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  1. The HD boards hang lower down from the cab than the 1/2 ton boards by 2-3 inches but the mounts should all line up the same.
  2. Truck was built in July 2019 but you just bought it March 2020? It went down due to the time it sat on the lot. Normal to have that happen. Just do a reset on it and it will be fine. If the vehicle is hardly driven/not driven for a long period of time, the OLM will count the percentage down based on a 1 year timer. So if the truck was on the lot for 12 months from when it was delivered, it would have automatically zeroed out and said "change oil soon" on the dash. Chevrolet Volt owners are the most common folks to experience the OLM going to zero in a year if the engine never runs except in maintenance mode.
  3. 18 Inch wheel is +24mm. 20 Inch wheel is +28mm.
  4. GM discontinued it. 84489271 was the number, but I believe that GM techline isn't supporting the programming that the dealer must do to the radio and IPC anymore.
  5. Bolts/nuts package is 84100435. If you need the wiring harness (you must make the center high mount light work), you can't buy the wiring outside of buying a brand new sport bar kit.
  6. Mine did great when I had it. I can't find the pic with the enclosed trailer though. The dump I was hooked to in this pic alone dry was 4000lbs. The enclosed was loaded, guessing at 6000lbs? We did have to redistribute the 4 wheeler and lawn tractor further back off the tongue but after doing that, it pulled it quite well. Mind you, its 181hp and 369 torque, so don't be expecting a race car hooked to a good bit of weight. I bought a WeighSafe hitch so monitor tongue weight. Worthy investment. https://www.weigh-safe.com/
  7. The silver towing label in the driver's door jamb (its on the lower part of the B pillar) has the published as optioned curb weight of the truck. Take a look at it, that is the correct curb weight based on the build of the truck.
  8. Huh. I actually, loosely see that. Low headlamp, signals at the top, lower main grille and smaller upper section. Even a bit of that side angle made it.
  9. You have to turn up when in Carplay? Carplay, I assume you have an iPhone? What type of cord do you have in the truck to plug into? Apple brand or some other brand?
  10. We've got some 150,000+ mile DI 5.3 Silverados that come in at work. They are every bit as strong as one with 30,000mi on them and have never had a fuel injection service to clean a single thing. They are farm trucks too that see a good bit of idling, but also lots of city and highway driving.
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