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  1. Waiste of time. GM has had paint peeling issues since the 90s. May as well call it done.
  2. Start with replacing the ignition coil and plug wire for #5. That should get your issue solved.
  3. With the ac off, system in vacuum you are charging liquid via inverted can. Charge it through the high side to spec and enjoy the ac.
  4. I always fill the condenser first so it does not slug the compressor with liquid. Also allows you to fill the condenser with liquid and charge quicker.
  5. You need a different and better shop. Sounds like your getting the run around.
  6. Hey guys I have an update. After I had my transmission rebuilt the fans no longer run full blast non stop. It's been a few weeks or so now. I changed the t stat and repaired my ac. Nether of those had an affect on the fans running. Transmission temps never got past the norm. Pump failed due to the tq convertor.
  7. Sounds like a sprag issue. https://ls1tech.com/forums/automatic-transmission/1729963-4l60e-shifts-manually-but-not-automatically.html
  8. Cam is spot on. Side note once you get your o2 sensor issue squared away try a different exhaust setup and scrap the drone pipe. It is in the wrong place anyhow. It is supposed to be more over the axle.
  9. Ah yep just what I thought. Do you have Flowmasters? Those pipes help cancel 2k up drone, by way of sound deadening those frequencies. Old trick. Likely not the cause of your issue. Do you have headers?
  10. Pics of said drone pipes? That name can be a few different things.
  11. A scanner of sorts will tell you what cylinder is miss firing while it is. Also you can just sand the plug connections of the coils and apply dielectric grease. Make sure you twist (left to right) the connectors back on to remove the trapped air so they do not push back off the connectors.
  12. That's a good unit if a guy wanted to do a 2way up front. Not bad at all. I wish it had options to make adjustments for 2more speakers so an active 3 way up front could be done. I really like the look of it though.
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