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  1. Bilstein shocks thread

    Other vehicle kits are 650-700. I think once these are picked up at various places we will see a similar price. Might take a month or so.
  2. I lost 3 with Duratracs and picked 1 back up with Cooper AT3 4S tires.
  3. Bilstein shocks thread

    Where are you getting these pics? I see they're on Bilstein.com now but I can't find what you posted. Do they list the spring rates? When I called Bilstein last they didn't have that info.
  4. Bilstein shocks thread

    I thought they were just released. those are definitely just 5100s with spacers.
  5. To get back to transmission temps...do they not make a lower temp t stat for the transmission? If stock is 195, do they make a 180 or 160?
  6. If there is any possibility of a tune I'd think you would want to contact HpTuners.
  7. Bilstein shocks thread

    If there is another one on the control arm, there shouldn't be any risk of bottoming out the shock/strut. I'll look the next time I have the wheel off.
  8. Bilstein shocks thread

    There is one under the shock boot, on the piston. I don't have a picture, but a few posts back you can almost see it but it's under that rubber sleeve.
  9. Bilstein shocks thread

    The bump stops are adding a certain amount of progressive spring pressure. As far as how much, it depends on how compressed they are. There is a approx 1" difference between the top and bottom setting on the Bilsteins, so on the bottom setting it's safe to say they are compressed a bit. I don't know anyone who has had them on then took them off to comment on the ride quality change so it's impossible to say. But they can't be so soft they don't affect the ride yet actually protect anything.
  10. Bilstein shocks thread

    I'm on the third setting and it sits on the bump stop.
  11. I don't have any experience with a tune on a 2014+ truck..but I'm wondering, do you have stock wheels and tires? 2wd or 4wd? I assume 4wd because of the Z71 but I'm not sure if that was 4wd only. I think your best bet is 4.10 gears with a tune. Hopefully others have more experience towing in a tuned truck.
  12. Bilstein shocks thread

    I'm at 1.4 lift, 2nd to top. I assume the truck would ride after if the bump stop were trimmed.
  13. Bilstein shocks thread

    Mine is the same way. I can't imagine it's any different stock, but I never checked.
  14. Any updates on these? Are you still liking them? I called Halo last week and found they use 700lb front springs. I think I read stock is 560. Seems like they would ride pretty firm.
  15. Bilstein shocks thread

    They are 60mm struts though. By far the cheapest option for what you're getting.

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