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  1. At my work only the vaccinated continue to catch and spread covid among themselves. We have one guy twice shot and twice boosted who just got done with covid bought number 4. I don't know, i think most who took the vaccine have damaged their own immune systems, just my opinion from what i'm seeing.
  2. The bad parts today are at least in my area around 7 dollar a gallon for fuel then add in def. The worst part is not just the fact the price is blowing up on this fuel, but the talk of shortages are what is most concerning.
  3. I still think the rims that came on my all terrain are the nicest looking rims gm ever put on a truck. They also hold up well and still look as new as the day i drove the ruck home off the lot. Machined and painted accent look is always the way to go with a gm rim imo!
  4. I would demand an extended warranty on the trans, who rebuilt the trans, gm or some shop your dealer uses?
  5. Yeah i wouldn't hold my breath waiting for reply. The best they can probably do is maybe help you schedule an appointment for your dealer to look at it. As for covering the pads, if your past your 3 years and 36k i can almost no doubt tell you you will be on your own, brakes are a wear and tear item and unless it is obvious they prematurally failed, you will likely be on the hook. I will say my brakes went over 7 years and 50,000 miles before my mechanic had me replace the fronts, back pads are still original. So you either have an issue or you drive with a heavy gas and braking foot. Hard stops will cause rotors to warp imo or prolonged foot on the pedal type use.
  6. OEM Tires = $hit I learned this lesson long ago and my last truck a set of bfg ko'2s were worked into the deal before i left the lot.
  7. I dont get why someone would pay 60+ grand for the lux truck model and then save 5-10 bucks a fill up to put lesser grade dirtier fuel into their engines which the manufacture clearly doesn't recommend. Have any of you seen a person who has taken the top half of one of these di motors apart because the valve caking is an absolute real issue everyone with one of these engines will face, using cheaper fuel will only make the issue worse. If your a pump and dumper and trade out like you do socks then it most likely will never be an issue for you, the person who buys it will be a different issue.
  8. That truck is long gone right now, my point though was gm customer help being allowed to do something other than offer appointment booking. I got essentially a free gmpp plat 0 deduct warranty to 80k and about 1,500 was credited back to my loan account since i no longer needed the one i bought. This was after 3 consecutive unfixed clunk issues which is nothing compared to the top half of your engine being taken apart and replaced. It got them another truck purchase from me in 2015 so yes it was well worth it for GM to keep me satisfied and throwing me a bone. Like i said GMCustomerService please prove me wrong!
  9. Yeah i would say about 10-15 years ago or so, they seem to have stripped away any ability for gm customer service people to give any kind of satisfaction for issues. I remember getting my warranty extended to 8 years and 80,000 miles and the extended warranty i had purchased at the time of buying my truck was credited to my loan, all of this from calling the 800 gm number. This was after 3 times having to get the dreaded steering shaft clunk fixed the gmt-800's had. I have also seen them give out gift cards to the gm accessory store when customers were inconvenienced like this. Now i really don't understand what their function even is these days, i doubt you need help calling your dealer and telling them hey my engine sounds like a box of rocks and every service light is on the dash right now. Shame but to me it seems like GM stripped away their ability to do anything other than schedule an appointment at your local dealership today. Go ahead GMCustomerService person, please by all means prove me wrong!
  10. The date range is hogwash, these engines have been having lifter issues and bent rod issues since 2014! They might be fixed when they move on from the 5.3 / 6.2 varrients, until these engine options are changed and no longer offered it is clear these issues will continue regardless of model years or some date range for engine builds.
  11. Reman, why is it not getting a brand new crate trans? Even past your og warranty you should still have coverage under the PT one unless they changed it again?
  12. Couple things to remember with GM. Never buy a GM car or truck with painted black rims or chrome, always go for the machined with painted accents and or polished finish! Never buy a GM car or truck with painted plastic trim!
  13. BIGDOGx


    Lies and the stretching of truth, usual for this group. Here is the actual true outlook for this country moving forward and boy does it not look good at all. https://www.crfb.org/press-releases/cbo-projects-record-debt-after-short-reprieve
  14. BIGDOGx


    The shortages are because of democrats intentional sabotage of american energy production! Biden admitted this yesterday with his comments about how incredible this is to him and his party of idiots! What he doesnt understand and the rest of his cracker jack box party of morons, is he is torpedoing this economy and the lives of hundreds of millions of people in the process. I shake my head at anyone dumb enough to still support this moron, him and his entire worthless political party are killing this country right now! Wait till the coming diesel fuel shortage hits, if you think grocery store prices and availability is bad now lol....
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