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  1. How far away is the flap from the muffler? I've always seen them at least a few inches from the muffler. I meant on the newer trucks. Sorry
  2. Would you mind pm'ing your cell #? It's a lot easier for this low tech guy
  3. Flap is in exhaust line, not in the muffler. Most are after the muffler, but I thought I saw somebody say theres was in front of muffler, either way though its not in the muffler.
  4. You may want to consider an aftermarket intake tube. I have one, and I modified the stock intake box by opening up the fender side of the box. It is fairly loud, like interior trim rattling loud at times. I of course notice it more when pulling a trailer.
  5. Well that's what GM is saying. Honestly if you just want to hear the motor, just swap to a free flowing muffler or eliminate the muffler, but in either case leave the flapper on.
  6. Not saying it doesn't do that, but according to GM that is an emissions device. Supposedly to increase back pressure in certain conditions helping mileage, which is a whole nother argument.
  7. Well technically, the flapper valve is there to help with fuel economy in 4cy mode. So technically it may hurt cruising fuel mileage. I'm not saying I agree with it, but just sayin...
  8. knock sensor with intake gaskets?

    Coolant doesn't flow through that intake.
  9. What catless y pipe do you have? What’s the outlet diameter?
  10. Maybe because they are ugly and make the truck look cheap.
  11. The perfect truck?

    I've had a 15 5.3 and 6 speed and now have an 18 6.2 8 speed. I tow a 4000ish pound boat about every other weekend in the summer and a heavier pontoon about twice a year. The 6.2 seems like it's hardly working, but the 5.3 seemed like a constant battle. I'd definitely get the 6.2.
  12. The fix right now is to cut the cord until a real fix is determined.
  13. My brother had a 14 slightly lifted Tundra with slightly bigger tires. That thing sucked gas. Loaded up on a trip some friends went on, his truck barely made it 300 miles a tank. However he bought a 17 that has a 6" lift with bigger tires and a 35 gallon gas tank. He loves those Tundras. So if gas mileage is a convenience issue, not a money issue, the Tundra has a 35 gal tank available, so does the Ford (std on Raptor).
  14. Drag racing with travel trailers

    So stock for stock the 2.7 was quicker than the 5.0 and the 3.5 turbo. Odd

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