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  1. LOVE the look! I so want to black out my AT4... The Sierra on the tail, all 3 AT4 badges and the tips... Need to use some gift cards I guess as everything seems to be $100 each. lol... For the tips though I think I am going to remove the factory ones and just plasti dip them...
  2. That is a pretty awesome site! I clicked on GMC 2020 just to see the site and my exact AT4, including the Dark Sky Metallic color popped up... lol.. sweet
  3. This is HIGH on my list! Where did you get them and how much? Was looking at the tailgate Sierra yesterday.... I’m a hater of chrome and want it all gone lol
  4. CT here... I know this feeling all too well. I just put a coating on it, aerolon, which seals the paint, rubber, glass, etc. there was a warm spit where I could wash the salt off and put this coating on. A little peace of mind for me through the winter... I just have to apply it every 5 months or so. When the winter is over I’ll power wash the undercarriage as well...
  5. It's about being REALLY heard, LOL
  6. LOVE my 2020 AT4 with 6.2L and 10 Speed. Knock on wood, haven't had any of the issues you're reading in this thread. Remember though, forums like this is where people go to complain about things on these trucks..... doesn't mean they all have these issues.... there's always a bad lemon in a bunch
  7. Holy hell, nice setup... but I'm not looking to spend that kinda coin. Maybe putting train horn in wasn't a great idea on my part. I would just like a louder, beefier horn that the one that's factory.
  8. Anyone replace this wimpy horn in our Sierra’s with a train horn? Curious what’s good and would love pics of your install...
  9. That's awesome, THANKS! Now I wonder if taping into another wire will make them work with the regular lights instead of just being highs... hmmmmm... lol
  10. To each their own... Just bout a 2020 AT4 last November at absolutely LOVE this truck, especially the front grill and how it looks. All I have gotten are comments of how great looking my truck is. To each their own...
  11. Same here! Those lights could be very useful in many situations while driving or even when locking and unlocking your doors. You shouldn’t have to push the button to get them to come on
  12. Nice explanation! Do you have a write up somewhere on this site I can see how you jumped it to get them to come on with the low beams? I too drive a lot of unlit roads in CT and I’d like all the light I can get as well....
  13. With mine, if I have the fogs on, it disables the auto high beams
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