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  1. The irony of this go green electric bs. BRO....
  2. Badazz truck dude! I did not know the center console would fit in a wt. I'll be doing the same.
  3. A misfire will also go away in tow mode. Been there. The light load on the engine helps. I would not drive it the way it is.
  4. Now we're talking! Do you know where I can find more pics of these setups?
  5. Hey man thanks for posting in regards. I found fiberworks and those do look like what I saw, but man those RK look a ton better! Seriously. And if I read correctly I will be able to fit 35 on 12 wides with a 4" lift! Thank you for your time.
  6. Iirc I cut the bet off the ac compressor when mine locked up recently. It's on its own belt if 5.3 v8. Likely the belt needs to be replaced or needs more tension.
  7. That 3" is the issue. The angles are off too much. I replaced with moog. Mine is leveled top notch on billys. No issues here.
  8. I gotta say. That's one sexy azz truck man. Lol thumbs up
  9. Man that looks nice dude! So is there some bumper bracket or something? Here is what I am looking to do. 325/50/22 on 22x10 or 12. Sorta like what's in the pic. This is right about the same profile I have now with the 20x10 and 305/55 No real wheelin off road here. If get a dirt bike or a couple quads for that. Just some off road fishing holes that may have some need for 4 wheel drive. Sure can't go spending big money to go tear it up lol.. I like my wheels tucked man. To me a 6" lift should fit 37s and at least 10 wides. Not sure if thats even a thing, but it would fill in the wells a bit more to my liking.
  10. Gotcha. Just figured I'd ask for the lurkers. I'm still gonna go 22s and 35s at some point. Likely the next set of tires I'll step up. I just can not find any solid pics of a 1" body lift of my year. 4" lift is what I settled on.
  11. Another note if one wants to go pvc pods. Inslate them. Foil facing out, and inner line them with a blue shop towel. Cheap and stupid effective. I have extras if anyone wants a couple. Sound is night and day vs non insulated. I tried both ways and the left sounds the best and more natural.
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