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  1. Be patient my friend. If you’re in no hurry wait it out, as there will be deals to be had. Closer you get to year end is usually a good time or start of new year as everyone’s recovering from Christmas shopping...lol. Good luck in your search..
  2. Wow....that sucks., and winter hasn’t even started . I’ve got a 2018 Sierra Denali in White Frost Tricoat as well and this sends shivers down my spine. I had the front bumper wrapped in 3M Xpel to avoid this. I’ve never looked into touch paint either, but would be nice to know that dealers do carry it. Hope you get it resolved.
  3. Welcome to the forum. Nice choice in truck model. If you plan on keeping it for awhile I’d have the front bumper,partial hood and part fenders wrapped in a 3M wrap “ Xpel “ for protection against rock, stone chips,etc. I have a 2018 Sierra Denali Ultimate that’s White Frost Tri Coat color and apparently it’s a real bitch to match the color. Not sure how durable the painted bumpers are on the 19’ and newer models, but many members here have complained about poor quality paint, especially the thickness as well. A ceramic coat would go a long way as well but can get pricey $$. Good luck with your decision...
  4. Truck looks awesome bro !! Black & red combo goes very well imho. To the earlier poster, to each their own. I like both chrome and black rims. They each have their application but again everyone has there own taste... Cheers
  5. Welcome to the forum and congrats on the truck. I have a 2018 Sierra Denali Ultimate with the 6.2 as well. I’ve only owned it for 3 months barely, and can honestly say I’ve never experienced the transmission shudders or vibrations. Mind you, my mileage on the truck is very low. You should still have warranty hopefully, get the fluid flushed or updated converter. Definitely get it checked out, before it gets worse. As much as I love the look of my 22” wheels, I agree they don’t belong on a pickup truck. I’m grateful that I have good roads to drive on as this truck will probably never see any off road trails. Good luck...
  6. Wow... this absolutely sucks !! Like others have said, shame on dealership for not offer any kind of warranty. I could understand if you went back 15,000 miles and 18 months later, but 4 days? Just a thought .... have tried calling the 1-800 # for GM customer service? You never know ... they may side in your favour, it’s just a phone call. Good luck....
  7. Looks great Frankie......hope you get er all sorted out.
  8. Nice looking rig. Love the wheel & tire combo. Could you please give us some details on the specs.. lift, level, tire size, wheel brand ? Thanks and very nice outcome.
  9. Nice job and great looking rig! Not looking forward to winter myself, oh well much harder to keep a black truck clean in the winter. Good color choice
  10. Have to agree with the crowd here, doesn’t look like a smoking deal whatsoever. I’m in Canada as well, I picked up a “ new “ leftover 2018 Sierra Denali Ultimate with the 6.2 and have no regrets whatsoever. They did 25% off msrp without any haggling and then gave me fair trade in on my Corolla. Shop around as it’s coming to year end; not sure if they have Black Friday events in the USA at car dealerships, but my friend picked up a Silverado late November last year fir a great price. Good luck...
  11. Sorry to hear about your problem Manny. If it’s any reconciliation, manufacturers hate publicity and media. Call your local news channel, newspapers and I’m sure someone would love to show or publish your story. I went through hell with Hyundai after my airbags deployed inadvertently . Took almost 3 years to finally settle the matter, but I jumped through dozens of hoops, including emailing CEO ‘s, Transport Canada, and politicians. Finally my story made it to the six o ‘clock news. Once I lit a fire under them it got the ball rolling. Don’t give up brother, fight back as this is something you should not have to deal with....good luck.
  12. I went with black on my 18 Denali Ultimate, and have no regrets. The tan leather can get stained with blue Jean denim dye, from what I’ve seen.
  13. That’ll be a mighty fine looking combo going down the road.. I like your taste
  14. Yup... I hear ya brother. Shopping around now for winter tires & wheels. Gonna down size to 265/70/17. Lots more choices than the 22” size which would probably cost a fortune, and wouldn’t be that good in the snow anyways...
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