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  1. Crossed the 10,000 mile mark yesterday. The lowest mpg I've gotten in a tank was 24.5 and that was mainly in town driving. I've only had the truck since 10/21/2020.
  2. The truck still has glow plugs. The ECM holds off starting the truck until it sees the temperature in the engine from the plugs. Mine has shown the "Wait to Start" light several times for a period before starting. As said above, GM doesn't recommend plugging it in until it is lower than a certain temperature. These engines will not lug as much when starting as the larger diesel engines that are using thicker oil. The 3.0 has 0w20 oil spec.
  3. Just make sure you install the drain tubes in the front of the rails. I used the upper plugs on the front corners of the bed. You may want to invest in a tailgate seal as well.
  4. No, there is no need for the front seal. When you get the cover you will see that it has a rubber strip that will lay down on the bed to keep water out.
  5. I got this one right before I made this post. I haven't gotten it installed yet either but probably will this weekend. AmazonSmile: Lund 30002 Genesis Tailgate Seal: Automotive
  6. This. My tailgate gets dirty quick with the bed cover on and stays clean as the rest of the truck when it's off. The aerodynamics change so much with the cover that the vacuum behind the truck pulls in water/dirt/dust. It makes me wonder how the bed cover affects fuel mileage.
  7. My bedcover does an excellent job of keeping water/dust/dirt out of the bed. The short fall is the tailgate isn't sealed. I have more issue with the dust/dirt and the dirt that comes from road water getting in the tailgate. I am a very neat person and opening my bed and seeing the black bedliner covered in dust/dirt on the last 1/3 of the bed drives me nuts (especially when I know I haven't hauled anything that would make it dirty). Not to mention that the little bit of water that gets in my bed is from the tailgate. I like to put stuff in the very back of the bed that would otherwise get wet if it was raining.
  8. How does it do with keeping dust and water out of the bed? It looks like it doesn't do anything for the vertical portions of the tailgate.
  9. Has anyone found a good tailgate seal for the T1? I've got a Bak X4 on my truck and I get a little road dust and water in around the tailgate. I'm wanting to get some sort of gasket to go around it to seal it when it is shut.
  10. Exactly why I went with the DU-HA over the OEM. Not to mention that the "lids" on the OEM are pointless the seat bottom acts as a lid as well. The lids on the OEM one makes an extra step to just get into the storage area.
  11. Do yourself a favor and buy this under seat storage from DU-HA. It is not only larger but eliminates that gap. It's worth the cost. AmazonSmile: DU-HA Chevrolet & GMC Silverado/Sierra Light Duty Crew Cab, 2019 New Body Style: Automotive This is mine installed.
  12. Installed the GM black chrome exhaust tip. Looks much better than the stock setup.
  13. If there is any friction, you haven't gotten them tight. The boards won't move if they are installed properly.
  14. The Duramax hood on the Silverado 1500 is the exact same as the other engine offerings, other than the "Duramax" emblem. The induction system for the 3.0 Duramax is the exact same.
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