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  1. Does anyone know if gm stock fuel filter is the same as ac delco filter. Dealer locally wants $55 for filter, as ac delco is $23 thru Amazon. Thanks, sorry for hijacking your thread OP.
  2. Hello everyone, I have a 2020 2500hd with 8500 miles. I recently rotated my tires, its been about 600miles or so. I noticed on the dashboard it reads front tires 70psi and rear tires 60psi. So pretty much reading opposite., if it makes any sense. Is there something I need to do after a tire rotation. This truck is way to high tech for me. Thank you for your time
  3. Hello everyone, I purchased my first diesel 3 weeks now, noticed at idling theres a crackling sound coming from the bottom of the truck (exhaust area). Is this normal? Do you guys with diesels have the same noise? It only does it when idling. Thanks
  4. Hello, I just purchased a new 2500 LTZ Z71 crewcab in silver. I was wondering if you guys could help me on deciding on new sidesteps for my truck. Im looking into the RB20 GORHINO steps. Do you guys have any side pictures of your truck with aftermarket side steps? That could help me decide. Thank you in advance!
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