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  1. Razor blade, then Goof Off to get any sticky residue. Then glass cleaner to finish.
  2. Hooks? What the hell are you talking about? Tow hooks?
  3. I also agree about the lack of a locking load stop. I think there is a limit to these nanny doodads though.
  4. I pull mine when not towing so I can use the multipro tailgate, but I fail to see this big safety hazard it causes by leaving it in. Do you mean getting so close to my truck that you hit it with your vehicle? Tough darts, Nancy.
  5. Found a dead mouse when I changed the cabin filter in my last 14 Sierra. Must have got in through the cowl somehow.
  6. I tried different stations, FM XM, phone via bluetooth. I'm pretty sure nothing worked. Hopefully it won't happen again.
  7. Nice write up. You 're right about things getting tougher to work on these days. It looks great though and worth your effort.
  8. I had this happen too. Lost radio sound. I don't know how. Still had NAV voice. Only cure was to shut the car off. Get out, Get back in and start it up.
  9. I would not trash the Bridgestones. $1000 more for a marginally better tire? If they are actually better? At least let them wear out a little. Mine are doing fine so far. Not the best in the winter, but not bad. I only have 11000 on them, but wear is nonexistent. Quiet ride. Not bad in rain. I do hope they come out with better choices for our size. All I see on Tirerack are the Bridgestones and Michelins. What are you using for the winter? Did you downsize?
  10. 11000 miles on my 19 with sunroof. No noise at all.
  11. Thanks. I'm bringing it in Thursday. Sometimes it's so bad it feels like I'm going over a rumble strip and I'm on smooth pavement.
  12. How did you do with the trans flush? Did it resolve the shudder? I'm bringing my 8 speed Corvette in this week to have it flushed and the new Mobil 1 fluid put in. I'm hoping this helps.
  13. I've got 12000 miles on mine. They still look good. Showing no wear. Many 12 hour trips so far. Feel OK. Firmer than my 14 SLT. A little too firm, but they support well and no butt aches during extended drives.
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