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  1. The white does not show through. It fits pretty tight around the emblem. I guess that is how they sell it as a "chrome cover" or color change. I also would have gotten the black rear bumper cover too if I'd have gone that route.
  2. I almost got the black ones for mine. The main reason I didn't is how tight it would fit around the bowtie and maybe show white.
  3. I got tired of my front end looking like it had been sandblasted. The only complaint I have of the truck is the weak paint on the front bumper and grill. So, to remedy this, I installed the Ecoological front bumper and grill covers. The grill cover was a breeze. The bumper cover took some extra work removing parts to get the ends on properly. All in all, it took me about 2 hours working by myself while watching the 5-year-old as well. With me having the 3.0 Duramax, I had to use a trim took to get the top piece of trim off the bumper as I couldn't get to the backside of its clips. Unless you a
  4. And DEF is easy when you have access to a truck stop to fill it up while your filling diesel. Out of curiosity, why did you change your fuel filter at 18,000 miles? I changed mine at 22k because it was down to 30% on the life monitor. The leaking rear window is hit or miss on all of these trucks, not just the diesel. Knock on wood, but I'm lucky to not have had a leaking rear window nor the crank no start issue.
  5. And if you want to get real technical, the 2020 3.0 engines had a better EPA rated mpg. See that comparison below.
  6. I wouldn't say $15K since the Equinox is a Premier, but you can easily say $10K. You can or can't see the difference in mileage, but since I am the one who fills both vehicles up (wife hates to get gas), I know what both get for mpg. Believe what you want on the 2-vehicle comparison (RST 3.0 vs Equinox 2.0T) of vehicles I own, but even the EPA's site shows the Equinox cost more to drive. You can see the personalized info as for driving I used on the bottom. I also used fuel cost in my hometown (regular - $3.09, Premium - $3.69, Diesel - $3.08). I'm getting more than TWICE the amou
  7. My '20 RST crew cab short bed 4wd 3.0 Duramax gets better mpg than my '20 Equinox 2.0T AWD does by 20-30% (yes you read that correctly). On average, my Equinox gets 22 mpg with the wife driving it in front wheel drive mode. When I drive it, it averages 20 mpg. My 3.0 Duramax gets 26 mpg in the city and 29-30 mpg on the highway. Needless to say when we take family outings, the 3.0 is the vehicle of choice 90% of the time. These averages are hand calculated at each fill-up. Now, you will say "diesel cost more per gallon and maintenance cost". However, diesel where I live is lower by
  8. I believe there is only a couple DEF manufactures in the US. As long as they have constant use on their DEF, I'd think so. DEF does have a short shelf life.
  9. Fill it up until full. Best bet is to stop a truck stop and use the big truck pumps with the DEF dispenser. It will click off just like a fuel pump when it is full. GM says that a full tank will get you about 5,000 +/- miles. I bet the dealer didn't fill it up all the way when they sold it originally.
  10. A diesel is different than an engine that burns gas. The oil will be black before you leave the dealer after the oil change. A diesel engine is harder on the oil. The black oil means it is doing its job. You want to see black oil almost instantly? Get your hands on a 7.3 Powerstroke with a fresh oil change.
  11. Look under the truck, the DEF tank is separate from the fuel tank and is on the passenger side of the truck with the fuel tank on the drivers.
  12. Has anyone got these installed on their Silverado? If so, can you post pictures and your thoughts of them? Grille overlay for the 2019-2020 Silverado 1500 LT and LTZ Grilles (ecoological.com) 2019-2021 Silverado 1500 Front BumperShellz - Chrome Delete Bumper Overlay (ecoological.com) I drive my truck a lot (1,000+ miles a week) and the front end is littered with rock chips. I'm looking for something to hide the chips and protect what factory paint is left without having it repainted.
  13. I agree I thought it was a bit steep for those pieces. Just curious if anyone has had them installed.
  14. Anyone have the AFE BladeRunner hot & cold side intercooler pipes yet? If so, what are your experiences? BladeRunner Aluminum Hot and Cold Charge Pipe Kit Black | aFe POWER
  15. Here are the ones I put in my '20 RST. They are super bright and fit perfectly. AmazonSmile: NINGLE 921 LED Bulb Reverse Light White Extremely Bright 906 912 T15 W16W 579 921 LED Bulb for Backup Reverse Light Pickup Truck Cargo Light Bulbs Canbus Error Free 6000K (Pack of 2): Automotive
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