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  1. Man you like tempting fate, outside of your warranty too no less. I don't get the people here claiming not everyone has this problem, and your point to that is what? It is a thread asking if the same problem will carry over to the 22 model year, my answer to that is yes. If the body structure remains the same and they have the ability to carry over the same window part content wise, knowing gm, yes they will as it saves cost. Far cheaper for GM to just have dealers dump silicone on your back windows and at worst have to replace the window with another one.
  2. I think those that have had it actually fixed you can see a clear difference in the way certain dealerships attack this problem. Most who have had a second hand glass company come and perform this fix have had good success which is no shocker here. Some dealerships have techs that care about the work they do, and some clearly are just collecting a paycheck and doing the bare minimal. That guy a few pages back with what looks to me to be bathroom sealant white goop, is clear that it was done at a piss poor dealership service department. I think the people who just said f it and bought a non slider glass window are the smart ones here, time is money and going back to the dealership 3 times for this issue is not worth the hassle, 500-700 dollars is short money to get a non leaking truck imo. And yes i think gm should be fixing this issue but clearly now a year away from a major redesign that is never going to happen.
  3. Yup same here, not only the best looking tire on the market but most dependable too imo. Been running ko and ko-2 tires for the last 30 years of gm trucks, from my 89 s10 baja to my 14 sierra. Not a single tire issue in 30 years, not a flat/blow out or anything other than 10 years of age and around 50-60k is when they start to dry up and need replacing. I bet it would be hard for anyone here to give me a similar story with another brand, 3 decades is a pretty solid sample size imo!
  4. Good luck, i think you have a solid claim here if this is the result after 4 fix attempts, gm shouldn't be allowed a 5th!
  5. He is going to have an uphill battle imo, once you sign on that dotted line it is yours and it will take a good bit of effort to get gm to give a new one. I agree though and i don't care how plug and play or good the tech is, a replaced engine ruins the truck imo! Especially considering he has not even made a payment yet, every rattle, every noise will be amplified throughout ownership!
  6. I almost feeling like calling gm or your dealers service department and bitching them out for you, that is disgraceful and no excuse for it imo! If GM can't fix your truck they owe you a new one imo! Maybe ask them to give you the non slider back window, the sliders are the problem in these trucks imo!
  7. Just to give you a heads up you are in the 2019 and up forums. Below you will find the k series forums and would be better suited asking in there. Maybe a mod here cna put it in the right spot. Not sure what you mean by jumping around though, do you mean it was switching between radio and navigation?
  8. Yes and they sell every at-4 before it even touches their lots nowadays which is why they don't need denalis imo. That is just part content taking up resources that could go to something that sells like hot cakes. Denalis are not hard to find and locate around me sitting like a statue on dealer lots.
  9. Especially the at-4 version, no dealer around me can keep them on the lots! It is by a far far margin Gm's most in demand version of the fullsize line, it's why they really should shelve the denalis and just make at-4's imo.
  10. No doubt electrics will have a spot in drag racings future, anything that goes fast does imo. Same for other racing sports out there, but as we have seen with say the f-1 style ev cars they are rather borish to watch, when you essentially take away one of the main senses for people like the "sound" it lessons the product. It is why F-1 is huge and why e-1 is like women's soccer or basketball, people know it's there but don't care to follow it.
  11. They are going to start cutting corners and eliminating some systems in these trucks that will decrease mpg by 1, that is how bad this chip issue has become. Most dealers i expect are going to value their truck and suv supply much more so than any other year on record imo. Your best bet is a super high volume dealer, the local small ones are not going to give away their stock like normal years.
  12. Hard to promote an engine they literally buried in only stripped down work truck models. Yes Ford sells a ton of 2.7 trucks but the GM version unlike the Ford in minus 2 cylinders and also a turbo! Not to mention the whole 4.3 being almost as old as me and a very dependable power plant.
  13. Apparently not me at the time as an 18 year old haha. First monthly bill was nearly 400 dollars, my father laughed at me when i asked for help paying it.
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