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  1. all the lights share the same ground, if the park lights dont work it is because there is no power getting to them
  2. if you can afford to get rid of it , i would as lsgun1 said there is a problem somewhere
  3. you could check the engine fan clutch if it is shot and not pulling enough air
  4. if you cant communicate with it and the connections are good , it will be the module
  5. there isnt any lt tire that is great on ice. i have been running K02 for the last 3 winters here in ontario, and can say ice performance isnt great. my buddy has the toyo's on his truck and thinks they are much better than the duratrac's but not as good as the K02. i find the biggest problem with the K02 is it throws alot of stones, make sure you got good mud flaps. this will be the last winter for the K02's as they will be worn out, out of all the tire you have selected, myself i will be buying the falcon wildpeak next
  6. silveradosid

    1992 cheyenne

    fuel pressure regulator in the throttle body
  7. look under the back of the truck, there is a junction block that every thing at the back plugs into, unplug the one for the tail light and see if there is any corrosion
  8. the most common issue in those years was the switch , replace it
  9. same as Grumpy 105k miles, replaced vacuum pump, driveshaft and signal switch because my left signal wouldnt shut off. just did the brakes
  10. https://www.amazon.com/VXDIAG-Multiple-TIS2WEB-Diagnostic-Programming/dp/B01NACTAY8 i bought one of these and it works great
  11. they dont fit because the gmc already has plastic trim around the wheel well
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