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  1. What tires to buy?

    I like my Hankook Dynapro ATM's. 275/60 20s 43lbs each. My second choice would be the Good Year Trailrunners in the same size. And the price of the Trailrunners has gone down so it may be my next tire.
  2. From what I've seen and heard, the 19 sensors will not work on 18 and prior and the other way around. That goes for the 2500's also.
  3. Maybe you have a bad shock or shocks. Sometimes when those shocks go bad the get stuck on stiffest poss configuration, it feels like there is almost no suspension it gets so stiff.

    Sooo....you're saying you can't wait to buy one of the '19 truck? lol
  5. GM's 6.2-liter V8 Engine Honored By Wards Auto

    Too bad it’s not a readily available engine.
  6. Where do these new intakes get the air from? Where is the new air inlet location?
  7. What have you done to your K2 today?

    I put1/4" RC spacers in the front. Unlike my 15, the same lift rubbed the a arm a bit. I was hoping it would make the front wheels not look so sucked in also. Well it doesn't rub anymore, and can kinda tell a bit of diff in looks. No vibrations, no rubbing, I'm good with it.
  8. Have you seen or k ow of a truck with that package. If so do you have a vin number?
  9. Battery jump starter pack

    I have the noco 1000 amp jumper. I like it a lot.
  10. Is 6.2 worth $3700 extra?

    Here we go again, another 5.3 vs 6.2 marathon thread. But my 2 cents is I'll never go back to a 5.3 if I use my truck as a daily driver. The 6.2 turns an average to cumbersome truck to a fun to drive truck. My 6.2 gets better mileage than my 5.3 did. I had a tune in both and used 93 in the 5.3 anyway. Now if was looking for a truck to use as just a truck and didn't have to daily drive it to work and run errands.... than I would definitely consider the 5.3 again.
  11. The Raptor has a 450hp motor to the 5.3 355 hp motor. The Raptor has heavy LT 35" tires already. The Trailboss has light almost 33" tires. The Raptor is a heck of a lot more capable truck. Not really an apples to apples comparison. I'd bet the relatively weak 5.3 would loose a lot of mileage and performance if it had Raptor wheel/tires on it.
  12. http://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/autos-trucks/2019-chevy-silverado-gets-worse-gas-mileage-than-the-truck-it-replaces/ar-BBQHBNV?ocid=ientp#image=BBQHBNV_1|2

    I hope it's not a step toward the future, but a trip or fall that GM quickly gets back up and fixes. ie...they change the way they look soon. The new truck seems to have some nice qualities and is ok to drive, but seemed to be more of an effort in cost cutting than trying to put out a good quality product. I'm kinda partial to the 73-87 body styles since I drove one when I was way younger.
  14. GM Parable

    I think I remember seeing where a Jeep is #1 then two Honda’s #2 and #3 as far as most American made content.

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