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  1. It isn't the dealers doing it, it is GMC. All GMC trucks now come standard with it built into the cost. GM announced they'd be doing that late 2022.
  2. Yes it is larger. I don't think it can be used for gas trucks.
  3. I've never had a problem filling my stock 3.0 fuel tank with the semi nozzles at truck stops. When I need DEF, I will stop at a truck stop to fill up diesel and DEF. Have you tried using a semi nozzle at a truck stop? They do fit in the filler necks.
  4. Looks good! This is the new trend after the tailgate letters on the Silverado. I did this to my LTZ and really like it. I wasn't so sure until I got them installed.
  5. I like the ability to remote start my vehicles (2020 Equinox & 2022 Silverado) remotely. I also travel a lot so the wifi is nice in the cab, not to mention the wifi is what allows the built in Google Maps to work in my refresh 22. And piece of mind knowing that if I'm out of town, the wife and kids will have a safety feature if they have a wreck. The kids like the wifi for their devices when we drive somewhere.
  6. You'll probably save money by installing aftermarket lockers and the SSV shocks. IF you can find the axles in a salvage yard, you will be paying a premium.
  7. Yes it will fit. It is the same lift that comes on the Trailboss and AT4 with the 3.0.
  8. I have the Premium Plan but do not pay $50 per month for it. I have it in both my vehicles and pay right at $60 a month for both.
  9. The LM2 oil pump drive belt has a service interval at 150k, not 100k. The LZ0 oil pump drive belt service interval was increased to 200k, not 150k. I'm on my 3rd 3.0, all LM2's. The first one was a company truck that I drove 43k miles in the first 10 months of having it (left job). My second I drove for 8k in 8 months and traded it even for a refresh with the LM2. I love the engine and the fuel mileage they get. They have great power for a small diesel. My second 3.0 was a 2021 AT4. It got about 3-4 mpg worse than my first (RST) and current (LTZ) 3.0 trucks. All of them have been the same configuration, crew cab short bed 4wd. There are extra maintenance cost with the fuel filter, DEF, and oil being higher per quart. Some of that negates itself with mpg differences, however diesel is almost $2 more per gallon for me currently. The link below is a great tool for comparing EPA rated mpg's and local gas/diesel cost to vehicles. https://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/Find.do?action=sbsSelect I would suggest looking at a 2022+ refresh as the new interior is 100x better than the 2019-2022 (Limited) interior.
  10. It works. You have to take the brackets and the text in it and replace it with your VIN after the =.
  11. Thanks. My truck didn't come with one as the dealer hadn't gotten it yet when I bought it. I like to have it digitally as well.
  12. You might talk to a good vinyl shop locally. I'm not sure what they'd charge though. I'd have gone that route if I didn't find these. I'm working on my local shop to replicate my hood Duramax emblems in chrome vinyl. I'm tired of having to clean around the emblems. They've done it for me previously in black on my old 2020 RST and you couldn't tell until you were right up on them.
  13. Not GMC specific, but I put them on my 2022 LTZ. I got these from eBay. The packaging says they are officially licensed GM product. I was skeptical at first, but after getting them on, I like them. I wish they were a little thinner, but can't complain. They sit flush with the cap. They've not moved with several pressure washings since putting them on. I always heat up the tape and whatever I'm sticking too before placing them.
  14. I rotated the tires, changed the oil (with the PPE oil filter), installed the PPE trans cooler & PPE trans line block, and swapped out the OEM mirror puddle lights for the Chevrolet bowtie ones. I got the lights free with my GM points. They were the easiest thing I've ever done to a vehicle.
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