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  1. The question comes down to drone. im seeing and hearing people doing muffler swaps including my brother who has real bad drone with muffler swap only. I ride in his truck often and it’s terrible. But can’t figure out why. that’s why the question of a borla muffler swap as an option.. thoughts?
  2. Is that the Gm performance from factory? Sounds way louder than I thought it’d be
  3. appreciate replies so far, but i am more or less still confused as to the drone being eliminated or not through muffler change/delete. Have seen plenty of posts now on success with delete/change muffler(no drone), and just as many posts saying drone unbearable.....
  4. Thanks for reply, so you installed only the muffler or the entire performance exhaust?
  5. Understand and agree with that completely. My question is specifically what differentiates the borla cat back system versus purchasing a borla muffler and cutting out flappers after the muffler. to be even more specific , the borla catback seems to be a muffler and then straight pipe back to tips. Granted (maybe) borla bent them to change some sound but does the way the pipes route to tips change that much? again I’m being open minded, but it’s a pretty legitimate question. im looking at an image of the cat back system and all I can see is a muffler and then a pipe split straight to tips. What am I missing?
  6. So I have read every post I can find, and I have seen a few times mentioned that simply placing a borla muffer(xs type) will lead to drone. What I can’t understand is why that would be. What other modifications or differences does the full borla cat back offer? Assumption of a new muffler and any other mods-resonator flapper etc. believe me, I’ll spend the money on the full system if need be, but I can’t really understand the true difference( between having all stainless). Can anyone explain in any kind of detail as to why it’s worth or not worth spending the extra 1,000?? thanks
  7. Serious question as I’m debating the whole borla system vs a borla muffler and cutting flapper etc. why would the entire cat back be noticably different?
  8. Doesn’t sound like the 6.2 are having the lifter issue. Or maybe a hell of a lot less are
  9. Wondering what everyone is doing for they’re chrome exhaust tips. Can’t seem to keep them looking good for very long. Always seems to require some compound/polish way too often even with a good coat of wax on em. any ideas?
  10. Thanks again, are you finding the additional info in a service manual /shop manual? Been looking for one for some of these little details
  11. You are the man, thank you, what about the black washers on the actual cab roof? I’m assuming something should go between metal bolts and roof? Weird thing is I only found two of those black rubber washers…. thanks again man that was an awesome find and reply
  12. Also *** I saw a few rubber washers which seem to go between spoiler and cab which fell out during removal. Only found two and wondering if each of those bolts was to get one of the washers? hard to imagine they don’t need, or the metal on paint isn’t bad long term..:
  13. I am so fed up with dealer, I decided to reseal the rear window leak myself, all went well, but I’m having trouble popping the two clips back in above rear seat. there are two plastic clips which hood the rear portion of headliner up( above the rear window) and I cannot figure out for the life of me how to reconnect or align the tabs without being able to see them. At first I thought it wouldn’t matter, but they’re rattling now…. anyone pulled headliner down yet and figured this out?
  14. Surprised I haven’t heard anything about these on this forum. Is anyone running them? Any feedback??
  15. Its time to change my air filter. Seems to me the CAI $ for Hp is not a good value. Wondering how the sound of the motor differs from an entire CAI vs a simple drop in K&N?
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