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  1. on 2022 and newer you dont need the tool. put your truck in relearn and drive it for 10 to 15 miles and the sensors relearn the new position
  2. my 2014 is at 290k kilometers or 180 k miles and still going . all original except battery, shocks driveshaft and vacuum pump and 2 sets of brakes and rotors
  3. since you have a 2019, did you ever have the transmission serviced and updated to the newest transmission fluid
  4. Vince you will get some lift as i believe that chart is based on v8's, and the 2.7 is a lot lighter. also you have a 2wd with even less weight on the front end
  5. if you have the Bose system you probably shorted the amp
  6. i would let them do the flush, that way it is documented that you have a problem. then when your warranty is up you can still go after gm if there is still a problem
  7. could try 2 inch drop spindles on the front and change the rear spacer block, would get you down to 4 inch lift
  8. system reset and start over setting it up again
  9. my dealership has a least 20 new 2023's on the lot, lowest price is 73k and up to 90k for a zr2. they keep bugging me to trade my 2020 in and i tell them no. trucks are going to drop in price because they are not selling in my area. they have not sold one truck in over a month and i think it's the interest rates that is causing it and over priced trucks.
  10. your systems still point to a tire, i had michelins on my truck that where great until higher speeds and went thru the same as you did, eventually the tire exposed it self with a buldge in the tread. at lower speeds and even on the balancer it did not show that the tire had a separation going on inside of it
  11. it is a process that all newer diesels have, it is a process where the system burns off particles and soot out of the dpf
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