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  1. Is the paint compromised? Meaning will the blemish prevent the paint from protecting the underlying aluminum? How bad is the blemish? Can you see it when you are sitting in the truck or standing a few feet away? Post a close-up of the blemish. That will help.
  2. Probably the back window. I would stay away from any vehicle that leaked. You don't know for how long and the extent of damage.
  3. The car companies talk like they will be all EV within a few years but it will be the consumer who dictates when and how many. I think it will be a long time, if ever, before gas is not in demand.
  4. What Jay P said. I've had my 2021 since 9/10/2021 and every time I drive it, I get that reminder to sign up for nav service. Anyone know how to get it to stop (other than signing up)?
  5. Do you know the accident and repair history? If not, get it and then decide if you want to buy the truck. I would check KBB and deduct 2 year's depreciation (about $10k) and then add 10% to that amount for a market adjustment.
  6. it's a dealer markup, so you'll pay the GM discounted price plus dealer markup. You'll have to negotiate with the dealer to get a lower price.
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