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  1. 1996-2000 chevy tahoe 5.7 4 Hi Upgrade

    buy a 4 pin relay, it will have numbers on it 85,86, 87 and 30. 85 and 86 are for the coil so ground one of those numbers doesnt matter which so ground 85 and then you want to take the positive wire from the high beam and splice it to 86 and 30. then connect 87 to the positive of your low beam headlight this will give you all 4 lights on with the high beams.not to bash scott but that was a useless reply we are all here to help each other
  2. have you checked the g218 ground alot of 2014's had this problem it is the main ground for the bcm there is a posting on this it is located under the dash beside the left speaker
  3. if the truck is giving you a warning that it is over heating then take it in thats not normal
  4. go to the HOW TO SECTION and read sambone 95 write up on how to replace the pump i did mine without removing the steering shaft but i also have every tool known to man the hardest part is trying to use a torque wrench to tighten the bolts. if i had to do it again i would remove the steering shaft
  5. Interesting gm says the stretchy belt is not reusable but it does not look like they replaced dave07
  6. ecm bcm radio and your dash cluster from the rolled truck, the floor shifter is easy to reinstall in the other truck
  7. Goodyear Duratracs worth it?

    duratracs are great tires up to 50 percent tread life, then they become lethal weapons, no wet traction and any ice and they will scare the sh&t out of you. i was disapointed that there was lots of tread left but no traction so i switched to ko2's . yes they are fuel eaters but at less than 50 percent tread they still perform as good as they did new with the crazy canadian winters we have 6 inches of snow one day and then a warm spell and melting i had to use 4 wheel drive a lot with the goodyears virtually never with the ko2's
  8. maybe the trucks should stay in mexico where they are built lol no cold weather
  9. replaced mine yesterday for anyone that wants to do it them selves sambone95 did a good write up in the how to section , i disassembled the old pump and it is easy to see why these things are failing this is the cheapest and worst design of a pump that i have ever seen. i will try and post some pic's later
  10. Driver seat, Passenger Seat not heating

    common problem read this article https://www.justanswer.com/gmc/798yi-2010-denali-pickup-passenger-heat-cooled.html
  11. 1977 chevy c10

    if it has air conditioning it is normal
  12. Purchase advice needed

    if it has been maintained properly should be a good truck get a range device to deactivate 4 cylinder mode
  13. ya they must produce a lot of horsepower at idle lol
  14. LED Bulbs

    the eagle eyes will be better than the anzos and they are as close as you can get to having stock or maybe even a little better
  15. 20 inch ltz wheels with goodyear duratrac tires

    how far are you from lakeworth

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