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  1. Morning Gents, In response to Nitrous Yes, I can definitely here fans going. They're are working. On the longer drives you can feel a big difference in the seat temp. The Mrs. also noticed that they felt much cooler on our drive to Niagara Falls. We've had temps approaching 35 to 37 degrees Celsius which is probably approaching the upper 90's in Farenheit I would imagine. Once the cabin temp has really cooled down it makes it even more comfortable. Shorter drives with constant in and out of cab is when it feels like they're hardly working. Cheers ...
  2. Hey Jim, Thanks very much for the info. I was completely unaware of that info. I'll give it a try on the next family outing. Thanks again...
  3. Happy 4th of July everyone . I have a question regarding the cooled seats on my 18 Sierra Denali Ultimate. I realize it’s been smoking hot the last couple weeks, but every trip or outing we’ve been on , the Mrs doesn’t seem to think her seat cooler isn’t working well. Truck has barely any mileage on it, my drivers seat seems to be ok, but last summer when I first got it, they seemed to put out much more cooler air than now. Anyone ever experienced any issues with cooled seats before? Thanks in advance.... Joe
  4. Gorgeous looking rig ! I thought this colour was called “ Irridium Metallic “ . Was always one of my favourites, too bad they discontinued it....nicely done
  5. Wow ! Have'nt been on here in awhile, looks awesome bro .....turned out very nice Good things come to those who wait....great job on the mods.
  6. Congrats on the truck purchase. For me after purchasing my 2018 Sierra Denali Ultimate 6.2; I waited about 2 months and got the GM Rev Tonneau Cover(hard folding type) and the GMC moulded splash guards. The dealer through in the Weather Tech mats front and rear. I also added the GM Under seat storage for the rear . It fits like a glove and holds lots f things. Also got the truck Krown oil sprayed once last fall, going in next month for second application. I haven’t done any performance mods as I had my fun many many years ago with exhaust, cams, tunes, CAI,etc. Just wanna drive this truck and that’s it, been pretty happy with it so far.. Good luck with your new truck. Joe
  7. I don’t own a new T1 model, but my 2018 Sierra Denali Ultimate makes strange noises as well when going in and out of driveways. My cousin is a GM Tech, said something about lubrication on some spacers or pucks ....sorry can’t remember honestly. I’m going in for an oil change tomorrow,so he’s gonna take a look at it. I’ll report back.... it’s hard to describe the noise, almost like something bouncing or wobbling around ? Shackles or u bolts ? We’ll see....
  8. Looks awesome! I always remember “ Victory Red “ as the colour name. Is that it . .? Used to see tonnes of trucks, Chevy’s and GMC’s in the 1990-1998 model year era. Always looked good. Yours is no exception.....
  9. Gorgeous rig sir ! I’m also a proud Denali owner, in White Frost Tri Coat . Love black as well, just a pain to keep clean. I’ve owned three black Harley’s.....I sadly know.....lol
  10. Looks totally awesome just the way it is sir. I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve never been a big fan of High Country models, but I mus5 say that is one very sharp looking rig ! Could you please give us some specs on wheel size,tires, lift or level . Thank you....
  11. Sorry about your luck. Don’t wanna hi jack your thread, but something similar happened to me with my 2018 Sierra Denali. Ordered the GM Rev Tonneau Cover and also GMC moulded splash guards as well. So the dealer got the rear splash guards correct, but I noticed the front ones didn’t look quite right to me. The front splash guards didn’t follow the contour of the black wheel opening moulding that comes on Sierra GMC’s for that model. Got home and couldn’t stop staring at it. Finally, checked with another dealership, gave the parts guy the part # on my bill for the mud flaps and immediately told me they had GMC flaps on rear and Chevy flaps on the front. Maybe would’ve looked normal to some people, but looked very weird & not right to me. Dealer swapped them out and apologized.
  12. Wow....that’s quite a laundry list of problems, with a 5 year old truck which isn’t not old by any means or astronomical mileage. Like Jim said sometimes you end up with a bad one. But it sucks all the way around . I’m driving an 18’ Sierra Denali Ultimate with the 6.2 and the 8 speed trans as well. I was nervous at first hearing all the horror stories about the transmission, but so far so good not much miles on her as I picked it up last August’ as a new on the lot leftover. My cousin is a GM Technician, and he told me hasn’t seen many of the 18’ model years have too many issues. Sure, every now and then the tranny might shift awkward but it’s not 24-7. I got the extended warranty with it, hopefully doesn’t turn into a split personality. Overall, pretty happy with it and get lots of compliments wherever I go. Wish I would’ve waited for an AT4, but the incentives on the 19 models were no where near as good as the 18’s. Good luck , hope you don’t have any more issues....
  13. Great looking rig! It’s amazing what a set of wheels can do to change the look of truck. Very nice addition sir...
  14. Can’t comment on the 2020 models; but if I had to do it all over again I would’ve waited and got the AT4. I ended up going with a 2018 new left over Denali with the ultimate package and the 6.2 motor. The incentives at the time were unbelievable. Please don’t get me wrong, I love the truck. Like you, my truck will never see off road, maybe a gravel road if I visit a friends cottage. The power of the 6.2 is incredible and the truck goes like hell...I like the interior and find the materials to be of good quality. When the AT 4 came out I wasn’t sure if I liked it and the Mrs didn’t like the kaki stripes on the leather seats. However, now every time I see one I really love the look of them. I also would’ve chosen smaller wheels than 22” that come with the Ultimate package on the Denali. If the road is infested with potholes you will definitely feel them. Overall, I can’t complain much. My 2018 has been really good so far. Barely used 4 wheel drive this winter with snow tires on it. Good luck with your choice...take your time and don’t rush into it....that’s a lot of coin we’re talking about.
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