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  1. Not just an 8 speed thing as my 14 6 speed will do it on occasion. Consider this a working as intended flaw, gm has no concern to fix this issue as evident how it has been prevalent on multiple model years. Imo it has more to do with the terrible tunes these trucks come with than anything else.
  2. No matter how hard i try Toyota and Nissan as just so out of place in the truck market right now. The Tundra especially which is so in need of a complete redesign, it is literally a 15 year old design now, no one should be buying them imo! The interior screams and i mean screams early 2000's cheap crap plastic garbage.
  3. I think a big part of the issue is the oversized center console. It should be slimmed down some and extra room added for seat comfort imo. Do people need a foot wide storage space in between the seats so they can have a file system in it, i think it's time to get rid of that and make it more comfortable for the driver and passenger. I hate the look of the split bench in the lower packaged trucks but there is no denying how much more comfortable it is to sit in and drive imo.
  4. No i have been driving gm trucks all my driving life now, over 3 decades. I just think the 900's were not only the ugliest of the last 4 decades of gm trucks but are without question the most cheaply made. The interiors were simply dreadful, my 05 silverado was way better quality wise then the 900's were. The 14's and up are on a completely different level even though they are showing their age now they still are better than that terrible 06-13 time frame for gm.
  5. The 800's were a decent truck but lol at the 900's which were without a doubt the worst trucks gm ever made.
  6. No 91 premium and up is. As was said you can use 87 but i would not use it and drive it like you stole it. As long as you're not bringing the motor into high rpm ranges you should be ok. Though with 87 fuel it is not as clean, go look at pictures of people who crack these motors open and then ask yourself if you want to use cheap fuel to save a few bucks while junking up the insides of these motors. I mean i'm spending about 3 to 4 bucks more per fill up going with premium instead of regular fuel, not a terrible difference.
  7. If you buy one you better be prepared for around 13-15 city and on a good day 19-21 on the highway. Seems like those with the tb 2" lift are seeing even less than those numbers, my 14 gets the numbers i posted pretty constanstantly. Don't go by those that way over estimate their mileage on this website, i seen some posting 25mpg lol not a damn chance unless your going downhill with a strong wind at your back. If you buy the 6.2 you should expect less than stellar mpg numbers.
  8. Unless they changed, my 14 is very easy to change the cabin filter, i think one #10 torx head scewdriver and 4 bolts like was said is all it takes. Maybe took all of 10 minutes to change, i usually also take the box and rip a section of it off to jimmy under the old filter while i'm pulling it out incase any debris is up above it and it doesn't fall into the fan unit which is right below the filter.
  9. I owned 2 GM black trucks before my 05 which was dark grey metallic and my 14 which is basically the same with Iridium. Much prefer metallic paints over regular colors like black, nothing pops better than a metallic paint in the sun.
  10. I guess im failing to see what's actually changed other then some plastic bits in the front clip that kind of makes it look cheaper imo. Was hoping for a different headlight design or something to really make it stand out over the last what 6 years or so of the Colorado. Color me not impressed here.....
  11. I would steer clear of any GM product at this time, i can't imagine moral and quality were good with the last few weeks of work done at their plants.
  12. I would inspect the work if possible when you pick it up, i remember another forum member on here had work done to their harness and it was a complete hack job from the dealer with what i remember.
  13. I miss the lazy boy style seats that my 05 silverado had, they started going cheap in the 06-13 models and continued that trend with the 14's and up. To those that think GM will recall or re-engineer the seats in the new line of trucks lmao, you must be new to GM. Unless these seats are prying up off the floor in accidents or safety hazards after a couple hundred people die, they ain't never going to change or improve them sorry that is just not the way this company operates or ever has for that matter.
  14. I'm thinking this is a dealer/ customer issue, GM likely won't be able to do anything as his truck is probably not even showing him as owning it. I know one thing i would want to just give the truck back at this point if possible and find another dealer.
  15. I thought this was going to be a post with a guy complaining about his wife, lol.
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