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  1. 2019 Lug pattern

    Yes it's the same
  2. Dealerships, Experiences With Them, Rants or Praises

    I think you're missing the point and taking this completely off the rails.
  3. Dealerships, Experiences With Them, Rants or Praises

    I wasn't implying anything negative, just sharing info.
  4. Dealerships, Experiences With Them, Rants or Praises

    There seems to be some sort of misconception, forum wide, not just this post as to what a TSB actually is. It's not a recall, admission of an issue, or anything of the sort. It's a diagnostic aid for technicians , there could be a million cars that it applies to, or there could be two. If the vehicle has the issue and is under warranty, CPO or factory, it'll be covered. If you go into the service lane quoting your complaint directly from the TSB, that throws up red flags. 99% of the time the people that do this are first time customers, either just out of or just about out of warranty, thinking this TSB is going to fix whatever the issue is, and free of charge. That's not the case. As far as diagnostic goes, every customer is advised of it whether it has 20 miles or 37,000 it's a cya thing. You don't know if the car has sat in a barn for a month and something chewed something up or what not. If the tech doesn't get diag they don't get paid. do you work for free? If you're under CPO most everything is covered. Why not just go to your "Stealership," and give them your complaints and go from there. You're not going into battle. Most of us are here to help, but if you go in with a bad attitude, don't expect anyone to bend over backwards for you.
  5. Idiot scratch

    Haha at least you're consistent!
  6. Idiot scratch

    Damn came here for 1911 pics
  7. 26 inch wheels and tires

  8. 26 inch wheels and tires

    26 inch Koko Kuture Sardinia less than 1,000 miles on them with sensors and lugs 6x139.7 minor curb spot on one wheel $4000 Leonardtown md Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. 2014 driver seat rear panel

    send me your vin
  10. What is your vin number?
  11. Why did this GMC 2500 catch fire?

    Appears to have run away. Basically the oil seals in the turbo fail and it burns the engine oil to stay running, you either have to stop air going in or it runs like this until it self destructs, or the turbo bursts into flames. Also what do mods have to do with it?
  12. No there is no magical diagnostic machine. Something like that will most likely involve some sort of tear down
  13. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. It's your job to figure that out. They give you the base line and you need to fill in the blanks. GM has not a clue how many people, or how much stuff is going to be in the truck. They can only tell you what it can safely haul. As far as liability, that's also on you, if you can't figure this stuff out then maybe you shouldn't be towing. It's all common sense and fairly easy to calculate...

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