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  1. My truck is cursed?

    First new truck I ever bought was like that. I think it was a month old when the front windshield shattered and it went on from there. Normally when I have a few things add up, I just tackle it all at once. About every 3 years it seems (if I keep one that long). My wife takes great care of her cars, but with 3 kids and where she parks there will be scuffs, dents, dings, torn door seal, leather seat wear, broken plastic something here and there. I bite the bullet, make it look like new and keep on trucking! We always get top retail price when we sell but it takes some effort and money along the way. At least you care about it. I just can't fathom some of the vehicles I see in my shop....less than 5 years old and less than 100k looking like death. Heck I've seen junkers with 30-40k, and these people complain about the cost of a car. Well if you take care of them you won't need, or feel the need for a new one.
  2. Dad's 2014 was rear-ended while hauling a trailer, folded the hitch down under. Didn't look bad but it tweaked the frame, had to be pulled. The person had good insurance. I think he was going for a diminished value claim, not sure how that turned out. You won't know really until the body/frame shop checks it out.
  3. That makes sense, might be more base and "custom" trim trucks available then. But if you're buying and keep an eye on things, I think this fall will still be a great time.
  4. What do you mean? Vehicle options? That's exactly what I wanted. Same bundle of discounts applied to LTZ's...
  5. Just bought my '18 crew cab Z71 w/ All Star Edition and a couple of options. Ended up around $34,500 with more than $12,000 in various rebates and incentives. The financing incentive was good for $1,000. The rate was terrible, but the contract does not have any pre-payment penalties so I'll be transferring the loan to my own lender. I also redeemed some GM card points. All in all I thought it was a fair deal...should only get hotter as the year winds down and 19's are rolled out. I'd say November/December this year we'll see some serious discounts.
  6. Vehicle sales are much easier when they are low stress! I don't even like to have more than one person in a day or even two days look at one, because it doesn't allow a person to think/digest/go to the bank, etc. It's also much easier to sell to somebody you like or have common ground with. I sold a '17 Sierra last month. Had a neighbor make a fair offer, but he was really just kind of abrasive about the whole thing and would not accept any counter or negotiation. I declined just because I know i would see the truck around and always have a bad taste about the guy. Sold it to another guy from out of state the next week, same price. Great guy, happy he got it. There are other reasons to consider how and who you are selling to, like are they the kind of person who will hassle you about something later? IMO it would be kind of skeevy to create a bidding war. If you have two offers, be up front, let both know and go from there but don't do it intentionally. I have paid more or sold for less many times just because the transaction is easy. Being nice will net you more money that playing games!
  7. Found it!...on my Challenger Scat Pack : )
  8. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    2018 Silverado crew cab LT w/ z71. Just drove her home.
  9. Rawyzf's 2015 Silverado Z71 Build

    I love F8...looks great with the brass monkey wheels. Are you running Nitto 295 rears?
  10. Rawyzf's 2015 Silverado Z71 Build

    Just checking out your build thread, I realize it's a year old and you sold the truck but I feel the need to point out we may be actual brothers? Here are your niece and nephew...2015 Scat Pack, Torred and 2018 Silverado Deep Ocean Blue Metallic.
  11. FYI the buttons themselves can't be replaced, the whole unit has to be. Then it will need to be initialized and programmed with GM software. It's about $300 deal...but I have taken high mileage GM vehicles and replaced worn steering wheel and HVAC controls and then they sold much easier
  12. He hit a pot hole, not a large one by his description. There is also a thread on here where somebody spotted a truck on the side of the road with the same set-up and the upper control arm was completely separated from the knuckle. If you look at the geometry (or the crappy pic I took) you can see where the angle is high, and if you examine a stamped arm you can see how they are VERY light duty. I mean, the ball joint is literally sandwiched in between two pieces of 16 ga? or so steel stick welded together...
  13. 2015's and one 2014. I wouldn't really worry, lots of folks running around fine with levels, just sharing the other side (rare). Just don't level with stamped arms, the risk is understated by vendors IMO
  14. 2.5" and 3" I really don't know, my best guess was increased inner tie rod angle. There is a service bulletin on this issue, have not read it in awhile though. The dealership service adviser in both cases knew about the level kit and asked the customer to remove it so he could help them with warranty. It's happening with non-leveled vehicles as well but both of ours happened after the level. There is a like a "catch" or "hitch" that makes a popping noise and feel when turning one direction. You can see the "pop" happen in the tie rod/rack. There is another issue with the steering column lower bearing assembly as well, it is literally coming out of place and making a dangerous catch/pop when turning. BIL's 2015 Tahoe just had it fixed for the second time, unrelated to a level kit though.
  15. We have removed three level kits at my shop due to popping in the front steering. Two of the trucks ended up with replacement steering racks from the dealer (warranty). One quit popping after the level kit was removed and it was out of warranty anyway. Last week I had a low mileage '17 Silverado with a level kit and stamped steel control arms come in with a popped out ball joint. These are all exceptions, but I've seen enough to have an opinion of the risk. The steering popping is annoying. The ball joint coming out of a stamped control arm is down right dangerous. I would not run any level kit with stamped arms after seeing this.

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