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  1. If you are still within the 3/35 oem warranty your should be good. If you are outside of it generally having a dealer cover any paint work is an uphill battle, it is readily excluded from most extended warranties too. Not trying to be an ass here but judging by this picture your paint work looks to be in not so good of shape and i'm not talking about the missing paint areas. Do you hand wash and wax your truck often because i see a roof that has literally no protection on it imo, look like it has been chemical blasted by several auto car washes to me. Those places are destructive t
  2. Crazy, brakes on a 2020?? Hell i have over 7 years and close to 50k miles on my oem brakes now.... And for the love of god people, please stop buying that china powerstop junk, if you are not going to a big brake setup from Brembo or Wilwood you are wasting your time and money imo! Either spend the premium to get quality or just remain oem imo.
  3. Not surprising when you co-develop it with a completely different manufacture "Ford" and then try and stick it in multiple models both car and truck. I guess it is good that it seems to be a good performing trans, but it looks like the ability to repair or service has been compromised with it.
  4. I'm willing to bet the directive changed because they are having issues getting parts from suppliers like almost every other product in this country right now. Good luck and hope you have at the very least a good service manager to work with.
  5. I have seen it here a few times were cheap GM instead of doing what's right and replacing them all, decided to only do one side and within a few weeks guess what happens, yes the other side goes bad! Some people kind of spend the 50+ grand on a new truck so they can trust what they are driving, hard to do that whe known problems are allowed to continue because Gm doesn't have the parts to fix their problems correctly. Let's face it that is the true reason why they seem to be going away from the correct procedure with replacing them all, trying to hope that the remaining parts hold
  6. I'll just give my entire life of trucks which is last 25 years now since i don't change my vehicles like underwear as some of you here seem to do haha. 1989 S10 Baja edition-used 1995 S10 ZR2 ext cab.-new 2005 Silverado Z71 ext cab.-new 2014 GMC Sierra A/T ext cab.-new
  7. Option - Advanced trailing system +$2,500 Option deduction "no chips" - Advanced trailing system credit -$50.00 Funny how to add this option it more than likely costs thousands, but when they deduct it because of part shortages they only deduct no doubt the real cost of this option lol.
  8. I don't think he is trying to sell anything, there is a risk of damage being done so why take that chance? Regardless of it being minimal it would suck to get a jump and either damage your vehicle or the one doing the jump and it is proven that it can indeed happen. As you said jumper boxes are more convenient and as stated in that article are the safe way to jump a dead battery in todays cars and trucks. No need to take chances to save what 50-100 bucks for a jumper box.
  9. I did a quick search to find this article but i heard a mechanic on a car forum discussing it and didn't realize it could have damaging effects. Glad i have not had the need for a jump in many years now. https://ricksfreeautorepairadvice.com/can-a-jump-start-damage-computers/
  10. Yes todays cars and trucks can not run on a lame battery like the did in the old days. You also can not jump start a battery which i didn't realize until recently, and thankfully not learning it the hard way.
  11. I like the zr2 even though I'm thinking it will touch the 90-100k mark, especially considering gm has the ability to probably only build a couple thousand right now so dealers will be marking up the hell out of em imo. Not sure i like the new grill but the 8 year old interior has thankfully been somewhat addressed.
  12. I don't know having two sets of tires on a 4x4 truck is pretty out there if you ask me. Been driving 4x4's in the northeast for 30+ years now and bfg ko's seem to tackle pretty much all conditions pretty well imo, good enough imo to not waste money on 4 extra rims and 4 extra tires.
  13. Yes you will probably leave scratch's leaning over the bed. The water based paints they got forced into are terrible, even worse is American makes seem to continue pushing the limits of how lightly they can apply it to make it even worse.
  14. It's called Inflation and it is here to stay so get use to it, hardly the fault of GM or any car dealership for that matter!
  15. Just a thought but perhaps look at things for Camaros which i'm sure has a far bigger selection of engine items then the truck lines will show. Of course some might need some modding to fit but they use the same 6.2's that are trucks do.
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