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  1. Fresh wash today... and unfortunately noticed I’ve got a huge nick in the black chrome coating on my fog light bezel... ugh....
  2. Was just gonna ask the same thing... those are niiiiice!
  3. Thanks! Those are the ones I went with... bought two sets for less than one set from GM. I see the “defect” that these have and that won’t be a problem to easily fix before installing.
  4. What is everyone using for tie downs in the bed? There are 9 plugged holes that tie downs can fit into but GMC wants $105 for 4 friggin’ tie downs. I’d need at least 8 so my cargo net can cover the entire bed and keep things from flying out. The 12 that are built in aren’t enough for the net. thanks in advance....
  5. Did some plastidipping and added b&w American flag to the front GMC and added grip tape to the side steps...
  6. Finally got around to putting the black and white American flag gel coated decals on. Wasn’t raining today so I slapped them on. I like em’... if you end up plasti dipping and then putting these on like I did you should know that they actually cover the little gap from the red to the chrome.... so if you end up not liking the plasti then when you peel it it will take off the decal.
  7. The grip tape is on the steps themselves.... I used a red vinyl used in wrapping cars for the Sierra part underneath.
  8. The grip tape is on the steps themselves.... I used a red vinyl used in wrapping cars for the Sierra part underneath.
  9. Ahhh crap, just went over the entire thread between us... I posted the wrong link.... the jumper I got was this one... I fixed the previous link https://boostautoparts.com/products/1999-2020-gm-auto-fogs-mod
  10. No, you’re still confused... this mod is for having the fog lights on every time the lights are on. And they stay on when the high beams go on with auto high beams.
  11. I believe so, but to be honest I’d have to check next time I’m driving at night. Never really payed attention to the dash lights because I have heads up display so no need really lol. Before you ask, yes I do know that the lights work as stated... fogs are always on when the headlights are on and stay on when the auto high beams activate. You should watch the videos on the Boost site that I posted... they have great info on this easy little mod.
  12. That setup allows for auto high beams... I wouldn’t have done it if it didn’t.
  13. No problem... cheap and very easy 10 minutes. https://boostautoparts.com/products/1999-2020-gm-auto-fogs-mod Let me know if the link doesn’t work...
  14. Quarantined means, work on the truck, lol... Installed: Auto Stop Eliminator - sooooo worth the money! Jumper to allow the fog lights on with the headlights - that was really bothering me. Blackened all the badging - still have to do the front but I ordered black and white gel coated American Flag emblems to cover the red, so waiting on that to arrive. (See pics of other emblems) Installed grip tape on the awesome off-road side steps. (See pics)
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