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  1. 2019s finally getting HUD!!

    The order guide I read says the HUD is included in the Technology Package {CWM}. Available for LTZ and High Country.
  2. Only a few exterior colors were shown with the interior on that sheet.. I think the whites will have the cocoa/ dune again. I've had the tans in my last two trucks. I'm tired of tan.
  3. 2019 Engine HP/TQ guesses? 5.3

    Well, that's the same as the current 2018 5.3. Right?
  4. the Ram exhaust is crying for some Yosemite Sam mud flaps.
  5. I bought a new 90 Silverado stepside Z71. Back then the Z71's came with Bilstein shocks and LT tires straight form the factory.
  6. I had them on a few Cadillacs. I never opened them. Ever. I did open the shade for some extra light on gloomy days. I can't stand them and would never order one purposely. If it comes on the Denali and I have my heart set on it, I'll probably go for it. I've got a '16 Sting Ray with the removable top. That's never been unlatched either.
  7. I've had 2 sets of Huskys for my 14 Sierra. The fit is perfect. I wore a hole where my right heel rests on the mat after about 40000 miles. I did not take advantage of the warranty and just bought another pair. They are guaranteed for life. I have 20k on the new mats. They look great so far.
  8. Ho do you like the ride with the 22s and MRC? Some say you can feel every tiny crack and imperfection. Some say it's great. Your thoughts? What all terrain tires came with the truck?
  9. 2016 8 speed issues

    I've got a 16 Corvette, 6.2 8 speed. No issues and I don't baby it at all.
  10. So I'm interested in a new 2019 Denali this time around. So with the magnetic shocks and 22's, it's going to feel like crap? If that's the case, I'll stick to an SLT with 20's.
  11. The High Country front end looks better to me. The Denali looks too overdone. I like the wheel wells better on the Sierra though. I see no real benefit in the GMC tailgate. If that thing hits the trailer hitch when dropped? Not good. I'm trading in my SLT this year and I usually go GMC, but I might go with the High Country.
  12. I have Nokian Rotiiva's. Great tire.
  13. I disagree. The 2019 Silvy's fog lights are way lower than the spy shot photos of the purported Sierra's fogs. The grill looks very Sierra like too.

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