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  1. I’m in Ontario...half hour north of Toronto. Yes, saw on the news...got pretty nasty out there. That must really suck...snow storm in June. Oh well, look at the bright side...at least you were driving a worthy and capable truck..👍
  2. Congrats on the new rig. By any chance was that northern Alberta or British Columbia? Heard they got a good dumping last week....
  3. I second that ! Sharp and classy color..
  4. Canmaverick....gorgeous looking rig !!! Great wheel choice. White and black you can never go wrong. Fellow Canadian here.....where ya from? I’m half hour north of Toronto. Haven’t seen many of the long box crew cab configuration out here much. How ya liking it so far?
  5. Congrats Nik; looks great eh...haha. Fellow Canuck here. Haven’t seen too many long box models in the crew cabs. Love your wheel choice. Any clearance issues or rubbing?
  6. Thanks for the info amxguy. I was always under the impression and told by several people that if you didn't run the premium fuel in the 6.2 motor it would usually ping and throw an engine code. Good to know...
  7. Thanks very much for your opinion,it’s greatly appreciated.. another thing that’s a concern is the 6.2 requires premium fuel. In Canada, province of Ontario high test fuel is considerably more expensive than regular unleaded, sometimes up to.15 cents a liter. I saw a summit white AT4 about a month ago with the 20” wheels an it was luv at first sight. Still not a lot of them on the road here, although more & more everyday I’m seeing. Any significant price increases for 2020 ?
  8. Guys.... you’re killing me !!! Please stop posting pics of these gorgeous rigs... I’m torn on a new 19’ Sierra AT4 in white with 20” wheels, or a left over 2018 Denali in black with 6.2, its not an ultimate and has regular chrome steps. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Some beautiful trucks on here folks ... Joe
  9. I really miss the Iridium metallic colour . One of my all time favourites; closest thing to true charcoal grey you could get. I must say the Smokey quartz and satin steel metallic colours are very sharp indeed.
  10. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Looks awesome! If you own a black Harley than your used to it I guess....keep up the good work. Post some pics when you get it levelled.
  11. Ah boy...my dream garage...cookie cutter houses out here in Ontario you can barely fit a corolla in the garage...lol. Has all the snow melted yet in your neck of the woods? Gorgeous truck by the way sir....
  12. Towing Pics

    Then ya know a thing or two about coffee....☕️ Mac Donald's up here in Canada is really giving Tim’s a run for there money...
  13. Absolutely gorgeous rig voltedge....how would you compare it to your 17’ Denali w/6.2 ? I honestly have to say the AT4 is the best all around looking truck in both Silverado & Sierra. Just my opinion of course. Did you go with the 6.2 again? Is fuel economy comparable to your 17 Denali? Thanks Truck looks awesome sir...👍
  14. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Picked up a new Harley last spring (50th) birthday. My last two bikes I’ve pretty much purchased every 10 years. I’ve been wanting a new truck for the longest time, but the Mrs said “ you should’ve never bought the new bike, kept your old one. Kinda regretting my decision now but just wanted to comment on everyone’s thoughts when it comes to prices, especially in Canada. Yeah ... sticker shock is an understatement !!!! When a half tonne pickup is going for 90 grand plus that is insane. And anyone paying that much is outta there mind. Sure Harley-Davidsons are no different some models CVO custom vehicle operations pushing 55 grand plus up here before taxes is absurd ..especially when your riding barely 6 months up here..I’m gonna wait it out for now. If I get tired of riding I may just pack it in, and get a new truck. There’s a few left over 2018 Denali 1500’s at some fairly decent prices. Saw a 2018 6.2 Denali 22” wheels going for $61,500. Msrp was $78,645. It wasn’t an ultimate package though. So to all you folks crying about high prices I feel ya... Cheers, Joe

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