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  1. That's way to low; like the other person said, keep on them. I'm not sure how it works in the U.S., but while your vehicle is at the body shop I believe it incurrs a storage fee of some kind because it's taking up there space stored there. The longer it takes for the claims adjuster to settle with you the more it costs the insurance company. Don't settle for less..it looked like a gorgeous truck, and for you to go out and start all over again, you'll be spending twice that. Hope it all works out for you and your family....good luck.
  2. Thank you Sir, I'm going to call my tire shop and get his opinion also. Cheers...
  3. Hey gents, wanted to get some input on tire size for my new truck. A co-workers’ tire guy has some almost new Michelin Latitude X ice mounted on steel wheels with tire pressure sensors. The size of the tire is 265/70R17. They were on a 2017 Silverado 1500. Around 5,000 miles on them. I know it’s a long way away to winter; I just wanted to start exploring my options on what other sizes I could go with while maintaining the closest factory diameter or height of the 22” tires. Factory all season on truck is 285/45R22. Thanks very much, Joe
  4. Great pic ! Would make an awesome Chevy commercial
  5. Not sure if already been mentioned or not ; a load weight distribution hitch. Years ago my brother towed an enclosed car hauler( probably 20’-24’ trailer). Towed it to a car show to deliver show car there and I could remember the tow vehicle was a 1995 Chevy Tahoe, that rear bumper was nearly touching the asphalt, headlights pointing to the sky....lol. After dropping the car off at the show he went and got a “ load weight distribution hitch, levelled tow vehicle and trailer right out. Made a huge difference. Good luck...and a safe trip.
  6. Looks awesome! I’ve heard a lot of good things about IGL Quartz. I’m getting my two front windows done next week. Place I’m using carries XPEL coatings. I’d like to get all this done before doing the rust prevention treatment. Krown or Rust Check.
  7. Sorry to hear about your misfortune; glad to hear your family is ok. You can always replace the truck, looked very nice by the way.. Like the op said, repaired vehicles are never the same, at least in my experience. Hope everything works out for you....
  8. WOW...talk about a mirror image finish. Looks beautiful! Looking to get my new 2018 Sierra Denali done, but I’m thinking I’d like to wrap the front bumper and protect the hood as well.
  9. Thanks for all the great info. I plan to do the Krown Rust Control in the next coming weeks, and eventually a 3M front bumper wrap. We sold our cottage years ago, so I won't be heading down any gravel roads any time soon hopefully. Yes, a shame about the salt. I'm actually the one who calls out the trucks at 2:30 am to salt and also to apply liquid brine when ordered by my superiors. Hate to do it but it's my job. Cheers, Joe
  10. Thanks for the compliments sir. I love the sound of a good old fashion big block under the hood myself but, I have to tell you over the years I've come to enjoy a nice quiet ride. My Harley is is plenty loud for me. Actually the truck sounds really good at start up in the morning. A lot better than the Ecoboost I drive at work...
  11. I'll keep it in mind. I'm in Canada. Central Ontario, otherwise the Salt belt...lol. Yup, they love their salt over here. I do know we have Rust Check here so I'll check it out. Thanks again ... Joe
  12. Also, wanted to add : baby steps Nick, a little at a time. I’m not saying to go out tomorrow and buy everything I suggested. Like Skippy said : make sure the truck is in a good mechanical and healthy state of repair and then add what you like. Cheers.. Sorry, if I came across the wrong way...
  13. Congrats on the truck Nick. I’m partial to white. I’d keep it simple myself, levelling kit some Fuel wheels maybe an exhaust system and your all set. I’ve been modding sleds, cars, and Harley’s all my life, tired now... just wanna enjoy the ride....good luck brother.
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