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  1. So according to that list on GMfleetorderguide my truck should have the 7 speaker setup. It's a crew cab LT Has the All-star package Has buckets/center console Has Bose. I've heard other people who have Bose and no console complain about no bass and this does have good bass. Like the other guy above said though, the bass is all coming from the doors.
  2. According to GM fleetorderguide.com, UQA is 6 speaker Bose audio for 2018 Silverado 7 speaker Bose audio for 2018 Sierra It doesn't list 7 speaker Bose for any RPO on Silverados in 2018. So something's wrong or Silverados don't get the console sub (at least in 18) I'm not going to tear my console apart, but there is a lot of bass in the doors and I don't hear anything in the console.
  3. This is exactly what my setup sounds like. The front doors sound like subs, they have some good boom for a door speaker. I feel nothing is coming from my center console. Maybe things changed for 2018. I have RPO UQA. Bose was a separate $500 line item on my truck, the window sticker (just checked) does not reference quantity of speakers. The front dash speakers are definitely not just tweeters.
  4. I know I have Bose and a center console. Are you saying there is a rpo code specifically for the center console sub?
  5. I have a 2018 crew cab Silverado LT with the center console and Bose. While I feel the system has good bass, I think it's all coming from the doors. I can put my hand against the center console and feel nothing, but the doors have a good vibration. Shouldn't I have a center console sub? Or is it not in the lower LT trims?
  6. Op, keep in mind there have been a few revisions on these. 3 I think. Mine is before my muffler on my 2018 5.3, they are after on the earlier trucks.
  7. Purchased one! Thanks
  8. Let me know what you've got. Keep in mind Blackbear still charges $400 to relicense for use on the next vehicle...
  9. All I can add is my 275/60r20 did not run in 20x9 +24 offset, but there wasn't much room. I lifted the front 1.4", 1.85" lift will not have more clearance either. They will definitely rub with 1" spacers as now I have 285/70r17 tires on 17x8.5 wheels, 0 offset and even though they're shorter (32.7 vs 33) they rubbed my mud flaps slightly until I trimmed them. No mud flaps would give me about .25" more clearance but I'm not going to run 0 offset wheels without them and throw rocks at my doors all day.
  10. You can buy 18" and 20" replicas now, btw. I believe they're like $600 and 950.
  11. I hope it's more than a Trailboss with upgraded shocks and slightly bigger tires. If not, it better be $2995 or less as an option on trailbosses.
  12. That rear sway may help you corner but it's making the rear stiffer, guess it's your call. 275/60r20 would also work too, which is a 33" tire. I don't think 285/60r20 will do anything for you being another LT tire. The Bilstein's are rough too. A lot of things working against you, one or more has to change to get worthwhile improvement
  13. I can also confirm the 1" spacer works with the 18" split 5 spoke OEM wheel. I had that for a little while.
  14. I've gone through the same thing as you and I finally got my truck riding pretty good. 2018 crew, 4wd, z71 I have Bilstein 5100s, 1.3" front lift Had 275/60r20s, p range, that I was running at 32psi and felt the ride was harsh. Changed out for the same model tire (Cooper At3 4s) but in a 285/70r17. At first the ride felt barely softer. But I've put some miles on it and I like it now, firm-ish but no longer harsh. If you want to keep the 20s the first thing I would do is go to a P metric tire, they still meet max tow requirements. Nitto makes a 305/55r20 if that fits your truck, standard load. Check out the g2 tires. I've not used them but notice they offer some bigger non LT sizes. The next thing I'd do is ditch that hellwig rear sway bar. A firmer rear sway will form up the ride noticeably. Do you have any static bed weight? I'd imagine my tonneau cover, bed mat and 40lbs worth of straps and tools I carry in the bed helps. I also need a larger spare now and am thinking of getting a LT spare just for a little more bed weight. If my 17s didn't soften up my ride enough, I was thinking about Rough Country N3 2" lift struts over my Bilsteins. I'm happy now (I think)
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