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  1. Hate to break it to you Ryan but i would say a large majority of truck buyers don't use facebook! I enjoy the couple commercials Toyota has with Chuck Norris and the wild Tacoma skit. Much better than the hipster who has never driven a truck holding a clipboard telling us how gm doesn't suck anymore.
  2. Really i am not lying when i say i can literally count on a single hand the amount of time's i have seen one of these 70 plus grand suv's towing anything more than kids or groceries. Irs is a good 5 years late to the fullsize gm suv lineup imo, about damn time!
  3. $7000 off msrp

    I have seen up to 10k off on select 2019 models at a local area dealer, if anyone is in the western mass area and looking at chevys, Bertera Chevy in Palmer Mass has some rather good deals imo.
  4. My dream car when i was a teenager was to buy a syclone, though being in high school at the time they were released i didn't have a chance lol. Still to this day imo the baddest truck gm ever built! I have been hearing rumors of a lt4 blazer so in reality i doubt any of these are anything more then rumors unfortunately. Maybe if they rename the Silverado the Silvervette or Silvermaro it might trick the higher ups who only give the Corvette and Camaro any goodies into throwing the people who have kept and continue to keep this company afloat, us truck buyers a bone for once!!
  5. Nice so gm wants me to have brake failure while driving before they would fix a item that is going to be listed as a recall? Hope they won't mind paying for the lawsuit that i would be bringing if that were to happen.
  6. Extended warranty

    Not entirely true, the 3/36 covers things like interior items like seat covers and dash or trim pieces, gm's best warranty the platinum gmpp which i have does not cover those items. Also Any paint or exterior defects you will be hard pressed getting any coverage from gm on. I remember when they did cover those items and like you said was basically a extension of the 3/36 but not anymore and that is speaking from experience.
  7. GM Reports Strong Earnings

    Not hard to make a profit when you turn to third world slave labor, to build your product. Lets see America labor rates are around 50+ an hour for gm, in Mexico they pay around 8-10 an hour! Let's stop giving applause to Mary the american labor wrecker please, the only thing she deserves credit for right now is upending the lives of thousands of americans and canadians who are now out of a job!
  8. Terrible deal imo, don't walk but run away. You might want to think about financing through gm then just refinance so you get all available rebates. All i know is not even 2 grand off msrp is a laughable offer, clearly that dealer does not want to make a sale if that's the best they can muster!
  9. Wonder how the GM people at this conference felt when they looked on their phones and saw the news about the new ford hd trucks dropping this morning basically one upping in ever check box.
  10. Good bye ford

    Please show me any dealers offering even 30% off msrp never mind 40. At that price i would go tomorrow and trade my 14 all terrain for a 18 denali ultimate at a price of around 45 grand for a near 65 grand sticker! At 40% on a 65 grand truck we are talking over 25 grand off, not going to happen unless you have a family member as a owner who is willing to eat some cost.
  11. 6.2L Yes or No

    The 6.2 has won awards and is currently listed as a top ten engine by wards. If you can afford the extra price on the sticker and premium fuel because please don't be an idiot who buys this engine then thinks that saving 4 dollars a fill up is worth it. Then i think you should obviously spend the extra 3k for the better engine option and for a 19 that will include the new 10 speed so you get more than just the engine. I think were it really comes into play is resale because 5.3 trucks are a dime a dozen but 6.2's will peak more interest on the resale market imo.
  12. Guys your bosses look boss!
  13. For me i wouldn't even look until i see 20% off msrp. Like i said though that won't happen until they start making room for the 20's. And to the person who said but yeah it's now a year old, exactly a year old, still brand new and the same exact thing as the 20's more than likely. Also another plus is a much cheaper excise tax bill to boot come late february, of course that's only if you live in a state like mine that taxes you when you buy then again yearly to further rob you! When i bought in 2014 i saved around 600 dollars on my first excise bill because when it came it was already listed as year old to them.
  14. Is GM Considering An Electric Pickup?

    When is GM going to learn that the hipsters who buy this tech are all, and i say that with complete confidence, NOT GM FANS nor will they ever be imo! Just look at the Volt as a perfect example, better in everyway imo vs. a Prius and almost as cheap considering government incentives mixed with gm ones and yet the Toyota has a huge following and fanbase and GM has just killed the volt line because no one is buying them. I don't think there's anything they can make in this area of the market that will change people's perception and really they have no one but themselves to blame for it at this point. I mean i get needing to go along with the times and tech, but at what point does a almost guaranteed failure come into play because GM's success rate with this tech is non existent at this point. Millions in r&d to make a decent product which no one wants to buy is not a recipe for success imo!
  15. They have dropped large incentives every year for as long as i can remember. Gm clearly does not want to price their product realistically which then creates owners who have paid far to much for their trucks imo and are left holding that bag when incentives hit, and they will hit at years end to clear inventory space!

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