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  1. Since your gonna sell it. Just purchase the afm lifters and associated gaskets to make the repair. A cam would be a good idea. Should be around 4-600 bucks. Them find a shade tree mech to make the swap for 600 bucks. You'll get your money back with thus ridiculous used market. Finally post it for sale less the info on swapped lifters and possibly cam
  2. The original starter failed. Knocked teeth out of the flywheel and a new starter should not start the same. If this is the case.
  3. Blue smoke is oil burning iirc. You should be able to tell on the dipstick at some point. White is water and black is gas.
  4. Grumpy this is only the beginning my good man. Ish is going to hit the fan due to Falseys bull. Its gonna get bad and no one will like what happens next. Nothing but lies are being told. There is about to be a mass walkout of police, hospital staff and soldiers. Food shortages are on the way and no one forsees this.
  5. My double cab 14 same basic setup had a diff wiring harness the upper level trucks. Mone of the wiring was there and i had to use the old harness for the seat belt or something. Iirc someone makes a harness for the swap. Maybe harnessdoctor.com
  6. Fob code stays the same. The truck alarm gets programed to the fob.
  7. Alternator, water pump, vacuum pump. A mechanics stethoscope will help narrow it down. Harbor freight or auto parts stores sell them cheap. And check the belts
  8. Nor cal. Maybe take it somewhere else to check that shops alignment? Does it drive straight if you let go of the wheel? Loaded question as most roads are slanted to keep the vehicle from going into oncoming traffic for various reasons. Maybe try in a parking lot.
  9. Hey any how to on this? I have an extra phone and would like to try this. Thanks.
  10. Take your truck in to a repair shop if you do not think you can find the source. No need in risking it falling apart on you while driving.
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