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  1. Criminal haha.... Then he will pay out of his pocket most likely a few hundred dollars for that piece, or he can have it painted, don't care either way. Dealers don't mind fixing things half assed all the time, see the "my rear window is leaking" post. Or telling customers "working as intended" because they know things like lifters can go on for several years before finally giving out and causing serious damage that will then be on the customers dime. You go right ahead though and play nice with GM when at first opportunity they will bend you over for the cost of a 10 dollar part!
  2. No doubt the RA did that imo and made the clear peel up. Like the others said here, play dumb and take it to the dealer and see if you get lucky.
  3. Looks to me OP like you changed the angle the axle sits at which is tearing up the boot. The second guy here i'm wondering since you found evidence of a hack repair on the boot that they split it removing it and tried to hide the fact they damaged it, i would demand an entire new axle as to me it looks like it was the dealer fault with the installation, in any case they should be on the hook to make it right for you.
  4. From GM parts, maybe you can find a wrecked trail boss in a junkyard but might be difficult with how new it is.
  5. Or someone who uses the word "Son" when talking to people on a public forum board. Seriously what are you 12 years old, are the rubber and glue cracks next here, grow up!
  6. They cost in the 90-95k range, the Harley sticker edition Sierra that was posted up here a few weeks ago cost the same to give a comparison of how laughable gm is right now compared to Ford and FCA!
  7. Good luck with that, most car wash places have signs that state they are responsible for essentially nothing. Worth a try but they will most likely hide behind that sign.
  8. There has been plenty of whine discussion all the way back to the k series truck. I have a bad whine all the time and from research on here and what the dealer also states it is the spline style oil pumps these engines have in them that makes the racket. Maybe the newer trucks use something else but this is gm and i doubt it, probably the same pump my 14 uses.
  9. You cant Lemon law cheapness and sadly most of his complaints stem from that. Paint thickness and continued issues with brittle water based paints, trim discoloration, broken phone apps because they more than likely do not update it enough to keep up with phone software. I hate these sensors but at least my truck has been only a tempermental pain during snow or ice build up around the sensors. Clearly the system or wiring is causing some issues if the message flickers on and off. This is the problem with many dealers today, if the computer doesn't tell the tech what's wrong they are clueless at times. And steelcity paint chips are not covered under a 3/36 warranty, if you do not clear bra the front when you first buy it then your likely to not take long to get some chips if you drive on the highway. I have seen some all terrain trucks that literally look like some shot it with buckshot shells. The paint they use is not only applied too thin but what is applied is brittle crap imo.
  10. BIGDOGx


    So once again Senate Democrats have torpedoed the relief bill, as Senate Democrats could not get their line items approved to help bolster their broke and failing cities they have under their control! A bill that would provide more money for schools, testing, vaccines, unemployment insurance, and the Paycheck Protection Program. Nope, a no go for democrats, they feel the better play is to hold all struggling americans hostage because they cant get what they want! Oh and by the way the best part Kamala Harris couldn't even be bothered to show up and vote on it! Lol i mean this party is taking new meaning to the word swamp imo!
  11. BIGDOGx


    Lol at the media thinking anyone is believing their Sturgis caused a 1/4 million covid cases nonsense lol, even diving a tiny little bit into that hit piece, fictional story, the numbers are a laughable joke. It accounts for 19% of all of the cases in the USA since the first day of the rally and blames the rally for 100% of the case in the 5 surrounding states. It also blames the rally for cases where bikers had not even left Sturgis. In other words this "lol" study is not worth a damn as usual from any liberal source..... I mean no the media does not deserve the benefit of doubt here at all, sorry when you have been caught lying over and over again, last one was the hit piece on once again anonymous sources claiming Trump called captured pow's losers last weekend to take attention away from the savages backed by Biden and the dem party destroying our cities and towns! Lol this media doesnt even let the last lie they told die down before moving onto the next one now!
  12. Was this rendering done on a Tandy 1000?
  13. BIGDOGx


    Lol i get a good laugh at anyone making excuses for her, she controls this city but yet acts surprised by her own dracona rules and regulations crippling it currently. Her telling the press after they asked her if she owes an apology to the people and more specifically the business owners of her city shut down by her stupidity, she said without hesitation " NO I DON'T"! Pretty much says it all, not only that she decided while her fake teeth are falling out of her mouth as she tries to speak saying that in fact she feels the salon owner owes her an apology lol..... These leftist people are really something else, she truly lives in her own little world.
  14. How so, the frames used on the slider are different then the ones without. How else do you think the frames crack, flexing is the only really valid reason for it to happen imo. Just pop the hood and look at these trucks through the years and just how much support steel has been either thinned to the max or completely done away with for weight savings.
  15. To me with the amount of cracked window frames, it scream too much body flex to me as the real issue. Don't see how they can fix that one either, what i would do is see if you can get a solid rear window put in instead of the slider, i don't believe anyone with a non slider has had troubles and for me a slider is not that important to have, especially not if they mostly leak or will leak causing further issues with mold and stained interior pieces.
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