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  1. Sounds like you want to use the load stop as a fail safe, as in flying cargo would be stopped by it? If you are allowing the cargo to fly into it, I can't imagine it will last even if it does latch up.
  2. So I have an absolutely terrible memory and didn't realize you were the one I was talking to before about this and I didn't scroll up to see old posts. I was happy with the ride with the suspension and the Cooper tires, I just got tired of the average gas mileage, "tough" look and the Coopers on the Method wheels were never completely smooth. I have pretty bad OCD for smoothness and ride, if it's not obvious. I had them road force balanced 2x and the last time all the numbers were good but one only got down to 24lbs IIRC. I should have pushed for them to try harder or replace
  3. I just swapped my cooper at3 4s 285/70r17 tires (standard load) for my stock wheels with 265/65r18s and it rides sooo nice, a improvement over the off-road tired. I'm planning on putting on 275/65r18 tires of the same design but with white letters. Aggressive tires aren't for me. Expensive lesson.
  4. Lucas, the Tahoe springs ended up dropping the front about 5/8", maybe 11/16. Given that you would definitely want a 1" lower strut spacer. I have had no issues. Can't say how much the springs helped as I did it at the same time as the koni shocks. I'd also recommend the sulastic rear springs too, as they helped a bit. Finally, what size and type of tire are you running?
  5. Thanks Grumpy. Once a tinkerer always a tinkerer. I can't help myself, always messing with something. I've been driving it a lot this week due to having some extra time off and I'm really happy how it turned out. As a package, it all works together nicely.
  6. When I was looking at CST I talked to a rep there and he was telling me about the adjustable reservoir version that wasn't on their site, but it was a while ago so perhaps they're not double adjustable, I thought I remembered that though. As a final update- When I first put sulastic springs on the back I felt it made the rear a little bit softer than the front, so the front was the more harsh part of the truck. After the softer front springs and Koni front struts l, I determined it does ride nicer and again, I feel the rear is a bit harsher again. As a reminder, at t
  7. I understand what you're writing here, but that's just a whole lot of math. I will add my 1" front leveling spacer is closer to 5/8 thick, so if it is 1" it's not a 2:1 ratio. Another random factoid is CST makes double adjustable coilovers for our trucks that use 650lb springs for the crew cab 4wd, 600 for the 2wd. I believe you have a regular cab 2wd v6? I assume my truck would be quite a bit heavier. Most coilovers for our truck are 700lb. I'm hoping my springs are 650-675 now but I'm not smart enough to figure it out. Free standing height and coil length appeared to be iden
  8. Hey guys, an update. My truck is a 2018 z71 crew cab LT. 5'8 box. The front coils have a diameter of 20.22mm and the Tahoe coils are 19.17mm. If someone had a loaded up crew 6'5 box truck, you'd probably want the the suburban 4wd springs if you were looking for something softer. I swapped my bilstein 1.25" front lift for the Konis with a 1" lower strut spacer. I knew going into this it would lower the truck more than that .25" and I am good with that. I just don't want a level /small lift anymore. After installing the front setup and taking out my rear 2" block for the st
  9. I used to have that setup. 1.2" lift with bilsteins, 275/60r20 on 20x9 +24 and no rub. Offset is far more of the issue. If you're on +0 with a 33, it will most likely have rubbing.
  10. I'm sorry that happened to you man. I haven't seen rust on any K2xx trucks that wasn't related to an unfixed fender bender or similar. I'm hoping they hold up better than that GMT900 trucks. Just typical frame rust.
  11. Hey guys, just a small update. Still waiting on the front struts, but I got everything else. I haven't taken anything off my truck yet, but comparing the new front springs to the existing ones and it appears the coil is the same length (longer / more coils would mean softer) as the coil starts and stops in the same spot. Could be a different free standing height, but I doubt it. My truck also has almost less than 10k miles on it, so I don't think they will have sagged much and I'll compare when I take them off. What I did notice is my stock spring coil has a diameter of 20mm
  12. I decided to go for it. Ordered the Tahoe 4wd springs specified above, Koni front and rear dampers and a 1" Motofab lower strut spacer. My thought is the Tahoe springs will lower the truck maybe 3/8"-1/2" over stock, so this will give me a very slight front lift. Currently I have Bilstein 5100's at 1.2" lift, rear 2" block (over 1.25" stock block). So I'm hoping to go from a 1.2 / .75" lift to a .5" front lift. Doing this for ride quality. It will be next week when everything arrives and I won't be able to get to it Thankgiving weekend, but I hope the weekend afte
  13. I'll keep it in mind. The tire I'm looking at from Michelin is actually the Primacy XC, which is OEM on the F150. 275/65r18. Discount has them for $175 each and with Black Friday I'd be able to get them all for $550 plus install/tax. They have a lower mileage rating than the defender so I think they'll be a little softer. I buy a lot of tires from Discount Tire and I think I'll just tell them I need them all to be road force balanced to 15 or less. I had the Cooper AT3 4s in 275/60r20 and they were perfectly smooth, just wanted a bigger tire/smaller wheel and so I went with the same tire
  14. Lucas287 isn't the only internet sleuth here. Using car-part.com I found a wrecked 2015 Tahoe LT, confirmed 4x4. In the pics, was the RPO tag. Zw7 - Premium smooth ride suspension Then head over to Rockauto.com and look up coil spings for a 2015 Tahoe and you'll see about 20 choices, but this one has the same 7ZH and 6ZH code as the RPO sticker of the Tahoe above. $61 a spring. GM GENUINE 22845791 Info FitsFront Right; Suspension Code (7B4), Suspension Code (7CP), Suspension Code (7PF), Suspension Code (7RS), Suspension Code (7RW), Suspensi
  15. Thanks for the detailed response. If we could find the right spring that comes on the Suburban 2wd or Tahoe 4wd that would be a cheap option...my brother had one too, but sold it a few months ago. Would have been easy to find out. I'm disappointed to hear about the Michelins, I've always heard the opposite but not used them myself. Can you tell me what size yours were? LT load range? My biggest draw I was told they were super smooth. I don't off-road my truck and don't want aggressive tires anymore. I need road tires that work well in MN winters.
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