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  1. Mine is in that "window". 7300 miles. No broken springs. But I did just jinx it.
  2. My '18 8 speed with a 6.2 was a great transmission. Always smooth. Wonder if the '17 and newer vehicles with the updated electronics made a difference in drivability.
  3. I did. The Blazer I first noticed it on, we had the wheels and calipers off, found nothing, had less than 500 miles on it. That's when I searched for bulletins and found one for them. I've noticed a few Blazer/Traverse owners complain since then. All low mile 2021's. My truck brakes look fine, like new, I've got 7,000 miles on it. Thanks Timmay
  4. This brake noise is after driving a while, once warmed up and all the "rust" from sitting would be gone. I'll hear the loud grind and try and replicate it and it won't do it again for days.
  5. I know the Traverse/Blazer brakes have an issue with a grinding noise, like the brake pad came off the lining. I've heard it and it's terrible but intermittent. There is a bulletin out from GM about it, a fix is in the works apparently-new pads with diff composition. Lately now I've been noticing it once in a great while on my truck. There is no bulletin for the Silverado/Sierra that I have found. However a Chevrolet District Service Manager told me they are having a lot of problems with brake grind noise. Just curious if anyone else is experiencing some intermittent brake grinding.
  6. 3/36. You may still be ble to warranty that. If you can, see if you can talk the dealership into installing the GM performance exhaust and you pay the difference in cost of the two. I’ve seen it done.
  7. Second shot was this past Thursday. Next day I felt like ******, not enough to stay home from work, but kinda achy and chilled, took a lot of Tylenol. Saturday morning felt like nothing happened.
  8. Just got my second shot. Seems weird to be waiting to see what happens next. First shot I felt a little sinus infection like later next day. Felt a little nauseous the morning of the second day. Went to the lake and drank some beer and forgot all about it. The lady that gave me the shot the second time said if I had any symptoms after first shot, second shot symptoms would be worse.
  9. I've driven a new style with a 5.3, 8speed, 3.23 gears. It ran/drove A LOT better than my '15 5.3 6 speed that had a little hand held tune
  10. Ha. We've been dating since about 2006. He worked with a great tuner at Vector Motorsports by the name of Kirk Deerhammer(sp) who has apparently fallen of the face of the earth.
  11. No it did not. Neither did the lower strut mounted lifts. The problem isn't with the bolts. The problem is that the shock is mounted so close to the cv boot, that when the bottom mount spacer is installed below the shock, it pushes the bottom of the shock against the cv boot-on mine anyway. My lower front shock bolts are installed like they were from the factory.
  12. Well if Chris would have had a programmer to have back when I probably would have went with him. I've dealt with him for many years, and is a great guy. I don't seem to have the same man crush as you do though. lol. I also agree with lapoolboy, the Pulsar LT looks hideous under the hood.
  13. Does Chris have a programmer to buy and have, or is it still on a rent the programmer, down load the desired programing, load into truck and return programming device, type of thing?
  14. https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a28148602/2020-chevrolet-silverado-3-0l-diesel-drive/
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