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  1. read this posting www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/126750-calling-all-tbi-experts/
  2. all the sensors use one common ground check that ground to see if it is corroded
  3. Problem with Day Time running lights

    that is correct cant have the parking brake on
  4. Truck sputters on cold start

    the ecm uses coolant temp to set the fuel to a rich state for cold starting unplugging it you will go through a lot of gas
  5. Plowing with 1500?

    depends on how much plowing you are going to do if you are doing just a few driveways ok if you are doing a lot of plowing you will kill the truck use a 7 foot plow
  6. Dash lights flash bright

    then check the light sensor on top off the dash could be sending false signal
  7. interesting that goodyear claims it has all terrrain capabilities but does not call it all terrain
  8. interesting goodyear claims the tire has all terrain capabilities but doesnt call it an all terrain tire
  9. Dash lights flash bright

    does the dimmer work before the lights go super bright
  10. adding positive caster generally makes a vehicle have quicker steering return doesnt really change where the wheel is positioned
  11. doesnt matter if you use the 4x4 the pump might or will rub through the casting unless the previous owner had the fix done
  12. tpms

    have the same one as new dude and it even works on 2007's
  13. tpms

    2014 and on you cannot do it manually anymore

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