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  1. i did the flip on the weekend, i have 120k miles on my transmission. it was 82 f outside and i drove 80 mph for 30 miles and the temp stayed at 156. before it was always above 200. when it was above 200 my transmission would not shift until i was at 2500 rpms until it cooled down to 180. now it shifts the same no matter how i drive the truck. should have done this sooner
  2. you have a 3 wire pressure switch on the ac system, if you have no pressure the low pressure side of the switch is open and the high side is closed. when you have to high of pressure the low side open and so does the high side to command the fans on at high speed. you have either s faulty pressure switch or the wiring to the switch . an open circuit on the high pressure side will put the fans on all the time
  3. could be this https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2016/SB-10080702-2280.pdf
  4. when i did my mirrors on my 2014 i made my own harnesses and it took me 9 hours start to finish. you can get all the info from this post if i was to do it again i would get the harnesses from pgamboa
  5. no txab is telling you that you need to have the precat sensors hooked up
  6. did you have the maf sensor unplugged, all the codes indicate it maybe unplugged or not plugged in correctly https://testing-public.carmd.com/Tsb/Download/99612/08ee24ee
  7. pedal commander had nothing to do with it, your 8 speed transmission needed the updated fluid to correct the problems you described
  8. take your trailer plug apart and see if that fixes the problem
  9. the front and rear park lights are fed through the trailer marker relay. check all fuses and the relay . here is the wiring diagram silverado headlights.pdf
  10. what engine do you have and what is the mileage
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