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  1. What kind of vehicle are we talking about? Year, engine etc, what is the idle speed in gear and with accessories on and operating and what is it in neutral?
  2. 2017 colorado z71

    Okay, the history shows 3 converter replacements.First one done 11/20/17 RO#1166312. Second one-10/25/18 RO#1185965 and the last one-5/23/19 RO#1196738. Also shows 2 flushes done and the last one with the latest fluid.Also shows an oil pan reseal on the same RO as the last converter replacement? Maybe got damaged some how on the last trans R and R. That trans is a real pain to get in and out.I would bring it back again and drive it with the service manager and explain exactly what your concern is and let him handle it. Thats his job. I would expect him to get TAC involved and let them call the shot on what should be done next.Probably going to involve a replacement valve body, but hard to help from behind a computer without actually driving it and seeing the problem first hand. Good luck.
  3. 2017 colorado z71

    Torque converter has nothing what so ever to do with hard shifting. The converters are being replaced for the shudder issue. These were done under warranty at the same dealer? Doesn't sound right to me and I'm the trans guy at a Buick Gmc dealer. I would love to see the history. Give me the last 8 of the vin and I can pull up what was done.
  4. There is a special policy for 2015-2017 GMC Yukon and Yukon XL, Chevy Tahoe, Suburban and Escalade. 5 years or 60,000 miles for the Chevy and Gmc and 6 year 72,000 miles for the Escalade. Doc ID# is 5131597 and Special policy number is 17336-04. If yours has less than 60,000 miles it should be covered.
  5. Take the belts off and run it, could be the oil pump or the front pump in the transmission.
  6. P182E P0700 CODE

    If thats the only thing wrong with it then get it fixed and move on. Hard to get another vehicle for the cost of this repair. The terminals are the metal pins that you see in the connector body. If you dont know what I'm talking about your in over your head and time to bring it somewhere-trans shop, dealer.Good luck.
  7. I am the transmission guy at a Buick GMC dealer, I can not count how man transmission problems I have seen with the 8 speeds in these trucks(Canyon-Colorado). I have only done 1 six speed in a diesel Canyon that the guy was towing bobcats and excavation equipment with and it lasted 67,000 miles.The 8 speeds were bad from the get go. All these experts on this forum swear that the new ones are improved- don't believe it. If you buy one get an extended warranty on it.That truck is insanely difficult to work on also. Wait till you have to replace a starter on the V6, warranty time is around 5.5 hours....
  8. What the writer is saying that when a part is on national back order or some other reason unavailable threw normal channels we do what is called SPAC it. Stands for special parts assistance center, they will check dealers inventory and ask that dealer if he wants to sell it to the dealer that needs it.Happens alot.
  9. P182E P0700 CODE

    Clean it with electrical contact cleaner, parts stores carry it, the trans stays in the car but the valve body, tcm and shift linkage have to come out. Not for the beginner. If it turns out to be the IMS I would recommend bringing it to a dealer or trans shop.
  10. P182E P0700 CODE

    Right in the front of the trans, rectangular connector with a bail type latching mechanism , easier to get to and see whats going on with it from the bottom. Has an orange connector position assurance tab you have to pull out toward the drivers side first.
  11. P182E P0700 CODE

    That code is for the internal mode switch. We have changed a few of them and it is not an easy or cheap job. I would pull apart the transmission connector and examine all terminals for corrosion, backed out terminals, chafed or broken wires etc. I have seen that be the issue more times than an actual failure of the internal mode switch. If all looks good then get a good scan tool and watch that the IMS follows the ranges as you shift threw the gears.If not I'm afraid you will be going inside the trans for the repair.Good luck.
  12. Evap vent solenoid

    Or you could easily take a test light and place it across the connector to the vent solenoid and command the vent solenoid on and off with a scan tool and see that the test light goes on and off with the command. If it does plug it back in and command the solenoid on and off with the scan tool ,it should click with each command. If it does the wiring to and from the ECM is good.
  13. Reread the TSB, clearly states L96, is included in the bulletin, fifth engine mentioned in the upper right of the TSB. You can use anything on your truck you want, I'm just saying be careful because I have been a line mechanic in a GM dealer for 44 years and have never seen GM get so picky on warranty claims. They require documentation of maintenance records, calibration files and now pictures to TAC and PQC, and will deny a claim for the smallest reason. Your playing with fire if you think your going to win against them.
  14. Document ID 4785111.url
  15. See document ID#4785111-TSB-17-NA-157 about the use of oil filters on these trucks. You can do as you wish, its your truck, but GM built it and warranties it so I would be inclined to follow their own recommendations rather than all the experts on these forums.Sure the 63 will spin on and physically fit but they are not the same internally.

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