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  1. It’s common, I’ve gone through two myself, drivers side only only my 2015. My neighbor was complaining about it the other day on his 2016. Maybe a dab of super glue might hold them on better.
  2. Dealer replaced radiator today, referenced bulletin P1513F. Also had them replace the oil cooler lines as they were seeping at the fittings. All covered under powertrain warranty. Thanks everyone for the help! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Update: Got back from an hour drive and it’s definitely wet with coolant in that top corner of the radiator. Now I get to go fight with with dealership to cover it under the powertrain warranty. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Yeah, the cracked clip side looks ok. The other side is very dirty on the radiator face. I don’t see any visible moisture right now but I’m thinking it’s seeping through in that spot over time and collecting dirt. Just as pictured in that bulletin link I posted above. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I did a little more reading and took another look under the hood this morning. One of the top radiator clips is cracked. One side of the top of the radiator looks very clean from what I can see, the other is brown and dirty. Not sure if this indicates a slow leak over there or not. I’m going to make an appointment this week. Seems like this could be the issue: https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2016/MC-10138004-9999.pdf Cracked clip (clean side) Dirty side Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. No visible leaks or seeping from what I can see. Oil fill cap is clean as well. Coolant tank cap seems to seal fine. I’m not quite sure, pressure test will probably have to be next.
  7. I’ve got a 2015 Sierra with 62k miles. Been meticulously maintaining since day one, however over the past year or so I’ve been topping off the coolant tank maybe once every 6 months. 10-12oz at a time I’d say (almost an inch below “full cold” mark). Is this normal?
  8. These look great, I’m curious about the longevity of them. I put 3M clear PPF there, but the edges are starting to come up. Looking into a replacement.
  9. Not to highjack, but check out the Rigid SAE fog. Takes some retrofitting, but worth every penny.
  10. Thanks all, I’ll have to pull one and see if I can find a match. Honestly just replacing because they’re rusty. Could even just clean them up and use the same ones.
  11. I’ve looked all over online trying to find this, but no luck. There are two on the bottom of the rear bumper, one on each side half way between the corner step and the rear hitch. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I literally just swapped mine last night. The stock one came off tougher than I expected, but I was able to remove it. I do believe there is some sort of thread locker on there, heat should help.
  13. There's also registration limits in some states. I know for here in VT, you have to register your truck for a certain load capacity. For example, I have mine registered for the lowest load weight (up to 6099 lbs). If curb weight is 5200-5400lbs, that doesn't leave much for gear, buddies, etc to be over the legal limit. (although I've rarely heard of anyone being fined)
  14. Update: WeatherTech offered me 50% off a replacement rear set. Since they're about 4 years old, I do not have an original receipt, and they're $40 MRSP new, I felt that was a reasonable offer.
  15. Good review, I’m going for a set of KO2s next. Currently have 34k miles on Duratracs with 6-7/32nds left. While they’ve handled pretty good, I’m curious if the KO2s are better.
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