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  1. after rotating tires, i realized the TPMS are wrong because the tires have moved. I looked in manual and it was not fully clear as to how to fix this issue. Has anyone figured out how to move tires within the TPMS system?
  2. Purchased the BW multi pro hitch and upon delivery realized it only fits a 2.5"reciever, which I guess is the 2500 only. Has anyone purchased or found the hitch available for a 1500? Frustrating I cant find a hitch to fit this truck..
  3. wondering if anyones using that BW hitch made for the multipro tailgate? Found them for sale, but they all seem to have a big drop. Wondering how it looks on a stock truck with no lift??? Photos would be great. This thing is so dam expensive I want to make sure itll look OK
  4. happens to me as well. mostly its my most frequently called contacts as well.....
  5. Yes^^ was thinking why not make the wire and connectors yourself? Watched the video, and cant understand why it was necessary to have a wire oriented a certain way(blue stripe side on on end and not the other)--video D on the website..
  6. Always level my trucks but wondering how the level will look on my 19 1500 Denali. Anyone done it, pics? Thanks
  7. upon further search, I am seeing an issue with brackets./grommets on rear headrests. Will give this a try. Sorry for duplicate post
  8. Am starting to just ignore the cracking noises in dash as I drive around/crank AC, and now am having what seems to be the rear headrest rattling like crazy. Trying to avoid taking truck to dealer over this, just wondering if anyone has experienced the issue and a potential solution? Driving me INSANE
  9. from what I see, the peragon requires drilling into bed?
  10. pls keep us posted when MIT becomes available, agree on CAI being overblown, but looking for MIT and new filter which should be about half the price of full CAI
  11. I am having trouble finding exactly what oil to purchase for my new 6.2 Denali first oil change. I do see 8 quarts of oil, but unsure of weight required. Anything unusual about oil change on these trucks?
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