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  1. Wrong, it was over the whole time tow capacity 9300 trailer weight 9400
  2. So you're overweight regardless. Doubt very much this is going to be received very well here, or by GM.
  3. put the oem unit 3yr 100k nationwide warranty, for $600 seems like a no brainer
  4. no the key and fob can not be preprogrammed, the vehicle has to be there
  5. your dealership. the color is called dark ash gray
  6. Could be any or all of the above, check the ambient light sensor also.
  7. Did you read the description when you bought it? Requires installation and calibration by an authorized Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac dealership (extra cost, see dealer for details) Tools Required Measuring Tape Masking Tape Before you start Note: For the keypad to adhere best, the vehicle’s front door should be free of damage (dents, scratches, creases, fractures, etc.). The part and surface should be 21°C (70°F) prior to installation. The vehicle sho
  8. You should probably just delete this.
  9. you could just buy new caps Home Details Part No. 84465269 - Center Cap in Chrome with Chrome Bowtie Logo
  10. Probably be a good idea to let them know it was added. Because once they figure out it was, which they will, and have wasted time trying to fix something that isn't supposed to be there, it's going to cost you money.
  11. Battery Load Management The vehicle has Electric Power Management (EPM) that estimates the battery's temperature and state of charge. It then adjusts the voltage for best performance and extended life of the battery. When the battery's state of charge is low, the voltage is raised slightly to quickly bring the charge back up. When the state of charge is high, the voltage is lowered slightly to prevent overcharging. If the vehicle has a voltmeter gauge or a voltage display on the Driver Information Center (DIC), you may see the voltage move up or down. This is normal. If
  12. Vehicle Information VIN: 1GNFK23079R266062 Model: CK10706-2009 TAHOE 4WD LT Service Contract: No Branded Title: No Warranty Block: No PDI Status: Yes Order Type: 50 - FLEET Field Actions: 1 Open Vehicle Build Model: CK10706 - 2009 TAHOE 4WD LT Order Number: NMFM6N Gross Vehicle Weight: 3,314 Build Date: 08/24/2009 Build Plant: R Option Codes *IVH is not the definitive source of GM Vehicle RPO information and is intended for service reference only. Should there be any questions about the vehicle's original build or RPO information please refer to
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