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  1. Do those fit on the Sierra with no rubbing or trimming? Have been looking at these too. Thanks!
  2. We have a bit of a different situation because I have many more days in the shop and a more obvious diagnosed problem (might be fixed, but things keep popping up with this truck). I totally feel for your situation, though. I was actually planning to do some mods on my truck too, but the problems started so early that I never had a chance to do any of them. Once you sink that much time and money into a vehicle, it's definitely harder to get away from it. I think there is a chance they have to reimburse you for add-ons to the truck (possibly if they were added within a certain timeframe from when you bought the vehicle), so check into that if you end up qualifying for lemon law buy back. That probably varies by state. At this point, I'm really hesitant to add anything or make changes because I don't want to throw money away on a truck that won't last or I will need to return / trade-in soon. So I'm basically in this holding pattern and feeling almost like it's a leased truck because I don't want to do anything to really "make it mine" due to the reliability. I think I'll wait until I hear about an offer to decide what to do. I don't think I'm going to keep this truck long term, but I'm not sure if it makes sense to keep it until 2022 models arrive if I can get a good settlement. The issue with settlement I think is my truck has probably depreciated so much just because of the high initial cost, repair history, and a couple dealer add-ons (basically I paid a lot), it will have to be a big settlement to get to the point where it's equal to a buy back / refund. I'm not sure how big GM goes on the settlements. The other thing that makes me nervous about the cash settlement is what happens if it continues to have problems? I'll be under warranty still, but there is no way to just get away from the truck at that point (besides sell / trade-in assuming it can be repaired adequately).
  3. How many days have you had in the shop at this point? Seems they are really dragging their feet making you wait so many months. I’m hoping to hear from GM in next couple weeks about mine. Are you hoping for the cash settlement because you think it can be fixed and you’ll pocket the money or you will use the cash to make up lost value and get a new truck? I’m just not sure they will settle with enough cash to get me into a new truck compared to doing a full refund / lemon law buy back. I did see someone got $15k for a leaking window on the long window leak thread.
  4. Any update on your case? Mine is up to about 60 days out of service over 5 visits to the shop. Engine did end up being replaced. Have already been back to the shop again since then for another repair. I'm headed in the same direction that you are, probably a few weeks behind you. Wondering if you will end up with a buy back or settlement. Hope it is working out well for you. What a headache.
  5. Sorry for confusion. Current truck is inside valve spring dates (confirmed valve spring engine failure). For replacement, would be sure to find one outside time frame. Truck is, of course, under warranty. Lemon laws vary by state, and I'm not a lawyer. The options available depend on a lot of factors, which depend on the state and the repair history of a specific vehicle.
  6. Yes, not sure when you bought yours but I think in October they started idling all the 6.2L at 3000rpm for 4 hours or something before selling them. If they don’t break during that test, apparently they are thought to be safe from the issue. I would almost want to replace my valve springs proactively if my truck fell in that range, just for peace of mind. Easy for me to say now.
  7. Thanks for all the responses. This is basically how I feel about the trucks. I like the relatively understated (outdated?) interior compared to the overdone (IMO) Ram interior styling. Like the column shifter. Love the exterior styling more than any other truck by far. Love the 6.2 w 10 speed powertrain (when it was running). Only major flaw is I wish it had a bigger gas tank. Basically for all the reasons I bought a 2020, I should probably just get a new 2021. Then I think of all these headaches I’ve had with the electronics and then the engine and I have to think twice. But then, sometimes one just gets unlucky. Hopefully next time I’ll get a good one!
  8. I’m trying to decide what to do next. Bought a Sierra 1500 6.2L in September 2020, catastrophic engine failure due to broken valve spring with less than 500 miles on odometer. Spent more than 2 months in the shop. Had already had some electrical issues prior to the engine failure, so overall 4-5 trips into the shop. I previously owned a 2017 with the 6.2L and had no issues. This new truck has just been a terrible experience, in general. As much as I feel soured on the GM experience right now, I know lemons happen to all manufacturers. Besides buying a Toyota, I’m not sure any manufacturer is dramatically more reliable than GM. I’m thinking about getting a 2021 AT4 with 6.2 to replace my current truck (outside of the dates of the valve spring problem, of course). I just can’t deal with another issue like this one right now. Every time my truck goes into the shop, I’m stuck with a compact sedan or crossover SUV. I need a truck for spring and summer, camping and towing. How many of you with the 6.2L, especially AT4 are loving the truck and not having any issues? Would you buy your truck again? I just seem to read about more and more issues everywhere I look now, but I have a feeling it’s because I’ve been looking for info about my problems. Thanks for the help!
  9. Yeah, that’s definitely a concern is let’s say the truck does happen to work correctly after all this (maybe, maybe not). There is a lot of value now lost on the truck because when I want to get a new vehicle in the future, nobody is going to give me market value for this particular truck. It’s either a lemon or very lemon-like. Someone has to eat that depreciation compared to a normal truck. It’s either me, the dealership, or GM. So I’m not sure who it will be at this point. But I think if I keep the truck with just an extended warranty, I am super upside down after the additional depreciation.
  10. Yeah that’s kind of how I’m feeling now. Brand new truck, electrical issues, needs a new engine, they can’t even say what’s wrong, been in the shop almost as many days as I’ve been able to drive it—seems fair to just start over with a new truck. Offering an extended warranty doesn’t seem like much at all.
  11. Have you decided what to do yet? I’m in a similar situation. 2020 Sierra Denali, $65k+ a couple months ago, less than 1k miles, electrical problems and now engine is destroyed, needs to be replaced. A month in the shop. They are suggesting an extended warranty but that doesn’t seem like enough for the loss of value and reliability concerns. BBB hotline seems like a disaster. Not sure if working with GM directly smarter or just get a lemon law attorney and let them handle it.
  12. Bought this 2020 Sierra with the 6.2L in October. Had some electrical issues with cameras and display malfunction that was repaired earlier. 4 weeks ago I was driving and truck had some vibrations and suddenly broke down. Towed into the dealership service department and didn’t hear anything until this week. The engine is seized up, coolant in the oil when they drained it. They are saying they need to tear down the engine and diagnose it and then probably replace it along with an extended warranty. I’m trying to wrap my head around a truck with 500 miles already having electrical issues now followed by the engine being destroyed within 2 months. I love the look of the truck and the powertrain, but I’m not sure I can confidently take my kids into the mountains away from cell phone coverage while towing a trailer based on this experience so far. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Did GM rebuild or replace the engine and give you an extended warranty? Did they offer to swap you for a new truck? Did they offer to refund the purchase? The truck has basically been in the shop half the time I’ve owned it at this point, not sure how long it takes to replace an engine. What a bummer. Thanks for any help / advice.
  13. I think this is what I’m leaning toward now, thanks for the advice. Are most level kits created equal? I saw one by suspension maxx which came with the rear blocks as well. Any company that is specifically good for a truck with adaptive ride control suspension?
  14. What I really want is room to add some more rubber compared to the low profile 275/50/r22 that come factory with my truck. I don’t want to level it because I’m going to tow 5k-6k lbs regularly so I want to keep the factory rake so my headlights aren’t pointing up when towing. Do most lift kits also level?
  15. I like yours a lot. So for the 4” BDS lift you have to cut the front cross member?
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