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  1. Thanks! That’s exactly what I wanted to know.. appreciate it
  2. I know this is me being super anal and trying to keep a truck as new looking as possible for as long as possible but anyone bedline the plastic panel on the inner tailgate? I think it wasn’t done by GMC because of the multi-tailgate and weight or something? Thx Marc
  3. When it warms, I will be plastidipping mine as well. Especially that Sierra on the tailgate!
  4. Oh absolutely, that’s why I wrote this post... was hoping it wasn’t just me lol
  5. Feel the same thing. That’s why I said sports feel smoother... I can feel all that you’re saying in just a week using normal....
  6. Has anyone seen any differences between the “normal” setting vs. the “sport”? Started out in sport when I bought mine a month ago and have been driving in normal the past week. Gotta say, in my opinion, I like sport better... to me it seems smoother, especially in the low end and more responsive. I think I’m going to change back tomorrow morning. Haven’t seen a difference in mpg though, anyone else? curious on thoughts.... thx
  7. Absolutely! Just purchased my AT4 less than a month ago and the dealership had only 2 on the lot and had around 8 Denali's. I asked them that very question and they said that the AT4 is the wanted ones and the Denali's are just sitting on lots....
  8. Just picked up everything I need... will probably make this tomorrow, pics soon... thanks again for this great/cheap idea!
  9. Living in the Northeast can be a P.I.T.A in the winter time. I live on a very steep hill and this morning after a small 6" of snow I decided to try the Hill Decent button and gotta say.... VERY nice little feature. Truck only got to around 5 miles an hour or so and crawled down my hill nicely.... Marc
  10. Solutions work, thanks for the idea
  11. I've been looking for two months, because I knew what I was buying, and this has been the one for me with all the forums I've visited checking all the different options.... Good luck with yours!
  12. Thanks... yeah, I'm looking at the MX4 but with Christmas around the corner and me just buying the truck 3 weeks ago... it's not happening unfortunately... After talking with them though this is how it breaks down... Typing FRIDAY as the code.... $106 discount $100 rebate after you order $30 Tax credit as not charged tax....
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