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  1. In the last three weeks we have had 3 of the new yukons come in with bent pushrods and misfire codes. All were the newest version of cylinder deactivation. We cant keep up with all the engine work lately. GM better pull there head out of there asses and come up with something better than this dynamic skip fire system. They all had between 3500 - 13000 miles on them. Between the afm lifters collapsing, the valve springs breaking and the oil consumption problems its a never ending stream of heavy engine work........
  2. Scan for trouble codes. When certain fault codes are current the tcm won't allow upshifts to certain gears.Po741 is one example. The six speed in your truck has been known to have convertor failure issues.How did the fluid and filter look when you had the pan down? Any metal on the magnet.
  3. Of course you are correct, brain fade, sorry for the misinformation.
  4. More than likely with that mileage a good decarbonization with top engine cleaner may help to free up the piston rings and may help to lower your oil consumption but it is within GM guidelines.We are told that 1qt per 1000 miles is acceptable as stated above but I agree that is excessive. Just because I work there doesn't mean I agree with that.guideline.
  5. I have been a GM line mechanic for 46 years. When I started in this business we overhauled everything, starters, alternators,steering boxes etc... now everything is throw away crap. Take one out, ****** can it and replace.No skill required.
  6. There is an updated transfer case control module calibration for that exact problem. Call a GM dealer with your VIN and they can run it and check if it was ever done.
  7. There a couple of older bulletins similar to what your describing. I can't figure out how to send a link but the actual bulletins are PIT4730B,document ID #4902455 and the other one is 08-07-30-021H document ID#4213654. They have a lot of good information in them about no start conditions and door locks cycling with gauge cluster problems. Hope you can get access to them. Don't throw anymore parts at this. Its probably a backed out terminal or an intermittent short to ground taking down the high speed lan. Good luck.
  8. Does this vehicle have any aftermarket remote start or alarms added to it? First place I would be looking at if anything was added on. They are usually poorly installed and the components are garbage.
  9. Potential water leak, just like a sun roof.The less openings the better.
  10. Give me the last eight of the vin and ill run it to see if you have any warranty left.
  11. Powertrain is 5years -100,000 miles on a 2015. What is your delivery date? Any extended warranty?
  12. You of course slid under there and made sure the shift cable and lever are still in one piece and attached I am assuming?
  13. Does the shift quadrant follow the shifter movements and is there any check engine light on?
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