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  1. I wish you luck, to have some piece of mind one of those guys on here who did have his dash taken apart did comment that the tech did a rather good job of reassembling it and doesn't think it will be an issue down the road.
  2. Never had a clogged ac drain line in almost 3 decades of driving gm trucks. How a truck with only 13,000 miles has this happen is beyond me. Do you park it under a tree or bush that contentiously dumps on your truck or something? As the previous poster said we have had a few members here have to have their dash ripped completely apart for other issues but the components and bolts and clips that hold it all together is immense. We all know those clips too are never as tight as when initially installed at the factory. Imo most plastic clips today should be one time use, once the stretch out, their effectiveness is very reduced imo and that is what will causes future rattles.
  3. BIGDOGx


    Last night again on twitch, LA protest a good 10+k in people standing about 3 inches apart screaming and chanting at the top of their lungs and at best maybe 1/3rd wearing mask, another 1/3rd wearing chin mask's and the rest without anything. I'm sure the numbers on Monday for this media will be because of the holiday weekend and everything shut down. Oh well the more we continue to not state the obvious and why we are the only country pushing these kind of numbers, we will continue to fall behind with getting a handle on it. What are the plans of those protesting after the protesting is done and there are no more businesses or job's left from their destruction?
  4. BIGDOGx


    I have watched several of the protest on twitch which is also uncensored by our disgraceful media and you get the truth, and not the edit version that side want's you to see. The protest had numbers nearing 100,000 people and at best 1/3rd of them were wearing mask standing about 2 inches apart and screaming at the top of their lungs, including directly in the faces of the police who were basically told to just sit their and take it. This was Houston on memorial day weekend, guess were the protesters went to take a break from their selfishness, that would be the open area bars.....
  5. BIGDOGx


    You have to truly remove all common sense to believe that the protesting has had little to no effect on this resent surge. The timelines and age groups all match up, the media and left of america have essentially put their political careers over that of 300+ million people in this country. Oh i just seen the Mayor of Seattle who should be sitting in a jail cell awaiting trial on murder 2 charges for allowing 4 people to be killed in her peace love and happiness zone, has ordered it to be cleared out today. You say she came to her senses, nope, the protesters came to her home!
  6. I would see if you can keep the old ones they take off and try and paint them or get them chromed yourself, would probably be the best option and most long lasting one. Or even have just those bits clear wrapped, willing to bet rock chips start the process and weather finishes off the job.
  7. Well maybe it was only south Florida but my parents live down their in the winter time and the entire month of March when i talked to them it was nothing but tremendous down pour rain just about every night that month. I don't know how that could introduce water into the engine, but yeah these trucks seem to have leak and water issues all over the map so i guess anything is possible. Crazy that you are so calm about it, i would have to imagine a new engine on your dime is going to cost the better part of 5-10 grand before it is all said and done.
  8. It like everything else in these interiors needs a severe update. Those infotainment systems are essentially the same thing in my 2014 with a freshened up ui and a few added features.
  9. Quart, i only have a gas powered leaf blower that i use it in so like i said that stuff last me a good while. I would without a doubt ruin it if i tried to use pump fuel, i can not get non ethanol blended fuel in my state so the stuff is pure evil to any small engine.
  10. I mean i paid 28 bucks for a case which has 4 of those containers in it. They last me around 2 1/2 - 3 years worth of use, not worth my time doing it any other way. I can understand though if you are a landscaping business or someone who uses a good deal of it, but they also use their equipment daily so it is less damaging to use treated ethanol added fuel imo as it doesn't sit in place mucking everything up.
  11. I agree it is over priced by a lot, but so isn't a small engine repair shop that will most likely be needed using regular pump fuel even with a stabilizer in it. Been using the stihl brand two cycle fuel for around 3-4 years now with my leaf blower, never have had a problem with it so far, starts usually on the second pull every time, Me personally that is worth the cost of it imo.
  12. BIGDOGx


    So Oregon County in their infinite wisdom has deemed requiring mask use by African Americans unfair as they say makes them feel like criminals, seriously i kid you not! All other races must wear them, this after for the last 3 months being told how much more dangerous this virus is to the African american population. The rest and majority of the population in Oregon can get bent, your safety i guess doesn't supersede the feelings of African Americans now. And people cant fathom why most of the country has had enough of this virus, when we have to see crap like this that completely contradicts everything they have said!
  13. I can only shake my head at what NASCAR has done the last couple days.... Disgusting! Bubba also had a great chance to fix their mistake this morning and instead looks to have doubled down on it.
  14. Really calm the hell down, no one needs to check their's because they ALL do it! This is as normal on gm trucks as performing an oil change.
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