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  1. My logic is that as long as the truck is under warranty I'm going to make sure that if I ever have an engine issue, there will be no excuse to void my warranty. I purchase Delco 0w20 and filters from the dealer, even though I own a shop and have both in inventory much cheaper. I keep those receipts, invoice myself with mileage and OLM % clearly stated and staple the filter box top with both papers, all placed in a binder. It's overkill but I have seen legit warranty claims denied to customers who can't produce oil change receipts OR have used the "incorrect" oil and filter. I have good relations at area GM dealers, so in all likelihood it wouldn't be an issue BUT I'm not taking chances. I do the same for my Challenger Scat Pack because it's a high performance engine, I drive it hard and don't trust the local Dodge service department at all.
  2. Updated pic with 1.75 BORA hub adapters / wheel spacers.
  3. Thank you! That's exactly what I'm going for. I installed 1.75" BORA hub adapter/wheel spacers today and got a little rubbing to deal with. Here's updated pics.
  4. No rubbing at all, before or after the level.
  5. Bilstein 5100's, top setting plus 1/2 top strut spacer, 1" over rear blocks. 275/70/18 BFG.
  6. Typo, meant 275/70/18. 33.2" according to BFG's spec sheet. I went up and fixed it for future readers, and so we can delete our posts if needed.
  7. Ride is great. I'm at the top groove, yes right at about 2.5". I drove it with the BFG's before and after the struts and it rides better after. The load range E tires are a little stiffer than the factory tires, that's about all I can detect. Actual dips, bumps, etc are smoother.
  8. Honestly they're gonna do what they want and probably be hard-headed if you dictate the process...probably call a couple and get a quote if you don't know any service advisors.
  9. Bilstein shocks thread

    Thank you! I plan to swap out my stamped uppers...have personally seen them fail on 2.5" level kits. The alignment is spot on for now though. 275/70/18 BFG's no rubbing whatsoever even at stock height. I did order some 1.75" spacer/adapters for looks, should be in this week I will get some real pics then.
  10. Yes, but you can't buy it all separately...the kit comes with latch, fobs and programming code. You're buying the code, no way around that not for a dealer or anyone.
  11. Bilstein shocks thread

    Installed 5100's plus a 1/2" top strut spacer and 1" over rear blocks. The ride is great, very happy. So far I feel like this is one of those rare products that does what it says without compromise.
  12. Bilstein 5100's with 1/2" top spacer, 1" over rear blocks on 275/70/18 BFG's. Bora 1.75" wheel spacers and better photos TBD. It's my "factory offroad" creation.
  13. The ride is nice isn't it!? I just installed mine last weekend, highest settting plus 1/2" top strut spacers. In the rear I installed blocks that were about 5/8" taller than stock (advertised as 1" lift blocks). I'm on factory 18's with 275/70/18 which are fairly tall, about 33.5". My front fenders are 39.5" and rears are about 40.5", so the rake is maintained. Very glad I went with Bilsteins also.
  14. 1.5 Hours is very fair, especially if they had to install the latch. Setting, up logging in, etc and the BCM update takes an hour alone, maybe a little less even for somebody proficient. I wouldn't charge less than 2 if I did it again.

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