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  1. On my LT2, only my drivers seat is powered. The front passenger is manual adjust.
  2. I don't use any app much, but when I do, it is Waze. It plays through the speakers every time on my 2014 CC, when I do use it. Great little app in my opinion.
  3. Thanks guys. I had them change them. I appreciate all of the advice. I don't think I would have changed them otherwise.
  4. Well, I'm more confused. I appreciate all the responses, as it give me more to think about. It looks like it's more for getting it done than not. Hum!
  5. My wife took her car in to her dealer to get an oil change on her 2012 Yukon XL. The service manager said that it was time for a major fluid change which included brake fluid along with several other fluids. This service was going to be over $500.00. I'm sure they are ripping her off, as nothing is mentioned about this in the owners manual. Her car has 60,000 miles on it. What do you think?
  6. Congrats. That's one beautiful truck!
  7. My problem with all of this update and app stuff is that I was told by my salesman and also, I believe in my manual, that new apps would be made available. I don't have my manual handy so I could be wrong. But, I was misled about new apps. That is what gets my goat!
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