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  1. thanks for the input. yeah, I've had it changed twice still same problem. I love the truck and honestly don't want to get rid of it but I'm reminded about once a week when it slams into first gear and scares the hell out of you that this just can't last forever. I was curious about the 10 speeds. Didn't know if they would gear hunt constantly because the dealership has tried to tell me that due to having bigger tires, nothing outrageous that is why mine shifts like it does. But we all know that's simply not true.
  2. I currently have a 2019 RST which suffers badly from the poorly designed transmission that slams into gear and shifts clunky at all times. I have had in the shop since 3 times since it was new, and nothing ever seems to get resolved. Much like everyone else who has posted on here about it. So out of fear of something seriously going wrong I can't help but be in the market at all times for a new vehicle. I told myself i was not going with another chevy considering my 2014 suffered from something very similar but i worry that if i went the GMC route could they as well have similar issues. I can't seem to find any post on the GMCs like i can the Chevy's so for all the GMC owners of 2019s and above have you had any issues with transmissions or any other qwerks that you know of. I've had my eye on some of these AT4s but just can't commit due to feeling like they are built by basically the same people. While I'm at it would be curious what engine everyone feels the most solid. My goal was looking for a 6.2 but a buddy of mine swears by this new diesel. Thanks.
  3. I have a 2019 rst/z71 with 30k miles on it with this very same issue and I've had it at the dealership twice with no real resolution. I've always had the weird hesitation when going from 1st to 2nd after starting, but around 15k miles the truck started slipping in just about every gear. I could be going 50mph and all the sudden i would experience it to just start jerking trying to shift gears. Dealership said it was due to not having the correct transmission fluid and they flushed and replaced with a mobile 1 synthetic. There is actually a TSB on this for the 2018-2020 models. That seemed to help with the over all slipping but did not with the low gears. Around 28K I started feeling this weird subtle hesitation when i would ride around 35-40mph. So i took it back to the dealership 2 weeks ago to address the low gear hesitation and this new issue. I just got it back today and after having it two weeks i basically got the same story everyone else is getting except they blamed my 35" tires for the 40mph issue saying that it was gear hunting due to weight of the tires and the gear ratio is not setup for that. Even though they have been on the truck since the day it left the dealership. Then he said the 1st to 2nd slam when i first drive it is something called "Dry Clutching". Says that the top half of the clutch has been sitting out of the fluid for an extended time and after a few shifts it gets coated again and that's why it seems to go away after driving a few miles. I tried to reproduce it for the shop manager, but of course it didn't happen when he was in the truck with me. SMH.. So i guess im just going to have to swallow this BS pill considering it seems almost every single owner of these year model trucks has this issue. By the way i did purchase the pulsar LT tuner and turned off DFM, auto start and updated my tire size and the slipping still happens. The tuner has a throttle response feature which is useless for this truck because it just amplifies the hesitation.
  4. Around 15K I had the transmission issue with it slipping and the dealership replaced the fluid with the mobile 1 which seem to resolve it enough that i could live with. The transmissions still clunks into first when down shifting but whatever. Well now at 30K I have something similar going on, but seems just slightly different. When I'm cruising around 35-40 it almost feels like the truck is braking or downshifting and then speeding up, but enough everyone in the truck can feel it. At first i was thinking it was the DFM kicking in and its opening and closing valves so i bought a pulsar box ( i needed it for tires and autostop/start as well) and disabled the dfm, but it still does this weird shimmy. I know that doesnt necessarily still mean its not dfm but... still. This may sound crazy, but its much worse when its really hot outside and the truck has been sitting for bit. This morning it was cloudy and about 80 degrees. Didn't notice it too bad when i left, but this afternoon it was about 95 (truck had been sitting in the sun for several hours) and when i went to leave even the passenger was thinking i was about to run out of gas once we leveled out around 40. After stopping and going a few times it settles down enough that its back to just being very subtle, but still noticeable. Is anyone else experiencing something similar? Is it DFM, Torque converter, transmission or just something i will have to trade out to resolve. I appreciate any answers that are offered up because i really, really don't want to get rid of this truck.
  5. Muffling it just a little, but would help my sanity. Did you have to order this from the dealership or is it something I might can find on amazon?
  6. I know this is an older post but i was wondering if you were ever able to get it resolved? I took my 2019 in today due to hearing this constant white noise type buzzing coming from under the dash near the glove box. They also told me it was "normal" because they had another vehicle doing the same thing and they replaced the AC unit and it did not stop. It drives me insane when I'm driving because I cant unhear it now.
  7. Has anyone on here installed the pulsar LT control module that was recently release? Curious how easy it is to install and how it might compare to one of the Range DFM disablers? I can find all sorts of videos and reviews on the range module, but this product doesn't seem to have any traction yet.
  8. I know when you start getting into lifting trucks some sacrifices have to made but I really like the stock wheels and the tires size that is on them. A friend of mine with the same lift just got 1/2" spacers and they seem to be working. Installer said he had just enough thread for them to feel comfortable about putting them on. I worry though. Last think i want is wheel to come flying off. haha. Other than the occasional rubbing on the tire is there any real harm being done to the truck by letting it rub? I am damned if i do or damned if don't in this situation?
  9. I just purchased a 2019 RST that came with a 4" readylift, 1/4" spacers, 295/65/r20 toyos on the stock rims already installed. I noticed recently that it looks like my upper control arms are being rubbed by the tires either when i go full lock or maybe when I hit bumps. I was wondering if anyone has installed the 1/2" spacer on this type of setup and had any troubles.
  10. I noticed today that the inside of my front 295/65/20 tires appear to show some signs of rubbing the upper control arms. its not bad, but you can see where the tire is shiny looking on the inside. I'm guessing this is happening when I'm at full lock. Is this anything to be concerned about other than now knowing to not make a complete locked turn?
  11. After installing the 4" kit did anyone have to adjust their headlights? I bought my RST with the Ready Lift already on it just a few weeks ago and so far have only driven at night once and i bet i got flashed 10 times in that short drive. If anyone did adjust was it just as simple as turning the screw or is there much more to it? Thanks. Quick update: Adjusted my lights down about 2 inches and that seems to have solved everyone flashing lights at me.
  12. Thanks!! I will take a look at that immediately. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Something that is about to drive me insane is the plastic area by the rear view mirror where the lights and sunglasses are. Mine has a constant rattle and its really bugging me out while I'm driving. Now that I know its there even if I have the radio turned all the way up I swear I can still hear it. Ha. I have got to figure out how to make it stop!
  14. Thanks! I will take a look at those two. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I ordered the Collinite yesterday. Do you have a particular brand/type of sealant you recommend?
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