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  1. Auto parts stores rent a tool and get that exact amount back in your pocket the same day.
  2. In this post I should of just said the brackets that came with the truck should be the ones used to mount the new bumper.
  3. You can leave the bracket on but it will be more time consuming. On 1500s if you leave the bracket on youll need to lift the bed as well. So its easy to detach it from the frame side then going through that hassel
  4. Sorry for the confusion got allot going on here. My truck is a 1500. The bumper swapped for was ment for a 2500. There are a total of 5 bolts for each bracket on the bumper side. Two of which are connected to the topside of the bumper. The two green dots at the topside are the ones in question.
  5. Bilstein shocks thread

    Agreed [emoji121]
  6. In your case you don't have to swap the top step, but for it to look aesthetically pleasing you should. If you look at the back of your truck the gaps there now will be a bit more wide with the 1500 top step. Say 1/2 maybe There should not be a difference between the 2500 and 3500. Are the bumpers your dealing with swapping between these two? I was thinking your talking about taking one from a 1500. If not heck it's a direct swap. If i remember correctly once gm trucks go to 2500 the frame is larger and the body mounts are aswell thus making the truck look taller. I think the gap difference is due to the taller body mounts used on the 2500s The tailgate hits the top step but I think I can heat and put a curve in that part out of the way. If your swapping bumpers from a 1500 to 2500 or 2500 to 3500 you Don't have any worries about the tail gate hitting anything you'll have enough gap for sure. Yep I bought it cash brand new. I know a guy who buys a shipping container full brand new. Cost $300 You shouldn't have any issues. To make things really simple. Remove all eletrical, hitch and spare tire deal from the bumper. Have an extra set of hands avalible. Remove the bolts that hold the bracket to the frame. Remove the bumper. It will be eaisier this way vs just the bumper itself as there are (2) bolts You may need to get to under the step, but a box wrench will reach no prob once the bumper is off. Looking forward to hearing how this works out for ya man!
  7. Bilstein shocks thread

    Its a breeze if you take the ranchos out and take both sets of struts to a shop and have them swap springs. That makes it a cake walk. Hardest part might be getting the strut back over the lca. I used a small jack and a 2x4 to lift it up to tje lca then slid it over.
  8. Got lost in the convo earlier. Since your swaping a 1500 on your 3500 you will have a more noticeable gap here is what your up against. Little squeeze clips that really make having a second set of hands and a few vise grips necessary.the white paint spots are the clipps that broke off in frustration. Patience is key. Also working in the grass or on carpet if possible will save scratches on your bumper. Was gonna sell mine as it was mint. Body shop messed it up real good.
  9. Ok here we go. 1. Green dots are bumper bracket mounting locations. 2. White dots are bolt to frame locations while white lines are meant to show the differences in location. The 25/3500 brackets are set to lower the bumper by the looks as the bolt to frame locations are 3/4- 1 inch higher on the bracket. 3. Shows theres like zero gap. I forget if this was with the gate cracked open er still closed. 4. Passenger side corner bedside gap. 5. Driver's side corner bedside gap. 6. Just showes the bracket in place were it would mount.
  10. Np man. Likewise with DIY stuff here. Give me a few to get things sorted and I'll get the pics. In your situation you shouldnt have to swap the top step plastic because youl have plenty room. Only thing is the gap between the top bumper plastic n tailgate will be wider then normal and the corner gaps at the bedsides will be more noticeable.
  11. Only thing that really takes time is swapping the top step. That plastic has a ton of squeeze clips. If a guy had a hand full of mini vise grips or clamps it would be much smoother tho. Besides op already stated he wanted to save funds and do it himself. Kinda cool to see someone do it themself instead of a shop on this forum. Bring back the DIY days![emoji38]
  12. If you'd like I could put together some pics pointing out the differences. I still have my old 1500 rear bumper and the 2500 mounting brackets. Could also take pics of the bumper swapped on to my truck.

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