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  1. That is the intake manifold.Why do you want to replace the plugs? They are supposed to need replacement at just about 100,000 miles.
  2. That is not a job for the beginner or someone who is just mechanically inclined. I just had to do a left valve cover and lifters and camshafts on one 2 weeks ago. The cowl and wiper transmission and the tray it sits in all has to be removed to gain access to the intake manifold bolts.That truck is absolutely miserable to work on. Wait till you try and replace the starter. We are a GMC- Buick dealer and we all hate them when they come in.
  3. There is no way they missed THAT when it was checked in. That happened on their lot and they are bull shitting you.
  4. The torque converter shudder is with the M5U 8L90E, 8 speed transmission, not the 6l80E. You don't do a transmission fluid exchange with the new HP fluid on the 6 speed. It uses DEX 6.The torque converter probably came apart sending metal debris threw the whole unit, ruining the pump and causing low line pressure in turn burning up the clutches and causing the shuddering your feeling.The converter alone would be a waste of time and money. That needs to come out and overhauled.
  5. mjm-1957


    I would replace the intake gaskets and while your in there replace both knock sensors and the wiring harness.
  6. That really sucks, that back window is pretty easy to replace yourself. We change quite a few for broken defroster tabs that cant be soldered back on.
  7. Its not a seat actuator, it is the haptic sensor thats bad. Very common failure.
  8. getting there myself, tough way to make a living
  9. I am an A man so I do everything between the front bumper and the rear bumper.Engine repair,rear ends,transfer cases,electrical, air conditioning and the most common complaint these days -transmissions. That keeps me busy while the other guys are standing around doing nothing.
  10. 45 years in GM dealerships and still going.
  11. Chain and no recommended replacement interval.
  12. That truck should have a 6.0 in it not a 5.3. Send me the last 8 of the vin and I can look it up and see what you are working with.
  13. I have a 2017 2500HD and mine have never moved by themselves and like the poster said above they are pretty tight to try and move in and out.I also work at a GMC Buick dealer and have never seen one come in for this problem.
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