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  1. Interior

    1500 miles No rattles.
  2. Well, I guess I got lucky too. Other than a few recalls , I had no issues with my 14 Sierra. The recalls were fixed with software updates except one that entailed the seatbelts. Not many issues at all. My 19 is trouble free so far. The low fuel does come on with 3 gals left. I don't think it's an important issue.
  3. I went from a 2014 Sierra SLT to a 19 Denali Ultimate. An 18 is yesterday's paper. Your new 18 will not feel much different than the old. Smell better maybe. The 19 is a better vehicle in many ways.
  4. Fuel filling issues

    Yes. I was in Attack Squadron 12 with the Navy during the Viet Nam War. We went to sea on onboard USS Independence. I was an aviation fire control technician. I worked on the flight deck most of the time. If not working on my equipment, we helped the ordnancemen load bombs. Good duty. I'm glad I served. I worked on A-4s too before the Corsairs.
  5. Fuel filling issues

    When I first start filling up, it will shut off if I pump too fast or I have the nozzle too deep. Never had an issue with gas spewing out when full.
  6. Or you can disable horn alert when fob is left in vehicle in settings.
  7. Who is making the GM cat-back systems they are putting in the 19s? Is it Borla or Corsa? I have it as a dealer installed option. Sounds great by the way. Too old and stupid to give you a soundtrack. Anyone know?
  8. 2019 oem mud flaps

    Thanks to all. I got a set for my Denali. Fronts went on pretty easily. I did not have to remove tire. The rears maybe a little tougher.
  9. It's plastic but seems sturdy enough.. I don't see what the fuss is.
  10. 2019 oem mud flaps

    Thank you.
  11. Anyone have a picture of the oem splash guards for the new body 2019 Silvy or Sierra ? Installed? I can't find one anywhere.
  12. Yes, but I like to be able to check inventory in say a 100 mile radius. It's easier than punching each dealer's website in to check. I have many GM dealer's in my area. GMC allows this. Chevy does not have it yet.
  13. Chevy is not showing nationwide Silverado inventory either on the new models. Just the Legacy. GMC is showing the new Sierra inventory for almost a month now. What's up with that?
  14. The k2s were very easy to change. Sorry to here that.

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