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  1. A quick easy one to check is the one Newton just described. There is a plastic trim piece directly under the steering wheel, once removed check the screws behind it as they usually come loose. Put some thread lock on them and retighten. The 4 bolt locations you need to check are visible in the last picture posted by Slow up above.
  2. We are talking about the interior here and other then a heads up display "top of the line model" and rear vents, nothing but deletions took place on the interior side. Interiors sell these days i dont get why people think gm should just offer nothing better, dodge is eating gm's lunch right now because of their interiors alone. I don't mind you guys having your own opinion but don't sit here and try and tell me the good enough approach is the road gm should be taking here!
  3. Hell anyone coming from a 07-13 model will love the interior, the 900's were basically a cost cut version of gm's fullsize trucks and the worst they have ever produced imo! Now coming from a 14 i have to count all the subtractions from it on a 19. Like the guy who said it would be perfect if the 19's had adjustable pedals and seat belts. well step back to a 14-18 and you can have that. See the true issue here, those saying good enough for me will hopefully never work at gm designing because that attitude is not good enough for me! I don't want to see a list of everything they have taken away from my last truck if im looking to spend the better part of near 50 grand on a new one.
  4. Probably the condenser, even if you do it yourself and go aftermarket to save a few bucks you are going to be spending a couple hundred at the very least. If your like me and dont have the time, skill or tools you are going to be looking at a grand give or take a hundred or two. I think the cheapest i have seen someone get one installed on here was like 6-700 bucks.
  5. They are going to look 500 billion times better than those chrome YUCK wheels. Chrome is so early 1990's and should not come on any car or truck today imo. Not to mention as you now know they never hold up because todays chrome plating is junk imo. My machined and painted version that were on my all terrain and like the finish on the ones you are switching to still looks as good as the day i pulled my truck off the lot currently. I also would advise to make sure the weights go on the inside of the rim and only use car soap and water to clean them up, the chemicals in some cleaners is very abrasive imo.
  6. I'm really starting to think about selling my truck and just leasing from here on out, i don't think they are built to last anymore and i truly would rather spend 300 a month on a lease deal then 2 grand here, a grand there and 500 here trying to keep an older vehicle running.
  7. Crazy gm has known problems with this part and instead of fixing it they put duct tape on it, lol this is such a half arsed fix i can do nothing but laugh....
  8. How could a piece of tape with a size of 2" x 4" only placed in the upper right hand corner that also doesn't look factory and has about a 1/4"-1/2" on the edge of the condenser which looks like it is trying to seal something up be a heat shield. I also talked to two separate dealer parts departments and both stated the condenser does not come with any kind of tape on it. Are you positive this is a heat shield, can anyone else on here please look at your condenser since we have many that have had dealers replace them look to see if yours is the same. Not saying your wrong but im just not convinced the way this looks that is like this from factory. edit... Check that, i just seen your comment to look back, thanks for the info but this looks like one half arsed fix to be honest, literally looks to me like they just slapped a piece of tape on it and said fixed. In any case at least i know that this was not some patch job my dealer did, it is a patch job that gm did unfortunately. Glad i looked into this before i made an ass out of myself at the service department haha.
  9. So about that warranty lol... Not that i won't eventually get this settled and fixed right but any chance we have any gm techs here on the board that could tell me why when i looked into the front grill at my ac condenser that my dealer stated they replaced, that i see what looks like a large piece of silver tape in the upper right hand corner, the tape like hvac people use to seal around sheet metal ducts? I am really thinking my dealer fixed my condenser with tape, yes i said that correctly tape! Now if that's the case i have the evidence on my condenser currently and paperwork that states very clearly that the condenser was bad and replaced. To me this now becomes a case of fraud that the dealer is committing towards the manufacture. Im am trying to call other dealers and ac repair shops to get a little more info to see if this is common practice or if gm has a bulletin stating to try and fix it this way, still though as i said the paper work clearly states it was replaced. I would like a little more info before i call said dealer and unleash a campaign of scorched freaking earth on them!
  10. No thanks, i know my place and under the hood of these newer gen vehicles is not one of them.
  11. Yup i had the same issues, first the dealer replaced the hose and recharged, lasted a week before blowing hot again. Next of course was the condenser and those two items as listed here with cost from dealer paid for the entire amount and then some for the extended i bought. 0 dollars out of my pocket and gm is on the hook for another 2 plus years for anything that goes wrong with my truck. My problem though is what i'm going to do after it is up, i don't like the long term feeling im getting with how costly even just a single repair can be. Would rather pay my 400-500 a month and have a nice new vehicle that if it breaks is entirely on the manufacture for fixing. I truly want to vomit when forced to spend thousands on a old vehicle, i feel like i'm wasting my money these days with how cheaply and poorly everything is made.
  12. Pretty sure that's not the case, unless they changed the list of items that are considered wear and tear items and axles should not be one of them.
  13. I think it's a pretty safe bet to call this model a complete and utter failure atm.
  14. Not sure what world you are living in if you think GM paints have no quality issues. The paint is thin and brittle, more than likely due to cost cutting measures imo more so then the water based paint theory as other makes have seemed to figure out water based paint jobs long ago and have a fraction of the issues we see with GM today.
  15. Thinking maybe the part i bolded is why he said what he did. In any case i wish the og poster the best. "By SS502, Wednesday at 12:17 PM in 2014 - 2018 Chevy Silverado & GMC Sierra"
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