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  1. Go look at those in the t-class trucks section and the TB model black rims that are terribly brittle with several owners complaining about rock chips. I have been buying gm trucks since the early 1990's, chrome plated rims and black ones never last, it's just a thing people should realize that gm is incapable of producing correctly, or at least be made to last more than a handful of years.
  2. Some things with gm you should never buy, and that is chrome plated rims or black painted rims. No matter how much you baby them and care for them they will not last. I have the same rims except the machined aluminum and grey painted insert look. Clean them with nothing but car soap and water and at times normally apply some spray wax on them and they look nearly like the day i bought my truck. I agree with others those rims are done, your best and cheapest bet is to find a set of take offs like djw and for gods sake no chrome or black painted ones unless you want to go through this again in a few short years.
  3. Not going to argue that owning a 6 speed which has been without question the worst shifting, acting slop box i have ever had the displeasure of owning. Would rather have the 4l60e back to be honest, sure it's archaic and had its fair share of problems too, but driving it never made me want to kick puppys down the street like this 6 speed can do from time to time!
  4. Just watch yourself Hotrodz, dealership's look for any reason to void your warranty and performing a fix on your own like that could possible do that. You really can't give them any reason today because 9 out of 10 times they will use it.
  5. It seems to be a growing trend these days, never had issues like we see now with remote lines either trans or engine coming undone like this. Leak yes, but completely blow out and dump everything out , not that i can remember.
  6. Looks good and thank you for not buying black rims like 99.9% of the people seem to do haha.
  7. I have been looking at trucks and for some reason dealers stopped ordering TB models with the machined aluminum 18" rims that look like the zr2 spec rims. Imo those are the nicest looking ones for the chevy trucks currently imo. The black painted ones are terrible looking along with not holding up, gm black painted rims have a terrible history and these look no different with owners already complaining about rock chips galore on them.
  8. Spaceman i agree on the interior thoughts but why did you still buy? At these prices i don't want to hear the it's a truck excuse, ok fine then stop it with the 70k price tags if it's only a truck! I mean i see 40k cars loaded to the gills with new tech and modern looking surfaces and touches so i don't see how or why trucks with msrps breaking over 60-70k can't also include these new goodies too.
  9. Yeah i agree, i bet there is a lot of thought put into making things not too good within the automotive sector these days.
  10. That does not explain the cracked frames people are seeing though, i say the person who was talking about body flex was onto the correct issue here. Let's face it pop the hood in these trucks as GM has eliminated as much of the steel structure as possible, they have thinned and trimmed as much as they can and i think it's starting to have adverse effects. I hope i'm wrong as i don't know how GM could ever retrofit a fix if that is indeed the main issue here.
  11. I have also seen trucks that regularly get fluid filmed on the underside, this is why i kind of would prefer a powder coated frame because i remember seeing the underside picture of a guy with like a 9 year old tundra that he would get under and clean by hand and would also fluid film and the damn thing looked brand new on the underside, bolts, brake lines everything looked nearly factory fresh with nearly a decade on the clock! The Wax on these frames just won't hold up, once it starts to deteriorate it is a pain to even touch up because unless you actually scrape all that gunk off, paint will never hold on it.
  12. Many people through the years have been able to get a dealer to fix it, though we are talking rattle can paint and i have seen some dealers with techs that clearly care and treat it as if it was their own, and i have seen others that essentially have just winged it spraying all over the place and making it look worse imo. I have owned gm trucks for over 30 years and i can guarantee you this. Your frame will not rust through unless you completely lack any cleaning of it and even then you would need to live in a rust belt area and give it a half decade plus before any damage would be done, the frame though no matter what you do will be brownish and surface rust were all the wax has gotten old and flaked off is a definite imo. You can paint it but it's just what it is, imo i would rather see these frames powder coated like some other makes do but there are pluses and minus to both.
  13. They will never fix it with sealant, i dont think a single person has had that hack fix performed and had it last more than a week if even that.
  14. Exactly what it reminded me of, i refused to let my dealer perform that tsb regarding the hacking of the rubber for the seat belt holder. No way in hell was i allowing a tech to do that to my truck!
  15. Just saying because many dealers are putting those covers on trucks on their lot and that is how the look for the most part until the sun warms them up but imo covers even top dollars ones like Katzkins have that close but not perfect fit to them. No doubt your dealer at least took the cover off at some point, that is no way in heck from the factory like that. I would ask them for another new seat or have someone that knows what they are doing fit it because that thing looks over stretched to me.
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