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  1. Throw the original wheels and tires on and see how it drives.
  2. My 8 speed is the best driving, shifting transmission I've had. Well except for the two Honda transmissions I've owned. From what I've heard isn't the almost identical Ford 10 speed having a bunch of issues, maybe a lawsuit.....?
  3. They updated the 14 after two years and it wasn’t even close to being ugly like the 19s, so hopefully GM will update the current trucks exterior in ‘21. I’m hoping.
  4. My 2007 " AWD intake and tune only record holding" Trailblazer SS, then my 94 Lt1 loaded Caprice Classic, with headers, no cats, 3.73 gears 1.6 rockers.... then my first car, a 69 Dodge Dart Custom, 2 door with a 318. Not much done, but in the early mid 80's everything else was super slow. And I have to admit, this truck I have now I'm liking more and more. Runs very good for a truck, haven't lost a race to another truck. Raced a lot of diesels and a new style Raptor.
  5. Not too long ago that was a normal noise in cars. But I get it, if it made the noise from the beginning, it would appear to be ok, but since it quit for a while then making noise, it can be annoying.
  6. Mine came today. Cup was in about 5 pieces. There was a number on box so I called. “They” are sending me another one. Apparently this has happened a lot. Next one will be packaged differently apparently.
  7. Sorry. No. I didn't catch the HD part in the title. Sorry
  8. When I had my TBSS I used to clean the black stuff off my tailpipe because I didn't like how it looked. It ran good for just a tune, and when some friends saw how clean I kept it and noticed the lack of soot on the exhaust I told them I never clean it and I have it tuned super lean, and I never get any soot on the exhaust. They went back and rethought there "tunes".
  9. It's not the dealers, it's GM. Apparently the only interior color on a 2500 Silverado is black unless you get a High Country. That didn't make the guy who lives in the desert very happy.
  10. Go to GM accessories and look it up for a ‘15. If it’s the same part number as the one for sale it should work on the ‘15.
  11. I don’t see where he said they were not LT tires, and I have often looked but have never seen a 305/55 20 that wasn’t an LT tire. I’d love to find one.
  12. My belief is it’s the weight of the LT tires over the stock tires killed your mileage.
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