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  1. This is why I got rid of my power wagon. Now when i tow my enclosed trailer with my 3.0 Duramax I am getting 14mpg instead of 7mpg. But I still want a bigger tank
  2. I have the x4s on my 21 AT4 short bed. I am currently on my 3rd cover since may, the first 2 came apart at the seams. So far truck hero has replaced them no problem. They swear the problem in manufacturing has been corrected
  3. no they rub .turning right the pass side tire rubs pretty good. trying to figure out a solution
  4. yes the front passenger tire rubs when i turn into my driveway,i did some trimming but it still rubs. 18x9 0 offset.ican live with it
  5. got some wheels and tires for my new sierra at4 Falken 275/70/18 barely fit alittle trimming icon rebound 18 in 0 offset red brake caliber covers i am very happy but not done
  6. Just traded a 19 power wagon for a 3.0 at4. I use my truck like a truck I tow and haul. I was averaging 12mpg with the pw so far with duramax i am averaging 23.2. it only has 2300 mile .IF you don't care about gas mileage then you can pay for mine also
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