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  1. i agree get back to work before GM shuts down more plants and moves them else where. you can ask for more and end up with no job. it is no different in canada just ask the people in oshawa what there greed got them
  2. The Fix: GM will reprogram the computer that controls the secondary brake assist pump. The secondary pump will now activate at lower speeds and different situations quicker to compensate for any lost output from the main pump. Since the pumps are not failing, GM has decided not to replace them. Am reading this wrong, there is only one pump, where the h#ll is the secondary pump
  3. how many miles do you have on it, is the service engine light on
  4. had the same problem with a 2007, seems aftermarket sensors are not compatible or they fail after a year. unfortunately oem is the only thing that solved the problem
  5. has anyone bought tow mirrors from K Source. i got these mirrors for my birthday and cant find any info on them.my truck is 2014 chev lt with dl8 and ayo for rpo codes. these mirrors are power adjust , heated and power fold. i know i will have to get the ryz harness for the light function and a power fold switch, but could someone tell what door harnesses i would need. i know pgamba is the go to guy but i am up in canada, so if there is a gm harness i could buy in canada could some one give me the part numbers so i dont screw this up. i do have them installed and plugged in and the power mirror functions properly and so does the heated part.
  6. graphite silverado 2018, i am in ontario. i have a range for sale 150 cdn. it has been updated to the lastest firmware.
  7. my truck does not have the Bose system,so it wont work
  8. did you Bose system in the truck, does the hmi have nav
  9. my 2014 when new you couldnt tell when it switched until about 45k , then it started to get a vibration every time it went to v4 mode, i bought a range to disable it and the truck ran fine. i had to take the truck in for a warranty update and they told me i had a lot of miss fire codes on an afm cylinder and they would need more time to find the problem. i told them to just do the warranty work and give it back to me . i put the range back in and i am now 100k miles and no problems
  10. the range device will lower the chances of another failure
  11. you could go to a dealership and ask for a part and they will have a diagram of the parts, just ask them to print it for you
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