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  1. not sure if that is plug 1 or 7 but here are the wiring bcmx1.pdf bcm x7.pdf
  2. you are going to have to get it scanned to see if there any codes and then you have a starting point
  3. since you bought it used , take a look at the bcm and see if there is some jumper wires or a diode jumper
  4. commercial units come with taps to isolate the system, car compressors dont and are not pre charged
  5. check the wiring going to the front left speaker, it is pretty sad when an audio problem triggers the service engine light
  6. check and see if your local napa has echlin injectors, i put a complete set in my friends truck, no problems for 35k miles
  7. never will, the has to travel across the dash to the d/s
  8. you have to find out what is triggering the p0151. could be an exhaust leak, bad wiring or corrosion in the plug. it could be that the 02 sensor has failed
  9. i would not pay for the the hmi. with gds2 they can check every module in the truck. they just assumed it was the problem without doing a full scan . you can contact coastalflash and see if they do an exchange on the radio module . they do a have a sevvice for replacing the amplifier chip
  10. there is a module, it is in the rear right side above the headliner. are you sure you got the right sensor
  11. mine did the same thing, these covers are junk and so is the warranty. the stitching started coming out of mine and the strap ripped off when it was one year old. they told me it was because i never treated it and that the soap i use to wash my truck was the cause. i still have it on the truck 5 years later. when i roll it up i found that even at highway speeds it stays, so i dont worry about the straps
  12. thanks for the follow up. just a question but didnt gds2 show a faulty signal from the sensors. i have gds2 and was wondering
  13. on 2014 trucks the wiring is not in the truck or door harness. get of hold of Phil he can explain it better
  14. check the ground that comes from the engine block to the cab, usually a flat braided wire
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