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  1. I did it myself, so the cost was the window and materials, if I recall less than $300. If you're not experienced with this kind of DIY I would find a glass company. There are some specialty tools. I sold the truck, but I am 100% sure it was a permanent fix. No mods, the window regulator / cable assembly got thrown in the trash so no need to pull a fuse. Hope that helps. This is nuclear option though, if you're willing to go that route, just seal it up correctly first. IT CAN BE DONE. The dealers are just doing a piss poor job.
  2. Thank you. About 10k miles, yes they're replaceable.
  3. They're nice, it's Fox's shocks and Eibach springs. Gave me 1" over stock out of the box and stock like ride. I bought them from a no-name vendor on Ebay.
  4. I have the Rough Country upper control arms with Fox 2.0 coilvers (1" over stock) on my Trail Boss. They're OE type design, affordable, high quality and correct the ball joint angle. For no more lift than you're doing I think they fit the bill.
  5. If you can get it installed for $100 that's a big win IMO but still nobody is going to be as careful as you. I've installed this 3 times now, took two hours the first time and about an hour the next two. Skip the carpet cuts in the rear just route the wires behind the seat brackets. Get the kicker knob, 3m tape and looks factory. I'm happy with the sound.
  6. I have Fox 2.0 coilovers in the front and Bilstein 5100's in the rear (I got tired of waiting on Bilstein for the front). I've had Bilstein all around before too and they were great. Can't go wrong either way.
  7. WA-9403 Doeskin Tan? Question mark because this could be a wrap but that's the color or close.
  8. The other Arrival blue 6.2 Trail Boss flexing with Tangier Orange at Gandrud. They painted the fender extensions on that one.
  9. I wanted to start a thread for special color trucks. If you're not familiar GM allows SEO (Special Equipment Orders) for the paint colors on the chart below. Obviously non-standard colors are common for fleets but dealers will sometimes order a batch of special color trucks for retail. I've heard that a dealer must order a minimum of 3 of one color and the factory doesn't run them until there are 15 total, but I can't confirm that at all, maybe someone in the know can fill us in. I bought my first Trail Boss (Red Hot) in January 2019 to replace my wrecked 2018 Deep Ocean Blue
  10. I like orange but the Tangier is a bit much for me. As someone else mentioned the front fender extensions are not painted with the truck body, they are provided by a vendor and they only do standard colors, not RPO colors. Many dealers are painting them to match. They come off easy, just a few fasteners. I bought new ones to send to paint for my SEO arrival blue truck so I wouldn't have to run around without any.
  11. I had two on my 2020 6.2L Trail Boss LT. I deleted the muffler and both flappers, it was too loud so I put one back and now it's perfect.
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