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  1. He hit a pot hole, not a large one by his description. There is also a thread on here where somebody spotted a truck on the side of the road with the same set-up and the upper control arm was completely separated from the knuckle. If you look at the geometry (or the crappy pic I took) you can see where the angle is high, and if you examine a stamped arm you can see how they are VERY light duty. I mean, the ball joint is literally sandwiched in between two pieces of 16 ga? or so steel stick welded together...
  2. 2015's and one 2014. I wouldn't really worry, lots of folks running around fine with levels, just sharing the other side (rare). Just don't level with stamped arms, the risk is understated by vendors IMO
  3. 2.5" and 3" I really don't know, my best guess was increased inner tie rod angle. There is a service bulletin on this issue, have not read it in awhile though. The dealership service adviser in both cases knew about the level kit and asked the customer to remove it so he could help them with warranty. It's happening with non-leveled vehicles as well but both of ours happened after the level. There is a like a "catch" or "hitch" that makes a popping noise and feel when turning one direction. You can see the "pop" happen in the tie rod/rack. There is another issue with the steering column lower bearing assembly as well, it is literally coming out of place and making a dangerous catch/pop when turning. BIL's 2015 Tahoe just had it fixed for the second time, unrelated to a level kit though.
  4. We have removed three level kits at my shop due to popping in the front steering. Two of the trucks ended up with replacement steering racks from the dealer (warranty). One quit popping after the level kit was removed and it was out of warranty anyway. Last week I had a low mileage '17 Silverado with a level kit and stamped steel control arms come in with a popped out ball joint. These are all exceptions, but I've seen enough to have an opinion of the risk. The steering popping is annoying. The ball joint coming out of a stamped control arm is down right dangerous. I would not run any level kit with stamped arms after seeing this.
  5. 2016 GMC Sierra 1500

    I upgraded from the factory 17's to 20's (275/55/20) tires and the speedometer is dead-on. I did update my VIN through GM software to account for the 20's so I wouldn't get any flack at the dealer for warranty. Keep in mind you can only update for factory tires sizes. Any larger tires aren't available with factory software. You'd need a custom calibration loaded from a tuner, or use a handheld tuner.
  6. Well, my truck went in for the first round with 1500 miles on it, vibration since new. Vibration from 70-80 (worse at 75) and a "washboard" vibration slowing from 30 to stop. They road force balanced and said both concerns were fixed...yeah...okaaay. Round 2!
  7. Laura Buick GMC - Paid $19,900 including GM's end-of-year rebate stuff, $1500 hail discount (minor dings) and whatever else discounts they applied. Plus $175 doc fee. MSRP was $32,995. It was probably the busiest day of the year, there was literally a line out the door and so the buying process wasn't perfect but not terrible either. Would prefer to buy there on a slower day. Anyway I haven't seen another truck like this in the same price range, not even close. 2017 Sierra base w/ 5.3L, convenience group (power stuff) and trailering package. My FIL got the same truck but with 4wd and a radio upgrade for $23,995. I wasn't even looking for a truck, he just had his tee'd up and when I saw the price I figured I'd pick one up too.
  8. Actually for those tires I pay $295/ea, so the savings is not huge. I am not a large volume tire dealer, we are a repair shop that does tires so I am on a low tier. A large tire retailer like Discount Tire probably pays closer to $250/ea. If you were my wife I'd let you have 'em at cost...everybody else gotta put money in the kid's college fund LOL! It is very nice to get tires at cost. But I'm in my own shop all day dreaming of maintenance for my own cars, so I end up doing double or triple the average person at half the cost...like when the wife buys a bunch of stuff because it was 1/2 off and claims she "saved" money.
  9. American Tonneau Soft Rolling Cover from Autoanything.com. Price was incredible, plus they sent 1) long cargo hook, 2) life hammer (breaks windows and cuts seatbelts), 3) tailgate seal and 4) tonneau conditioner. I honestly felt guilty after what I paid with a discount and free shipping. Made in America, easy installation, high quality. This one definitely seals better than an over-the-rails cover I bought last year. Looking forward to adding some plugs for the stage pockets and a bedrug.
  10. fuzzybritches, looks great! Cooper ST Maxx are the bomb. I've had three sets. Went wheeling in the black hills of SD this summer on a set, they were excellent.
  11. Leevon's 2017 Sierra Regular Cab

    Window tint, check.
  12. This is great to know, thanks for posting! I am getting ready to do a level kit with upper control arms on the same wheels and similar sized tires, but not wanting 1.75" spacers...so looks like your solution will be perfect for me to clear the upper control arms on factory tires.
  13. Leevon's 2017 Sierra Regular Cab

    Came across a deal on 2018 dealer take-off 20's with tires, lug nuts, TPMS and less than 1,000 miles for a total of $800 including credit for my set. I will upgrade tires later but this was absolutely perfect for right now.

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