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  1. Where to get level kit installed..

    I’d go with option three. The spacers are relatively easy to install.
  2. $1679 installed plus tax on parts, just like advertised on web sights. The only thing I’m not sure of is if wheel alignment would be in install price. I can’t imagine it not being included, but if not it’s $60 for an alignment. We have done quite a few lifts and levels and a few 6” lifts and have never had any issues, but honestly have never done this lift kit yet.
  3. Where are you located? I can get it put on at the Chevrolet dealership in Blissfield.
  4. Not saying that’s the only reason, obviously a lot of potential reasons for your issue. It just seems like you could have a theft deterrent issue. Does your truck have, or did it have an aftermarket remote start?
  5. Starting up and only running for a second sounds like a theft det issue. Did you start using a diff key?..... ???
  6. Starting up and only running for a second sounds like a theft det issue. Did you start using a diff key?.....
  7. It's not too uncommon for GM to update a bulletin down the road to include the next year.
  8. Disappointed weekend -_-

    What could easily be done seems reasonable to me would be to get GM and the dealership to pay for a GM powertrain warranty till 100,000 miles.
  9. 1971 C10

    Nice truck. Good luck with the sale.
  10. Hopefully they do something with the goofy front end, and the mirrors....and.....
  11. I'd like to see if anybody has one that is covered under this special policy. I ran across a 15 Silverado that has the issue, but does not have the special coverage. It's an LT 4wd 5.3. And the 72,000 miles is BS, For what it's worth, there is a bulletin extending the warranty for the PCV plugging/freezing up and then blowing out the rear main seal on 4cyl Equinox's, Terrains. Every one I've seen come in (eight of them) was out of warranty and ironically not covered under the special policy warranty extension. It fell under the parameters of the bulletin, but the coverage didn't show up under the specific vins.
  12. I hate to jinx it by my 18 8 speed with a 6.2 drives awesome. It shifts/drives a lot better than my 15 6 speed.
  13. 2019 custom trail boss steps?

    I like the GM “off road” steps.
  14. IT HAPPENED. Silverado sales has been overtaken by RAM

    They did, or at least he left GM. Damage was done though. They already did a quick fix on his Camaro SS blunder. Hopefully in a couple years the Silverado will do a minor cosmetic update.

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