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  1. If you are thinking of keeping it for only 5 years maybe not but any amount past 5 i would say yes, my truck has been pretty good but just this week i brought it in for a check over and to address some issues and they found the radiator leaking, my guess is that would of been a good grand out of my pocket so nearly my entire purchase price of the warranty was covered by using it on my final year of having it with a 7 year old truck. I have also had the ac/lines and evap go out past my 3 years which puts me in the positive. Doesn't take much use of it for it to pay off so imo yes buy it and get the gmpp platinum plan, aftermarket non gm warranties are trash and will be more trouble than they are worth imo!
  2. Ouch that is a rough one, sorry to see you having trouble like this. Reading here it seems some blocks have defects with the machining of the block, not saying that's the issues but these engines have such a small sample size right now it will be tough to get much info on them outside of the dealer techs. That is part of the game these days, you are essentially a beta tester for gm, paying one at that, not saying they didn't do their due diligence in the engineering of this engine but teething & growing pains with the amount of crap that is put on these engines is bound to happen.
  3. I'm going old school here to really the first of these type of build it shows on cable tv, remember watching this every weekend when i was younger. Also really like the Ed China wheeler dealer days.
  4. Yes they have taken more out of these trucks then put in them the last decade. Price sure doesn't reflect that habit from gm though. You will most likely see it in the upper end lines with the refresh because it will more then likely knowing gm share many components they use in the suv line currently. Gm is about ten years late with most tech features that you see standard in most other makes it seems.
  5. You mean to tell me this is not true love?????
  6. That might be the cause, not sure how different my 14 is but i had a rattle with the plastic clip that is inside the sun glass door.
  7. Go buy an interstate battery and your problem will likely go away. A shame imo because delco batteries have seriously been a rock solid part of gm trucks for the last few decades for me anyways, my last truck the battery lasted 9 years, my current truck is going on 7 years now. I have seen many post regarding gm batteries now with the 19 and up models, more than likely they ain't what they use to be unfortunately.
  8. Sounds more like a potential axle wrap problem the k series trucks had or the famous old slip yoke clunk. When GM states that loud bangs are normal from their drivetrains, sadly they are telling the truth. My 95 s10 zr2 had driveline clunk noises, my 05 silverado had driveline clunk noises and you guessed it my 2014 is also no different. It will clunk on deceleration like you said and it will clunk when going off and back onto the gas. Was hoping the 10 speed might of solved their constant driveline slop issues, but looks like it is jut a characteristic of gm vehicles today, or at least their truck and large suv line as it has been prevlient for decades now with their product imo.
  9. Get a lawyer, been on this site more than almost anyone here and trust me when i say, anyone who got satisfaction with a buy back 9 times out of 10 only happened because a lawyer got involved and got GM off their normal line of it's "Normal" or "as intended". The majority of dealers will give you the run around if you try and handle this yourself without a lawyer.
  10. Well at least she knows which brand to buy, one of the only left that still makes a decent machine but even speed queen one repair guy told me they are also no longer the cats meow, better than most, but not the tanks they use to be. Washers and dryers use to be a once every 20 year purchase, those days are long gone.
  11. Yea didn't realize you were that far away, perhaps they could maybe call over to a local dealer so they don't give you the common "sounds good to me" line. Send that video link to your contact from the dealer you purchased the truck from and have them to do the work to get the service you deserve and need. You captured the sound pretty good in that link so i can't imagine them saying it is normal, it nearly sounds as if you have an actual gear driven timing chain or as you said it sounds like a supercharger whine almost, no way imo is it common. Have them pull a new truck off their lot or multiple and i bet none of them have a whine that loud or at all. In anycase good luck and i hope you can get some satisfaction here.
  12. You will have an uphill battle, trying to lemon it imo because technically it is not broke or not operating. Part of your issue is it looks like you bought your truck from another area, imo skip the local dealer trip and just go straight to who you bought the truck from. Tell them over the phone that the "it sounds normal to me" excuse will not work, be upfront with the guy right way, his dealer sold you the bum truck and his dealer should be the one that makes it right. This is the bad that comes with trying to save a grand or two traveling far away to buy something.
  13. Imo it's the oil pump whining, my truck also has a whine but is nowhere near as loud and pronounced as yours is. Your tech sounds like he is talking about the fix they had for the 8 speed transmission shutter issues, which has nothing to do with what you're talking about imo. I would agree with your concern over the ability of your dealership currently when you bring it to them for engine knock and whine and they say lets change the trans oil. Not to mention the 20 models i would think would not come with the wrong trans oil seeing as this issue has been around for years now and is a 8 speed only problem.
  14. Man these afm/cylinder deactivation v-8's have been a nightmare for gm and their owners. I am holding my breath now nearing the end of my warranty.
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