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  1. I think this is what I’m leaning toward now, thanks for the advice. Are most level kits created equal? I saw one by suspension maxx which came with the rear blocks as well. Any company that is specifically good for a truck with adaptive ride control suspension?
  2. What I really want is room to add some more rubber compared to the low profile 275/50/r22 that come factory with my truck. I don’t want to level it because I’m going to tow 5k-6k lbs regularly so I want to keep the factory rake so my headlights aren’t pointing up when towing. Do most lift kits also level?
  3. I like yours a lot. So for the 4” BDS lift you have to cut the front cross member?
  4. Cost not a major factor. Is BDS the best way to go if price not an issue? Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, wondering if there is a good lift kit that is compatible with the Denali Adaptive Ride Control suspension? Looking for 2-3” and enough room for a slightly larger tire. I see there is a 2” lift from GM that keeps the factory warranty, but it seems it is not compatible with ARC on the Denali? Thanks!
  6. I have seen another thread with this reported, but not sure if it is still occurring frequently or if anyone has a fix for it. This truck has the 8” display and Bose system. About 50% of the time, I turn it on and the audio works fine. The other 50% of the time, I turn it on and there is no audio. No music, no radio, no Bluetooth, no door chimes. The audio never turns on and off during a ride. It either functions normally for the entire ride or it has no sound for the entire ride—nothing in between. I tried resetting to factory settings but didn’t seem to help. I searched for an over the air update, but nothing new available. I’ll be taking it to service soon. I’m really hoping this doesn’t turn into a long term problem. Anybody had a similar problem and hopefully know of a fix? Thanks!
  7. GMC Sierra 1500 Denali CarbonPro MSRP 71,700 -4,200 first responder discount -6,000 rebate -750 FCA conquest rebate Total 60,750 (10,950 off MSRP / 15.2% off) Inventory very low, they weren’t willing to negotiate much other than rebates (told me it would be MSRP minus rebates until I mentioned first responder as in they aren’t doing any additional dealer discounts). Love the truck.
  8. That’s awesome. Payload matters to me because need to make sure I can fit enough passengers and have enough payload for a small trailer but I don’t need as much payload or trailering as you have with that max trailering package. Was following this on the Ram forum and there are a lot of guys with loaded 1500 trucks coming in at 1000-1100 payload because they didn’t consider that when choosing options. It’s crazy. I need about 1450 or so to be comfortable. Ram actually makes it really easy to find VIN specific payload and towing info online but doesn’t have the nice stickers on the side with trailer capacity like GM has. Hopefully GM will set up an online database and then have best of both worlds in the future.
  9. One more thing, the GVWR of the CC short box 3.0 diesel is 7200 lbs compared to GVWR of CC short box 6.2L of 7100 lbs (non-max trailering model). So if the 3.0 diesel is about 260 lbs heavier than base and the 6.2L is about 85 lbs heavier than base, the 6.2L should have about 75-80lb more payload in an identical truck based on the 175 lbs higher weight of the diesel but 100 lbs higher GVWR of the diesel model.
  10. That’s a major help, appreciate you looking that up. Had trouble navigating the site you linked on my phone so will check it out on PC later. Ram has a site you can input the VIN of any truck and get the VIN specific payload and towing numbers but GM makes it a little bit harder on us if we don’t have the truck right in front of us! I should add I just realized the truck I pulled the payload sticker off was a standard box Denali 3.0 diesel (they had the exact same truck in short box that I had been looking at but when I went back to check the payload sticker i checked the standard box one. So 1348 lb payload is for Denali ultimate package standard box with diesel. Short box must be closer to 1400.
  11. You are saying the difference was that the 6.2L had 144 lbs MORE payload than the 3.0L diesel in an identically spec’d truck? I am wondering if the diesel Powertrain weighs that much more. And yes, that definitely helps, they didn’t have any gas Denalis and the next nearest dealership is 100 miles.
  12. Hi everyone, I’m wondering if anyone can help me with the payload sticker on a 2020 Sierra Denali with ultimate package and tech package, short box and 6.2L. I’m thinking of buying one but there are none on the lot here. There was a 3.0 diesel Denali Ultimate that only had payload of 1350 so I am hoping the 6.2L has a little more. Thanks to anyone who can help!
  13. Thanks for the help, that was exactly what I needed to know. You really have to hold the button down for awhile before it turns off.
  14. Is it possible to turn off the auto Tri-mode power steps such that they don't automatically extend when you turn off the truck and open the door? Want to try out exiting the truck without the steps as they sometimes just get in the way. I know you can leave them extended after shutting the door, but haven't found the option to make them stay retracted. Thanks for any insight.
  15. Thanks for the input. I think I'm going to look into having it done. I'm being quoted around $1200 for the Opti-coat pro + which is 7 years warranty and includes paint correction. Despite the fact my truck is less than a month old, it actually had a few scratches on it after they detailed it at the dealership (noticed them right after I got home of course) and the detailer showed me 2 places the truck was repainted after it left the factory because there is a small amount of dirt in the paint (apparently this happens 50-60% of the time according to him) probably due to damage in transit. In any case, it's going to be $1200 total for the Opti-coat pro +, the rim ceramic treatment, and the glass product for all the windows.
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