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  1. what about vavoline full synthetic dexron VI
  2. since you have a sample, send it to be analyzed
  3. do you have the stock intake system on your truck, a screw that size would have got trapped in one of the corrugations of the stock system. next would be find an independent shop. the knock is probably a jammed lifter from the screw hitting the valves. if the cylinder isnt scarred and the cam is ok, piston and rings, lifters and pushrods and a new head and put it back together
  4. not all 2014's were wired for the camera, check to make sure the wires are there rear camera.pdf
  5. have you checked the g218 ground wire , alot of issues are caused by this ground connection
  6. check to see if the noise is coming from the a/c compressor
  7. yes there is a multi function control board inside the headlight, you would have to take the headlight apart to access it. you cannot buy the board separately, so new headlight or go get a used one or salvage one from a auto wrecker
  8. there is a switch in the door latch assembly that gets stuck or sometimes breaks, try lubricating the latch
  9. with auto temp control it will only cool down to 42, on trucks with manual controls you can get it down to 38, and that is only if the system is running perfect
  10. the dlr function is controlled by the light sensor on top of the dash, the lightning strike may have cooked it
  11. what version of windows are you using, try using a different version of the mdi manager
  12. wams, coastalflash,digitalsolutions and mvi just to name a few
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