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  1. Oh, and you installed them yourself for free too?
  2. So far 4 relearn tools have not worked. The double beep "relearn ready" beeps are easy to obtain, but the truck refuses to recognize the sensors, even though the relearn tools all verify they are in place and communicating at proper 433mhz frequency.
  3. Looks like I found the issue. Had another tire shop dismount one tire and check the TPMS, its part #84961888. The shop ran the number and both that one and my 2021 part number are listed as correct for the 2019 Silverado. Seems with the body style change in 2019, (1500's got new body while 2500's and 3500's kept old body), both numbers were used interchangably. But the 84961888 will not work with 2020 and up even though both are 433mhz and both work in the 2019. The Tirerama shop has ordered me the new sensors and will be here Wednesday. Another couple hundred bucks gone.
  4. If the dealer and a tire shop cannot do it with professional gear, how is a cheap tool going to help? LOL
  5. They were the original tire shop that said only the dealer could re-register the sensors.
  6. 13528563 part number for both trucks. Both 433mhz. FACTORY sensors from the 2019, not some cheap aftermarket chinese sensors. Sensor tool reads them fine, but will not register to the 2021 truck. Dealer just says I need to buy new ones, no other explanation.
  7. Like I said, they are the SAME PART NUMBER, both 433mhz, no difference.
  8. A question here. I put my winter tires and wheels fromy 2019 Silverado 2500HD onto my new 2021 Silverado 3500HD and the truck will not read the TPMS sensors. The tire shop said the dealer needs to reprogram the sensors to the new truck. Took it to the dealer and they say that this cannot be done even though the TPMS part numbers are identical between the years and that I need to buy new sensors for the new truck. Any help would be appreciated as this makes no srnse to me! Thanks in advance.
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