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  1. Yes, that 10.5"-11" was with the cover all the way open against the cab (it has 1.5" foam blocks that protect the cab). Not sure the crush weight, but I've been on mine. Granted the majority of my weight was on my knees near the edge of the cover. I climb on mine frequently to clean the back window or wipe the cover off.
  2. I'm sure you can adjust the rear portion of the cover to not sit as tight on the tailgate and it would work fine. I just prefer mine to be tight so it is more air tight (if that makes sense).
  3. Sometimes yes. It at least kicks loose with it. The MX4 does allow the tailgate to be closed with the cover completely closed.
  4. Yes sir. I did it by myself in about 30 minutes. It is very straight forward and the instructions are simple to understand. I didn't install the front bulkhead gasket that comes with the cover. I've found that without it the cover seals better on the front of the bed.
  5. I also used the tailgate gasket in the link below to get a perfect seal. I have no debris or water that comes in from around the tailgate now. Even using the pressure washer it doesn't leak. AmazonSmile: Lund 30002 Genesis Tailgate Seal: Automotive
  6. Here are a few pictures. When the cover is folded up all the way, you have about 10.5" from the bulkhead to the covers edge. There is about 22" of clearance under the cover. The position with the second fold (picture 5) is a way you can lock it in place with the clips.
  7. I had one on a '16 Colorado. It was OK. I went with the BakFlip MX4 on my 2nd '16 Colorado and my current '20 Silverado. BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding - Tonneau Cover | BAK Industries | BAK I didn't like how the Revolver moved as you went down the road. It also took forever to get it aligned properly so it would stay latched. It also took up more area when it was rolled up over the MX4. The MX4 feels more secure and doesn't move when going highway speeds.
  8. Crossed into 19,000 miles in 5 months and 2 weeks of ownership (got the truck with 141 miles). I also filled up the second tank for the week. The truck showed 29.8 MPG but hand calculated it came out to 31.21 MPG. That is the 3rd tank in a row that I've averaged over 30 MPG. Can't complain in a 5,500+ pound 4wd truck. (All 3 images were taken today)
  9. I would be interested to see if this fits the CAT filter as well. The CAT filters are far superior than any other fuel filter on the market. It looks like in the pictures on Fleece's site that the OEM heater gets bolted to the top of the filter adapter and plugged back in. I wonder how the Fuel Life Monitor will work with this.
  10. I know dirty fuel isn't the issue and I don't think I have a fuel filter issue (still getting 29-30 mpg) and am at 42% with 18,225 miles on the truck. The mileage and percentage would be inline with the filter needing changed at 30,000 miles. I was more than not just looking to see why the aftermarket filter was so much cheaper than OEM and if it was a good filter. I always get fuel at a Circle K in town that is a high volume diesel seller or at a truck stop.
  11. The Silverado 3.0 has a fuel filter monitor, just like the OLM (and your Cruze). The maintenance schedule is roughly 30,000 miles based on the website below. I'm at just shy of 19,000 miles and my monitor is showing 43% left. 3.0L LM2 Duramax Maintenance Schedule | Maintenance & Parts Guide (dieselresource.com) I generally let the dealership do the maintenance. Depending on the cost at the dealer, I may change it myself.
  12. What are the thoughts on these fuel filters? Pro GUARD HD Fuel Filter | aFe POWER Are they as good as the OEM filter? How much difference are they between this and the OEM AC Delco filter? The AFE cost $25 vs the AC Delco cost $40 (O'Reilly Auto Parts). Is the AC Delco a 60% better filter (it cost 60% more than the AFE)? If the AC Delco is a better filter, I'm fine with paying the extra cost for it. Expand on the AFE filter, the WIX filter is $48 and the MicroGuard filter is $25. The MicroGuard is made by WIX. WIX Fuel Filter WF10451 | O'Reilly Auto Parts MicroGard Fuel Filter WF10451 | O'Reilly Auto Parts I can get the AC Delco, MicroGuard locally as my O'Reilly carries them in stock. I'd have to order the WIX which would be 2-3 days. I'd obviously have to order the AFE which would be 5-10 days.
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