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  1. I like these OEM wheel-to-wheel. I bought them off CL. Someone ordered them new, but they had two small dents on the side so Chevy sent them another pair. I got them for $300. Easy to install.
  2. I have never put anything other than L87 in my tank and have never had any pinging. My mileage seems to be on par, too. I get about 19 on the freeway. Chevy recommends that I use premium, but I recommend that I don't.
  3. I have a friend with a masters degree in auto tech. I forwarded your question to him. His answer is below. Yes. Altitude results in less oxygen. Your Baro sensor compensates for this altitude difference by adding less fuel.
  4. "Myself, I love a V8. I like the sound, feel and growl. I've always had V8's in all my trucks since my first new Silverado in 1985. I'm not a fan of a V6 or a 4 in a full size truck and is why I ordered my '22 Z71 refresh with a 5.3." I don't think that was what the OP was asking.
  5. In my opinion the 6.2L/10 speed is worth the wait if you can.
  6. Was wondering what it was like. Anyone ever try to make it happen or experienced it otherwise?
  7. Appearance-wise, I prefer the LTZ.
  8. Double seal works great with toilets but not with engine oil filters. I replaced a toilet in the master bath and didn't use a double seal. One flush of the toilet resulted in a big stain in the kitchen ceiling directly below the master bathroom toilet!
  9. DFM can save a 2-3 mpg on the freeway. There is little difference between having DFM and not having DFM unless you spend most of your time driving 60mph on the freeway. Even then, it's only 2-3mpg.
  10. Yes, if it was done by a Chevy dealer and is covered under your warranty.
  11. Seems that dropping the whole package because there is a chance that the rear slider leaks is a bit drastic. Especially with such a useful feature as the slider.
  12. I'd get it fixed. I would be concerned about other things breaking. Best to get it fixed and everything else checked while it's still under warranty.
  13. That is one fine truck and a total looker. Are the seats any more comfortable or are they the same as the previous year? Assuming you have tried the previous year's seats.
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