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  1. 2015 brake job

    The rubber plugs are pried out of the calipers and the slide pin bolts are removed, The caliper is hung on a wire you rig up to make sure its not hanging by the brake hose and get it out of your way.The bolts I believe he is talking about, hold the caliper bridge to the knuckle,they are loctited from the factory and can be a real pain in the ass to remove,we use heat to soften up the thread sealer and hit it with an impact gun. Make sure you lubricate those slides and reinstall the rubber plugs.

    Two temp actuators,one mode actuator and one recirc actuator.The drivers side temp actuator is on the bottom.
  3. 2014 GMC Sierra Heated Seats

    Check for codes, a bad seat element will set a code and the BCM can disable all heated seat functions until repaired.
  4. 6.0 oil change interval

    You can't change your oil too often. Cheapest insurance against major engine problems there is.
  5. You would have to ask the dealer.When a 2500 or 3500 gas comes in for service it gets a PF48 at my dealer.
  6. Weird transmission Issues

    What trans is it?4l60E or 6L80E?
  7. New Dude, You can' t argue with all the experts on this forum that know more than the engineers that actually designed the engine in the first place.I am a line mechanic in a GMC-Buick dealership and everyday we deal with people that know more about their trucks or cars then we do because they read it on the internet.I want this done to my car or truck because thats what I read on the internet. But sir your truck or car is not even the same model or year...I don't care I want it done right now and I'm not paying.
  8. Check that bulletin again, was updated over the summer to include 2018Model year also.All of the eight speeds are involved and are nothing but a headache.
  9. Pull the master cylinder away from the booster and make sure the O-ring is there on the end of the master cylinder.
  10. What engine is it? The 6.0 takes a PF48
  11. 2005 GMC misfire

    P0449 is the vent solenoid not the purge solenoid. Take the wire connector out and connect a test light across the connector and cycle the vent solenoid on and off with your scan tool. If the test light goes on and off you have power and ground and the solenoid is bad, very common problem on that truck.
  12. The 6.2 with the ten speed is a rocket ship, you will love it.Not a fan of the CVT trans. I like to feel the gear change and see the engine slow down on the gear change.
  13. The fluid change is only for TCC shudder.TSB 16-NA-175. It will do nothing for the horrible upshifts and downshifts.I am the transmission guy at a Buick GMC dealer and am very familiar with the M5U transmission. Garbage. The ten speed is light years ahead of the eight speed. I can't even begin to explain the amount of time I spend trying to make the eight speed at least driveable.I just did a flush for a shudder concern this morning on a 16 Yukon with 30,000 miles and am finishing up a complete transmission replacement on another 16 Yukon with 46,000 miles after it already had a convertor 18,000 miles ago.GM said don't even bother going inside on this one just replace it.Lets see how long this one lasts.
  14. What codes were found when scanning the truck? Why didn't they let you drive it, or have one of their mechanics drive it home with the flight recorder installed so they could actually see whats going on.I would check all battery cables and ground connections to start with. The battery cables are a source of problems on these trucks.Bad grounds can drive even seasoned mechanics crazy.

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