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  1. i always change the oil when the olm is at 40 percent, with my 2014 5.3 it would use about half a quart oil, my 2020 2.7 doing the oil change at the same time and the oil wasnt even on the dip stick
  2. the oil solenoid reduces the oil pressure, less stress on the pump and better mpg. it wont hurt the engine at all to run it this way
  3. trailer brake module, chassis control module and fuel pump control module, take the part numbers off them and enter them on a gm parts site and it will show which is which
  4. check the air box drain, sound like you are having a freezing problem
  5. call the dealership and ask if they put an additive in the tank
  6. should normally get 20 mpg or more at that speed, but with the lift and large tires i could see you loosing 4 to 5 mpg. also if the truck wasnt recalibrated for those tires the tranny could do weird shifts
  7. the tops of the breather tubes for the diff's are mounted much higher than the tranny
  8. https://www.renogy.com/2000w-12v-pure-sine-wave-inverter/
  9. just bought a set of wheel off a guy who did the same muffler delete, i was impressed how good it sounds
  10. has nothing to do with the bcm, it is only communicating with the rke module.
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