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  1. 2017 Canyon 8 Speed Absolutely Horrible

    No such animal.
  2. Are you sure the abs isn't activating from a bad wheel speed sensor? Install a Tech 2 and go to abs data and watch the wheel speeds as you come to a stop. If your having a problem with a sensor you will see the speed drop out compared to the good one.The one thats dropping out is your problem.
  3. Rear Diff

    The stock cover from GM comes with new bolts.
  4. Changing alot of radiators lately for cracked side tanks.The TSB says to replace the thermostat at the same time to prevent thermocycling .Take a look at the tanks on yours.
  5. Service alert

    We change the haptic sensors everyday. Very common problem.
  6. 1997 Sierra 1500 blower motor quit?

    That is not the resisitor connector , that is the connector that plugs into the rear of the control head. You need a control head and the connector, the part number for the connector is 12064998,should be a connector with leads, the control head varies on if it has rear defogger and climate control.
  7. P0300 03 sierra 6.0

  8. P0300 03 sierra 6.0

    Does your scanner have a misfire graphic display or a misfire counter for each individual cylinder? The Tech 2 has both and can be very helpful in pinning down a cylinder causing the misfire.Does the check engine start flashing before setting the P0300?Would be helpful to know if its one cylinder, one bank or all cylinders.
  9. 2017 Canyon 8 Speed Absolutely Horrible

    I am a mechanic in a Gmc Buick dealer, I wonder how many of you guys that own a V6 4 WD Canyon or Colorado realize how expensive any normal repair like a starter replacement or a torque converter seal is going to cost on this nightmare of a vehicle to repair?A starter pays 5.2 hours warranty plus diagnostic time at 150.00 per hour.The seal pays 11.2 . I just did a torque converter replacement for tcc shudder and it pays 10.9 and takes every second of it.Make sure you all get an extended warranty if you plan on keeping this shit box after the power train warranty expires.No one will touch it after warranty for those times.
  10. Why would you buy a 1500 to tow a horse trailer?You should have stepped up and got a real truck,2500 or 3500.
  11. 2019 vs 2015-2018 8 speed

    Count your blessings......
  12. Body Control Module

    It is in the center console.Should have three connectors plugged into it, blue, black and green.
  13. Get a small telescoping bendable mirror and have a good look at the squirrel cage
  14. You dropped an acorn or some other crap into the blower motor. You can't believe how often this happens.
  15. Knocking noise

    What are we talking about? Year, model, engine size, trans?Cant help with out any info.A vin number would help immensely.

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