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  1. My truck is listed at the dealer too . Fine print says IN TRANSIT. Built in May. Still waiting for parts in Ohio.
  2. I've got a little over 40000 on the Alenza's that came with my 19 Denali. Ride quality has been excellent. Very quiet. They were decent in the rain when relatively new. After about 25000, that went to hell. I live in upstate NY. Many snowy days. The tires are flatout poor in that regards. They are pretty much shot now. I'm waiting for my new truck to be delivered. More Alenza's.
  3. Has anyone that ordered a 22 refreshed Sierra Denali actually have it delivered yet? I ordered one in early January. It was built in May, and I am told that it is sitting waiting for parts in Marion Ohio. I know there are thousands in the same boat as me, Just wondering if any of these trucks are finally getting transported. Anybody? Marion has a GM stamping plant, so I don't know why it would be there.
  4. I ordered Denali {no Super Cruise} in early January. Built in late May. No sign of it yet. Dealer doesn't know squat.
  5. Which adapter did you buy for your air pump? how's it working out? I've heard issues about some of these.
  6. I did this on a 66 Impala. It had the old filter inside the cannister style. So easy to just drop it and reinstall. So easy to not check if that old gasket got pulled. So sad to see all that fresh oil spew all over hell. Never did it again. Live and learn.
  7. I saw and online link to the owner's manual and it stated both 12v and 120 were there. Obviously wrong.
  8. I get flashed all the time with the Denali. Stock truck not leveled and not towing. I don't think they are overly bright either. Both rows of lights illuminate and I think oncoming drivers see the four lights and automatically think I forgot to dim. With the fogs on, it's worse .
  9. I've got the gurgle with the GM performance exhaust on my 19 Sierra 6.2. It's not overwhelming. I kind of like it.
  10. Looks great! I ordered the same truck. Nice to see the reserve wheels looking so good. That's the best shot I've seen of them.
  11. Wow. Strange that's been omitted. I'm thinking about my tire pump. Thanks for replying.
  12. Where is the 12 volt power plug {cigarette lighter} in these new trucks? I haven't seen any in the videos, only the 120v in the bed and center console.
  13. So accepted for production, and actually starting production are two different entities. Correct? After I was notified on 2/11 that my order was accepted, I haven't heard anything. They said they would keep me updated.
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