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  1. Help with transmission info

    did you replace the valve body
  2. Help with transmission info

    the problem is a pressure switch in the valve body here is how to test it
  3. your new truck probably gets almost as good fuel mileage as that vega lol
  4. 6.2L Engine Tick

    thanks for the pics no they dont look bad imo i have 75k miles on mine with no catch can and can see that there isnt anything to worry about yet
  5. Front end popping

    thanks newdude
  6. just had the same problem with a yukon, i would start with the plugs and wires first. if the gap on the plugs is to wide it can cause this code. i replaced the plug and wires and down stream o2 sensor and it has been 3 weeks and no more code
  7. 6.2L Engine Tick

    do you have a catch can on your truck, how did the intake valves look
  8. changing misfires

    to get that many miss fire codes all of a sudden i would be checking the gas sound like you got a bad tank
  9. i hope some one can make a suggestion my 2014 chev 5.3 6 speed does the same thing
  10. Front end popping

    i read in the bilstein thread that the top of the shock doesnt have enough threads to compress the bushing properly you have to add a washer to the top to correct the popping noise
  11. Screech, squeaky window 2015 traverse

    a friend of mine coats his drivers window with rainx every 2 weeks it helps but doesnt solve the problem
  12. i thought the newer trucks also run at a different frequency
  13. 20 inch tires to 18s?

    lol starman8 you went from pavement princess to off road extreme i dont know where you live but if in the snow belt i would go with the 18's
  14. KX2 non-tow mirrors on NNBS

    you probably could i have never tried
  15. check the water drain might be plugged

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