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  1. Hell I better get me a 6.2 and get ready to swap the way ish is going now that kit will be $3k by end of this year lmao! Anyone with a money tree wanna let me prune a couple grand? I promise to post where the money gets planted I can't say it will grow anything tho lol
  2. It may be a possibility. But I don't know about the whole somebody else's phone being on your Bluetooth set up now is just crazy. Now you got me worried for you
  3. Sounds like someone programmed a key to come back and drive off with your truck. I would go with an aftermarket alarm. GPS included.
  4. Agreed man. That is the most sensible legit thing to do. Unless a person just has a money tree growing. Where they do that at???
  5. Yeah man I see this type of thread popup way too often. It's always the same. Dealer is working with me on the cost. 5k later.... they are back passed like [email protected]##$ I smh when I read this and think if I had this issue why go back to the same parts that failed
  6. Ask yourself. Do I love this truck enough to put more money into it and keep it for the long haul? That us what you should do. Asking for others opinions can lead you to more money out of pocket and resentment if you do not like the truck and end up having more issues down the road. I say if you like the Truck and want to keep it. Have a shop install a dog delete kit from Brian tooley racing and a decent cam to match. Then have the truck programed. Then you can live worry free while driving and know this will not be an issue again.
  7. Snowcamo


    Say bud where you buying gas for $4.50? I PAID $4.69 Today! Miss that Trump. But he told everyone.
  8. They are as well but the pre 17 starters are known POS. Sadly we can not expect much from GM.
  9. Glad you got it swapped and firing up a lot better.
  10. Honest feed back here. Spend your dollars elsewhere. Do not give gm a dime for a used motor no matter what they tel you the deal is. Find a local shop and have them look it over and see if they can make repairs or build it better.
  11. You need the new version of the starter. The old has the very same symptoms. The new version of the starter. Problem solved.
  12. Got that Zapco DSP running! All I can do is smile. Man clarity is on point low, mids and highs factory is a mud pit compared to this. A pic of the dash speakers setup. Still messing around with this. Next up is insulating the doors with 1/2 arrmaflex sheets and ductwork insulation.
  13. Here the review is. It is a good watch if someone e without bose wants to use the pac
  14. Rock on man. The issues noted are with the factory non bose systems. I can look for the review on line that lays out the mild issue. Iirc. It wasn't too bad unless a guy is going after sound quality
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