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  1. The squeeze packs are absolutely worth it. It made the job much easier to do. Whoever thought of that idea is a genius.
  2. I guess I got lucky. My truck was painted in those areas with more than 1 coat.
  3. I don't use them for anything. I put my phone where your sunglasses are in the picture and my pen sits inside the console along my tire pressure gauge, ezpass reader, etc.
  4. I know this post is over two and a half years old, but can you tell me what your set up is for the in box lighting? Did you go with factory stuff and upgrade the bulbs or did you go with aftermarket?
  5. What brand did you go with? I installed Sylvania led bulbs and I haven't had any issues with them in the two years I've had them.
  6. Are you referring to the lines on the gauge or the chrome plastic piece around the gauge?
  7. I enjoy watching PF’s videos. He’s the reason why I went with the endurance blades.
  8. I’m literally going through the same issues you are right now. I’ve bought Michelin blades for years and they were always good until I tried these. I’m switching back to ACDelco blades. I’m just waiting for them in the mail.
  9. Yes, your local dealer will be able to do it, but only if you use factory sized wheels and tires. That is what my local dealer told me.
  10. That’s a good question. I’m not sure either. I’ve looked into other brands, but haven’t decided on which ones to get.
  11. It’s more than likely the leaf springs. They are an issue with this gen. Even if the pads on the springs are replaced, the clunking will come back after a few days. I would assume aftermarket leaf springs would really fix the issue.
  12. Have you tried disconnecting and then reconnecting your battery to see if that fixes the issue?
  13. Okay, thank you for your help. I appreciate it.
  14. I see that there are two options, the signature series and the oe fuel efficient. Which one is the better choice?
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