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  1. Gorgeous lookin rig ! Thought that was a roll bar behind the rear window, but just realized it's your tonneau cover. Truck looks great...
  2. I own the exact same truck as you. I haven’t done any mods on the truck except for a Rev Tonneau Cover, GM mud guards and I also had the front bumper, partial hood, and partial fenders wrapped in X pel 3M coating. I’m thinking of leveling the truck but don’t wanna do it wrong. I’ve heard good things about Suspension Maxx. They have a 1.5, 2”, & 2.5” kit for the Magneride system. There are some really good pics if you google it. Wish I could be of more help.....
  3. I hear ya on the issues with your truck. We’ve got a 5.0 Coyote F150 extended cab w/8’ box 4 x 4 at work. Nothing special, just a road patrol truck for local township. We do put a lot of mileage on these trucks but, pretty sad to see the poor build quality and reliability.... can’t keep oil in the thing, trans 10sp is a night mare. The ticking at idle sounds like a stuck lifter. Just really sad as I always said if I ever get a Ford it’ll be a 5.0 litre motor nothing else. I wouldn’t even touch an Ecoboost ...just my .02 Only drove a new 2019 Silverado 1500 when my 2018 Sierra Denali was in for tonneau cover and mud flap installation. It was a lower end model, still nice truck but way too much for what you’re getting.
  4. Looks awesome bro ! Those are some pretty damn big tires on there ...I would’ve thought they’d rub for sure. Great job on the mods..
  5. This Satin Steel is really classy looking, loving it more and more everyday...
  6. Sometimes you can get over the problems with certain vehicles but being treated poorly over and over again when in for service after spending a lot of coin on these new rigs is just unacceptable. That’s when it’s time to move on.... Great looking truck by the way
  7. Looking good brother... Luv the wheel flares , really pops with the Satin Steel Metallic..
  8. Welcome Brian, and congrats on your new truck. Very sharp and clean looking ride.
  9. Congrats on the new truck, she’s a beauty ! Would luv to see the rest of her....especially the wheels.
  10. One of my all time favourite rigs on here. You did an awesome job building this this truck. Almost makes me wish I never got a Denali Ultimate....oh well. Looking good bro...
  11. I don’t know about other folks, but I top up the fuel tank every chance I get, even it’s only 30-40 litres (6-7 gallons). In the winter months especially, never run below 1/2 tank. That’s just me though...
  12. First off, glad you and your family are okay. A horrible tragedy obviously, but like everyone says...it can be replaced. Hope it all works out for ya. Good luck..
  13. I know all about your pain sir; being from the Toronto,Ontario Canada area. They luv there salt up here too...and when we’re not salting we’re brining ! Lol...just can’t get enough of it. Funny thing is everyone wonders why all the infrastructure is failing : asphalt, concrete, potholes, culverts, ditch inlets....it’s a miracle all the animals in the woods aren’t coming out of the forest due to salt poisoning. If people up here knew how to drive in the winter we wouldn’t have to go overkill for a half inch dusting of snow
  14. You should be in love.....that’s a gorgeous truck you got there my friend
  15. Definitely a beauty!! Sharp looking rig dude...
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