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  1. Trailboss oversize tires

    275/70r18 BFG K02's on 1.75" spacers. Slight rub on reverse at full turn, not enough to do anything about.
  2. Correct, dealer cannot. No aftermarket tuning yet that I know of. For simple tire height change, Hypertech 730129 speedometer calibrator is what you need. This will also help with your shifting. I need to order one, if I beat you to it I'll let you know how it does! 730129730129
  3. 1" motofab on mine, I see no angle issues like previous models.
  4. factory subwoofer

    Looking forward to doing this soon, in my Bose equipped truck. Thanks for the info hardloaf!
  5. Thanks! 275/70r18. 1" motofab level on top of Trail Boss factory lift.
  6. I guess we'll see!
  7. I sell tires. They're loud for what they are but it's fairly normal from all terrain tires. There are quieter ones out there for sure. I am switching out for BFG K02's soon.
  8. Trail Boss Owners

    I don't like the feel of the 8 speed. But then I didn't like the 6L90 either, or the 4L60, or the 700R4...
  9. Really crappy pic, but just picked up my Trail Boss.
  10. Ceramic coating

    My new truck is going in for Cqaurtz and paint protection film. I have had it done to one car, and did it myself to another. The money is in the pre-ceramic paint correction labor, even new cars need some work to be really top notch if that's what you're looking for. I love ceramic because dirt pretty much just hoses off, and after that you can basically "wash" it with some quick detailer and a microfiber, or a wash mitt and no-rinse soap. Much easier and less time consuming, and they look great all the time. My bro in law had his black Tahoe done, and I couldn't believe how clean that thing looked ALL the time!
  11. 6 inch lift and 35s...

    This is going to sound a little counter-intuitive but off road tires are probably 90% of the problem with the steering feel. They actually "tighten" up if you will after a few thousand miles. It's strange but you can put a new set on a truck and it will "waggle" so bad that you think it's unsafe, but after some break in they get better. If you have reservations go with the AT4 though they drive great (well at least the Trail Boss does for what I know).
  12. Technology is outpacing the ability to train and equip for it and we're losing the capable techs to retirement or they're going elsewhere because it's become increasingly difficult to make a living in the dealership model. Also, OEM's are trying to make it impossible for independent service centers to work on their products. I am truly scared for the future of the industry and what it means to consumers.
  13. Whatever you do, do NOT let them put you back in the truck un-repaired or talk you out of the rental car. Right now you still have leverage. The body shop should be your advocate with the insurance company. Stay in the rental, trust me they'll be forced to get it done. Send the insurance company a bill for loss of use as well. Say you needed the truck for your job.

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