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  1. 2019 silverado OEM rear wheel liners?

    Size of the box is why. Get them at the dealer. No shipping fees.
  2. Towing issue

    Doesn't change the GVWR and GCWR, especially the GCWR. You scale it with a re-gear, your combined weight is still 12000lbs. With max trailer its 14000lbs GCWR. If the trailer you desire is 7000-8000lbs, you are over weight right off the bat, before even adding people, gear, etc. If you were to be stopped and they questioned your weight of the vehicle and scaled it, you'd have a problem. Simply put, the legal, built weights of the vehicle do not change when re-gearing. A 7000-8000lbs trailer (not including people/gear/etc.) would probably put even a max trailer equipped Suburban right at its limit too for weight. Run out of remaining payload really quick if you consider 10-15% of the trailer weight should be tongue weight.
  3. Towing issue

    Changing all those things doesn't legally raise your capacities. I'd be shopping.
  4. No. Can confirm from a test fit at our dealer. Guy had a 2011 and bought a used 2016. Did not fit correct.
  5. Adams Polishes Iron remover and Deep wheel cleaner. https://adamspolishes.com/shop/exterior/wheels-tires/adam-s-contamination-removal-kit.html https://adamspolishes.com/shop/exterior/wheels-tires/adam-s-wheel-cleaner-wheel-brush-combo.html I linked the kits but you could purchase as you choose.
  6. Cat Bak???

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeQlerZ0-fo Its not much of a video. I never got around to making a good one. I had the 14790 Sport kit (regular cab long box) on it. The factory exhausts were the same from GM 2011-2015. Corsa said it might not fit, and I got the kit as a "test" without warranty for a lot less than MSRP. I had no issues with fitment. Best exhaust I ever ran, and I would have paid MSRP for it too. ZERO drone. Cruising highway on the inside, it sounded a tad quieter than stock even. Sounded awesome under load and WOT. Very Corvette like from the outside at times. Cold starts sound sweet too. I'd do it again. There are two other companies that support a full catback system for gas HD that I've seen that have systems designed to fit all years. MBRP and Magnaflow. If you want options for dual exit, Magnaflow has that. I can't speak for MBRP, but the Magnaflow I had on my 2012 1/2 ton droned in V4 and V8.
  7. Ball joint popped out

    is it a "lift"? or a "level"? If its a leveling kit, you have too much. Readylift has a detailed explination on trucks with the stamped steel arms and leveling kits: https://www.readylift.com/blog/2017/07/11/upper-control-arms/ https://www.readylift.com/2-25-front-leveling-kit-w-control-arms-gm-1500-truck-suv-6-lug-2017-2018.html https://www.readylift.com/2-25-front-leveling-kit-gm-full-size-truck-suv-1500-ld-6-lug-2007-2018.html
  8. Aluminum?

    All but 2 cab/engine combo. Double cab standard box diesel now have a 29 gallon tank, and regular cab long box diesel have a 28 gallon tank. All the rest are 36 gallons. All gas are 36 gallons. Why the loss in those two? DEF relocation. If they left the DEF tank behind the passenger tire, the tanks would still be 36 gallons. However, by relocating the DEF filler to the gas door, the tank was relocated to in front of the fuel tank to accommodate such a move. The two short wheelbase chassis reflect this movement.
  9. Looks to be this up front: https://www.readylift.com/2-25-front-leveling-kit-gm-full-size-truck-suv-1500-ld-6-lug-2007-2018.html
  10. I have experience with the Chevy tri-fold one (no rollbar on my Colorado). They latch from the inside, so to open the gate must be open. Mine has been dry inside from day one. Even handles touchless carwashes pretty good. No water after the wash. There will be some dust as the bed is designed to have some air flow through it. You can get tailgate seal kits to cut some of that down aftermarket.
  11. Varying Ride Height

    Looking at your double cab, the front does seem higher as if the bars were up a bit. Could have been like that based on engine option though. I'd throw 5-6 turns at your crew cab and see if that resolves. Every full turn of the bolt is equal to .2" of height change. What I did on mine was mark the bolt and the crossmember with a reference line and just counted the turns.
  12. https://accessories.chevrolet.com/search/2017/Chevrolet/Colorado#/98027/Tonneau%20Covers?sortId=top Look for the two at the bottom that show the sport bar in the picture. They are the only two that fit. You can find all the other GM accessories for Colorado there as well. https://accessories.chevrolet.com/search/2017/Chevrolet/Colorado#/12001/All%20Parts?sortId=top
  13. LBZ bad mpg

    Condition of the air filter? Any turbo charge air cooler boots loose? Hoses cracked? Was the new cluster programmed to the truck when installed?
  14. AT4 better value than trail boss?

    AT4 is based on the SLT trim, where Trail Boss LT is based on RST. I know, its called Trail Boss "LT" but the option packages line straight up with RST, not LT. You can get more for the $$$ with AT4/5.3.
  15. 17 Duramax oil

    More specifically its a new spec called DexosD. Dexos2 is the small diesels (2.0 Cruze, 1.6 Cruze/Terrain/Equinox, 2.8 Colorado/Canyon) and also Corvette/Camaro/CT6-V 2019+up with the LT1/LT4/LT5/LTA engines, 0w40 Mobil 1 ESP Formula (which is different than other Mobil 1 ESP).

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