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  1. Nathan that's an awesome story. Head over to http://67-72chevytrucks.com/vboard/? This is a very active board and you will find and get all the answers over there. I'm active on there and use the same user name. Good luck with the Ole girl. I've got a 68 that Ive had for years. Dave
  2. Thank you for the super fast shipping. The packing was great. The parts were just as described. I even took a few minutes to install the catch can. Thanks David
  3. Paypal sent. Pm to follow. Dave
  4. Will you do 200 for the swing case and catch can shipped to 65802? I can do paypal. Thanks Dave
  5. Xenawise thank you for the great explanation and info. This is a great forum and its folks like you that make is such. Correct, neither side will work with the kick switch. I traced wires a week ago and thought everything was correct. But my main concern was the wires going up front. Since this install was done without the inside switch I hoped that was the easy fix. Now with it installed I can "toggle" thru and make the board extend, move all the way to the back and turn it off completely with the DIC indicating all of these things. Then in the on position it of course extends when the door opens. I even tried moving it to the rear position and putting the truck in gear and it immediately retracted. So with this new information I will crawl back under it and see. I had pulled one switch and saw it was wired up but again I stopped at that until I had the inside switch. Since we think the kick switch go to ground maybe I am missing a ground wire? I know it is grounded but maybe I need another for those switches. Thanks again and I will try to resolve it and post back Dave
  6. Hi all, I am bringing this back up. I am a relatively new member on here but had been following the site for a while. I am a long time GM guy so this is a great site. I just purchased a 2017 Sierra Denali. It had steps but I quickly realized they had been retrofitted. When I got it it did not have the inside switch, following this post I traced the wiring back and determined somebody (probably from here) had followed these steps and had the power wire plus the other two correctly in place at the front. The steps came out when the door opened and retracted when closed but they would not go back the the rear setting. I purchased the inside switch hoping that would solve my issue. With the switch I can push it down and extend, push again and they will go all the way back. I can hold it down to turn it off and on but still not "kick" button tri mode on either side. I have tried turning them on and off and cycling them to no avail. I believe I have confirmed the button is hooked up but sure cant get it to work. Any ideas? Thanks Dave
  7. Thanks guys, I am working to polish my 2017 its the white frost tri-coat. I really like the color. Its the 6.2 so I also like the power. Dave
  8. I thought I would introduce myself. I’m sorta new to this site. I’ve been lurking around a bit. I recently purchased a 2017 Sierra so this site has great info. This is my toy. It’s a turbocharged 5.3 with a 4l80. I’ve had it almost 35 years and have done everything to it myself. It’s a blast to drive. I take it on a couple trips a year but drive it around here a lot. Thanks for the great site Dave
  9. I'm interested in your under seat tool box but I'm guessing it is not economical to ship this? Is it one piece? Thanks Dave
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