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  1. What brand did you use? I extracted/refilled 3.5 quarts using Amsoil 1,000 miles ago and even that amount made a difference. My transmission shifts smoother than it did before.
  2. My truck and battery were both assembled in October 2018. My truck currently has a little over 46,000 miles and I'm still on the original battery.
  3. I’d start by looking at your battery and grounds. If the battery is weak or the terminals are corroded, that can cause electrical issues. If the ground behind the front passenger wheel well is dirty or if the ground next to the front left speaker in the dash is touching insulation, they can cause issues too. I’d make sure your grounds are clean, tight and free from any debris.
  4. Check your battery, negative terminal cable and check the ground right behind the front passenger wheel housing. If your battery is old, the cable is damaged or if your ground is dirty/loose, it can cause these issues.
  5. The sooner it gets fixed the better. If not, it will just get worse. If it’s just surface rust, I would have a shop sand the rust away and repaint it.
  6. I was reading that the RC calibrator also changes shift points. Is it a big difference? Does it make the truck more drivable or does it not make a big difference at all?
  7. Finally got the new wheels and tires on my truck today. On a side note, does anyone know of a good speedometer calibrator I could purchase?
  8. The jump seat was standard and the buckets seats and center console was optional.
  9. I should have been more clear about what I did. I extracted 3.5 quarts out of the dipstick tube and put the same amount back in. I didn’t drop the pan this time around. I plan on dropping the pan at 60,000 miles.
  10. I am also in this boat. I drained/refilled 3.5 quarts last weekend at 45,000 miles. I dropped the pan and changed the filter and six quarts at 30,000 miles. I plan on continuing to follow this schedule.
  11. Another maintenance day. Changed the oil and changed 3.5 quarts of transmission fluid.
  12. It could have been tuned for more power by the previous owner.
  13. I would definitely check the grounds and the negative cable to make sure everything is not damaged, clean and on tight.
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