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  1. 2019 Lift Kit realease?

    It's a calibration update in the body control module, done through GM software by a dealer or shop with a subscription. You will get a code with the kit and there is no other way to get those calibrations. Also if you bought the GM kit and install it yourself, you could take it to a dealer for the update, they'll charge you most likely. So aftermarket lift parts equals no calibration update. It works this way with a lot of GM aftermarket stuff, your calibration is part of the product.
  2. That's accurate install cost. They're all different rates. That's $100-125/hr, going rate for dealership labor. My independent shop is $110.
  3. If you log in to the website you can see the discount on accessories and "gear". http://www.chevytrucklegends.com/us/en/index.html
  4. That's a great deal!
  5. I looked at their website, wow! That's the most aggressive internet pricing I've seen yet by far. I'd be really surprised if anyone would qualify for all the rebates their stacking...probably have a GM manifest (mystical rebate nobody can seem to achieve), plus trade allowance on top of loyalty, etc. Worth a shot though let's hear about it!
  6. *was* yes lol Yep, you nailed it. He was not cited and not arrested despite a witness pulling off the highway to say he almost hit her too. He was stumbling, slurring and talking nonsense. He was drugged off his ass it was so apparent but he convinced them he was "tired". I guess PD was cold, it was dark and there must have been a shift change coming cause the dude walked away while my son and I went to the hospital. Frustrating.
  7. I was surprised because I thought February would be soft since I started looking in January and it seems like they come out swinging in the new year then back off. But I know they didn't move as many units as they needed to last month and the rebates maybe weren't applied to all models? (specifically and RST I wanted). It was such a good deal that I scratched it (we weren't done) and substituted a fully-loaded red hot Trail Boss. Still $10k off MSRP, although at the higher amount of $55,905 or $45,805 plus $199 doc fee it's more like 18.0% off. And it's what I really wanted so if I see it a little cheaper later...won't bother me!
  8. Thank you. My favorite thing about the truck. Unfortunately it was wrecked 3 weeks ago by an impaired driver and that color stopped shipping months ago so I can't really find one. I'm getting a '19 but I will never get over that truck and color!
  9. Well, somebody rear-ended my ruck and the emblem is lost. I emailed truck legends people and they referred me to their accessory store, legends store, etc. I already knew it wasn't available. Anyone have an extra they're not using send me a message thanks!
  10. Bought a '19 crew cab LT w/ Z71 and some other options yesterday. MSRP $50,025, sale price $40,025 plus $199 doc fee, so exaclty 20% off MSRP. That does include GM Loyalty, and I had to finance through GM (sucky rate). They say 3 months, although I did the same thing last summer and read the fine print, there was NO pre-payment penalty. I will probably wait 3 months this time because I know these guys and don't want mess with their pay structure etc. I was surprised February has half decent incentives. I thought I'd lost a good chance in January and would have to wait.
  11. I am doing the GM factory level kit with 275/70R18 BFG's (33.4") and my truck is blue like yours. Will report back. You can level a LOT cheaper than that though. I did Bilstein struts, small spacers, shocks and rear blocks on my '18 for less than $500, rode great looked awesome.
  12. Not a great deal, sorry. I bought an LT Z71 Crew cab yesterday MSRP $50,025, final price $40,025 plus $199 doc fee. No trade, taxes or anything muddying up that number. That's cash price OTD (20% off MSRP). I imagine later this year it might even be less depending on future incentives.
  13. Wanted to weigh in here. The new levels of security are purely about profit. The manufacturers want to retain control of their products, specifically the service and repair side of their balance sheets. They do not want independent shops (like mine) working on their vehicles because it equates to lost profit, plain and simple. There has been an ongoing battle between OEM's and the aftermarket for several years. OEM's use the argument that enthusiasts are working around their software, creating pollution, voiding warranties etc. They were trying to patent their operating systems. GM tightened the reigns on computer software last year by going to a per VIN license among other moves and all OEM's are making it harder and more expensive to purchase and maintain hardware and software. Example, I had the same equipment as as one of the big OEMs, until one day my hardware just stopped working. What I found out after the fact is the manufacturer of the software was killing the hardware on purpose to make it obsolete. My $2,500 plastic box became a paper weight over night because when I logged in and updated my firmware, it was programmed to die, there was even a handy message to call the supplier. The only solution; buy the newest round of hardware ($4,000-5,000) with a new license. I literally lost the rest of the year's license that I paid more than $2,000 for. There is almost no accountability for these things. We are losing ground, but some major legislation in favor of the OEM's has been blocked. Personally I believe this is something we should all be VERY concerned about. I have written my legislators as a business owner and enthusiast. If you buy a product, do you actually own it? Did you not buy the entire vehicle, including the computer and it's operating system? Did you not buy the right to repair, maintain and modify it as you see fit?

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