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  1. Chain and no recommended replacement interval.
  2. That truck should have a 6.0 in it not a 5.3. Send me the last 8 of the vin and I can look it up and see what you are working with.
  3. I have a 2017 2500HD and mine have never moved by themselves and like the poster said above they are pretty tight to try and move in and out.I also work at a GMC Buick dealer and have never seen one come in for this problem.
  4. Were the correct head gaskets used? GM or aftermarket? When the strike was still going on we could not get GM head gaskets and attempted to use aftermarket ones and some were missing steam holes and had no holes where the original ones did. Something to check.
  5. Is the security light on? Scan for trouble codes and see if you have P1626.Sounds like it may be in fuel cutoff from a theft deterrent issue.I dont know how to cut and paste anything but have two DOC ID's that may be of help-1873859 and 722216. You can also monitor the fuel enable command in engine data and see if the PCM is allowing the fuel pump to run or turning it off due to a theft deterrent problem.
  6. A software bug? Thats amazing as we do at least 35 -40 a week and never had a problem. We all use the same dealer website to download from and I am sure a TSB would have been issued immediately if there was an issue.As far as getting the same exact loaner car, your out of your mind.......I'll have what your drinking.
  7. Why would they tow it for this problem? The switch is in the latch assembly.We change alot of them.You can monitor the inputs to the BCM from the latch assembly with GDS2.If its a 2019 its covered under your bumper to bumper warranty, let the dealer fix it.
  8. Don't waste your time with the 8 speed. Drive the 10 speed and you will buy the 10 speed. No comparison between the two.
  9. To all the experts on here, the fluid flush does nothing to help shifting. It is only to remedy the shudder. I have had 2 2019 trucks already with the same problems as all the others. Both built after 3/1/19. The 2-1 downshifts will knock your fillings out, happens randomly. Good luck trying to get it fixed. GM ties our hands and doesn't want to pay for anything lately. I also made sure I bought a 6 speed in my 2017.
  10. You will be living with those problems until you get rid of the truck. I am the transmission guy at a GMC buick dealer and you can't fix the unfixable. That transmission was horrible from the get go in 2014 and still keeps me plenty busy. Go drive a 10 speed and decide if you want to live with the 8 speed after the road test. Night and day difference between the two transmissions.Too bad you couldn't slip a 4l80e in all the problem trucks and be done with it.
  11. The harsh shifting has nothing what so ever to do with the fluid exchange being done for TCC shudder.
  12. The caliper brackets have much more problems than the actual calipers. Make sure the slides are free and the rust is cleaned from behind the abatement clips. I work at a GMC Buick dealer and we stock the brackets by themselves because we change much more of those than the cailpers.
  13. Are the rear brakes actually working correctly? Infrared temp gun aimed at all rotors after driving will give an indication of whats going on. Fronts normally hotter than rear, should be roughly even between both from wheels.
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