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  1. I did it last March for two days of a float trip, temps in the 40's and HEAVY rain. I used an air mattress. Negatives were the tailgate had to be released with the fob from inside (not a big deal) and tons of condensation. The worst part though was the cover had a ton of water on it and I made the mistake of pushing it up while still in "bed". Since I didn't put the seal on the front cross rail of the cover all that water came in and soaked my bedding. Also, not a lot of room under there. All in all not bad though it was cozy warm. Next year I am getting a soft topper for the same trip with a cot.
  2. Wow, what a crock. Have you considered driving it further through the warranty period until a repair is approved?
  3. I have factory Bose and Installed kicker sub recently. I called Kicker before the install to ask about amp adjustments and where to connect the control knob. The rep was short and annoyed, insisted I NOT adjust the amp switches and that there were no known issues with any early shipped units (I read there were). It was not hard IMO the worst part is routing the harnesses around and through the rear carpet. Also there is an extra lead that is unused but not mentioned in the directions so I had to waste time and call during the install to make sure. Make sure you get the bass control. I mounted it dead center bottom of the stack above my console with 3m trim tape, looks fine, wire is hidden and it's stuck firm. My rear speakers are pretty much useless know, not sure if I should be concerned? Overall it sounds okay though. Also, I asked why they didn't make a complete system with the integrated digital signal processor and he said that it was coming for non Bose trucks 2019+.
  4. TRIM: LT Trail Boss MOTOR: 5.3 DFM TRANS: 8 Speed MODS: BFG's AT's and level kit Sorry no pics, I'll update with pics on my next haul trip. My first tow with the '19. It doesn't get great mileage to begin with (about 15mpg) but I towed an 1800lb utility trailer about 500 miles into Kansas and back (relatively flat) and netted a whopping 9.9mpg. I used the haul mode one way just to see how it ran. I was very surprised how poor the mileage was. I didn't buy it for mileage but sheesh I had an 8.1L 2500hd that did better and towed like a dream. The real kicker is the small gas tank. With 24 gallons at sub 10 mpg I'm looking for a gas station at 180-190 miles, and I had to stretch that in Kansas to about 220 miles which became very white knuckle. I'm hauling a car on the same route (about 6k total) next week any takers on how bad that's going to be?
  5. I like my '19 but the tilt is sooo stupid. Instead of a one hand operation that locates easily and springs into place it's two hands and it doesn't adjust easily. I need it to get in and out, has always worked great in previous years. GM followed other manufacturers and it's such an inconvenient feature. I end up driving around with the wheel in a higher position and not adjusting it.
  6. My Trail Boss LT 8 speed is not worrying me completely but it has quirks. Mainly shifting from reverse to drive there is a delayed upshift after it starts moving, very hard bang which is unnerving. Also, the hard downshift. BUT it's got 7k miles, and has been smooth most of the last 3-4k miles. Either the adaptives are still learning or the warmer weather helps. It's going to be under warranty long enough I'm not losing sleep over it right now. But the 4l60 had problems, so does the 6l90, and so does the 10 speed, pick your poison.
  7. 275/70r18 BFG K02's on 1.75" spacers. Slight rub on reverse at full turn, not enough to do anything about.
  8. Correct, dealer cannot. No aftermarket tuning yet that I know of. For simple tire height change, Hypertech 730129 speedometer calibrator is what you need. This will also help with your shifting. I need to order one, if I beat you to it I'll let you know how it does! 730129730129
  9. Looking forward to doing this soon, in my Bose equipped truck. Thanks for the info hardloaf!
  10. Thanks! 275/70r18. 1" motofab level on top of Trail Boss factory lift.
  11. I sell tires. They're loud for what they are but it's fairly normal from all terrain tires. There are quieter ones out there for sure. I am switching out for BFG K02's soon.
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