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  1. I went through all this recently. My dealership was also confused. My truck had the 8" display but no Navigation. As part of my purchase I bought the Nav upgrade for $500 (this was in April). It was very hard to get the upgrade kit. There were only a few in the system and the dealers who had them didn't want to sell them. They wanted to keep them for their own customers. My dealership did not find one but I did. An out-of-state dealership had a kit on hand they had ordered for a Tahoe. The Tahoe was wrecked in transit so the sold the Nav Kit to me. My dealership had to first install the Nav software. To do that they needed the authorization number that came with the upgrade kit, and and they had to use the Tech II or whatever tool they use now to install the software. When the Nav software was first installed, the software couldn't read the Nav SD card. So my dealer ordered a new card as a warranty replacement. It got lost in shipping so they ordered another. Unlike the complete upgrade kits, the SD cards were readily available. When the replacement card finally arrived the Nav still didn't work. So they did more testing and discovered the card reader was bad. After the card reader was replaced the Nav system started working with the original SD card that came with the kit I bought. It is a very good Nav System. It just took a while to find the kit, troubleshoot, and get it working.
  2. That's really good mileage. I just have over 1000 miles on my 6.2 Max Tow. Today and yesterday was the first time I had any reasonable amount of miles on the freeway. At 72 mph I am 20-21 mpg when I can find a few miles of the freeway without too many hills. At 64 I am 21.5 - 22.5. I have also found the that the DIC reported mpg is spot on with hand calculated. I have one size larger tires than factory (LT 275-65R18)
  3. Yes. That is how mine was installed. IIRC, it's $100-$150 less than with the fancy tips.
  4. I too am VERY happy with my truck. I especially like the GM Performance intake and exhaust. However, if you do a lot of towing the 6.6 DMax is the way to go. I haven't kept up in a while but while I was, DMax owners would report 10-12 mpg towing 10 - 12,000 lbs. For towing 7 - 8,000 lbs, a DMax ought to get 12-14 mpg when towing at same speeds on flat ground. Here in the mountainous PNW mpg is lower as is the need for a bigger truck.
  5. This is the one for my truck. Only 24 gallons. The Mexico built trucks tanks are twice as the US built. That doesn't make any sense...... https://www.gmwholesaledirect.com/oem-parts/gm-fuel-tank-84619577
  6. I too noticed all the extra room for a larger tank. I wonder if the tank from a long bed is larger and if it would fit?
  7. We were all surprised when the change was made. It was not expected. Don't know why, but many of us had a drop in mileage.
  8. 2020 6.2 Max Tow with GM performance intake and exhaust. No flappers, no drone. I can hear the exhaust when accelerating, but when cruising the exhaust noise is lost in the road noise.
  9. I sincerely hope the is a 98 MPG speed limiter. In my state a speed in excess of 100 mph is an automatic 3 month license suspension.
  10. Just had mine put on a couple days ago. GM Performance intake and exhaust. There was a noticeable increase in acceleration to me. The exhaust is a little louder when accelerating but when cruising the exhaust sound is lost in the road noise.
  11. I was able to find an SD card with an authorization code. There are not many left in the system. The dealer was able to get the NAV software installed but it says there is no SD card when there is. Also, the USB the center console no longer works. My dealer is working to figure all this out. They are attempting to warranty the Nav with GM. I hope to find out something on Monday. I have seen my issue repeated a lot, and that is my guess as to why GM quit offering the SD card upgrade. If I were doing it again I would use the gm-navigation.com option.
  12. For frequent serious towing, say over 6-7000ish lbs, a 3/4 ton or 1 Ton diesel is the best option. Half ton pickups, though they may be tow rated at 11,000 lbs, are not a good choice for frequent towing of heavier loads. The weight of the truck isn't enough. On flat and straight ground it is okay, but coming down curvy mountain passes with a big trailer can be a disaster for a half ton. I live in Western Oregon and I have seen a smaller vehicle turned over by it's too large trailer on steep and twist part of the FREEWAY. There are several sections of I-5 in SW Oregon with 50 MPH speed limits due to curves and these are many 6% grades. Occasional towing, if careful, wouldn't be a problem for a half ton but a 3/4 ton is way better out here if you tow a lot. A 2500 weighs about a ton more than a 1500. Also, the big diesel engines get decent mileage when towing, though they are no so great when empty anymore. My 2002 LB7 Duramax gave me 22 mpg on I-35 in Texas at night from San Antonio to just South of Ft Worth maintaining under 70 mph. That was around 2003 and before low sulfur diesel. After low sulfur diesel the best I got was 18-20 mpg. My 2009 LMM Duramax was even worse. My 2011 LML gave me 18-19 at 72ish when I would get on a non-hilly part of I-5 here in Oregon. My 2017 3.6 Colorado would get 21-22 on the freeway at 72 with summer fuel. My 2018 1500 5.3 Max tow would got 17-19 at 72 and when I installed the Borla exhaust, AFE intake, and Superchips program I got 19-21. Everything I have seen says the 6.2s get very similar to the 5.3s, so I expect 17-19 mpg on the freeway at 72 mph. I won't know for a while. So far I have had my 2020 about three weeks, have gone 150 miles, and have burned about half a tank. I also wonder if the dealership filled it with Premium. BTW, those are hand calculated mileages. The DIC was not too bad in the LML but the way overstated fuel mileage in the Colorado and the 2018 1500. I don't know about my 2020 yet. I think the diesel Colorado and the diesel 1500 are really designed for good fuel mileage and light towing. They seem to do well in that role. You have a daily driver that gets decent mileage and can easily tow a boat that weighs 3000 lbs on the trailer. The 6.2 Max Tow I see as being a great personal truck with good handling, great acceleration, and medium hauling and towing capability, which is exactly what I wanted. Please note all the trucks I have had recently. That is error on my part, and the frequent truck swapping I have done is expensive. So don't do that. The way to avoid doing that is do NOT settle for less than you want if you can afford what you want. Now if you are at a place in your life where you can't afford what you want--which is where I was most of my past six decades, then make a smart decision based on the features you need most and don't look back. However, if you can afford it, don't skimp because it will cost you a lot more in the long run.
  13. Thanks! I am close enough on what i did to be okay.
  14. Does anyone know how durable the aluminum knuckles are and if its correct to use the same ball joint and tire rob torque specs as for the cast iton knuckles? Which is torque the add 1/4 turn?
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