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  1. Maybe this was mentioned in the 46 pages, but the bulletin PIP5653B actually states that "This PI will be updated when the stub shaft is available through CC&AA." The parts listed in the bulletin do not include the stub shaft, yet. Don't know why this bulletin even came out and suggested to do anything to fix it until all the parts that are needed (supposedly) were available.
  2. I agree. I like my 6.2 a lot. It’s kinda fun to drive for a truck.
  3. Lol. I know. I mentioned the 6.2 because it was brought up earlier. And a a well tuned 2.7 F 150 has run 12.87.
  4. I wouldn’t count the little 2.7 out as far as performance goes. Hopefully it performs as well as the Ford 2.7. That motor in a F 150 crew cab 2wd ran the 1/4 in 14.2. That motor in a crew cab 4wd Ranger with just a tune ran 8.8 in the 1/8th, which would be roughly a mid-high 13 1/4 mile, smoking any stock GM 6.2.
  5. So they took the ugliest part of the Silverado and put it on a Colorado. Great. I thought I read on here that the designer responsible for the current Silverado and Camaro front end was gone from Chevrolet.
  6. Weld a nut head to the reaming nut and try and loosen it. But if it's under powertrain warranty the easiest would be to take it in and let the dealer fix it.
  7. Can anybody tune this 2.7 liter or is it locked up like the rest of the 19-20's?
  8. Than you are waiting for more than a radiator bracket, maybe the core support...
  9. There are people who like to enjoy the vehicle they drive and there are people who think of there vehicle as just an appliance.
  10. If the only thing you’re waiting on is a radiator bracket, zip tie the radiator in place and go. Bring the truck back when the part gets in.
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