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  1. I got mine from a company called chrome accessories and they use Wheel Skins, Grille Overlays, & Restyling Accessories. Coast to Coast International (coast2coastinternational.com) I had them for a while before I tried them on. I finally put them on, I kinda liked them and they fit great, so they stayed on. They have been on about a year. They were just over $100 with generic centers.
  2. I added a 1.5” front spacer a while back. The back started sagging so I added a 1” rear lift Now 39” front 39.5” rear. And a while back I added the black wheel covers. I debated that for a while, but finally decided to put them on.
  3. I forgot I did replace the muffler with a $50 aftermarket straight through bullet muffler. Not saying it helped any, just forgot to mention it in the original post. Sorry.
  4. This is from the draggy, the .48 run and the history of runs. The number 3 and number 2 runs were back to back. #3 in sport mode and #2 in tow/haul mode.
  5. Try 4wd and mash the pedal, then switch to 2wd asap. It’s actually hard to reach and press the button. Where in Michigan? What track do you go to?
  6. I’m sure there is some power loss, but the advantage of the limitless traction in 4wd and just mashing the gas pedal from a stop, seems to out weighs the loss of power. If you mash the gas pedal in 2wd you would sit there and spin the tires. So to get a good launch in two wheel drive you would have to cut the power on launch (feather the gas pedal) a lot more than is lost in being in 4wd. So in this stock truck launching in 4wd would win the race. I do quickly shift out of 4wd after moving. Now a modded 2wd truck that has less weight in front, and some suspension work done, with slicks and skinnies would start to overcome the 4wd advantage.
  7. 6.2, 3.23 gears. Crew cab. Launch in 4wd high at about 1800 rpm and shift to 2wd once moving. 1.95 ish 60 ft times, it spun a little on take off.
  8. I leased a 15 and an 18, both had the Rouch Country 2.5" front 1" rear lifts installed within a few miles of new. I put about 45,000 on each with no problems.
  9. The truck went 13.61 at 101 at Milan Dragway in less than ideal conditions. I posted this back when, October of ‘20, and I think with the time slips. Here are the time slips.
  10. Nothing done but lifted 1.5 front 1 rear and a pulsar LT to get rid of the top speed limiter and stop start. obviously great cold air. I'm mad at myself because I had truck in normal driving mode, not tow haul or sport. I'm thinking tow haul is quicker, it holds the gear longer, shifting at about 61-6200 rpm.
  11. I added the 1.5" top spacer after the 1.5" bottom spacer was pushing shock mount into cv boot. After about a year the back started sagging and ended up about .5" lower than the front. I just added a 1" rear spacer over the weekend.
  12. I didn't think the Pulsar LT was compatible with the 14-18 trucks, just the new style 19-22 so far.
  13. China's Nio Lets EV Drivers Swap Battery Quick and Hit the Road (caranddriver.com) How about just a quick 5 min battery exchange vs long charge.
  14. Far from retired unfortunately. I'm at Perrysburg GMC now.
  15. I believe you are correct, you have to pay to use the remote start, among other things, on the app now. Welcome back.
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