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  1. Looks good. I actually like that look better than the AT4's with the 20" wheels since the AT4's come with a 1/2" smaller diameter tire. How has the lift effected your fuel mileage? BTW, good looking pup!
  2. The dealer is trying to figure out exactly which parts to order for my 2022 refresh LTZ. There are 3 different program codes listed for my VIN and each one has a different list of parts. You can check on GM's website with the VIN to see if a recall is available for the retrofit.
  3. Thanks for the update. I wonder if the amp in the center console is JUST for the small sub. Keep us updated on what you hear from LLJ. I'll be looking to them after the first of the year for a harness for my refresh. Just an FYI, if you are running your own wire through the firewall, removing the battery will give you great access to the passenger side spot to run it through.
  4. Should have been one installed from the factory. I'm debating putting one on the passenger side as well. This one is occupied by a switch for my emergency lights.
  5. Your best bet is using an add-a-circuit in the fuse panel under the driver side knee bolster. That's what I did when I added the 12v outlet in the center console pocket on the driver side for my warning lights.
  6. Keep in mind I think his "improvements" is the 3.73 gears with the Max Tow option compared to the 3.23 gears.
  7. You can buy the tires from Walmart, but if they are not the same size that the door sticker on the vehicle says, they will not mount them. Just an FYI.
  8. For my dash speakers, I put the Kicker ones in. I also installed a 600mHZ bass blocker. I can confirm that this setup changes the sound dramatically. Granted an amp will help, but the dash speaker change with the bass blocker made the biggest change. The only downside to the bass blocker is it will lower the volume on the turn signal and dash alert sounds that come out of the driver dash speaker.
  9. Just an FYI, the Bose front door speakers are 4 ohm. The rear door and dash speakers are 3.5 ohm. You can check this yourself on the speakers you removed. I haven't had the factory Bose sub out of the center console to see what its ohms were. I completely agree that the Bose system in the 2022 refresh trucks sounds lack luster compared to the 2019-2021 Bose. My '20 RST with Bose had great sound. My '20 Equinox with Bose sounds awesome. My '22 LTZ with Bose sounded horrible in stock form. To get any bass out of the system (with Kicker door & dash speakers) I have to have the volume 1/2 way up. I plan on adding an amp to drive the door speakers after the first of the year using the loopback harness. Hopefully it helps with the audio.
  10. This is what I'm looking at. It isn't a huge amount of power, but I'm sure it will sound better than the OEM sub. I don't want ear shattering bass, I just want it to have a decent sound. https://www.crutchfield.com/p_20646HS10/Kicker-46HS10.html?tp=114
  11. Not sure the size in the 2019-2022 (LTD) trucks. The 2020 RST that I had sounded really good with the Bose. It would vibrate the mirror with not a lot of volume. I'm thinking about getting the powered Kicker enclosure and seeing if it would fit behind the back seat. It is about the same size as a large amp and those seem to fit there. If not I was going to put it under the passenger seat. That would allow me to still keep the Du-Ha storage box under my back seat.
  12. The sound was better, but will be even better with an amp to drive them.
  13. I could tell a difference over the OEM Bose speakers. I will be adding an amp in the future to drive the speakers and have even better sound.
  14. I was able to confirm that the Bose in the refresh is a 7-speaker system by a GM tech from a 2019+ Silverado group on Facebook. See the pictures attached. It is a 4.5" sub with the mounting holes measuring 160mm horizontally in an enclosure under the center console. I was wrong and didn't have my console apart enough to see it.
  15. I don't. I always think it is funny when I get into a family members car and they have it on a local FM radio station. I have the music apps I need installed in the infotainment system of the truck (Youtube Music, iHeart) along with Sirius.
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