failure, and previously had
  8. What is the exact configuration of your truck? Gear ratio?
  9. No. Owner's manual is your best friend. 1 tons will use one of those two BOLDED tire sizes below from the factory. They WILL NOT allow for chains: Tire Chains Warning: If the vehicle has dual wheels or 265/65R18, P265/65R18, P275/55R20, LT265/70R17, LT265/70R18, LT265/60R20, LT275/65R18, P285/50R20, 285/45R22, or P285/45R22 size tires, do not use tire chains. They can damage the vehicle because there is not enough clearance. Tire chains used on a vehicle without the proper amount of clearance can cause damage to the brakes, suspension, or other vehicle parts. The
  10. The arm on the driver's side would be the Pitman Arm. Idler and Idler bracket are on the passenger side. The "module" is probably the digital steering assist module. Its a tight squeeze especially with the diesel engine. I've always pulled that front plastic shield loose or removed it and you get more access. A 90 degree adapter for the gun might help it too.
  11. Transynd in the Allisons was a good thing. Allison called for TES-295 fluids which were synthetic Dexron III fluids. GM from 2001-2005 was still using Dexron III. When GM switched to Dexron VI, Allison wasn't exactly, pleased initially. They still wanted a TES-295 fluid. In the end, they had to re-design some of the seals to be Dexron VI compatible as it was a more "aggressive" fluid than Dexron III (not sure in what ways). Allison still however called for TES-295 spec fluids for all Allison 1000s that were not GM applications. Allison to this day still does not want Dexron VI in their
  12. No. Dexron VI. Transynd is a Dexron III fluid, will not work in a trans that calls for Dexron VI.
  13. Yep. Normal. Even Corvettes and Camaros and Cadillacs you can find this type of stuff.
  14. That picture of the ports I posted. The one that's in the bottom of the pan. You can drain with it, but you won't get all of the fluid out. That plug is higher than the bottom of the pan as its meant for doing the fluid level check. If you end up doing a trans service yourself down the road, keep that in mind. It will still leave a 3-4 quarts in the pan if you pull it before dropping the pan the rest of the way down.
  15. Gen5diy makes a plug and play: 19-21 Silverado Fog Light High Beam Override Harness – Gen5DIY You just need a relay.
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