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  1. Never got around to it, sold after 4 or 5 months of owning it.
  2. Crazy question...has anyone else considered changing the rear window to solid glass? I have the thought in my head because 1) It seems inevitable that it WILL leak and I don't want the dealership's hands on my headliner, spoiler, trim, etc. and 2) I never wanted the option but convenience group II had other stuff I wanted.
  3. I have this on my 2019 Trail Boss with non-factory tires. I only had to adjust approximately 3.5% but it has improved transmission performance the speedo is now matched perfectly to GPS and gas mileage is more accurate.
  4. SORRY FELLAS I DON"T THINK THE FIX IS GOOD. Had 18,000 miles and no problems. Went in this Monday 1/27 for three recalls, was assured the new calibration update was NOT causing problems. Went to pick up the truck in the evening - had a check engine light for DTC U0129 lost comm brake system control module (had a scanner with me) which they claimed was NOT at all present during or after the programming. The next day I was assured that they checked everything and did multiple test drives and found no issues. I went to pick it up again and guess what, no remote start due to current DTC's which somehow magically appeared again and nobody at the dealership could experience so I had to. It had 13 codes, 11 from BCM, 3 from TCM and 1 from SRS. Codes have been cleared and now I am waiting for the next problem. So three trips to the dealer now and a truck that was working fine is F'd. I'm just waiting for my brake failure at this point.
  5. I don't know why people in this business make things so dang hard. If you're a dealer advisor or manager you have to be 100% aware that mistakes are going to happen. How can you NOT know this? The decision about how you handle these things should be made before they ever happen. It's easier to tell the truth. It's easy to give away one measly oil change for the inconvenience without having to "talk to the boss". It's easy to make this a learning opportunity for staff. It's HARD to lie and cover up. I own a shop. I have made this phone call 3 times, twice was just the engine's time and once it was our fault. The pain only lasts about 2 seconds. Tell the truth, give them some free stuff and roll out the red carpet. This is how you make customers for life.
  6. Going in for the recall today, wish me luck! I delayed my appointment after learning they had updated the software calibration a few weeks ago.
  7. It definitely is, learned this a couple of months ago in a GM powertrain class. They are programmed this way to allow time for the rings to properly seat and avoid lean conditions. Trainer couldn't tell me if there was an exact mileage, but I've had 3 new GM's in the last 24 months and all of them behaved the same around 3,000 miles where the mileage jumped...which correlates with your 5000km jump.
  8. Two things not yet mentioned: Winter blend gas additives kill mileage. Also, the truck's engine computer is designed to run richer through an initial period. You will see and increase in mileage over time.
  9. How many total miles on your truck? Does seem very low, but keep in mind winter blend has a big impact and the engines/computers are designed to run richer to a certain mileage (got this tidbit in a GM class and it matches anecdotal accounts). I could see that improving by 4-5mpg. My LT Trail Boss did only 16.7mpg on a 1300 mile trip this week, no so great.
  10. My 2019 Trail Boss LT has only 5v power at the mirror, making my mirror tap worthless for a radar detector, guess I have to hardwire. Edit: For anyone without 12v power at the mirror harness, you can remove the overhead console and tap there. It's a pain to R&R though due to deep blind holes and t10 screws that don't want to cooperate. Also you will need a longer harness, 15" or so.
  11. I factory ordered a 2015 Challenger Scat Pack when they first came out. Same deal, they wanted a deposit and would negotiate at the time of delivery and apply current rebates and incentives. They wanted $2,000 and I asked to secure the order for $500 in case they wouldn't play ball when the time came. They agreed, and we were able to negotiate a fair price when it came in. Keep in mind a factory order is much cheaper and easier for the dealer than carrying a vehicle for many months, marketing it, floor plan financing, etc. It can be a decent way to buy if they're open book about it.
  12. It's not far fetched there are accounts of the parking brake engaging while driving, it's a thing already unfortunately. You would think when engineering made the decision to role out electronic brake master cylinders and electronic actuated parking brakes they would have been 100% ready for prime time.
  13. True, and I can't really think of any major downside at this point but I'm sure I will find it if I own the truck long enough LOL
  14. I really hope these are released soon. I loved them on my '18, lots of improvement. My '19 Trail Boss has larger tires, and after about 13,000 miles it feels like I have a blow front shock. Ranchos are not great, they could do MUCH better with factory options IMO.
  15. I don't know if I would call it cool, maybe slightly annoying and somewhat unnecessary...but yesterday I was parked on a slight incline, unloading my truck while it was running, driver's door open. After a couple of minutes I hear that unmistakable electric whine of the parking brake engaging itself, so I went to check and sure enough the nanny computers decided I was in danger and applied the parking brake.
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