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  1. I would not trash the Bridgestones. $1000 more for a marginally better tire? If they are actually better? At least let them wear out a little. Mine are doing fine so far. Not the best in the winter, but not bad. I only have 11000 on them, but wear is nonexistent. Quiet ride. Not bad in rain. I do hope they come out with better choices for our size. All I see on Tirerack are the Bridgestones and Michelins. What are you using for the winter? Did you downsize?
  2. 11000 miles on my 19 with sunroof. No noise at all.
  3. Thanks. I'm bringing it in Thursday. Sometimes it's so bad it feels like I'm going over a rumble strip and I'm on smooth pavement.
  4. How did you do with the trans flush? Did it resolve the shudder? I'm bringing my 8 speed Corvette in this week to have it flushed and the new Mobil 1 fluid put in. I'm hoping this helps.
  5. I've got 12000 miles on mine. They still look good. Showing no wear. Many 12 hour trips so far. Feel OK. Firmer than my 14 SLT. A little too firm, but they support well and no butt aches during extended drives.
  6. I'm not sure what you have, but the ARE Fusion will not fit the Multipro tailgate according to their website.
  7. I've got the same thing. Installed in five minutes. I've had it since October. No issues. Many long trips with it. Car washes. It stays very dry inside. Mine is the soft one though.
  8. Normally I don't like black wheels on a white truck, or 24s for that matter, but that looks real good.
  9. 8600 miles. No problem with 6.2. averaging 17.4 mpg. Skewed a little because of a long FL trip, and one to NC OBX. I was averaging 16.5 with about 50/50 highway and rural/city.
  10. 7000 miles. 90% fronts. 95% rear In my 2019 Sierra Denali.
  11. No regrets. Love the truck. Love the 10 speed. I wish it had a larger gas tank. Adaptive cruise would have been nice. Paint looks good. No ripples in the aluminum. No shakes. The truck rides nice. I've got around 5000 on it.
  12. My neighbor has got a new Ram. I checked it out and to me it looks like a somewhat garish, fingerprint loaded pinball machine. I'm sure some of its features are great.It is very impressive. He likes it so far, but hasn't really got to know it yet. My wife's got an 18 Cad CTS Prem Lux with a beautiful, but sticky mess of a dash. All touch controls. I'd rather have knobs for most controls. I had a 14 SLT. My new 19 Denali is very similar in design to the K2 as everyone knows. Hate the brushed Denali knobs. They look cheap. Hate the plain jane graphics on the nav screen. Love the HUD and camera mirror. Love the simple layout. Over all, I'm happy with it. I can't see GM doing anything major until the next full blown redesign.
  13. Nice truck, but man... way too much lip gloss on them tires!
  14. I spend a lot of time down North Carolina's OBX. The wind blows the sand into every imaginable place when it's really ripping. I've seen a little pile of sand right on top of the trap door. I use the plastic 'bearing buddy 'cover shown by others when I'm down there.
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