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  1. look under drivers door at the front cab mount, there are ground connections there that might need to be cleaned and reconnected
  2. how many miles on it what have you replaced , have you cleaned the throttle body
  3. i guess it depends on how long you disconnect it. i had my battery disconnected for an hour and a half when i put my heated steering wheel in and never lost any of my presets
  4. i have drained mine 3 times and reused the gasket and no leaks
  5. there is no fuse on the low beams, the power comes straight from the bcm. both headlights come from x4 connector of the bcm. take a test light and check to see if there is power on pins 1 or 2. you cannot use a voltmeter because it will not offer enough resistance to trigger the output. here is the wiring diagram gmc headlight.pdf
  6. nothing to lose at this point, clean both connectors with brake clean. put black rtv silicone in the connector on the engine and the coat the plug with vaseline and plug it back in. if you can give it 24 hours to cure. make sure to coat the plug good or other wise it will be a ****** to get back out
  7. there are 2 fuse that supply the right hand fuse panel have you checked them underhood.pdf
  8. i am sure 2007 nbs is the same as 2008, you dont need anyhting, it is plug and play
  9. have you checked the rear diff level, is it low. possibly the axle tube is rotted.
  10. have you checked to see what the fuel pressure is, possibly the high pressure pump
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