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    19 Silverado brakes on 15 Silverado
  2. Anyone local to my area is welcome to stop by and take a drive with me in the truck to feel the difference I love my truck but never had a ton of confidence in the braking on these trucks always feels like you were going to fast when trying to brake hard,like the truck is always behind on the braking abilities. The peddle feels slightly spongy and has more travel then needed now it feels as though you rest your foot on the peddle and its stopping. If you stomp the peddle it will lock up the tires ive never been able to do that in my truck and now its like i have to relearn the braking in the truck, now its so touchy it gives me a lot of confidence in the braking ability of the truck now i tow on occasion and cant wait to feel the difference when im hauling. Gm went back to the drawing board on this deal and it shows luckily for us they still like to use the parts bin for spacing and spindle dimensions. plus when need to eventually replace the components they can be purchased at any parts store super simple no surprise cost later on. love the setup
  3. 18 is factory for 19 models so I’m pretty sure it will fit I can get you measurements for center hub to outside of caliper if you need to give you a ideas of how much clearance there is
  4. This kit will also fit the 07-13 body truck as well. The calipers are already shared from 07-18 so the dimension for bolt spacing are the same I have already mocked these up on a test spindle in the year range and have proper clearance for the rotor and caliper this kit should allow fitment on 18in rims since the factory trucks in 19 run that size as a standard option
  5. If you have someone to help you bleed the brakes this will take less then a hour to install I will send you everything you need to install this kit. just keep in mind I’m running a 22 in GM rim the clearance on the caliper and back side face if the rim is tight but it fit my truck without any spacer on the rim itself
  6. I have two stainless steel washers spacing it out right now I’m working on machining a one piece.Im pretty sure I’m the first person in the country to do this so far and I can tell you the calipers more then make up for the lack of rotor size it has a very firm peddle as well best peddle I’ve felt on a GM truck
  7. I had to space the caliper out from the spindle to center the caliper on the rotor no spacer needed to space the wheel out
  8. I’m in waterford and no spacer for me I have 22in factory rims
  9. The rear caliper does not look to have changed i have yet to source in the rear in since the pics i received from my source looked no different from my current model truck
  10. Rotor diameter is very close to the stock size the big upgrade here is the caliper itself, this is a four piston setup versus the two piston. if you need exact measurements i can get them for you but it fits the same lug pattern and with the proper spacers you just have to center the caliper on the rotor since they no longer float like the original
  11. These are four piston calipers i will try to give as many pics and details as i can
  12. Pic of the caliper and rotor installed on my 14 Silverado
  13. Testing the water to see if anyone is interested in purchasing front brake upgrade for 2014-2018 silverado 1/2 ton trucks or Suv. i have a source to acquire like new loaded calipers and the new rotors to make it happen and have the proper spacing requirements to make them work on your truck. I have already done this mod to my 2014 silverado and can tell you it is a very noticeable upgrade from what the oem had to offer in those years as well as a more appealing look all together. Both front calipers loaded with pads and hardware and front rotors 500.00 plus shipping to the lower 48 states. This is a drop in the bucket compared to the thousands it cost to get the Brembo upgrade through GM. message me if your interested
  14. So i can run pins from the grey connector in the front of the console to the new charging lid basically
  15. Installed Lorado access cover on the truck, never been a huge fan of Tonneau covers but have family so i need my back seat. This one sit pretty low on the truck and works well with the PopNLock on the tailgate
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