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  1. Not a new truck, but on my 18 6.2 8spd I can't ever feel the transition from 8 to 4 and back...., on my 15 6 spd I could feel quite a clunk, and ironically back when I had an 06 Impala SS with a 5.3 I could not feel the transition from 8 to 4.
  2. Although only a little over a year old, my factory spray in liner has held up very well. It's had numerous metal marine gas tanks slid across the back. still looks like new, when cleaned up.
  3. Apparently the old fluid held too much moisture for these trans’s to work as designed. Basically the new fluid doesn’t hold any/as much water. How? I have no idea. Knock on wood, 19,000 miles and my 8 speed is still an awesome driving shifting transmission
  4. I work where a lot of not yet released vehicles seem to be test driven. Well I saw an unfamiliar vehicle coming down the road and it ended up being a 2500 GMC, crew cab. Not sure of trim but it had chrome grill and bumpers. I liked how the led's stood out finally (like the Fords have for a few years now). I didn't get to look to long, but overall it looked pretty good to me.
  5. GM SUVs vs the competition

    What about the new Blazer vs the new Honda Passport? Passport is based on a Pilot. As many times as I've seen GM mid size SUV's come in for electrical issues (radio, 4/all wheel drive, stabilitrac....) under 2,000 miles, the Honda is looking good.
  6. I just keep thinking the new 6.6 crank will be a great stroker crank in other LS motors.
  7. 2019 Adjustable Foot Pedals

    The tilt AND telescoping steering wheel has been an option.
  8. I like it a lot. Great for not having to reach over tailgate to pack and unpack stuff further up in bed.
  9. General Motors Begins Mass Layoffs TODAY

    That's Bull Shit!!! The white collar people lost most of the benefits and insurance policies they bought into a long time ago. The union workers kept almost all there benefits, pretty much came out relatively unscathed.
  10. You’re old. It was a long time ago.
  11. 19 Trail Boss with Accessory 22's

    Looks ok, kinda dumb to have on a Trail Boss.
  12. Mine has been awesome. If I were to build an old hot rod, I'd put one in it,
  13. Good to hear. I really liked my 15 and really really like my 18. It will go down as one of my favorites.
  14. I see, shouldn't be a problem. I'd still rather have the dealership do it. And yes I would highly recommend an alignment.

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