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  1. Gents, I wanted to ask a question regarding the painted front bumpers on models like the:. Sierra All Terrain, Denali, or Elevation models. I guess the Silverado LTZ models would fall into this category as well. I really like the look of the " one color monochromatic paint". Have any of you used the 3M wrap on the front bumper for stone chips, just for extra protection in general ? How have they been holding up ? thanks in advance
  2. New Sierra

    Sharp looking rig, and welcome !!
  3. New guy from Canada...

    Thanks to everyone for the replies, very much appreciated. I definitely am leaning toward the " all terrain " or " elevation " look. I love the simple one color look, and not too much flashy Chrome . Still think that the Denali is an awesome looking truck, just a lot of coin compared to other models. Hoping everything goes to plan, and when best factory incentives kick in, I can make a move... Happy New Year everyone ...
  4. New guy from Canada...

    Thanks,dude. I always thought truck month was more towards the summer ? May & June ? and then they usually extend it ...sort of like what Ford does when they do with their " employee pricing ". Another question :. You mentioned getting $10,500 right off the bat with msrp, I thought that was only off the most expensive truck, the Sierra Denali"? This is starting to get confusing ....Whatever happen to the good ole days of haggling back and forth ? Lol
  5. New guy from Canada...

    Maplebud,. Great lookin rig ! I've always loved the look of the Elevation model, simple and clean. Parking lot next door to my work has one identical to yours, however he's got the " Real Tree " camouflage graphics on the rear panels just at end of the box. He's got stock rims but it looks levelled or slightly lifted, it looks awesome. Just wondering when is the best time of year to buy ? Does GM do the employee pricing thing or maybe next year when the new 2019 models become orderable ? I'm sure they're going to want to clear out as many 2018 models as they can. Still a lot of 17' models left here.... Happy Holidays
  6. New guy from Canada...

    Morning True North and thank you so much for that excellent and detailed reply:. Much appreciated.!! A crew cab definitely will be my choice when the time comes. I will probably not be doing any towing at all, as I mentioned we no longer have a cottage, so no need to haul anything other than the usual home improvement purchase, gardening supplies. It's funny how I really haven't heard of many incidents in Canada with this dreaded " Chevy Shske " or any other mechanical problems. Mind you it's been awhile since I've been in the truck market but coming on these forums and reading about the problems many owners have had with the transmission torque converter issues, and hard shifting is somewhat discouraging . The High Country us a really nice looking rig, Cadillac 4x4... I've always been partial to the gmc front grille, but do love the front grille of the Chevy special editions such as the Midnight Edition and the LTZ, same floor grille as rest of the truck. I just noticed your " fuelly numbers" , and that's awesome ! 21 mpg ? Thanks again for replying sir,. Happy Holidays to you...
  7. New truck owner/member

    Welcome Arty, that's a gorgeous rig you got there along with very nice travel trailer.
  8. Greetings guys and gals. As the title states, I'm from the province of Ontario, Canada . I live just north of Toronto. I currently don't own a pickup. Life took a major detour about 12 years ago. My family sold our cottage, I got married, soon after the toys went away.... No snowmobile , boat, no need for a truck. My last rig was a 1998 GMC Sierra K1500 extended cab, 6 1/2 ' box. Yeah, so I guess a lot has changed when it comes to the latest and greatest in trucks. I'm really missing having a truck;. as a homeowner and father of two young ones, there are times when it would really come in handy. Just can't see myself in a minivan, in laws got that covered. So I wanted to post this question :. Are you generally happy with your purchase ? Any regrets ? I definitely want to go with a 1500 crew cab short box, as double cab may be to tight for kids. I like the look of the All terrain with the monochromatic paint and not to much chrome, although I'm not really sure about the grey leather with red stitching. Which leads me to this last question ? Is the Sierra Denali that much more special ? For the extra money ? The 6.2 motor vs the 5.3 ? Fuel economy? Sorry for the long post and many questions, I've seen and read many pics, posts with your trucks and they're absolutely gorgeous . Looking forward to hearing from ya all.... Joe

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