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  1. Voluntary means they issued it without being told. Not whatever you think it means.
  2. The part number that comes up on Amazon is the same one as the one I would order from ATD.
  3. I just looked it up I actually have one in stock new in the box. PM me if you want some more info
  4. 15978373 small one 22579564 bigger one
  5. Have a new third brake light camera system. The module was installed to the bracket before we realized this was the wrong system. Fits: 15-18 Colorado/Canyon 14-18 1500 15-18 2500/3500 This is for trucks with the 7 inch display only! Camera is in the taped up box Asking $472 shipped in lower 48 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Power fold wasn't an option on the tow mirrors of that vintage.
  7. Parts replaced under warranty are covered for 12 months unlimited miles, or the remainder of whatever warranty covered them initially whichever is longer. If you pay for as repair most are 24 months, unlimited miles. Some are 24/24, some are 12/unlimited, and some are 12/12. Same goes for parts purchased over the counter but the labor isn't covered.
  8. Buy a running '96 and swap literally everything?
  9. What's your vin? I'll look it up and see how much it is with shipping and everything
  10. THIS. Also if your point of contact is anyone other than the body shop that's an issue. You also don't know what the dealers work load was before the body shop dumped your truck off to them. It sounds like they're pawning it off. Something else is wrong the body shop should be able to do the calibration. Not trying to sound like I'm defending anyone but this is a pretty regular occurrence, especially with windshields, it's easier to blame the big bad dealership.
  11. The cause of the condition may be the internal spool sleeve in the starter not allowing full travel of the armature to engage the flywheel.
  12. How can they guarantee anything is going to fix anything when, from what it sounds like, the trucks not at the shop and hasn't been torn down? Best bet is to pay the hour or two to take off the valve covers and inspect whats going on. Anything more than a decarb, valve cover, and deflector do the engine. The warranty is better and less chance for human error. Also 5.7hrs is warranty time for the G8 book time is going to be more.
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