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  1. Inspect the sensor and wiring harness for any damage. While you have it out, clean it with some MAF sensor cleaner to see if that will help with the rough idle.
  2. Check GM wholesale websites like Cultrag or GM Direct to get the part new if you can’t find a used one.
  3. I’m trying to chase down a noise and I’m wondering if it’s the starter. When I do my first start of the day, I get a faint metallic scratching noise. It doesn’t even last for a second. The colder it is outside, the louder the noise is. It’s barely noticeable in the 40s, but more noticeable in the 20s and 30s. It doesn’t make the noise any other time you start the truck at any other point in the day. I originally thought it was a loose heat shield and I checked those. The one above the third cat was a little loose so I tightened it up, but that wasn’t it. I know the starters on these trucks aren’t very good. The truck does start perfectly fine and does every time. The truck has just shy of 28,000 miles on it. Has anyone experienced this before or know of any TSBs on this possible issue? Thanks.
  4. Luckily I have the 6L80. The only things I want to do is turn off AFM, increase the idle just enough so if feels it doesn’t idle rough, and get the transmission to shift smoothly. That’s really about it.
  5. Don’t we have to pay to unlock our trucks so we can mess with them? Isn’t that something that started in 2017?
  6. That’s what I figured. I’d like to eventually have my truck tuned once the power train warranty expires in a couple of years.
  7. Can’t AFM be completely turned off as well with a tuner?
  8. Yeah that’s really weird. I just check my radio and it has the option to update over the air. It simply says system update. My radio is update and the patch number is 84546918 just to give you a heads up.
  9. Trucks with the Z71 package have always had stiffer suspension setups from the factory. Usually it gives the truck a harsher ride compared to trucks without it IMO.
  10. Have you tried connecting the radio to a WiFi source? Connect it to your homes router and try to update it over the air that way.
  11. Question for the guys who had their units replaced. Do all of you have the dual climate control unit or has anyone had this issue with the base, single zone climate unit? I have the base unit and all of the lights work, but I'm just curious because this will be something else to keep my eye on if this also affects the unit I have.
  12. When does your rattle pop up? Is it when you first start your truck or after its warmed up?
  13. My truck is also off a couple mpg compared to a manual calculation.
  14. Lots of squarebodies and 88-98 GM trucks where I live. A few older Rams, but that’s about it. You rarely see any older Fords on the road on Delmarva.
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