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  1. So i can run pins from the grey connector in the front of the console to the new charging lid basically
  2. Installed Lorado access cover on the truck, never been a huge fan of Tonneau covers but have family so i need my back seat. This one sit pretty low on the truck and works well with the PopNLock on the tailgate
  3. I dont currently have a wireless charging lid in my console is possible to add that to the existing console
  4. Installed auto dim rear view mirror in my 14 Silverado LT. PGamboa made me a harness that was preterminated to help the project along total cost around 125.00 harness/misc- 75.00 new mirror- 50.00 (eBay) this set me up to get my drivers side auto dim working on my DL3 conversion. GM did not extend the wiring from the junction box to the drivers side door jamb so tapped into the harness I got from Phil and Was able to land terminals on the body side to connect to the drivers side mirror and it works Perfectly
  5. Heated steering wheel

    I have the forward collision on it but it does not affect functions at all they wanted more for just a heated version
  6. Heated steering wheel

    I got my wheel from eBay 150 shipped to the door
  7. Heated steering wheel

    just finished heated steering wheel swap on my 14 silverado LT, the wiring was not present on my column harness. i was able to source the plug and pin the connector and tap into the ground for the column harness, i wanted it as close to factory as possible.t total cost for was around 210.00 New heated steering wheel- 150.00 through ebay New clock Spring - 60.00 through my local GM dealer Plug- free i was able to source from a harness i already had (pure luck) from the harness connector under the dash i had to run a power to the X51L connector (drivers side fuse box) where the fuse is located for the heated steering wheel 7.5 amp fuse the only one in there i did verify that the heat turns off on ignition and also pulled the fuse during operation to ensure it was on the right circuit. Pgamboa sent me a pre terminated wire to go from the column harness connector to the X51L fuse block. Word of advice make sure the wire front the column connector to the X51L is the same gauge thicker wire caused my heated steering wheel to short cycle the cost can be further offset by selling your old wheel and clock spring. which is my plan
  8. Center Console

    image of completed console swap
  9. Center Console

    Had to steal the harness out of it for the console but there might still a be market for it
  10. Gen5 diy offers a upgrade for navigation that should include CarPlay and android while getting actual turn by turn navigation HMiI comes preloaded with your vin so it’s plug and play
  11. I opted for Phil's diy harness on my truck was willing to do the work myself and saved some money that way. The write up on it is step by step took me a couple hours including taping the harness back up with proper matching harness tape. I love when the Dealerships says no way and guys like Phil smirk and get to work, thank again Phil
  12. Center Console

    Center console installed and works perfectly thanks to pgamboa. Had the 23 pin variant connector sent it to pgamboa worked his magic and works like factory. total cost of project was around 255.00 100.00 console- sourced from Zemkos 4x4 in michigan 125.00 custom harness- built by pgamboa 30.00 console bracket- optional through Ebay
  13. For those looking to upgrade to the full navigation on there 14-15 Silverado/Sierra LT that have the 8 in screen. Gen5Diy.com offers a upgrade kit that allows for navigation that does not require you to go through On-star to use it comes with the new reprogrammed HMI module and the needed GPS antenna. I have use these guys to install a factory my link in my Camaro SS they are very thorough and very professional using GM modules and connectors on everything possible.They will guide you through all the questions you have to make sure you get the right product the first time.
  14. for those who didn't get the center console bracket that attaches the console to the dash less then 30.00 shipped to the door GM OEM Center-Console Assembly Front Bracket 22776807
  15. Found a 2015 Silverado center console for my 14 Silverado at a Automotive recycling facility for 100.00 there are still deals out there for people looking to do the conversion on there vehicles at a affordable price

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