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  1. you also have an o2 sensor code i would be fixing that problem first
  2. 1996 Chevy Silverado k1500 problems Help plz

    need more info have you checked fuel pressure do you have spark at the spark plugs
  3. ebay https://www.ebay.ca/itm/88-94-Chevy-Truck-Factory-Interior-Manual-Stick-Transmission-Shifter-Boot/253835856661?hash=ite
  4. Overheating?

    defective thermostat put it in a pot of water with a thermometer and see what temp it open and if it is opening all the way
  5. another note do not use this program on 64 bit windows, you may get lucky but i had a problem with the canny 7 staying connected works fine on 32 bit windows
  6. thanks for all your help glad to hear your on the way of recovery i also got a defective power board and am waiting for another. to bad about the cab mounts but that is another story
  7. i think you should pull the fuse on that until you get to the dealership
  8. Shake or Vibration Issues

    thanks Kyle guess i can scratch that fix off of my list lol
  9. Front Differential

    thanks flipz71
  10. Thanks Sid.

    It was the oil pump.  Good call.  In the shop still under warranty.

    That could have been a blown engine.  My mech didn't pick up on it right away.


    1. silveradosid


      glad it was caught in time of warranty

  11. 39529 Dynomax Ultra Flo

    thanks very much JP going to order it
  12. Front Differential

    part number 1 the drive hub has a compression ring on the end of it. it will come out but there is two bearing behind it, one is a needle roller type bearing that the shaft rides on and the other bearing carries the end of the carrier. you can replace the needle bearing and seal but if it is the larger bearing you have to split the housing in half to remove it. let me know if you find the part number for the needle bearing i also have to do this
  13. read this https://www.justanswer.com/gmc/bivmg-2015-yukon-denali-code-p0711.html
  14. 39529 Dynomax Ultra Flo

    thanks for the reply
  15. 6.2l denali 1500

    what year is it

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