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  1. wanted to clarify, the truck is a 1500 GMC Denali with ARC, level kit is 2.5" Rough country spacer
  2. I am embarrassed to say after being optimistic on here about spacer leveling kits, I now have a minor potential issue.... When turning the wheels and driving slow, I often hear pops on front end. I believe i have closed in on the issue and believe its to do with the sway bar. Everything is tight, and the level is new, I don't believe there is any damage yet. I am asking for help on tightening and troubleshooting the sway bar and popping noise from it. Any advice? this is driving me crazy
  3. I think I have seen somewhere that turning on tow haul mode should disable DFM or AFM. Is there any truth to this? Don’t have an exhaust yet so really I can’t tell whether it’s actually shutting the deactivation down. thanks
  4. Forgot to mention, not necessarily reliability related, but have never had a vehicle with such crappy paint on front end. Have never seen so many paint chips so quickly, front end is completely covered. Truck is ceramic coated and other paint looks great, just seems to be real thin, or possibly the material on front end is more delicate (plastic)
  5. I see the pulsar is able to work with trouble codes, what exactly can it do? Can it both read and clear? Personally I can’t see this as being earth shattering, as the simple programmers were in the same price range and offered same features but also tunes. Feel like I’m missing some to the features everyone is seeing here?
  6. Im at 30k miles so far and just minor issues. Sometimes power steps stay open, have had occasional issues with window switches or sensor possibly. Those are real dumb issues if you ask me. Really worried about the lifter failures Ive seen mentioned a few times. I pray to god they are not as common as it seems, as the last job I want to begin is a lifter/cam replacement.... best thing you can do nowadays is figure out basics on fixing your own vehicle. Most fixes are pretty easy(once out of warranty) and Youtube is actually a pretty good resource. Sometimes just throwing parts at a
  7. Got it. I don’t doubt the UCA has more wear and tear with the level and the angle shifting, but if it was so catastrophic and guaranteed to cause failure I would assume the market after all these years would figure it out and people wouldn’t be buying the level kit spacer. Time will tell, I have one on a Denali and hope the UCA survive a bit, but if not, I’ll just have to change them, not a huge deal. Unsure if there are other impacts or damage that is possibly
  8. serious question, I had a level on previous truck for years with no UCA issues. How common are UCA issues with a spacer level? The posters above mention how common issues are but I dont really see it.
  9. I just pressure clean while cleaning the truck. mine look good after many miles
  10. Have a GMC Denali and don’t think a full borla exhaust really fits, not sure a flow master muffler fits either with the Denali vibe. Just looking to bump up sound as little as possible thru maybe the Borla XS muffler. what are some pretty tame exhaust options? Just find it weird you can barely hear the truck running
  11. Was originally a little unhappy to have to be trimming my ‘’mud flaps” in front because of new larger tires but ended up finding something that may have been an issue down the line. right behind the drive side mudflap is some kind of bracket which holds in place the wheel liner and mudflats screws, upon removal of that bracket, I found a huge pile of leaves filled to the brim inside the frame. I don’t live in the northeast with salt roads but I’m sure having the frame full of dirt and leaves is a ticking time bomb for rusting out. Pulled them out by hand, hosed it out and sprayed s
  12. If you do buy the b and w hitch have some advice first of all, it does work when hitch is turned back in. When hitch is in use you can still hit tailgate. biggest problem and a huge downside to the BW multipro hitch is the inability to move the ball height much. For whatever reason, you can lower the ball but not raise it. If you trailer enough you’re likely to be sitting way too low with this hitch. sure you can technically flip the entire hitch upside down by removing it, if you need to go up, but mine is locked and you might as well not have bought a 300$ hi
  13. As unusual as this sounds, I cannot find a 2” lift anywhere for a 2019 GMC Denali. The front was leveled 2” and want to raise the back as well. what’s the deal? Can’t add blocks? Is the arc or magma ride complicating this? thanks
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