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  1. Based on sales and the opinion of the general public, the Chevrolet look of today and tomorrow is ugly and may be why Chevrolet dropped to number 3.
  2. Great, the quirky hideous cheek bone protecting/spartan helmet look as made its way to the Tahoe and Suburban. Probably a great vehicle though. Hopefully the new look won’t sway buyers away like it seems to have with the 1500 Silverados.
  3. Probably a great vehicle, but the super ugly to me cheek bone protecting/spartan helmet look has unfortunately carried it self to the this vehicle. Ugly front end.
  4. This may have been covered already but I didn’t see anything. GM has extended the brake vacuum pump for 10 yrs and 150,000, which ever come first of course. Bulletin# N182202780-01. Sorry if it’s a repost.
  5. The special policy N182202780-01 now covers the vacuum pump failure for 10 years or 150,000 miles on.
  6. On my 18, I go to settings, go to wifi and then something like choose a network. Your phone should show up ( among others) and choose it and link it to the phone. You will have to enter the phones pass word which will display on your phone.
  7. I think the place by me will do a good job. Unfortunately the ‘17-‘18s are more expensive to tune.
  8. No, not really. It's only an engine tune for whatever advertised gain. No tune for transmission. The main reason I got the tuner was for eliminating the top speed governor. I think a good transmission tune would really wake this thing up. I have not sent anything to Lew the Diablo tuner guy for any better engine tuning yet either, but the trans can not be tuned by him yet either. A place about an hour away can tune the trans but it's about $1300, not really worth it to me at this point.
  9. I've not had my truck to the track yet, but using a Dashawk my truck ran 13.8? at 101 with about a full tank of gas. I know not the most accurate but I at least have an idea. That's with 1" taller tires and the speedo not corrected, so actually it's a little bit more that a 1/4.
  10. That's quite the diff in atmosphere, but I would have thought the new style almost 500lb lighter trucks would be a bit quicker.
  11. Wasn’t your ‘15 quicker even shutting off at 98mph before the finish?
  12. Don’t know anything about the Raptor, but I assume it is stock. I was behind him at 40-50 mph, at a steady speed and a couple truck lengths behind, then he started to pull away so I stepped on it. It took me to about 90mph to get to his rear bumper, and by the time I was next to him it was a little over a hundred. I’m guessing he then hit his speed governor because I started to pull away after that. I didn’t get out of it for a bit just to make sure there was no doubt who lost. Of course this was on a closed test track.
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