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    2014 GMC Sierra All Terrain DC 6.2
  1. I mean really should we expect anything less from GM here? If GM makes a commercial bragging about this app, their entire marketing department should be fired! This would be almost as bad as teaming up with a mexican bottled water company! I mean just how tone deaf is gm today, i don't know a single person that would feel the need to order domino's from their in car infotainment system. Heck i don't even know anyone who eats domino's pizza, this company is in desperate need of a new leader!
  2. My 2014 is like a concert of a box of rocks lol, i can't stand the sound these di engines make, seriously annoying.
  3. I think the last few years have shown these di gm engines consume oil, some more then others. Just look at the couple post were forum members took the head off their engines and found oil/carbon deposits all over the valves and top end of the engine. A reason why many here have chosen to install catch-canisters to help reduce the oil build up.
  4. Yeah i agree just a overall lazy job imo, it's nothing but a giant rectangle on the side of the truck.
  5. Wow that is some kind of bad, not to mention two tone on black imo should be partnered with silver not white. I hope that is a wrap so they can tear it off when people tell them how ugly it looks. The one above is actually pretty nice with also the tire and wheel combo of that era to really give it great throwback look, especially the color combo used.
  6. Paint issue

    Wow it is shameful that is able to leave the factory in that condition.. Your lucky you have a good dealer as many imo would not do what they are doing and would stick you with a respray at best. I would also take 2 hours going over the exchanged truck to make sure there are no problems on that one either.
  7. Paint issue

    Honestly if it's a good shop you will likely receive a better paint job then what's on it now. These factory water based jobs now stink, the paint is as thin and brittle as ever imo and more then likely the respray will be a better quality job. That is as long as whoever is doing the work is good at what they do. I agree though it is a chance, many hacks out there today....
  8. A/C Condenser

    Well i once again have warm air for a/c, i would be irate if i didn't have an 0 deduct extended warranty, thank god i bought one for this truck!
  9. Well looks like im like everyone else, was brought in probably 2 or 3 weeks ago and they said they replaced a line going to the condenser even though everything under the hood looks the same, all ac lines didn't look new to me. So i'm sure it's no surprise to anyone here that it is now blowing hot air again. We will see what the dealer says it is this time, they might as well replace the entire system because i have almost 3 years left on my warranty and only have 31k on my truck so they are not getting out of repairing this!
  10. Paint issue

    Wow that body shop is trying to put one over on your dealer imo. Over 2k to repaint and blend a fender and door, sounds kind of way over what it should cost imo, i don't know maybe prices have doubled since i last time i needed any work on my vehicles. For that kind of price it better be a quality job!
  11. De-chroming it really makes it stand apart from other trucks here imo.
  12. Not sure, but anything is possible i guess. So far i have not had any issues with the lines leaking in my 14, though i only have 31,000 miles on it. I remember my 95 s10 zr2 went through 6 sets of lines i think in the 120k/10 years i owned it, thankfully they never separated at the crimp though.
  13. Leaking yes, blowing out and dumping the oil out by the quart no or at least i don't remember seeing a single person ever have that issue on a 14-18 model here. Certainly not this many people in this short of time frame though. And Shawn just realize that the PT warranty only covers specific items, most sensors, gaskets, bolted on items and things that nature are more than likely not covered under it.
  14. I have lost count of the amount of forum posters here who have had their poor trucks bent up by their wives or girlfriends! With that being that transformer tailgate i can imagine that it will cost a couple grand to replace. I would think claiming that on insurance will run you even more in the long run with increased rates.
  15. 2019 GMC Syclone

    I get the part about making this, what i don't get is how they make it slower than the 1990's version and yet make it cost's close to 6 figures to purchase! Also no awd, no turbo, no regular cab, at this kind of price it should without a doubt have a 6.2 shoehorned into the truck with a supercharger on it which is nothing they can't pull off a shelf. Really better off buying a slightly used model and doing this yourself as long as you have a reputable trustworthy builder but at this kind of money i dont think that would be difficult to find.

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