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  1. If they spent an extra $100 on the interior they could discount $500 less and still sell a ton more trucks.
  2. ..I had Duratracs for around 1200-1400 miles and the tire shop shouldn't get them to ride smooth above 65. Replaced one defective one and they were better, after repeated road force and regular balances I gave up and got the Cooper AT3 4s. I'm sure the Duratrac is better off road and certainly looks cooler. But the Cooper's are smoother and a better on road tire. Slightly less mpg drop, can take clover leafs at a higher speeds again and less road feel /noise on turns around town. I don't imagine I'll ever be in a situation were the At3 4s won't be able to get me out if it. I don't off road, but we can get some nasty winter weather up here. Even if my Duratracs were smooth I like the Cooper's more and the buy 3 get one makes it a no brainier. But you have to ask yourself how you use your truck. I almost went with the Michelin Defender too, but decided I needed something better in the snow.
  3. A place here in MN sells take offs for 500 for 4 18s with good tires (25-30k on high mileage tires), thats where I got mine. I ended up later selling the tires for 150 and the wheels for $400 after I put 15k on them. I can't imagine anyone paying $1000 for 4 18" new takeoffs and yours have miles. List them for $700, and take 600 - in my opinion.
  4. Bilstein shocks thread

    HD trucks use front shocks like the pre 2007 trucks. Those trucks are really fast the front shocks are very similar to the rear shocks and how easy they are to install. I could see a shop charging 2 hours her front strut, but I don't know what the book time is. Rear shock would probably be half hour.
  5. Bilstein shocks thread

    While I did mine myself, I'd have paid $190 for the fronts to be installed, if you trust them. It's hard finding a good competant shop.
  6. No, it would look better without the light bar but I still wouldn't like it. My grill is a stock 2018 LT Z71 in Ocean Blue (so painted blue grill). I just swapped the gold bowtie for a black one. I don't mind the regular LT grill, I just prefer painted over chrome. I also feel billet looking good ended with the 99 trucks. The 99-02s look ok with it, put pre 99 looked the best.
  7. That's terrible. Like puke in my mouth terrible
  8. Bilstein shocks thread

    Rears are 2 bolts each and take 20 minutes...maybe you can save some doing those? Fronts took me a few hours and when I brought it in for an alignment they said it was still within spec. (1.25 lift up front, 2" block on back instead of stock 1.25)
  9. Those are some good commercials. I like them all. I haven't liked GM commercials in a while either.
  10. Bilstein shocks thread

    Since you don't have stamped steel UCAs you can go on the top setting if you want. There will be slightly more balljoint wear. On my 2018 I went with the 1.25" setting and have read it's as high as I should go on stock UCAs. Meaty tires will crush your MPGs. I lost around 3-3.5 with Duratracs. I have a less agressive AT3 4s now and am hoping it's only 1-1.5mpg loss but I won't know for a little while.
  11. I really like Discount. It's one of few places that takes care of their customers and has great service. It's of course dependant somewhat on the location. Walking in with an attitude rarely works out. As a tech myself I certainly don't go above and beyond if they have an attitude - especially when it's unwarranted. I'll take a certain amount of lip and when they pass my threshold I tend to give it right back and don't he bare minimum.
  12. For sure. That's why I'm not selling my z71 18s and tires. If I have the issue under warranty they go back on and to the dealer I go. Otherwise they'd just blame my aftermarket wheels and tires. I did get my new tires installed last night. Went back to my original choice of Cooper AT3 4s in 275/60r20. Decided I wanted a more aggressive tire than the Michelins and needed something that will work well in snow. I'll wait until I get some miles on them before giving a review. I'll get some pics when I get a car wash though!
  13. Did you even read the original post? They replaced a tire within 300 miles and I was back a few hundred miles later. 3 balances within around 1200 miles. Should I be rotating them every day? Is it really ME that's the fool here? Maybe read before you start name calling, fool.
  14. No, they were. I swapped my originals back on and it's smooth. I'm not saying that all Duratracs shake but mine did.

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