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  1. with auto temp control it will only cool down to 42, on trucks with manual controls you can get it down to 38, and that is only if the system is running perfect
  2. the dlr function is controlled by the light sensor on top of the dash, the lightning strike may have cooked it
  3. it is the modules that cost the most, but if you want invest alot of time and some money you can program the modules yourself. you can use a vcx nano for gm. read this forum https://www.cameraloops.com/articles/tutorials/hmi-theft-lock-how-to-remove-gm-hmi-theft-lock-for-free-with-gm-dps-plus-more-r123/
  4. what version of windows are you using, try using a different version of the mdi manager
  5. wams, coastalflash,digitalsolutions and mvi just to name a few
  6. 2014 silverado, 137k miles and 3920 hours
  7. you can get air trapped in the abs system, need a scan tool that can do the abs bleed procedure and the bleed the rest of the system
  8. first step is to get it scanned to see if there are any codes stored
  9. what did you use to add freon to the system, was it one of those charge cans that have a gauge on it
  10. you could have a plugged cat, try removing the o2 sensor on bank 2 and see if it has more power
  11. that is a common problem with hids, the relay harness will fix the problem. also you could get hylux ballast and not need the relay, i put these ballast in my 2014 after have relay harness problems, no problems now for over a year
  12. go to a1auto and check there website for parts
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