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  1. I can only go off what I've read. There is more than one person / company saying due to the design of the stamped arms they are not safe to be used at the 1.8-2.5" lift. The ball joint can separate. In my opinion, unless they're wrong, that makes them required above 1.5.
  2. That's debatable and also depends on what UCA you have. My front is up 1.25 and I'm ok with the angles but had I gone 1.8 I would prefer UCAs on my 18 with stamped steel units.
  3. Now that they have been out for a while you should have no problem putting some miles on a t1xx before you buy. I never drove a 14-17. Put some miles on a 18 and even more on a 19 and ended up with the 18. The ride, quirks, cost cutting and interior of the 19 won't make me look again until a decent update comes out. Next round I will be looking at Ford Chevy though.
  4. You speak the truth, there is more to it than just tire thickness. It's why I avoid LT tires on a 1/2 ton. A good P tire far exceeds what my truck can carry and I don't drive in areas I need the puncture resistance if an LT.
  5. Don't get so defensive, it wasn't meant as a personal attack. It's my opinion big wheels look bad on a truck, sounds like it's yours that big tires look bad on a truck. If you lowered your truck and put it on 22s and use it for work you're in the .1%. Most trucks with 22s are bro'd out with a level kit and mud tire super swampers. Not a scratch in the bed either as the owner doesn't use it. I bet you're in one of those warm states too, if you lived where the temp has 150 degree of fluctuation you're roads would be pretty bad and you may rethink those 22s. The roads I drive don't play well with that setup.
  6. I certainly can. Lowered truck on 22s, big no for me. Smaller wheels need a more aggressive tire to look better though. Not necessarily a MT, just not a small diameter narrow highway tire. Like I said from the very beginning ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL besides wheel diameter the small wheels ride better and offer better mpg/acceleration. My opinion is they look better too. If you go from an 18" LT to a 20" p rated tire, that's not a relevant comparison. I'm no engineer but I do know rubber has more flex than aluminum.
  7. Dude, you're the one back tracking. You went from a hard sidewall LT 20" tire to a soft sidewall low load range 22. Why can't you just admit it when you're wrong? LT tires always ride firmer. The fact it didn't is because you had more rubber, proving my point that rubber is more flexible than aluminum and you will have a better / softer ride by having more rubber everything else being the same. I'm done, we have both proven my point.
  8. Simple? Took the words right out of my mouth. Let's look a little deeper so you're not so simple. Your 295/55/20 is an LT tire with a load rating of 123. 33x12.5r22 has a load range of 114. It's rated to carry 815 fewer lbs. Tell me more. Or tell me if you don't understand why they ride similar. My 20s were 115 load, my 17s are 117. LOL Grasp it yet?
  9. That's unfortunate you can't notice the difference but you're clearly not very savy with ride quality. If you think 22s ride the same as 18s....yikes
  10. You've had various trucks with various wheel comparisons. Hardly relevant. Two trucks, even the same model can ride differently. Two tires by different brands will ride drastically differently. Ever swap from new 20" tires to new 22" tires on the same truck using the exact same tire model? If not then your experiences are not as relevant. My 20s were less than a year old and I used the exact same model for both so I know for a fact you're wrong. By your own admission you didn't do as thorough of a comparison. ASSume away.
  11. I've had a lot of vehicles over the years and all of them get compliments. I get compliments on my 18 Silverado, I'd get them if I had a 18 F150 and 18 Ram too. There's a lot of people out there and different people like different things. The fact that Silverado is now the #3 truck for the first time ever is proof they messed up in a few areas. They've always been more expensive than Ram and always sold more. They've never been #3 and never had such bad reviews. Doesn't mean they're bad, but they need improvement. It's going to be as hard to get market share back as it was to lose it. Truck buyers are loyal and they made more than a few small mistakes to lose so much share.
  12. Slower acceleration, worse mpg, worse ride...all for a wheel that I looks goofy and screams I don't use my truck as a truck. Save the big wheels for SUVs.
  13. The look is preference as I disagree strongly, but I'm ok with 20s on a bigger/ newer half ton. The ride difference however is noticeable. You ASSume it's extremely minimal, I swapped out Cooper AT3 4s 275/60/r20 (33)tires for Cooper AT3 4s 285/70r17s (32.65) and felt the result justified the cost, it no longer rides harsh. Percentage wise comparing rubber, the difference between 22 and 20 would be almost the same. If you live somewhere with less than perfect roads like I do, it is noticeably better.
  14. I swapped from 20s to 17s with the same brand/model tire and got a slightly but noticeable better ride. I would never do 22s on a pickup, but the roads here I'm MN are harsher than what you'd find in the southern states due to the winters.
  15. I assume they'd just have your truck towed and it would sit at impound, doubt they'd think much about it after that. . The dealership is not GM and if you got it lemon lawed the dealership wouldn't be cutting the check.
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