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  1. Get a good scan tool and go to ABS data. Have some one else drive and watch the wheel speeds as you come to a slow stop. You will see one wheel speed drop to zero and thats what the ebcm is seeing as a locked wheel and activating the ABS.Thats the bad hub bearing.We are in NY and have issues from salt and corrosion and deal with this alot. Hope this helps.
  2. No freon in the system will not cause the cooling fans to run on high speed, more than likely a sensor is disconnected. Scan for trouble codes and go from there. When your mechanic was checking the system he may have left something disconnected.
  3. The Denali has a variable ratio steering rack that uses the input from the steering wheel position sensor to vary the rate of assist and also the stabiltrack uses it in conjunction with the Yaw sensor and brake input to apply the brakes on the inside wheels in a high speed turn if certain conditions are met so the driver can regain some control.
  4. The steering wheel position sensor located at the bottom of the steering column.
  5. Do not buy anything with the M5U 8speed transmission. Cant fix the unfixable. Absolute ****** and nothing but a problem.
  6. No AFM on a 2500 6.0 gasser. No vacuum pump, no direct injection, just a bullet proof long lasting truck engine.
  7. Why would you clear the code?Bring it back to the dealer and let them fix it.That is a common problem with the M5U, as well as harsh up shifts, harsh down shifts and delayed engagement after sitting for a few hours or overnight.As well as TCC shudder,that transmission is a nightmare. I strongly suggest an extended warranty if you plan on keeping this truck for any length of time.
  8. If you have a dipstick you dont have the 8 speed. Count your blessings.
  9. How are you refilling the transmission? There is no dipstick on these pieces of ******.
  10. That TSB is 18NA355. You use 20 quarts of HP fluid to perform the flush. Your dealer is full of ******, we go threw case after case of it and never have a problem getting it.
  11. The 2500 and 3500 series trucks are not known for condenser problems as they do not use the same one as light duty 1500 series.Make sure you weren't sold a bullshit story.
  12. After you bought it, now your going to check on any issues with the 8 speed???? That transmission is an absolute piece of ****** and has been since it was released in 2014. You can't fix the unfixable.
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