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  1. I like the toro personal pace lawnmowers. I bough my mom one 15 years ago and liked it so much I bought one. Both cut about a fourth of an acre and both are still going strong.
  2. Get yourself a handheld diablo I3. Gets rid of speed limiter if you want it to. That’s the biggest reason I got mine. I wouldn’t have beat the Ford Raptor I raced if I didn’t have it. That was another time I got going a 130ish.
  3. I gonna have to sneak over the border. I live in Ohio and work in Michigan.
  4. You could unscrew the O2 sensors and see if the problem dissipates any.
  5. Just throwing this out there, but have you made the truck forget the phone (your device) and make the phone forget the truck then try and repair your phone? It has helped in some cases similar to yours. Have you tried pairing another phone To your truck?
  6. I really really like the Ram “ barn door” style. The tailgate doesn’t get in he way of trying to reach up in the bed. That tailgate would not interfere with any of my boat trailers or my utility trailer.
  7. Well believe it or not I may just end up in a 2021 truck. My lease on this thing is up in April 21. I kinda just want to buy this lease out, then mess with it a bit more, get a real tune... It's one of my favorite vehicles I've owned. I actually liked the looks of my leased 15 LTZ with chrome 20's and a bunch of chrome, if it would have had the 6.2 I would have bought that one. I thought my current LTZ Z71 Redline kinda looked like a work truck. But, believe it or not a lot of people like the way this thing looks. I always question them, wondering why even old people like the look, of black wheels and no chrome...oh well. If I do get a new one, it will be a grey RST 6.2 with light colored leather buckets a sunroof with 20s and putting on a 2" front lift-not that I've thought about it much. One is actually on order for me now, if I don't want it, dealer will just put it on lot. With current rebates, I can get out of this lease and lease a new one mentioned cheaper than I'm leasing current truck, but I really like this truck, so...…. I won't even get involved with the fact that the dealership I work for also owns a Ford dealership.
  8. Spoken like ANOTHER insecure bitter T1 driver. You shouldn't take it so personally. I'm glad you like my "so why not" comment.
  9. Saying Nissan dealers suck is like saying all Applebees or all Olive Garden etc restaurants service sucks. A lot depends on the store manager to the server to the cook and so on at each individual restaurant, a dealership isn't a lot different. And for what it's worth, it's hard to give an honest opinion of how GM takes cares of their customers. GM will go through a phase of doing a lot of good will repairs or paying a large portion of an out of warranty repair, then go through a stingy phase of not helping much at all. GM used to give the dealership complete empowerment over out of warranty repairs, now the dealership has very very little empowerment. A form for each out of warranty repair has to be submitted before hand and percentage of the cost of the repair GM will take care of is spit back out.
  10. That's probably why the T1 sales were surpassed by Ram.
  11. It's doesn't look any worse than the new body style GM 1500s. Has a 400hp motor standard. Decent looking interior. All makes have their issues... So why not?
  12. That 4” hose can be bought for under $15.
  13. Keep in e 6.2 and 5.3 use the same MIT intake tube. The only difference is the rubber hose/connector from the throttle body to intake tube. That piece an be picked up cheap online or a local performance shop (Intakehoses.com). I used a 4” diameter piece.
  14. That website says the interior changes may be a '22 model.
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