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  1. I’ve never encouraged any problems on my 18 Denali Ultimate, except when lots of snow and ice has accumulated in the crevice where mirror is folded in for the night. Have to make sure I brush it out or mirrors won’t open fully. Other than that no problems....
  2. I don’t have the link unfortunately. I saw it when you first go the website for GM-trucks.com. It’s right on the home page. Currently only a TSB for 19’ and newer model years.
  3. Morning folks, I recently saw this article regarding this issue with some of the listed vehicles experiencing a no start or long cranking situation when starting their trucks/SUV’s. I have a 2018 Sierra Denali 1500 and can honestly say numerous times when starting my truck I noticed that the starter is still continuously cranking the motor over for too long. Hard to explain, but I’ve also noticed this a lot this winter when using the factory remote starter from key fob. Is anyone else experiencing this with 2018 or older models ? Thanks, Joe
  4. Can’t remember exactly in my brother’s case, but I believe once the vehicle or load is on the trailer you go and adjust the bars with the short chains on them leveling out the rear of the tow vehicle as well as the trailer tongue. Been a long time , can’t quite remember....
  5. Good looking rig dude . That’s quite the deep dish on that rear wheel....how does she ride ?
  6. Very classy looking truck. Is that the stock hood ? Never noticed the hood grilles or scoops ?
  7. Gorgeous looking rig...High Country ? Are those Bridgestone stock 22”’s ? I’ve never driven with them on my 2018 Sierra Denali. How do they do in the snow ?
  8. 2018 Sierra Denali Ultimate here...this is the first I’ve ever heard of this issue. Hope you get er sorted out...it can be a real pain ...
  9. Gorgeous looking rig ! May I ask how you like the Gibson exhaust ? Is it as loud as a Borla ? Coworker put some system on his 18 Ram 1500 Sport and it’s damn loud at start up , couldn’t imagine under heavy throttle. He’s already been approached by local law enforcement when coming home through neighborhood wee hours of the morning . Is it a cat back dual exiting one side ? Great looking truck...
  10. Hey Tony, I’ve owned an 18’ Denali Ultimate with the 6.2, for about 14 months now since it was new(July 2019)and haven’t really experienced any of the issues you’re dealing with. The only time the radio is slow to change is when I’m playing music through my IPhone saved music. Other than that the radio is fairly quick to change stations. The retractable running boards have been great, no problems whatsoever even in slushy ice conditions. The object avoidance, parking sensors did give me a lot of issues whenever they’d get snow or ice around them. The message would come up on the information cluster saying “ park assist disabled “. The lane departure or lane keeping device works awesome, but kinda freaked me out on the test drive when my wife and I took the truck out at dealership for the first time. Thought an alien took the wheel....lol. Hope you get some help at the dealership. Good luck...
  11. Absolutely gorgeous looking rig !! This is what I originally wanted, but couldn’t find any leftover 18’ models. I ended up with an 18 Sierra Denali Ultimate with the 6.2, still love my truck and happy with my choice. You put together a really sharp looking truck sir. Could you please provide us with the details of the build ? Fuel Mavericks ? Thanks Joe
  12. Hope it all works out for you, and dealer doesn’t play any games...
  13. Sorry to hear about your problems with rear window. I thought the 2019’s and newer models weren’t affected by this problem? I had the recall done last November on my 2018 Sierra Denali Ultimate 1500. They inspected the contacts on the heater element underneath the black plastic cover under the rear slider and there were no signs of corrosion or melted wires . No further action was taken. Hope they sort it out for ya.... Joe
  14. Thank you sir for you reply. I guess all I can do is drive it, hopefully won’t be a concern.
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