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  1. I like the looks just fine. The leak is the problem.
  2. 19, 20, 21. When will it end? What the hell kind of engineers do they have that can't solve this problem?
  3. Mine was sealed 2 years ago by the dealer.. Still no leaks. I will never trust it though and check for wetness every rain event or carwash.
  4. I disable the auto lock system. Personally don't like it.
  5. And don't ever leave the house without your tinfoil hat.
  6. My TI is an all around better truck. My K2 had marginally softer seats. Maybe the only thing I miss.
  7. I really like the wheels on the black truck. They look great with the red calipers.
  8. The brakes are fantastic. Way better than my 2014 SLT.
  9. This Denali Premium Package that is being deleted. Is this the same as the Ultimate package?
  10. My 19 with 20000 doesn't shake. My 14 never shook either. The 10 speed is excellent.
  11. Yea. The second and third make you wince.
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