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  1. Have the dealer hook up GDS2 and monitor inputs to the lift gate module and the bcm. Probably going to see something triggering the actuator, such as defective switch or shorted wiring harness causing an unwanted ground.When it is doing that it shouldn't be too difficult to see what is causing it.
  2. Too bad it didnt slip off the blocks right onto one of those scum bags...That really sucks. Sorry that happened to you.
  3. Get a good scan tool and monitor ignition 1 voltage while driving. The ignition switches are a common failure on those vehicles,we use to change one or two a week. If the voltage drops off or is less than charging voltage when running you have an issue. Easy and cheap place to start.Don't use bootleg junk aftermarket switches or you could be installing a future problem for yourself down the road.
  4. How about you see what code is stored in history before you go off on a wild goose chase. Could be anything, steering wheel position sensor, low brake fluid warning, intermittent wheel speed signal etc etc.Right away your pulling the dash apart and checking grounds and replacing the battery.
  5. Power steering pump

    On your RPO list what is your brake option? And are you sure you have a 454? Most gas engines were 366 or 427.
  6. Power steering pump

    Send it out to a rebuilder and have it overhauled.
  7. Misfire?

    if its a 2003 it has an inline fuel filter by the ABS unit on the rail under the drivers door.
  8. Scan it for codes, maybe a sensor issue or actuator on the way out. Need GDS2 to check for codes.
  9. Date build

    Truck was built 5/6/15. Has two open campaigns on it -18289 and 16007. Looks like it was delivered to Hertz as a rental unit.
  10. More information needed to accurately help. The last eight of the vin would be helpful so we can see what we are talking about. Is it rack and pinion, recirculating ball steering box, hydroboost etc?Extra cooler in front of the radiator? Too many variables with out the vin.
  11. Where do you guys get your information from? Special tool to remove a rear wiper blade? Service information says to remove the wiper arm and then release the clip and the blade comes off.Doc ID #2073852.The new body style Acadia vinN can be replaced with the arm still on the car.
  12. Its not your driving, cut your losses and get rid of that headache. It will be trouble to the day you get rid of it.
  13. The reason that the TCC shudders is because it is never locked up 100%. It is designed to slip between 0-50 rpm at all times. Also TCC is applied earlier and earlier to try and achieve better fuel economy. TCC never applied this early in older vehicles. And when it came on it was 0 slip. Allison still locks there TCC 100% and it is held off until 3rd gear. What do you expect to happen when you slip a clutch? I have been a line mechanic in a GM dealer since 1978 and have done just about every transmission GM has come out with from the Power Glide all the way up to the 8L90E , That transmission is a light duty, poorly engineered failure waiting to happen.It' s not a case of if your going to have a problem, but rather when. You would be doing yourself a big favor by purchasing a good extended warranty if you own one of these. The powertrain coverage was lowered to 60,000 miles in 2016.Not bashing, just speaking about what I see every day..........

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