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  1. Had my 19 Denali window caulked at Goldstein GMC Albany NY back in early December. They did a very neat job. No goop anywhere, no stains, no scratches. Could not even tell they did anything except the sealant smell that faded after a couple weeks. Many heavy rains and carwashes since then and no leaks.
  2. Same with my Sierra. After a few stops the flinging pretty much dies. No problem at highway speeds.
  3. Good idea and hope it works but we shouldn't have to do this homemade, band aid, shadetree crap on brand new trucks. GM should be mortified sending out so many leakers. In the 2020 models too. Will 2021 be any different?
  4. I had the TSB done in early December. Many heavy rains and car washes since and no leaks. The dealer appears to have done a good job. No caulk visible, no stains, no scratches. I can't even tell they did anything at all. I could smell the curing sealer for a few weeks. I look back there every car wash or rain event. I took it to Goldstein GMC in Albany, NY. I probably just jinxed myself too.
  5. Great writeup. Mine will be a little easier since I probably won't do the rear lights.
  6. If you own a 2014 Sierra, you are better off asking in the K2 section, which is for 2014-2018 vehicles. There are plenty of threads on headlight and fog light upgrades. Good luck. You will have plenty to read.
  7. I served with Attack Squadron Twelve on board CVA 62 during the early 70's. Two Med cruises. Enjoyed the heck out of it. Your truck is looking awesome. Loving the red and black. Keep it simple as you said.
  8. Navy veteran? I see the emblem peeking out on your plate. Thanks for your service. Welcome to the forum.
  9. I had this same sensor go out on my previous 14. They had to drop the tank to replace. At least that's what they told me.
  10. I think the 22 Bridgestone Alenzas ride nice too. I only wish they were a little better in the snow. How are your Michelins wearing? I might switch to them when needed.
  11. I agree. Raising your seat will actually give you more leg room. It might help. I have an 18 CTS and a 16 Corvette that have the same "dead pedal" . It really doesn't bother me. I'm 5' 10".
  12. I live in upstate NY too and haven't had a problem with them being wimpy, but the blade isn't conforming to the glass when it's really cold. it leaves a wide unwiped streak when it's in the low teens and below. I'm looking to replace them with a frameless curved blade type. I heard they hug the glass better in the cold vs the steel frame design. I'm looking at Bosch and Michelin Endurance.
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