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  1. Hood stays on, just propped straight up after removing the two bolts holding the springs to the hinge.Trans stays in, pretty straight forward job,cooling fans removed, cooling system drained and hoses disconnected, wiring harnesses are moved aside,exhaust disconnected but engine pipe stays in the truck.Intake manifold comes off before the engine is pulled so you can access upper trans bellhousing bolts and fuel pipes,evap pipes etc. AC evacuated and lines removed from compressor , starter ,torque converter bolts and motor mount bolts and thats pretty much it.I pull the right side exhaust manifold while in the truck to allow the engine to turn side ways to get it out past the radiator support and the firewall, tight squeeze but it goes in and out without damage.
  2. Was the pushrod bent or actually broken? We have seen many with bent pushrods or broken valve springs, but never with an actual broken pushrod. For it to be broken , the valve must have kissed a piston and physically damaged the piston and block. They don't let us put in an engine unless it can't be repaired.They are getting tighter and tighter with replacements. They are having us check the calibration history and to make sure it's the factory calibration and not tuned also.
  3. It is a very common problem.I am doing one right now.2015 Sierra with 5.3, 41,000 miles. Engine is spotless inside, came in with number 7 dead and checked spark, injector and then pulled the valve cover. Number seven exhaust lifter stuck in collapsed position. We see this all the time.At least the camshaft is still good in this one. Getting real tired of this, the job sucks and warranty times are a joke.......
  4. Did they drop the pan and replace the filter? If they did they might have knocked one of the connectors off of one of the shift solenoids when they were putting the pan back on. Seen it many times before.It is a very close fit getting the pan back on around the engine pipe. Scan for codes and see if any shift solenoid codes are current.The default is third gear and full line pressure. An easy fix if thats the problem.
  5. My truck won’t stay on!!

    Is the security light on? If not take out the front O2 sensors and try starting it. The exhaust may be restricted such as a bad cat especially after stating you had a misfire before this all happened.
  6. Capless fuel fill

    Try living up north when you have to fuel up in a snowstorm and the whole capless fill is full of snow and ice and then shoving a fuel nozzle in lets it all go down the filler tube. I had to buy a shitty plastic cover from GM to cover that opening . 27 dollars for something that should have been there in the first place.
  7. Help troubleshoot before service appt

    The powertrain warranty on a 2015 is 5 years ,100,00 miles.The eight speed M5U has been a problem since it came out in 2014. I am the transmission guy at a GMC -Buick dealer and hate that transmission. It was released before it was ready and left in the hands of the dealer mechanics to try and fix what GM should have straightened out before releasing this horrible transmission. I don't know if all the complaints can ever be satisfactorily repaired. Too many bandaids thrown at a pisspoor design. I have been replacing valve bodies that have been on national backorder and damn near impossible to get to try and fix some shift issues. The tcc shudder is another problem with this transmission. Only the canyon and colorado get the triple flushes now. The rest get one flush and out the door.Good luck with that repair.Update after update and fast adapt learns and on and on and on.Don't know what the answer is?Maybe the ten speeds will be better.......
  8. It's a 4l80e ,can't read the tag from your pictures. The first two digits on the lower left should be the year.
  9. Transfer case input bearing CLIP

    Can't believe I got it to work, Thanks starman
  10. Transfer case input bearing CLIP

  11. Transfer case input bearing CLIP

    You have to expand the snap ring into the case and the bearing will slide past it.If you have access to GM documents it is doc id 819045. I can't for the life of me figure out how to cut and paste anything.
  12. Air conditioner failure

    We have been changing condensers like crazy lately. It makes no sense that GM has a special policy on Yukons, Tahoes, Suburbans and Escalades but not the pickups.Same part and same failure.Check out 17336-03 special policy for the information on whats covered and whats not.
  13. 2015 Silverado improves to 10.89 @ 126.16

    How is that transmission holding up?
  14. Get that thing running again and have a blast with it and your kids.Looks really good for being uncovered and outside all that time.

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