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  1. I like your advice, I will buy one of models out there ? Im looking at the VIOFO A129 Duo Dual Lens Dash Cam Full HD 1080P 140° Wide Angle Front and Rear Dashboard Camera w/GPS WiFi, Parking Mode, Supercapacitor, Low Light Vision G-Sensor Many models to choose from?
  2. Looking for a simple functional dash Camera for my 2021 RST crew cab, not sure if I want or need the dual /front/rear camera, at minimum want the front. Any recommendations for a dependable quality picture with memory Dash camera, brand/make/model, that someone has had success with?
  3. "3M 303 Aerospace Protectant" works well also
  4. Yes Have had it(AutoStopEliminator) on my 2021 RST , will be a year in July, Love it forgot I have auto restart now! THE BEST!
  5. Clean it all off, spray area with leak trace powder/ or spray foot powder/white, and drive for 5/10 miles and reinspect, those years sometimes the yoke it self leaked and you can seal it by cleaning and adding silicone sealer to the freeze type plug in end of yoke, but its also possible its just the seal? Thats why the leak trace powder will pin point it
  6. rbdjr

    Fuel prices

    I’m not sure, I never try to run anything higher than 14.99% as in NJ it can still be called Gasoline up to 14.99 %, anything over that % legally it’s supposed to be called gasohol. You can bet your dollar every company out there here in NJ is using the max amount of alchol allable in there fuels and have measured it to confirm many times. Never have I measured and came up with a lower %. But the fact is companies have diluted especially winter fuel as I can see the difference especially in colder month with my fuel milage when I had a gas engine, I have measure up to 47% alcohol and NEVER ran any gasohol ever? Go figure, seems like mostly winter months high concentrations as fewer drivability symptoms in colder weather with high concentrations in many cars/trucks. I use to test my fuel for the alcohol % about 4 times a year, before now, I own a diesel 3.0. I think your chart is very interesting and all I know is what I read and everything I have read till now states the BTU rating is about 40% lower. I also know I personally could see in one tank, full fuel milage drop with anything over 25% easy. I’m not sure who is cutting the fuel, station owner, distributer? But I know it happens and still see it happening when I take samples, but now it’s more of a learning lesson for the students I teach, to show them it does happen and often here in NJ. That being said benifits, Higher octane creating a more controled burn and never have to worry about water freezing creating troubles. Hurts the dry gas market
  7. Shopping for a tonneau cover for my 2021 RST4x4 crew. zoomed in on 2 now, Baxflip MX4 4panel, and Bax X4S roll up. My question is since I have the short bed Crew cab , 5'8" bed will the cover support my Sportsman 120 Kayak, along with a hitch mount "T" bracket so the back of my 12' kayak can rest on the "T" bracket from the hitch and front of Kayak sits on top of the Connoea cover? Kayak total weight approx 130 pounds loaded, 12ft long. And will the bottom of Kayak scratch and mar up the tonneau cover?
  8. not sure about those but i have a buddy who switched from the 275/60/R20 to 275/50/22 no interfierance at all ? I understand apples to oranges
  9. From the Factory my 2021 3.0 4x4 RST Crew cab has 275/60/20. runs great
  10. Looks sharp for sure! No fun keeping it looking that way!
  11. rbdjr

    Fuel prices

    E85 all good great octane rating burns clean but almost 40% less MPG , yes its avalalible but its costing you more to drive when you use it
  12. My 2020 corvette recommends High Octane fuel also, I run 87 as I only drive on weekends and not a big hurry, I believe unless you’re on the strip you will have no problems . Knock sensor will make fuel and timing adjustments long before the human ear can hear it.
  13. Not the caster on his truck, not even close, maybe in extreme cases, but I’m sure you would feel some handling conditions, wander, pull, steering wheel returnability etc
  14. Front end specs are dependent on Ride Height of the car, the moment you change the ride height throw the original specs out, these trucks have different specs for different option codes and spring weight rating and suspension. So that’s why I said that, if it handles and tracks good its FINE, no tire wear and he will be happy. The pre alignment road test is the most important to see and feel whats the vehicle is doing on the road,handling and tracking, this will determin if and how much you will need to make caster adjustments. The Pre road test is more important than the post road test. I have done alignments all my life, Caster is not a tire wear angle it’s a Stability angle and Handling/Tracking, can be used to correct for road crown correction, I said if it handles properly don’t worry about it, many cars on the road have caster WAY out of spec and they still track and handle well. Stop over and see me, I will invite you to the school where I teach and we can show you on our Hunter Hawk Eye Alignment machine and help you understand my recommendations. I personally like 4 deg caster on both sides, 0 deg camber, .010 toe total slit on each side. this way I can get close to 100K miles on quality tires. I also was able to get those adjustments from mine with a 2” top strut spacer in front and 1” spacer in rear and I have plenty adjustment to move it around, many different spring rates and suspension.
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