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  1. Congrats on the new truck, she’s a beauty ! Would luv to see the rest of her....especially the wheels.
  2. One of my all time favourite rigs on here. You did an awesome job building this this truck. Almost makes me wish I never got a Denali Ultimate....oh well. Looking good bro...
  3. I don’t know about other folks, but I top up the fuel tank every chance I get, even it’s only 30-40 litres (6-7 gallons). In the winter months especially, never run below 1/2 tank. That’s just me though...
  4. First off, glad you and your family are okay. A horrible tragedy obviously, but like everyone says...it can be replaced. Hope it all works out for ya. Good luck..
  5. I know all about your pain sir; being from the Toronto,Ontario Canada area. They luv there salt up here too...and when we’re not salting we’re brining ! Lol...just can’t get enough of it. Funny thing is everyone wonders why all the infrastructure is failing : asphalt, concrete, potholes, culverts, ditch inlets....it’s a miracle all the animals in the woods aren’t coming out of the forest due to salt poisoning. If people up here knew how to drive in the winter we wouldn’t have to go overkill for a half inch dusting of snow
  6. You should be in love.....that’s a gorgeous truck you got there my friend
  7. Definitely a beauty!! Sharp looking rig dude...
  8. Very nice set up...may I ask what it cost if you don’t mind. .? Thanks
  9. Wow...that’s cutting it close....lol. Hate to see what a chrome 2 1/2” ball would do to your nice wall, if you weren’t paying attention. Very nice and useful set up though....
  10. This thread caught my attention right away. So I just got back from my first oil change on my truck; 2018 Sierra Denali Ultimate. Yeah... it was a leftover late build, I purchased July 2019.. in case your wondering. I walk around the back of the truck and noticed my hitch cover is gone ,...it was a Reese pop in rubber cover, nothing special. It only cost $6.99. Just can’t figure out if the car wash popped it out or if it was taken by someone less fortunate than me....lol. oh well.....guess I’ll be looking for something that has a lock.
  11. Hands down imho the nicest model GM has out there right now....I love my 2018 Sierra Denali Ultimate, but if you guys keep posting these pics..... Congrats on a beautiful ride.....
  12. Absolutely gorgeous rig !!! This thing looks like it’s ready to do business
  13. Gotta agree with this statement. My 2018 Denali Ultimate with the 6.2 has been wonderful so far. No issues whatsoever, very low m8les so far as I purchased it end of July 2019. Fuel mileage has been surprisingly good, with 18-21 mpg. No modifications ,and don’t plan any except for maybe leveling kit. Unfortunately, as many said there are problems with all brands, none are perfect. I drive a 2019 F150 at work with the 5.0 L motor, it has been terrible for oil consumption, horrible transmission shifting. I always thought that was there best motor, I guess not. Good luck....
  14. Congrats on the new truck, great choice...always been one of my favourites.
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