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  1. I figured out this problem!!! It was my key fob remote! By a short of some kind the remote was randomly sending a lock signal just like I was holding down the lock button. Guess what? A few weeks later it started unlocking!! I pulled the battery out of the #1 key fob remote I was using and switched to backup key fob remote #2. No issues since.
  2. Changed my condenser a couple weeks ago. My truck is 6 1/2 years old and I'm at 123k miles. My A/C went out last summer and i figured out it was the condenser from the posts on here. Made it until recently by dumping a can of freon in every couple of weeks but the leak got worse. A can of freon would only last 3-4 days. Anyone that has basic mechanical knowledge and a few hand tools can do it. I watched a couple of YouTube videos and went for it. Got the condenser (ACDelco Pro 15-63889) on ebay for $140. I spent another $30 on 2 cans of R134a, some refrigerant oil (PAG 46), and Dexron
  3. 2014 Chevy 1500 LTZ with close to 93K miles. In the last three weeks my power locks and mirrors are operating on their own. It has always operated normally, when i press lock on the key fob once, all doors lock and lights flash. Press lock twice and same things happen plus one honk of the horn. Now sometimes when I hit lock once the horn honks, all doors lock, and power mirrors fold in. Here's where it gets good. When I press unlock on the key fob, driver's door unlocks and locks back almost immediately. Same thing when hitting unlock twice, all doors unlock and almost immediately re-l
  4. I did not say they aren't available. They will sell him a battery but refuse to install it. Telling him only a dealer can install.
  5. A buddy of mine has the same truck as I do, 2014 Chevy crew LTZ. He is in need of a new battery. He's been to 4 different places (auto parts stores and repair shops) and they have all told him they won't replace the battery and he has to take it to the dealer. Has anyone else experienced this? They say it has to do with the cables and module on top of the battery.
  6. Does anyone know if the tailgate assist can be added to a basic tailgate? I damaged my tailgate a while back and I've found a replacement. However, the gate I've found does not have the assist feature or camera. I figure I should be able to remove the camera from my exisiting gate and move it to the basic tailgate. I'm not sure about the assist feature. Can this be removed from mine and transferred to the new unit?
  7. That was all proven to be BS. NBC rigged the truck to catch fire for a segment on dateline.
  8. I certainly would not want to be driving near you at any time. You have no eyes in your avatar pic.
  9. My sales lady was impressively knowlegable concerning all features on the new Silverado except the 110v outlet. When she showed me the outlet she says "this will be cool if your wife wants to curl her hair". Ummm yea, I don't think it's going to provide the 10-12 amps that will require. It is very disappointing that it will not run a laptop. I've yet to try it but that is inexcusable for a 2014 model to not be able to run a laptop!
  10. Old time auto urban legend says better vehicles are built Tuesday-Thursday. Everyone on the line is recovering from the weekend on Monday and distracted by the coming weekend on Friday. Not saying there is any truth to it, just passing on rumors and stirring the pot.
  11. Wow! You should be okay. I had the same thing happen a few years ago with a Maxima and one of the fast oil change places. They only put 3 and it held 5 (what the hell holds only 3?). Although I didn't drive nearly as far as you did, I never had any issues and drove that car for many thousand of miles after that. I'd just be on the lookout for any oil consumption or strange noises in the future.
  12. Additives such as Chevron's Techron are just detergents. All gasoline is required to have a minimum amount of these additives although the bigger names use more (Chevron, Exxon, Conoco, Shell) as opposed to the discount stations (Racetrack, Cracker Barrel, Circle K, etc.). The amount is very minimal, around a cc per gallon. I would think it would be no effect on mileage. Octane and ethanol could definitely affect mileage.
  13. I totally agree with the customer service aspect!! I've spoken with them many times, plain English is very rare.
  14. I've done this several times when it auto renews, call to cancel!!!! They will give you a better deal to talk you out of cancelling. That or do opt out and the $25 for 6 months offers will pile up in your mailbox within a week or two.
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