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  1. PM me your vin I can look it up for you
  2. There's a million threads about tire size, would probably be best to find a look you like on the forum and go from there. Shouldn't mess up the magneride cause it shouldn't have it.
  3. Yes its normal the water goes down the window through the door and out the bottom of the door. If it was completely sealed you couldn't roll down the windows. Just make sure the drain holes are clear and move on with your life.
  4. 18mm socket just crank the bars a little bit. Especially if you're leaving a little rake
  5. AFe momentum hd intake for duramax

    bump Am i asking too much? Not much to go off of price wise.
  6. Selling the intake off of my 16 diesel. It has the dry filter. It was also on my 15 so if that question comes up it will work. I just decided to try something else. I'm looking for $300 OBO shipped plus paypal fee's. $275 local to Huntingtown MD It is missing one clamp, it wouldn't get tight enough and the filter kept sliding out. So I connected 2 stock clamps together, problem solved. Part number on one of the pictures. I also cleaned the filter last weekend Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. The tint shop i use has 2 grades one is basic and the other is premium 3m. The basic one has a greenish tint from the inside the 3m does not. Is that what you mean?
  8. It's more labor than that. Bleeding the air out of the system is a nightmare in those.
  9. Sounds like a bit of an attitude problem. Go in with an attitude expecting goodwill. There is a 100% chance that will not happen. If someone came in spitting fire in a situation like this they got nowhere. See when this happens the dealer does the work, the guy acting like a dildo in the service lane, gets a survey, lights up the dealer and that's a bigger deal than an unhappy customer that has no right to be unhappy in the first place. You catch more flies with honey..... Just saying
  10. They're 295/70's No, Winegardner Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. No airbag deployment!!!

    How was the car car actually going maybe 15? No 40-50 mph crash is going to look like that. Seems like someone is exaggerating. That looks exactly like my brothers cruze when he rear ended a dump truck at 10 mph
  12. Sounds like they mean chopped up not warped. How can you feel something is out of round with your hand? If they're chopped up its an alignment or air pressure issue, not toyos.
  13. You can unplug the egr, remove the particulate filter and install a test pipe. Unplugging the egr is essentially the same as installing the blocker plates and much cheaper. Than get it tuned and roll. Boom done trucks only down as long as it takes to get the exhaust done

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