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  1. Are the ZR2 tires really gonna be 33 inch's tall? When the '19's came out with the Trailboss the tires were advertised by GM to be 33's, but they weren't, unless you got 20 inch wheels. Then GM changed the tires on the 20 inch wheel for the TB's to make them smaller. 33" tires are std on all 20" wheeled Silverado's anyway, except the Trailboss's. And the rear bumper "redesign" is just a std bumper that doesn't have the cutouts for the exhaust, which is std on lesser trims. Add a trailer hitch and all the benefits of the "high approach" rear bumper are nullified.
  2. I like it. It's kinda ugly on the outside, but that obviously doesn't matter too much to me since I drive a T1. I really like the inside, even though it has a console shifter, it appears to have a lot of room for "stuff".
  3. If you remember the dates you went to the track, Dragtimes.com can give you the DA for the day and time.
  4. Here is another potentially great GM motor that was a ground up development that was only put in a few cars then canned. Why Cadillac Killed Its Landmark Blackwing V-8 Engine (roadandtrack.com)
  5. I’m thinking the 650 hp supercharged LT4 would be a an easier swap. But I’m not sure of any internals of the LT2 other than the cam. There are some minor external plumbing differences from what I’ve heard to swap that intake onto a Camaro LT1. The LT2 is a little higher rpm motor and maybe not as suitable for a truck. The LT4 has a very mild cam and could be an awesome truck motor.
  6. It also as a higher rise intake manifold, supposedly because there is more "hood" clearance. I've read of people with Camaros swapping to that manifold, it apparantly will fit under a new(er) Camaro hood.
  7. Wasn't trying to belittle the shocks and diffs. Was just wondering or hoping at the time that GM would have added some suspension modifications to make it a little more special. Like longer travel, more ground clearance, tires with more sidewall...
  8. From what I understand the 22 trucks have the nightmarish new Tahoe/Suburban electronics. No tuning apparently. Inside looks great, outside the chrome trucks look better than the 19-21, but kinda like the no chromed 19-21 versions. But still don't like the overall look of the outside of the T1 trucks. The ZR2 doesn't look like anything more than a trim upgrade and shocks. The wheels look too tucked in, not nearly as an aggressive look as a Raptor or TRX, not that it has the power as the others, but could at least make an aggressive looking package. Is there any difference between a Trailbo
  9. Blower motor resistor and/or resistor harness??
  10. Thanks. I don’t have a side shot, but since I installed the 1.5” lift, the rear has sagged a bit and seems a little too level or even low in the back. If I were to do it all over I’d put a 2” in the front and a 1” in the back.
  11. 98 S-10. rcsb 2wd ($99/month lease) 02 rcsb 4wd Silverado-kinda rough beater/daily truck 01 rclb 2wd Silverado-pretty nice beater/daily truck 98 rclb 2wd Sierra-pretty rough beater/daily truck. 15 ccsb 4wd Silverado 18 ccsb 4wd Silverado 21 ccsb 4wd Silverado The last three were my daily drivers. I've had one S-10 Blazer and Three Trailblazers.
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