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  1. Axle seal leak?

    pretty easy to do. remove wheel and brake hardware, remove diff cover and then remove the bolt that hold the pin in the center, slide the pin out. then push in on the axle and take out the C clip and pull the axle out. replace seal and bearing and do the reverse to put it back together
  2. my be your finger, i have one finger on my right hand that will not operate my phone or touch screen in my truck
  3. Payton you have to replace the hmi, the one that comes with the 4.2 screen does not have the software to operate the 8 inch screen
  4. check to see if the cable going to the transmission has been damaged and look where it attaches to the transmission and see if the lever nut has come loose
  5. 427 smokes when cold

    worn out valve guides, allows the engine to suck in oil
  6. 2014 Silverado 1500 factory parts

    are the uca's alumumin or steel
  7. Check Trailer Wiring

    check the break away battery, make sure it has clean connections and 12 volts
  8. if you were stuck in mud and spun the rear wheels it would be the same thing , they would not know
  9. ac blows warm air, have you checked to see if it is low on freon. the engine will surge if the level is low.
  10. can you post a picture of the belt, how many miles do you have one the truck
  11. interested in the out come, you might have a balance issue between the front and rear brakes
  12. when you hold the highbeams on are the headlights bright or very dim
  13. Transmission Problem

    does the engine rpm jump when it is slipping , if it is new you should have warranty
  14. if everything was still american or made in canada , the only people that could afford these vehicles would be the workers for the big 3 because of their well above average wages. americans and canadians used to be proud to say i built your car or truck, now they have to wonder how much longer will they have a job

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