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  1. Oh I know they're focusing on profits, the price vs quality is proof of that. The question is, why are you, the consumer, ok with that? Seems that would make share holders happy but not buyers. They are gouging more than their competitors. They do make some good stuff. But man, the t1xx trucks are such a let down and the cost cutting is too much.
  2. I don't agree with her doing a good job. I'm disappointed with 80-90% of the products they put out and they're at most competitive, usually slightly less. The market share dropping is proof others agree. Or maybe some like the products but the fact they're some of the most expensive vehicles in their class while never winning comparisons is enough cause for concern. It's not just Mary and her 16 million a year (you think that's fair?!?! She didn't start and build the company, she just was a good candidate who happened to fill the "new progressive GM" look at the time). It's all the top brass who continue to make idiotic decisions from styling to content to pricing decisions. The ones who would rather build everything anywhere but America but toot the "American Car company!" horn.
  3. Here is what irks me. The CEOs make too much money. The workers are over payed, all things considered. The trucks are getting lower/cheaper quality while the prices rise. Only person getting the shaft is the buyers. Keep the jobs here, pay them reasonable pay (mid 20s for line work). Stop over paying the CEOs and BUILD BETTER PRODUCTS!!! Everyone wins. GM is so stubborn they will always demand their extreme profit levels, so they keep making the products cheaper so they can maintain their lavish lifestyle. Market share slips... Perhaps if they were more realistic with how much they wanted to make they'd sell more vehicles and then their profits would rise and everyone would be a winner. Nah, that makes too much sense.
  4. I agree My truck came with tires that have a load rating of 112. My current tires are 117 and still P rated. 112s were enough for my 9500ish rating, I have no fear of towing with my current tires. LT tires are not needed in 1500s. It's mainly a look, bigger and more aggressive tires are LT almost always.
  5. It's also possible your trucks original springs are firmer than typical 1500 GM trucks, so maybe they are softer. I have a Z71 which has a firmer ride than regular but I don't believe as firm as a NHT truck. I know your front sway bar is thicker too. I just switched from a 275/60r20 to a 285/70r17. It's supposed to be 32.8", but it's more like 32.3 and my 275/60r20 was about 32.8. With 2.5" more rubber (same model tire) it got ride of the harshness I had. I was hoping for more change and at first it seemed very slight. After putting a couple hundred miles on it, I'm good with the ride for now. I went from a harsh riding truck to a firm riding truck. If positive reviews keep coming in on the 6112, especially in comparison to the 5100s I may consider them next year. I just wish Bilstein went with a softer spring than 750lbs.
  6. This is interesting to me. The 6112 uses a 750lb spring which, imo sounds pretty high. A lot of coilovers use 650-700. Someone posted before that own is 745. I have the 5100s and don't love them, it's pretty firm. You say the 6112s feel softer than OEM? Do you have the NHT / max tow package?
  7. Good looking vert. You're right though, mine could do a burnout, especially holding the brakes. And then fell on its face and had a 0-60 around 8 seconds. Funny how you could do a wicked burnout but still be so slow. I do love the 3rd gens in the right package. I always wanted a 350 / 5 speed. But alas, you got the 350 or 5 speed. I had the 305 auto :(.
  8. I also paid 36k for my loaded LT crew 4wd, 5.3. Sticker was 51 but no one pays that. I can't think of even a High Country with every option being 60 large. I assume you're referring to the price you didn't actually pay? Let's ignore inflation too. I'd have been loaded if I made in 1989 what I make now.
  9. Mine was actually tpi, 305. Needed a engine around 100. Trans issues but never needed a rebuild. Squeaky, crappy gas mileage, never ran super smooth. Slooooooow. Poor build quality and panel alignment. Lots of little plastic pieces and what not broke. Leaky t tops. They were better in memory than reality. Most people remember them as tire burning monsters. Reality was they were far slower than a new Cruze.
  10. As someone who is very familiar with the car you're referring to I am so thankful they don't make them like they used to. I wouldn't have paid what I paid if they did.
  11. It certainly sounds like it CAN be due to lack of maintenance but I wouldn't say it IS caused by lack of maintenance.
  12. How do you know if you have the new style pump? My 2018 was bought like 10 or 11 months ago. Anyone have pics?
  13. Eek. I expected to see bed scratches but how the heck did this happen!?
  14. I agree with non Z71 shocks. I'm not sure if some premium Monroe's or something would be ideal. 35" tires will almost always be LT, so that could work against you. I've been waiting for my 17 /33" tired to come in. Hoping that takes the Bilstein sharpness away. If you live somewhere with great roads, like Florida or similar where they are always smooth Bilstein's would be a nice upgrade I'd think.
  15. I believe these are installed / clocked incorrectly. On the top you should see the step of the mount / end of the spring.
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