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  1. Are the rear brakes actually working correctly? Infrared temp gun aimed at all rotors after driving will give an indication of whats going on. Fronts normally hotter than rear, should be roughly even between both from wheels.
  2. I bought mine brand new in sept of 2017 and only paid 41,000. SLE with the snow plow package and navigation, and a bunch of other options.6.0 with 6l90.
  3. What code was it and why would they just clear and ship it?What dealer was it?
  4. Have the dealer review PIT5206f, document ID#4875355. Exact symptoms you are experiencing.
  5. The first thing the dealer does is put in your VIN and run the history on the vehicle. You don't have to say a word and they know everything about that vehicle. Where it was bought and made and any open campaigns.Any warranty work done any where shows up as well.Try another dealer and see what happens, what have you got to lose? Sucks your regular dealer won't take the time to diagnose and fix it.
  6. You have the 6.2 engine with the 6 speed MYC transmission.The build date was 6/20/14.The delivery date was 8/29/14. Power train expires on 8/29/19. Make sure you get your complaint in writing with the date and mileage listed correctly on the repair order as you have been complaining about this issue before the warranty expired.Being that it is the 6 speed the most common failure I see with them is torque converter failing and taking the pump out from metal debris and also the 4-5-6 clutch plates burning up with heavy use.Good luck.
  7. 8 speeds came out in 2014. Send me the last 8 of the vin and I will look it up for you if you like.
  8. Either trade it now or get an extended warranty immediately. Does this have the 8 speed M5U transmission in it? What your describing sounds like a transmission issue, or TCC shudder. They can road test it with GDS 2 installed and command TCC on 100% and off 100 % and if the shake goes away than you have a TCC problem.The converter never locks up 100% in normal use and is always slipping, piss poor design that will fail eventually. On 7/29/19 they issued a TSB for the 2019 trucks with 8 speed for TCC shudder. They can't get anything right. Get a 10 speed and your problems are solved.
  9. What kind of vehicle are we talking about? Year, engine etc, what is the idle speed in gear and with accessories on and operating and what is it in neutral?
  10. Okay, the history shows 3 converter replacements.First one done 11/20/17 RO#1166312. Second one-10/25/18 RO#1185965 and the last one-5/23/19 RO#1196738. Also shows 2 flushes done and the last one with the latest fluid.Also shows an oil pan reseal on the same RO as the last converter replacement? Maybe got damaged some how on the last trans R and R. That trans is a real pain to get in and out.I would bring it back again and drive it with the service manager and explain exactly what your concern is and let him handle it. Thats his job. I would expect him to get TAC involved and let them call the shot on what should be done next.Probably going to involve a replacement valve body, but hard to help from behind a computer without actually driving it and seeing the problem first hand. Good luck.
  11. Torque converter has nothing what so ever to do with hard shifting. The converters are being replaced for the shudder issue. These were done under warranty at the same dealer? Doesn't sound right to me and I'm the trans guy at a Buick Gmc dealer. I would love to see the history. Give me the last 8 of the vin and I can pull up what was done.
  12. There is a special policy for 2015-2017 GMC Yukon and Yukon XL, Chevy Tahoe, Suburban and Escalade. 5 years or 60,000 miles for the Chevy and Gmc and 6 year 72,000 miles for the Escalade. Doc ID# is 5131597 and Special policy number is 17336-04. If yours has less than 60,000 miles it should be covered.
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