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  1. grumpy bear is correct if you do a lot of highway driving you might notice a slight difference
  2. Center Console Trim

    do you take paypal
  3. 6.5 diesel swap

    you will also need a transmission for the 6.5
  4. just interested if you have steel or aluminum my 2014 is lifted 1.5 inches and at 75k miles my front end is still ok. i have aluminum control arms
  5. it is the lower control arm that we are looking to replace with steel
  6. my 2014 chev has aluminum upper and lower arms i have researched this alot and still cannot fine an answer to this as mike says gm is just stupid with their prices
  7. best i ever got was 28 mpg with factory 17 in donuts, since level and new tires 22 mpg
  8. i posted about this problem about a month ago, and believe it or not but it is your wiper motor that causes this. just had the same problem on a 2006, you can just replace the board on the motor
  9. all 8 cylinders are getting fuel instead of just 4
  10. yes you will have to get it tuned or buy a tuner

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