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  1. Man how things have changed, not even 4 years ago these same trucks had 16k on the hoods from them! From everyone i have seen on this site over the years the pricing has seemed to always be legit from them. There have been a ton of members here who have dealt with them that can hopefully come in here and give you a bit more in person experience with them.
  2. I have run Ko's and now Ko 2's for the last 3 decades on my trucks and have had nothing but great luck with them. Besides they absolutely imo look better than any other tire on the market and it really is not even close imo, they also have the performance to match their looks. My current set of Ko's now have over 50k on them, the original Ko's would dry crack at this point but the ko'2s seem to be made a bit better imo. Still i will be replacing them soon as they are nearing a decade old now. Yup you will most likely pay more for the BFG tires over most other types but the added price is worth it imo, like i said i have over 3 decades of positive experience with BFG all terrains, i bet you will be hard pressed to find anyone else here on this website that can confidently claim the same with another brand!
  3. It's in auto and no damage should be done to the system, as another reader said the front wheels will not engage unless it detects slipping from the rear. Did the dealer say exactly what service they want to perform because judging by what your posting imo you should be looking for a new dealership. It won't affect the oil in the trans case or diffs in 1,800 worth of miles driving in auto, so it would be interesting to hear what services they are trying to push on you. I think you should be able to feel ok that nothing bad happened, especially if it is running with no issues at the moment.
  4. Yeah that doesn't look like a very easy one to fix, if it is aluminum i would think that also increases the cost.
  5. Yeah from that picture to me it looks like this panel was gouged by something metal. Can a dent guy repair gouged metal like that? I would think that would require a proper auto body shop to smooth it over and respray.
  6. Yeah those days ended back in the 1990's, i don't think there are many parts on the front end under a grand or two except maybe the bolts and emblem.
  7. jk And here is a live shot of Grumpy figuring all this #@#@ out!
  8. What is diesel cost now in that god forsaken state? I hear our country only has a 25 day supply left of diesel fuel, have all of you with these engines thought about what you are going to do if a long term shortage hits?
  9. Not to get into this argument of what is best practice for you first oil change, as it really doesn't matter and is more of a preference of the user imo. I have seen almost more low mileage under 5k lifter failures on here than ones with higher miles. I don't think the cleanliness of oil has anything to do with the lifter issues on these trucks, just bad parts that have a high failure rate unfortunately.
  10. My advice would be to not drive if you have iced over conditions, the problem is going through southern states that have next to no equipment to handle the conditions, like sanders or salters. Not to mention i would take a good guess that over 50% of licensed drivers in non snow states are as useless as ****** on a bull driving in snow or ice, hell many times they have shown they can't even drive in rain!
  11. Looks like a Bob Ross painting.
  12. Same here in western mass, all Ford and Dodge dealerships have plenty of inventory to look at and buy, GMC/Chevy are still mainly used car dealers atm. I agree that gm is for some reason way behind the other makes in this country, my stance has been well noted on this site that i think the chip excuse is 100% self created at this point and has been successfully used to not only raise profit margins, but also msrp's! Ford has at least acknowledged price gouging by it's dealership network, Gm you hear nothing but crickets, it is a terrible time to buy anything right now imo.
  13. Yeah that is not happening. Maybe your powertrain warranty would cover it, not sure if that goes to 100k still but if out of warranty GM would most likely not give a dime.
  14. Just a thought but perhaps record the issue with your phone the next time it happens? It always seems to work out that the problem disappears when a dealer is tasked to look it over.
  15. Just like i thought, a stupid bone head directive by gm because of their crap part sourcing and availability issues. No doubt this issue should require both banks to be changed at the same time, not one.
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