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  1. To be fair I haven't felt a torque converter rumble when there was no torque applied. That's what makes the whole situation odd because it feels like it's glazed. However a bad valve body which is screwing up the pressurizing in the transmission can do this.
  2. It honestly feels like it could be 2 things. One is a bad or crappy designed torque converter. I read somewhere that the Silverado is using some parts from the Corvette and that they are trying to cheapen production by using duplicate parts. I have felt a bad torque converter before and honestly that is what it feels like, but it's odd because the rumble for almost everyone is at low RPM at EVERY speed. This leads me to believe that it is the valve body causing it and at low RPM the pressure isn't being held properly which is why we all see it while slowing down. I'm almost betting we see this as a TSB in the future. Either way it feels like the transmission is taking a dump.
  3. Mine does the same thing and I also have the transmission rumble. What a piece of trash this truck is turning out to be. The dealership is waiting for a new valve body for the transmission, they are hoping that fixes the issues.
  4. Mine has the same issue. They are building a valve body and replacing the one in my truck. I can't wait, it's such a sweet ride but I can do without the free massage lol
  5. My 2019 Silverado LT Z71 is updating as we speak.
  6. I live on the East Coast (Nova Scotia). You can watch the vehicles corrode here, it's that bad. The method that works best, hands down, is once every 2-3 weeks running it through a car wash. Getting it undercoated to make sure the nooks and crannies are done well is a good protector as well. We have a lot of dynamic weather here, usually wet, and the salt is not spared. They also use the liquid salt which creeps up wires. If you're not washing it off it will eat everything alive...just ask the school bus maintainers here.
  7. Hi Anyone find a cost effective set of fender flares/trim for the new Silverados yet? If you do lets hear the details and see what you got please
  8. To be honest you can buy the material, trim to size, tap the holes and get 8 longer bolts if you just want to change the height. I think what needs to be looked into is changing the seat angle so they are tilted back a bit to cup the occupant.
  9. Would this work on the power seats? Even those have no decent camber adjustment...it'll spill you out of the seat but not tilt back enough to cup you in it.
  10. Hmmm..risers eh? Not a bad idea. A higher one in front would quickly fix the seat angle issue too. Now if someone here has actually done it...
  11. I'm wondering if there are any modifications people have made to the front seats. I find the drivers pretty decent in the 2019 but it doesn't tilt back at all like the 2018 did. It'll sure as hell tilt forward enough to dump me out though. And any way to increase the height on the passenger side? Standard seat with no power options.
  12. Check out this video, comment on the channel but it shows a lot of issues being had.
  13. If you think that's bad? Check this out. https://youtu.be/CrXHDTCe0yw
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