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  1. Did you drive the truck with the original 18's on it? Did it wander then? How many miles on the tires? Likely when they were swapped the tires were moved around and didn't go back on where they came off on the old truck.
  2. I pulled 6 random 19 2500 vins online and checked them, all the trucks had 13540604. If your truck actually does have 13528563, where are the wheels you took off? if they are close might be throwing off the program.
  3. Wrong, it was over the whole time tow capacity 9300 trailer weight 9400
  4. So you're overweight regardless. Doubt very much this is going to be received very well here, or by GM.
  5. put the oem unit 3yr 100k nationwide warranty, for $600 seems like a no brainer
  6. no the key and fob can not be preprogrammed, the vehicle has to be there
  7. Could be any or all of the above, check the ambient light sensor also.
  8. Did you read the description when you bought it? Requires installation and calibration by an authorized Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac dealership (extra cost, see dealer for details) Tools Required Measuring Tape Masking Tape Before you start Note: For the keypad to adhere best, the vehicle’s front door should be free of damage (dents, scratches, creases, fractures, etc.). The part and surface should be 21°C (70°F) prior to installation. The vehicle should remain 21°C (70°F) for one hour after assembly to allow adhesive to develop sufficient bond strength. Clean the area above the driver side door handle with alcohol wipe. Programming and Mounting the Keypad to the Vehicle Take a clear picture of the wallet card to be sent to TCSC. You also have the option of scanning the QR code from the wallet card and transferring the file from your device to a PC to include in the email. Send the file and email to: TCSC ([email protected]) along with the clear picture of the Wallet Card. Make sure to include the following in the subject line: “Wireless Keypad Accessory”. Incomplete requests without all required information cannot be processed. TCSC will send you another file back. Place this file in C:\Users\your id\sps\type4. TIS2WEB should now have the “BCM Cody Control Module – Accessory only Keypad Learn” option in Supported Controllers. Using TIS2WEB Program the Keypad. Once TIS2WEB verifies the programming was successful, enter the 5 digit driver unlock code within 30 seconds. If the driver door unlocks, the Keypad was successfully entered. Verify the keypad’s functionality using the “User Instructions. Place the “User Wallet Card” and the “User Instructions” in the vehicle owner’s manual. Note: Questions? Please call TCSC at 800-828-6860, press 1 for GM Accessories or press 3 for any programming issues (8AM to 8PM EST). Request for Wireless Keypad Accessory Installation Dealer Code or BAC: Complete 17-Digit VIN: Dealership Name: Technician Name: Contact Phone Number: Note: A clear photo of the wallet card must be attached to this email. Note: When taking a photo of the wallet card, be sure that the photo does not have sunlight or flash glare . The glare makes the decoding process difficult for TCSC. APPENDIX A Procedure Starting from the driver side rear door edge (1) measure 160 mm along the door feature line (5) and position keypad (2). Note: Use masking tape to mark dimensions. Starting from the door feature line (4) measure down 6 mm and position top edge (3) of keypad. Note: Use masking tape to mark dimensions. Peel the protective liner from the adhesive backing on keypad and position to marked dimensions. Be careful not to touch the tape with hands and do not allow tape to come in contact with dirt or any foreign matter prior to adhesion. Important: The adhesive will bond quickly to the paint. In the event that the keypad should be mis-aligned after installation, do not attempt to remove the keypad as this will cause paint damage. To avoid mis-alignment, do not drop the keypad into place. Instead, first align the top edge of the keypad to the referenced masking tape, then right outer edge to referenced masking tape. Then, toggle the keypad into place. Once the keypad is in place, press firmly on the entire surface of the keypad and then apply 15 PSI of equal pressure along the entire keypad to ensure good tape adhesion.
  9. You should probably just delete this.
  10. you could just buy new caps Home Details Part No. 84465269 - Center Cap in Chrome with Chrome Bowtie Logo Part Only Price:$40.00 Installed Price:$53.50 Est. Inventory:Contact ADI Add to Cart Customize the appearance of your wheels and add style to your vehicle Developed by the same design team that helped create your vehicle Feature Chrome Bowtie logo for enhanced customization Chrome finish Extensively tested and validated in high temperatures to resist corrosion for a long life Priced and sold as a single quantity View Compatible Vehicles WarrantySpecsFAQ Warranty The greater of either the balance of the vehicle's bumper to bumper warranty or 12 months / 12,000 miles.
  11. Probably be a good idea to let them know it was added. Because once they figure out it was, which they will, and have wasted time trying to fix something that isn't supposed to be there, it's going to cost you money.
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