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  1. Well i would bring it to the dealer and tell them to look under that panel and tighten the bolts, make sure they use some lock tight so they don't back out on their own again. Only driven a few miles so far but the results are very good and it seemed to quite it up a good bit.
  2. Damn that sucks man, i don't even know what to think anymore regarding this engine and how it sounds. It sounds fine when it is being driven and going up the rpm band, but at idle these are the worst sounding box of rocks engines i have ever owned, not to mention whiners with this new style oil pump. What's weird is i don't remember ever hearing these noises when i stand next to a 6.2 camaro or corvette, maybe i just need a performance exhaust to drown out the rattle, ticks, nocks and whines these engines seem to have.
  3. I wonder if it's the electric e-brake they now use?
  4. No it's under a extended gmpp plan but all their extended ones do not cover trim issues, i have a 2014 but i believe the trim around that area might be the same as the 2019 as the interiors are nearly identical, mainly was just trying to show how gm sometimes forgets to tighten things up. I believe the person in that video's truck was only 3 weeks off the lot new and that one bolt nearly fell out when he removed that panel.
  5. Funny that you ask this because i just dropped it off at the dealer to tighten those bolts today along with some other stuff i need done. I tried to get the panel off myself but i couldn't get the plastic panel to budge and didn't want to break it so asked the dealer to look at it as long as they dont try to charge an arm and a leg since it should take their tech literally 5-10 minutes to fix. Not sure that will solve all my rattles and noises but it is for sure one of the most annoying ones.
  6. Yeah i'm going to disagree here because the assembly process can go just as wrong as using poor materials or poor engineering standards. Not saying Mexico is worse but human error is a very relevant thing in the production of automobiles and even though they are giant puzzles today, that puzzle can still be assembled wrong or poorly.
  7. You must be driving downhill with a tail wind and in v-4 mode to get over 25 mpg. Sorry these v-8's while damn efficient are not that efficient. Not saying your lying but your wrong in your calculations imo, though it seems many people like to embellish their mpg numbers on the internet for some reason. I get a good chuckle when i see other 6.2 owners talk about 17-18 mpg in city driving lol not a freaking chance in hell! To the og poster, maybe the station you went too just changed blends from winter to summer?
  8. I hate to say it but your husband should of included you on a purchase like this, especially if you have to use it at times. As someone else said you are coming from a loaded truck to a non loaded one and things like ride quality and comfort features like not having to re-adjust the seat every time you drive so you can do something like see out of the window should of made your husband open his wallet a little further for something that you yourself would be more comfortable in. For the jerky shifting type slow driving bucking motion see if your truck has the grade braking feature enabled like my 14. Disabling it seriously fixes about 90% of the odd shifting behaviours these gm transmission exhibit imo, or atleast for my 6 speed. To turn it off in my truck at least and im sure its still the same in yours, press and hold in the tow haul button for like 5 seconds which is located on the end of the shifter until you get the grade braking disabled message on the gauge cluster. It's a terrible damn feature that should be automatically disabled at the start and only applied if the operator wishes it be turn it on when towing. Gm seems to think everyone has a 5,000 lb trailer there towing in the mountains. Seriously stupid of gm to have this feature active the second you start the truck imo! I have almost worn the damn button out turning that crap feature off everytime i get in my truck!
  9. 2019 Blazer - HOT OR NOT

    The new Bronco is going to sell well imo and have a huge fan following, Ford seems to listen to what their fans want. While Gm must of been listening to themselves to design such a poor vehicle, i have still yet to see a single blazer on the road.
  10. Glad to see GM taking heat for this and their OBVIOUS anti north american labor stance. Please don't try and tell us how some percentage is made in the usa when 100% of it should be, GM has no one to blame but themselves for the negative perception on this. Regardless american consumers always have the last word and as of right now that is keep your POS mexican made blazer GM! To say this model is not selling well would be an understatement at the moment. Time for Mary to go imo, GM needs a car person in charge or someone that at least doesn't look at automobiles like an appliance. She had her spot but it's time to move on from her imo, gm design is just lifeless under her!
  11. Nice, congrats i know you have been patiently waiting these last couple years lol
  12. Elon what product do you make that can beat it? Oh that's right you don't have one currently.
  13. Oh snap For Sale, what are you looking at Ryan for a replacement?
  14. This will more then likely blow Skippys mind then because i also have a 2014 a/t which just passed 30,000 miles on the od! Skippy not everyone drives around aimlessly loading miles onto their rides, or choose to work and hour and half away from their home. Or maybe and i know this is also mind blowing they have more then their truck, it is possible for people even a single person to have multiple automobiles today.
  15. I almost rather let the motor destroy itself then have a dealer tear it open today. I have to imagine that the older good knowledgeable techs avoid engine tear down jobs too, making it even more troublesome with having something like this done. With people like gmdog though the full truck should be replaced, that should be a law by the way since we cant trust these company to stand behind their product anymore. Anything that has a serious break down like this within a couple months of ownership should be a automatic replacement imo.

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