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  1. I’m also believing what GM says about the flapper existing to help with gas mileage in less than 8 cylinder mode. This thing is sucking gas now. No I haven’t been getting on it more, actually seemingly less because it’s so loud.
  2. Quit bullying me. Lol. I’m still pondering my choices…as I’m liking the sound a little more.
  3. I took it to the exhaust shop to do the current work. Let’s say I don’t want to tamper with the stock y-pipe. I just don’t want this stock truck sounding like a race truck, something it isn’t. I just wanted a little more sound.
  4. Well glad I know that now. I’ll look into the vibrant resonators. I also thought about a Magnaflow 14151 (14” case straight through) in addition to what I have now, or replacing all of what I have now with a 12909 22” case offset muffler, or to eliminate the inconstant sound throwing the stock stuff back on….or…
  5. Well it’s a bit pricey for me and this leased truck. And the corsa sport system was 3”, I didn’t really want to go smaller. FYI, I also got an S&B intake for Christmas I’ve yet to install.
  6. Does anyone notice the engine/exhaust going silent when letting off the gas? Not just not very loud, but silent. On decel my exhaust goes silent, then roars back to life at about 5 mph when coming to a stop, not touching the gas pedal. It’s strange.
  7. It’s a cheap $28 bullet muffler, the offset tubing was free, and the bottom portion in pic was $20. So after ho humming for months I pulled the trigger and deleted the muffler and flapper (I only had one). It’s loud, too loud. Don’t know how people are deleting the muffler and standing it. But.. what’s weird is how the engine sounds on deceleration. It’s like it shuts off. At slow speeds it’s actually not too noisy, but when letting off the gas, the exhaust goes silent. Then at about 5 mph while slowing down it sounds like it suddenly fires back up. Odd and annoying. As loud as it is I’m missing out on the deceleration rumble of a v8. it’s a cheap
  8. Now think of all those new vehicles without chips sitting in fields waiting for chips.
  9. If you push on the front pass side it opens all the doors. How did you survive before 2019 when there was no exterior buttons on Silverados or Sierras?
  10. Thanks!! Lol. I know. It’s not really a surprise though, actually my 16 yr old son went with me to pick it up.
  11. Added black Wheelskins. Wasn’t sure at first but I like them. Impressed with the fit. Centers came from wheelskins. No bow tie, just smooth. Sorry for bad pics. Had to take them in garage since it’s always dark outside nowadays when I’m not at work. Ignore the cluttered garage for now. And the three boxes are an IKEA couch Christmas present.
  12. It's common on GM vehicles that the radio will not shut off if there is over the air update needing to be done.
  13. Pretty sure it ran through the gears and didn’t skip. And don’t know what gear it was in at the end. And yes DA was very low. I wasn’t planning on going to the track that day and had almost a full tank of gas.
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