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  1. It's been done a few hundred times already, but I swapped out the chrome exhaust tips for the OEM black ones. This finishes off all the chrome on my truck, the way it should have came from the factory. This will probably be all the mods until we get our house built and moved in; gotta save cash. Here is some advise if you are not going to take the steps out of the bumper to do the install. Get yourself either a battery powered (preferred) or an air powered 1/4" drive ratchet Reuse your existing tips speed nuts Pay attention to the placement The R & L are different It is stamped into the top of the tip which is which Start with the control bolt (inner bolt on both sides), then the one above the exhaust, followed by the outside bolt Don't tighten any of them down until you get them all started Tighten the 2 bolts in the bumper up evenly If you have big forearms, don't attempt not removing the steps
  2. I got my front emblems replaced with billet ones from www.0fx2gv.com. These are heavy billet pieces with a color inlay. The white inlay has the American flag lightly engraved into it. Other than being a PITA to replace, they look great. Now I just need to get the OEM black exhaust tips ordered and the chrome will be gone.
  3. Upgraded the OEM fender vent emblems. Now I just wait for the replacement grill emblem and OEM black exhaust tips. That will eliminate all the chrome as it should have been.
  4. I decided I didn't like the GMC on the tailgate (no the new emblem isn't crooked, it is the camera angle) or the chrome emblems on the doors. Thanks to 0fx2gv (www.0fx2gv.com) for the emblems. I can't wait for my new grill emblem and fender vent emblems to get here! Now I just need to order the black exhaust tips.
  5. Probably not a lot. My AT4 gets about 2-3 mpg less than my '20 RST 3.0 got. Granted, my AT4 has the 265/60/20 tires on it and my '20 RST had the 18" wheels and 31" tires.
  6. Here is the video. Firewire LED Video I also removed the Sierra from the tailgate.
  7. They are Firewire LED's. I am a volunteer firefighter. They are my response lights. The rear light is Blue/White and the front is Blue/Blue. There is a 2 head LED in the windshield to the right of the rearview mirror.
  8. I matched the front and rear GMC emblems to the paint. And I had to get a new tire at 2,481 miles because of a stupid nail in the sidewall. Debating on taking the Sierra off the tailgate and Plastidipping the chrome on the AT4 emblems.
  9. That's what I thought as well about the hardware not being there. However, I asked them on one of their Facebook pages and they said that it would activate the HD radio. Honestly I don't really care about the HD radio as much as I do the OEM navigation. I was just curious if it would apply the HD radio feature as well.
  10. Has anyone used the OBD Genie nav upgrade kit? If so, what are your thoughts on it? I'm looking at getting it to 1, upgrade my IOS to have OEM navigation and 2, to active HD Radio. OBD Genie told me that it would activate it on my truck since it didn't come from the factory with it (HD Radio credit on the invoice).
  11. No it isn't. White Automotive has a solution that is 100% OEM. https://www.whiteautoandmedia.com/product/silverado-sierra-wireless-car-play-android-auto-navigation-and-hd-radio-upgrade/
  12. What is the factory radio amp (non-Bose) ohms on the speaker outputs? I'm looking at upgrading my door and dash speakers but don't want to add an amp for them just yet.
  13. I finally got to do a small trip with my S&B installed (50 miles). There were several hills on a 2-lane highway that the truck, before the S&B, would downshift about 1/2 way up with the cruise set on 64 mph. This trip, with the S&B, the truck didn't downshift. It seemed to take the lugging better without needing another gear. I can hear the turbo spooling more when the truck is in the 1,200-1,900 RPM range with the S&B.
  14. I left the optional panel out when I installed mine last weekend. I can tell a huge difference in the sound. Those that say they can't hear the intake must be deaf. I can tell a big difference in throttle response. I've probably picked up about 1.5 mpg so far. Granted, it is hard to tell if it is the intake or the truck getting more broke in since I just surpassed 1,100 miles on my new truck.
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