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  1. Same boat almost exactly as my 2020 AT4 was built in Mexico on 9/23 and is a Virto M-354 and no leaks as of yet.... bought in November and have just over 4,000 miles
  2. My 2020 AT4 has a loud blower motor, anyone else have this? Wondering if it a bad motor fan or just normal for these trucks. thanks in advance... Marc
  3. Great idea! Might have to look into this... I’d be interested in a write up too. Also, CT truck here as well...
  4. Great pic, could you upload the full size image? You can totally see all the design flaws in this, just crazy.
  5. I still think it’s more that top plastic piece that looks beefier like mine... only time will tell if that was GMC’s “fix” for the cracking
  6. My E9 is the same wider and differently shaped design... maybe it is a fix to the frame? Just because the window is an E9 doesn’t mean the frame is the same.
  7. No, mine is a slider and built in 9/19 and has the same code...
  8. Part number of your “new” window?
  9. Yeah, those are the GM off-road steps... I have them on my 2020 AT4 as well, came with my truck
  10. Exactly... such a ridiculous statement that someone regrets owning a certain “brand” because of an issue... news flash, EVERY car company has issues... between mechanical issues and all these computer related things on vehicles now, it’s inevitable. My biggest problem I’m reading on this forum is how these mechanics are handling the fixes and how they flat out beat the crap out of the panels and paint while “fixing” a very expensive truck. Have some pride in your work...
  11. Bought in November of 2019, build date was September of 2019 in Mexico and mine isn’t leaking and I do check every time it rains
  12. It would be great to have a compiled list of build dates and plants and even which truck/cab size that each one is.
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