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  1. Correct. If you dumped Toyota WS in there because you had some on the shelf and then you ran into an issue, you'd be in doodoo (especially warranty). Any fluid that is Dexron 6 approved (licensed or not) will work.
  2. Good luck. GM is at a 13 day nationwide supply on new vehicles. 40,000 vehicles assembled but waiting on remaining parts to complete them and then ship. Don't be surprised if even dealers that are reported here as good on supplier say no as a result of demand or no trucks on the ground.
  3. As of right now, you'd have to get a GMC HD MultiPro tailgate used or a takeoff. However even then, the gate might not 100% line up as GMC and Chevy are different box sheetmetal and rail tops. If it fits, you'd lose power up/down but the power release wiring might not be there for the second gate portion so that might not even work at all. Currently no Chevy HD multiflex gate. 1/2 ton gate is different than the HD gate so that wouldn't work. Also, not cheap. GM doesn't sell a whole gate assembly, just all of the parts and you'd have to assemble and
  4. There is no "revised fluid" for 6 speeds, they use Dexron 6. Mobil 1 LV ATF HP is for 8L45/8L90 ONLY.
  5. Nothing is necessarily wrong with the idea of AFM/DFM. GM is still using the same lifters since 2007 and quality control on them has obviously deteriorated.
  6. Nothing they did would have caused a lifter to collapse. That 40 mile drive might wipe the cam out so I'd advise against it. Have them swap coil packs between 5 and 7. If it doesn't go away, cylinder 7 decided to draw the short straw and probably dropped a lifter or the lifter miss-timed and bent a pushrod.
  7. The rear window defrost button runs the rear window and the mirrors. All on the same swtich. The 23372182 mirrors are the DPN mirrors that are already on your truck that it was built with. They are the same exact mirror.
  8. Yea very strange. Truck is a DPN factory tow mirror truck. 84691670 is the correct # for the driver's side mirror. You wouldn't need any wiring at all to change as its a factory tow mirror truck. Also, 23372182 mirror set lists for $625 not $750. The ones in 23372182 are the exact same ones on the truck right now, power upper glass, heated upper glass, front marker, rear facing cargo, manual fold/extend.
  9. The kits are for 1/2 ton and HD. The difference here being that HD trucks with 9L7 aux factory ordered have the bolster installed and come with the wiring to be added. 1/2 ton trucks if factory ordered come as a kit (those #s) with the bolster, switch and wiring. Don't order it from one of the online sites, go to your dealer and order it. The online sites always ask for a VIN.
  10. Most 2019-2021 here at work are fine, no issues. We've had 3-4 trucks get lifters at under 5,000 miles however, all 5.3s so far. One is in right now, a 2021 Tahoe at 4,000 miles. Had two cylinders misfiring (one on each bank) and bent one pushrod. Its getting 4 pushrods and 16 lifters as GM wants all active lifters on a failed bank replaced, not just affected cylinders. That was for valve spring failure not AFM/DFM lifters.
  11. Yes. You aren't the only one. 4000 mile Tahoe sitting outside my view here at work getting all 16 lifters and 4 pushrods right now. Lost a cylinder on each bank. GM has dealers replacing all of the lifters on whatever bank(s) there are failed cylinder(s). You will get it back and it will be good as new.
  12. No. 6x114.3 isn't even a bolt pattern GM uses or has ever used to my knowledge. Chevy Uplander is the closest those were 6x115mm. If its a NEW body style Acadia, you'd need 2017+upAcadia, 2018+up Traverse/Enclave, 2019+up Blazer, 2015+up Colorado/Canyon wheels as those are all 6-120mm. If its a 2017 OLD body Acadia, those are 6x132mm so 2007-2017 Traverse/Acadia/Enclave/Outlook.
  13. Nope. Part of the control head. Are you out of bumper to bumper? I wouldn't waste my $$ on a used one just to get it and its got a bad light or it goes out in a couple months. Get a new control head. 84258729 is the OE with rear window defrost for your LTZ. If you do NOT have rear window defrost, you want 84199205.
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