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  1. Sorry it's grabbing both of my screens ignore the top portion
  2. GM offers a kit to add fog lamps on 1500 I'm not seeing an application for 2500 yet. That kit includes everything you need to add fog lamps, including a program code to reflash the computer to let it know they are there. This is not a plug and play type deal.
  3. Your comment about hose clamps and deleting entire systems has absolutely nothing to do with what anyone is talking about. I'm not getting sucked into one of your ridiculous wormholes, so I'm not going to respond anymore. I'm terribly sorry for actually contributing something to the actual topic.
  4. I'm sorry, what? My comment was relevant to the conversation at hand.
  5. So is modifying your emissions systems. This can void your warranty without creating any issues, I think that's what they're trying to say up there.
  6. The parts are sold to dealers in minimum pack sizes. But the quantity is billed, to the dealer first and then to the customer, individually. This is especially hard to explain when selling something online 99.99999% of the time the parts that come in packs are sold individually.
  7. Why not buy it from your local dealer? Cutting keys is risk, I don't see anyone cutting one and shipping it. I wouldn't
  8. Yeah that's all you have to do for 37's to fit. Maybe lift it a few inches also
  9. Maybe too much air in the tires. We used to lower the threshold on those all the time for people who didn't regularly tow, so it rode better
  10. Voluntary means they issued it without being told. Not whatever you think it means.
  11. The part number that comes up on Amazon is the same one as the one I would order from ATD.
  12. I just looked it up I actually have one in stock new in the box. PM me if you want some more info
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