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  1. RETRAXONE MX. Easy to install, lockable . Does use some bed space.
  2. Use a left hand drill bit, large enough so the point tip just fits in the hole , smaller than the tread diameter . use a slow speed 1/2 " drill in reverse mode with a lot of downward pressure . Make the bit "catch" and don't allow the drill to twist out of your grip. The bolt will pop free.
  3. have used the truxseal on several trucks . The longer runs seal great . The trick is getting the sides and corners tight . Any more I just give the install my best shot and accept some leakage . I keep out MOST of the dust . I live on a dirt road , and probably travel dirt or gravel 10-15% of my miles . I live in a semi-arid area , so I am very experienced with the problem. It will never go away , but it can be contrloled and reduced .
  4. Auto has the same affect as driving with the hubs locked .It readies the truck to be placed in 4wd instantly. Drag created uses more fuel and wear/tear on front driveline. Some lift kits recommend not using auto mode with their kits installed.
  5. Try gen5diy.com . They offer lots of options . I used their escort wire that goes in the mirror housing on 2020 AT4 . Works , but gave me codes (easily cleared) while fooling with it . Daily use now for over 10,000 miles , no codes (yet). Sorta spendy , But what the hey .
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