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  1. Bilstein shocks thread

    So nobody has swapped from 5100s to 6112s yet?
  2. Disappointed with 2019

    Oh interesting, I did drive a TB last year and I thought it had quite a nice ride for Ranchos. I thought the shocks were the same between the Z71 and the TB, thanks for the info! I don't think the service loaner I had was a Z71 just the standard 4x4, I liked the ride in that too. I can't comment on the Z71, but I can't imagine it being stiffer that the K2's. Anybody on here know what the base Z71/X31 suspe rides like compared to the K2's? I have a 2018 Z71 with p275/60r20 tires. Swapped to bilstein's at 1000 miles or so. Currently at 4100 miles. I had a loaner 2019 elevation with the x31 package and the same size tires for about 100 miles, that one had around 1200 miles The 2019 was a little bit softer but a much more jittery and harsh ride. I have bilstein's but my ride with the rancho shocks was nowhere near that bad. I'm sure it would get better what's some better shocks but that would be quite the gamble to hope it gets better after you spend 40 or 50 grand. The truck also had a nasty rattle in the back and the tailgate with bounce around a lot. I stuffed a bunch of rags into the tailgate jam so it didn't move but it still wasn't quiet just better. I assumed something was malfunctioning on it. It had more get up and was more enjoyable to drive quickly but overall I really didn't like driving it do to the ride.
  3. Disappointed with 2019

    I'd agree with the 19s feeling stronger 5.3 8 speed vs my 5.3 6 speed. I liked the tuning more. Looking to get a tube on my 18, unfortunately you can't tune the 19s yet, if ever. I put about 100 miles on my loaner. I never thought it had a 6.2 though, it had more get up than mine but still felt a tad soft. A lot of trans clunks in the 19 too. I think the 10 speed will be a significant improvement on the 19s. My 18 feels smoother.
  4. Disappointed with 2019

    Perhaps the Elevation edition I drove had something wrong with it. 1200 miles, iirc and my 4000 mile 2018 Z71 rides considerably better. I was shocked how bad the 19 rode. Had a terrible rattle in the back too, seemed to come from the very loose tailgate. Both had the same tire size, 275/60r20
  5. 1500 MPG highway

    Straight highway at 70mph I get 24mpg. My average is usually around 16 though, a lot of city. My understanding is my tire size 33 vs 31.5 stock) throws my computer off and I don't use 4cyl mode much. I'm also traveling further than my computer thinks. For this reason I think a tune w/tire adjustment will help a bit. 2018 5.3 6 speed crew, 3.42. 1.25" lift, 275/60r20 tires.
  6. I agree in that 17x8.5 and a 285/70r17 is the ideal pairing. I think 17x9 would look better with a 295/70r17 I haven't tried your fitment but from my research you will need a small level most likely and pull back the front wheel liner.
  7. Those Methods look good. I can't believe how much they are for 17s though. I paid a lot less for my 20s. I'd really like to use my oem Z71 18" wheels but there are 0 options for 285/65r18 that are not LT, so I doubt the ride would improve and I want a tire that's around 33" tall.
  8. Thinking about swapping out my 20" wheels with P275/60r20 tires for some 17s with 285/70s... Digging the big tire look and wouldn't mind a softer ride. Anyone have some pics to share?
  9. I had the Grabber HDs on a work van and was very surprised how good of a tire it was, best all year commercial tire I've used. We get a lot of snow and it did better than I thought it would. Also curious about the APT. Only non LT 275/70r18 tire out there. 11" wide on a 8.0 rim and 33.2" tall. Sounds like a great fit for stock wheels, may need a level.
  10. They came back and told me that "it's no longer a valid tsb and we can't do anything about it". They did fix the other issue so I'll just have to fix it myself. It's like they were too arrogant after the first tech had no idea what he was talking about to acknowledge it's a real GM bulletin. Besides that, what kind of techs do you have if they can only look at and fix something if it's a TSB? How about you look at the issue and figure it out?
  11. If the gears are an option and 3.23s are standard it won't affect the rating, that's how Ford and RAM do it. Personally I think a 5.3/10 speed/3.42 gears are perfect but I don't want a max tow package and it's rough ride to get it. Max tow also eliminates other options I do want, like Z71. You can get a 5.0/10 speed/3.73 from Ford. 3.73 would be nice for 34"+ tires.
  12. I think the service writer was just taking the techs word for it. The tech was clearly wrong hopefully they have somebody else look at it. I'm a service tech myself, but not automotive and we have a few guys at our shop that don't have any clue as to what they're doing too.
  13. first they said it was from all data not GM and they couldn't do a thing about it. So I looked it up when I was there and it looks like a GM document to me. They finally agreed to look into it again but they don't think it's from GM. I showed them the PDF on my phone and she was pretty non-responsive. My truck is less than a year old with 3500 miles
  14. Dealer says this is not a TSB and there's nothing they can do about it. it sure looks like in the link posted this is from general motors, can anyone confirm?
  15. I'm going to have to disagree. The LTZ interior is not up to snuff. The interior in my rental 19 is fine for a work truck but it's not even as nice as my mid level LT 2018 interior. There is no excuse for that. Then it gets really ugly in LTZ because the trucks are more expensive and it's the same interior. Go to a High Country and they spray paint some trim bronze for that extra luxury experience. Are you ****ing kidding me? The 19 interior is fine for work trucks. They need a lux interior that's optional on LT/SLE trucks and standard on SLT/LTZ trucks on up. Like the gmt900s.

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