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  1. I agree. Raising your seat will actually give you more leg room. It might help. I have an 18 CTS and a 16 Corvette that have the same "dead pedal" . It really doesn't bother me. I'm 5' 10".
  2. I live in upstate NY too and haven't had a problem with them being wimpy, but the blade isn't conforming to the glass when it's really cold. it leaves a wide unwiped streak when it's in the low teens and below. I'm looking to replace them with a frameless curved blade type. I heard they hug the glass better in the cold vs the steel frame design. I'm looking at Bosch and Michelin Endurance.
  3. My first inkling of the back window leaking was excess moisture on the windows. Dripping wet. Take it through a car wash and look for leaks on either end of the frame. Mine was caulked by the dealer. They did it neatly, and almost two months later it's not leaking. I will never trust it and look for leaks every time it rains. See the rear window leak thread on this site. Some real horror stories on this subject. It's making me look at Ram and Ford for my next truck. I never thought I would say that.
  4. I tried too and couldn't do it. Some on this forum say it's not that hard. Maybe using long needle nose pliers?
  5. Very heavy rain for the last 12-18 hours. No leaks. I just hope the repair holds up. Mixed results with other members here. I will always look back there and check it out. It's very disheartening. I love the truck other than this. Sad to hear the 2020's may be having the same problem.
  6. I had mine done last week. A light rain yesterday. No leaks. I know it wasn't a true test. Heavy rain tomorrow.They did a pretty neat job. No sign they even did anything except the smell. I've had the windows open weather permitting to air it out. Like others have said. I will never trust it, and will constantly be checking it after every rain and car wash.
  7. I agree totally, but it's going to tough buying new without the projector and shutter system. My 2011 was way better than my 2014 was, and my 2019.
  8. Many GM's with the G80. No problems with the G80 at all. What's the big beef?
  9. Hooks? What the hell are you talking about? Tow hooks?
  10. I also agree about the lack of a locking load stop. I think there is a limit to these nanny doodads though.
  11. I pull mine when not towing so I can use the multipro tailgate, but I fail to see this big safety hazard it causes by leaving it in. Do you mean getting so close to my truck that you hit it with your vehicle? Tough darts, Nancy.
  12. Found a dead mouse when I changed the cabin filter in my last 14 Sierra. Must have got in through the cowl somehow.
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