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  1. Can't go wrong with any of them. I'd be concerned about the long-term repair cost potential of the 3.0 though. Anything with a 10-speed...8-speed is a turd.
  2. Yes, take-offs. I was posting my factory "off road" steps for sale and found these. My plan was to install AMP steps but not anymore these are nice.
  3. Scored a set of AT4 high clearance steps and swapped out my off road tube steps on the Trail Boss.
  4. I just scored a set of the AT4 high clearance steps (take-offs) and put them on my Trail Boss....love em...AMP steps no longer wanted.
  5. Yep, I just like the looks of the AT4, was surprised to see it in red. I sold my Red Hot Trail Boss for a WA815K Arrival Blue one. ?
  6. My friend took me truck shopping for himself last weekend (he was looking at all makes). He wound up loving the cardinal red AT4. I didn't know they made it an option for '21. It seems most dealers aren't ordering them but there is one in Bryant, AR that is chock full of them. I love it...had that been an option when I got my first Trail Boss I'd have it.
  7. I did this myself and had about $250 into it and the satisfaction that it was done right. Do a search for my username, it's back in this thread.
  8. I would still have my 2018 if I wasn't wrecked at 12k miles. It was supposed to be a 20 year truck for me and I loved it.
  9. I go to your Mom's salon, the one with the free happy endings. I'm glad you like my toes, you should see the other one without a big toenail! That is one ugly foot though, I'll give you that.
  10. 169 pages is a lot of reading...I see a lot of theories and guesses about the source of the leak. If you're confused by your dealership your service department isn't communicating well or they don't know or don't care. It's simply a poor design of the window frame, you did nothing wrong by driving normally and you can't prevent it by avoiding hot or cold weather or opening your window. There is a long, thin, flat and hard piece of plastic which is the "setting channel" for the window to body adhesive. It's too long and is not designed properly for thermal expansion and it cracks in the weakest spots on the top corners. It hasn't been fixed. Case closed. Can we sticky my photos or my detailed posts about removing the sliding window and installing solid rear glass?
  11. I wish I could say I notice a difference, but honestly I don't. I do feel like the rear Bilsteins are a little firm. Which is strange...I had Bilstein 5100s on all four corners of my 2018 Silverado and the ride improvement was very noticeable. It was softer on the small bumps but firm and "planted". That's what I was hoping for.
  12. Installed Fox 2.0 coilovers, Rough Country upper control arms, Bilstein 5100 rear shocks and alignment. FYI the Fox shocks are supposed to be factory height for Trail Boss / AT4 but they gave 1" lift...perfect actually.
  13. Ugghh, then on the flip side they can be militant about oil with warranty claims. I just saw a major claim denied recently due to use of non-factory oil. I own a high volume shop, we do oil changes and I even stock the same exact bulk Dexos 0w20 that the dealerships here use from the same distributor. It is our duty to make sure our customers are complying with their manufacturer's recommendations especially when they're warrantied. Yet because of incompetent people and poor processes at the dealers I feel like I have to change my own oil. I do it using AC Delco filters and AC Delco oil that I purchase from the dealership (the one I get warranty work done at) on account. I take the dealer invoice, complete with part numbers and quantities, plus an invoice from my shop time-stamped and dated including mileage and oil life percentage and staple the filter box top to it all. Come at me with a warranty denial! Actually had a lifter drop in my wife's '17 Tahoe and they asked for oil change records, I texted a picture of my binder with one example and that was that.
  14. I think so. They had ordered three arrival blue, two just like this and one 5.3L. So there is a twin, but I think we're probably the only arrival blue 6.2 Trail Bosses out there right now.
  15. Yes no problem. I have had a 2018 Sierra that was plagued with the highway vibration that couldn't be resolved. A 2018 Silverado that was perfect but got wrecked by an a-hole. A 2019 Trail Boss that had lots of problems but I loved it anyways...and now a 2020 Trail Boss that didn't leave the lot with 14 miles before a check engine light. And I'll buy another one. My tolerance is high though, and I'm a GM fan I guess for what that's worth. I'm the guy who replaced his rear slider with solid glass DIY, and I'd do that again anytime over buying a Ford or Dodge and hoping they don't have any problems. I think people believe GM's quality control is poor, which it *could* be, but my opinion and experience in the industry as a shop owner is that technology is outpacing the ability to service it on the backed for ALL new cars. This isn't limited to GM.
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