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  1. Chevy Shake

    My Sierra was shaking and bouncing like crazy yesterday. Then I realized both right side wheels were packed with snow. But before that, my Sierra has been smooth. Not impressed with the 22 inch Bridgestone Dueler Alenzas though. They performed marginally in the 15 inch snowfall. I did not expect much from the highway tire.
  2. Did they give you the steel wheels? They would be good for dedicated snow tires.
  3. No trouble with my Sierra. I use it every day.
  4. Thank you! Is the # 19-NA-005 A service bulletin number? How did you find this info?
  5. Thanks for the info. You've got a good service dept at your dealer. I'm hoping GM puts out a service bulletin on this. Many dealers won't do a thing without one.
  6. Good news if that's the fix. Please give us the part number if this is the ure.
  7. Aftermarket Wheel Specs

    Does anybody know the stock offset on our wheels?
  8. Emblems

    I like the black on blue a lot! I'm going to stick with the red with my black Denali.
  9. Nav Map Screen

    When mine is in night mode it looks a lot better. I switched it in settings. Much better contrast.
  10. How is the DFM working for you?

    No problems.Can't feel a thing.
  11. Nav Map Screen

    Mine is also washed out. I can see and read things alright but it is a very underwhelming display.
  12. I've got a new 6.2 Denali 10 speed. I've had two 5.3's in the past. Both 6 speeds. My gas mileage with the new truck is better. I run 91 octane. The new 6.2 pulls strong. It really pulls through the gears. The older trucks would would gag hitting third gear I would never go back to anything less than a 6.2. I'm loving it.
  13. engine stop start

    I don't hate it. Strong dislike. Still trying to get in the habit of hitting the button after starting. Slow learner. I would disable hood switch if this is a cure and it doesn't affect anything else. I've got 2100 miles.
  14. Recall

    I went in for a 30 day new vehicle check. They found it in the system. No letter. I did not check MyGMC because I didn't have my VIN handy. i really think it's a TSB, not a recall as the advisor stated. I found this Campaign #N182195380. Service Update: Harsh downshift after extended drive in high gear. This was on Repair Procedures.com. It's a site that shows recalls and bulletins.

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