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  1. best truck i ever owned was an 88 chev 2500. 305 with 3 speed auto, 470k miles. tranny at 300k , sold to a friend who hauled firewood, he drove it for another year and a half before it finally blew the engine. 5w30 quaker state every 3k
  2. have you looked at the freeze frame data to see if there is a specific cause. also being a 2014 i would check the 218 ground connection, was a common problem
  3. start by reading this https://f01.justanswer.com/Bluegorilla/2a46e6b8-ea48-45a0-81b6-46c595be5107_My_Boot_Camp_printed_document-3.pdf
  4. your front diff is only 8.25 , that eaton trutrac will not fit
  5. i use M18 FUEL™ Metal Cutting Circular Saw , you can buy blades for 7.25 circular saws also
  6. why are you guys arguing about the rear diff when the op was asking for options on his front diff. anyways Truetrac (912A557) is for a 8.5 front diff and the 1500's have an 8.25
  7. go with bilstein for shocks, what is the number of the engine code
  8. my driver side mirror was also haunted lol , i replaced the mirror and problem solved. i took the old mirror apart and could not find anything wrong with it
  9. just got a 2021 gmc 3500 , the camera is nice and clear, much better than my 2014
  10. does anyone know what the dealership does with the old tank after they replace with a new one
  11. your vin shows 84619036 Other Names:Case Description: Silverado, sierra. 6.6l. With electric shift. Code a3j. Condition:New Replaces:23240766, 23311904, 24265291
  12. have you checked the fuse or relay, here is the wiring diagram reverse lights.pdf rear camera.pdf
  13. my 2014 is the same way, no way that i have found to turn it off. i am just glad that it doesnt trigger the chime to
  14. if the oil pump is whining, then it is going to fail sooner or later
  15. just got a new 21 dmax and still learning about this engine. is it possible that it is stuck in regen mode and cant complete it because of the cold weather
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