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  1. GM is offering a warranty extension, not to be confused with an extended warranty
  2. I don’t remember where I saw it, but someone makes a tire pressure monitor tricker thing. It’s a small device that stays in glove box or under seat.... and you learn the tire pressure monitor to it and the tire pressure monitor reads it instead of the tire pressure sensors. No more ligh but you loose actual tire monitoring, so pretend it’s the old days.
  3. I wouldn’t argue long term reliability, but these guys are all leasing pretty cheap and long term reliability is not a concern. The Raptor friend bought used, my brother traded his 14 Tundra and got a lot for it and purchased the 17, he is not concerned with long term reliability but gets good money for his Toyota trade in due to Toyotas perceived reputation.
  4. I'm Out!

    Nice truck. My brother bought a '17 last year, he had a '14 prior to that. He obviously likes them. They look good. LOTS of room in back seat.
  5. In the last year, I've had three friends (people I know) buy/lease new 2018 Rams, another bought a used old style Raptor. It's hard to beat the price on a Ram. Crew cab with std 390hp V8 in a cloth seated truck. And my brother purchased a 2017 Tundra. I guess I'm the only dumby that bought/leased a new Chevy.
  6. HP Tuners Unlocked TCM

    There is a tuner around here (Vector Motorsports) that can tune the 17 and up eight speed while in the vehicle.
  7. Totally agree, I had a 94 LT1 Caprice I did a lot of bolt ons, gears, torque converter, rockers.....It was the last of my 4 big Impala/Carprices. I then had an 06 Impala SS with a tune and intake. Didn't like front wheel drive, then traded the loaded 06 Impala SS for the base 1SS Trailblazer for about even money. Close between Trailblazer SS and Caprice as favorite ever vehicles ive owned.
  8. I got my 1ss for $27 plus tax and title.... A lot of rebates back then on the soon ending Trailblazers
  9. I had an 07 TBSS, I loved it. Had it for 7 years. Intake and tune only category went 13.08. Mine was a 1SS, and as far as fast cars go it was getting slower relatively.
  10. I totally understand. Just kinda messing with you, no hard feelings I hope. My bad because I wasn't considering the tone these 5.3 vs 6.2 threads get. Didn't mean to get you upset if I did. Hope all is still cool.
  11. Good thing you didn't get a 6.2 truck, you'd still be working and living in a box under the bridge.
  12. Well I just heard that this is an actual extension of the factory bumper to bumper warranty. It covers things like belts, batteries, bulbs, corrosion, rattles... That could be worth it.....
  13. If I'm reading that correctly, that Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac Protection is and already has been sold by GM dealers for a few years. The dealers no longer offer GMPP and replaced it with "Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac Protection" years ago. It's nothing more than an extended warranty that is being pushed very hard.
  14. The factory bumper to bumper covers a lot more than the GM ext warranty. Belts, hoses, bulbs, batteries, rattles, trim pieces, corrosion and more are not covered by GM extended warranty.
  15. Is warranty an actual extension/lengthening of the factory bumper to bumper warranty or is it just an extended warranty? The the extra length and miles still cover light bulbs, batteries rattles....?

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