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  1. Bilstein shocks thread

    I'm runningn 275/60r20 on 20x9 + 24. 1.25" front lift, .75" rear lift on my 2018. I've read 1.85" front lift pushes these UCAs a little far and I really like the front and rear lift as it is. I have minor minor rubber occasionally when backing up and I've read it's the carpet liner and can be easily fixed but it happens so infrequently I haven't bothered.
  2. If you put the truck in L, it will only use gears 1-5 and no v4, 8 cyl only. Give it a try. I have a 2018 5.3 /6 speed and don't have those issues. Sometimes a small to moderate downshift clunk that went away when I went from stock 31.5" tires to 33", oddly. At 3500 miles now.
  3. Bilstein shocks thread

    I'm interested in hearing from people coming from 5100s. I'd like a slightly more supple ride than my 5100s at 1.2" lift
  4. Halo Lifts rear shocks- 2014-2018 Silverado / Sierra with 0-2" lift. I tried these out and didn't notice enough difference to justify keeping them over my 5100s. They're $249.99 shipped new, my price is $150 shipped. They were on the truck for a week, 300 miles Pair of 1" Bora hub and wheel centric spacers / adapters Used these in my oem non Z71 wheels, no trimming of stock studs was needed for my OEM 18" wheels. Got new wheels, no longer need them. $80 shipped
  5. Let's make the trucks noticably cheaper inside, increase the price and brag about how much more profit we are making per unit. Great long term strategy. It shouldn't be surprising that when you increase the price you should also increase the quality. They've been getting blasted for a cheap interior. So. Oblivious.
  6. Bilstein shocks thread

    I believe the reason they recommend boot down is to remove unsprung weight from the suspension side of things. It makes no real difference, but technically a small amount less weight will slightly improve their performance. A damaged shaft is a bigger concern then a dent in the shock body.
  7. Bilstein shocks thread

    A 1/4" spacer will be around 1/2" lift for the front
  8. The 19s are priced like TOTL trucks yet they have fewer options, lower quality materials and now it's apparent lower structural strength than their competitors. I love my k2xx truck and won't be in the market for a long time on a new one, but I'd probably go Ford for a new truck. That's coming from a GM "lifer". GM is not headed in the right direction in my opinion.
  9. Bilstein shocks thread

    Excited to read reviews of those going from 5100s to 6112s.
  10. Bilstein shocks thread

    Other vehicle kits are 650-700. I think once these are picked up at various places we will see a similar price. Might take a month or so.
  11. I lost 3 with Duratracs and picked 1 back up with Cooper AT3 4S tires.
  12. Bilstein shocks thread

    Where are you getting these pics? I see they're on Bilstein.com now but I can't find what you posted. Do they list the spring rates? When I called Bilstein last they didn't have that info.
  13. Bilstein shocks thread

    I thought they were just released. those are definitely just 5100s with spacers.
  14. To get back to transmission temps...do they not make a lower temp t stat for the transmission? If stock is 195, do they make a 180 or 160?

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