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  1. Hey thanks for finding those guys! I went with GMpartsstore.com. Price was $37.92 and had the fastest shipping from what I saw. 6 to 8 days out with expedited, ordered from them before and they delivered 2 days early so hopefully they repeat that. And again, Newdude is the man! Seriously awesome and still grateful lol.
  2. I couldn't agree more! Newdude is the man for sure. I am blown away not only did he show the exact part I need but included the part number as well. I spent hours searching "2017 chevy fuse block connectors" "GM Connectors" "Fuse block connectors" etc. But I just could not find anything that would work! Seriously props to him 100%
  3. Wow! I spent hours searching and I just couldn't find it! Thank you so much!
  4. Hello, Got an interesting problem and was wondering if anybody here has any knowledge and or ideas. Attached are pictures of the green connector that attaches two wires from the internal wiring harness to the fuse block on top of the battery. Long story short that same green connector on my truck got damaged and now I just have the two wires. I went to the stealership and asked if it was possible to buy a connector alone or even another harness that had the same connector. The only option they gave me was to buy the full internal wiring harness which was close to $500. My first thought is to just use blade connectors which look like they will plug into the existing number 9 slot on the battery fuse block, which is where the green connector went, however my understanding of electrical connectors is very limited. As far as I am aware electrical connectors are used to secure a connection of wires as well as keep wires from shorting out on each other. I am not sure if there is any other design of the connector like a certain electrical resistance or something. My second thought is to keep searching junk yards for a truck that has it but unfortunately since its only 5 years old and there is only 1 green connector of this type per truck from my understanding, it is quite hard to come by.
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