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  1. Well direct injection engines are without a doubt going to gobble down some oil but imo 20oz every 500 miles is definitely excessive imo. Maybe some here with canisters on their 6.2's can chime in to see how much they have collected in that amount of mileage.
  2. I would bring it in to at least have a record of them seeing it leaking, you start messing around with this stuff yourself your going to most likely own it if you know what i mean.
  3. You might want to get an oil analysis done after they fix it because no doubt they will say no damage done and install the cooler lines and judging by how gm has been operating these last couple years charge you a 80 bucks for an oil change. How far back does that trail go, with how high pressure these systems are it doesn't take long to run it pretty dry imo.
  4. Never said they couldn't be wheeled i said they are not made for it and i stand 100% behind that comment!
  5. These trucks are just not made to off road, they are far to big and built far too weak imo to take any serious off roading and climbing over rocks, even smaller ones is something i would avoid.
  6. Your service manager should be able to pull up and see if you truck has a extended warranty listed past your 3/36 bumper to bumper or you can possible call the gm 800 number but gm should have a record of your truck being under warranty till whatever he gave you, like i said though i don't even remember seeing gmpp plans give only 5 years with a 100k. I'm thinking your after sales guy might of extended only your powertrain warranty which is much much different and covers a whole lot less because they use to be 5/100 but i thought they revised it way lower after the 2014 or 15 model year.
  7. Just to let you know if you already had bought a extended gmpp warranty you can have it credited and then take their free one. I did this back in 2006 with my 2005 silverado that had the steering shaft issue which i don't think they have still fixed haha. But i was able to get nearly full credit for my warranty that i had bought which was just credited back to my loan. Unless your 5 yr - 100k is the powertrain because i didn't think gm offered a warranty with a term like that. I believe the one they gave me was a 7 year 80k gmpp, i would think if you bought that warranty with a 100k limit it would extend past 5 years.
  8. Sounds like your explaining slip yoke clunk which i know my 2014 has it like my 2005 had it. Kind of a gm trait so to speak but have not heard much about it being prevalent in the T series but when has gm been proactive with fixing past issues, almost never these days so my guess imo is as good as any here.Maybe a tech here can chime in but gm truck drivelines are notoriously sloppy at times imo for some reason. Also to add i know some use to have the dealer pull the drive shaft and i believe they use some type of grease on the splines of the input shaft i believe, like i said im no mechanic here but maybe someone can take what i said from here. I kind of just have learned to live with it but i agree it can be very annoying when it clunks after pressing the gas.
  9. Well i can't imagine it is going to get better with this virus threatening world trade, travel/shipping and everything in between. I have to imagine either some parts or materials needed to make the parts come many times from China, i doubt this is going to get any better anytime soon. The strike has been over for some good amount of time now, and it really didn't last very long so how much longer can the strike excuse work?
  10. Yeah i agree the denali needs to be all color matched, the chrome is such an outdated look on anything these days imo. It is why the AT-4 package is so popular right now, hell i can barely find any on most lots right now and they are never around for long.
  11. At that point i would be trading it in, taking a loss, and never looking at gm again. Yes most dealers will tell you to pound sand once you are past that 36k, it will take years of fighting like the brake booster issue and how many were out a grand plus fixing that flawed part.
  12. I like the spoke design but why do all these aftermarket rim makers put those huge plastic looking monstrosity of a center cap on almost all aftermarket rim choices? It really cheapens the look of the rim styling imo, it's almost why a hundred percent of the time i find the factory wheels are 9 times out 10 nicer and cleaner looking then what is around in the aftermarket.
  13. You know the saying you want to play you got to pay. A tune might open it up a little when someone gets around to doing it, but most aftermarket when wanting performance simply is not going to get the 4 popper turbo engine which is why you see a lack of anything for it. If your that unhappy see if your dealer might be able to get you into something you want, doesn't make sense paying for something you don't want imo.
  14. At the point some of you guys are at i would fix it with a brick through the back window. On a serious note, it sounds to me like your dealer is not all that good, talk to your service manager and if he finds the job you find unacceptable, well acceptable. Then my advice would be to go find another dealer to work with and yes a new window replacement is what i would be demanding for the simply fact it takes that work out of the hands of the dealer oil change tech's, as i believe a glass place would have to be used for install. Most likely the real reason gm is trying to fix this problem with bubble gum.
  15. Yeah i like that rim style, i think the machined part gives a nice contrast instead of a all black painted rim. Nice truck by the way and congrats.
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