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  1. Well those are probably junk then. I’ll take them off your hands for shipping. I’ll send you a set of stock bars.
  2. Dealer inventory is back to being very low again. Used truck prices are way up there because of it. I’m sort of kicking myself. The dealership wanted my leased 18 LTZ Red Line 6.2 . I thought I was getting a good deal when I got into my leased 21 RST that stickered for $1100 more than my’18, 6 months early, (lease on 18 was not up for 6 months) a set of new tires on the ‘21(Hankook Dynapro, don’t like the stock Goodyear’s), kept the original Goodyear tires, all for $25/month less than the 18. Both leases were same $0 down, sign and drive, 15,000 miles/year. So I’m thinking it’s a damn good deal. The buyout on my ‘18 truck was was $32,000 plus tax and whatever. My $57,000 ‘18 was put on the lot with 42,000 miles for $43,000. It sold in a week. Not sure of the exact selling price, but cant imagine it was much less than asking that soon.
  3. The front spacer is a ProComp I got through American trucks. I tried to copy the page but couldn't. Here is the part/item# info. S111877 - Pro Comp Suspension 1.50-Inch Leveling Lift Kit (19-21 Silverado 1500) Item #: S111877
  4. Well ok. That's a little far. Thanks.
  5. Well, I thought about that, but even though I've ran my truck down the track a few times, I'm not to fond of the idea of that being done to my truck. I may spend the money to get new springs, but that kind of erks me too.
  6. Looks good, nice job. Probably can't beat the price. Are you concerned that the tie straps may rub the paint on the bike?
  7. That is awesome. I may have to copy that kinda.
  8. My ‘21 RST 6.2 runs great and drives better/less like a truck than my 15 and 18 Silverado’s. However I didn’t have any issues with the 15 and the 18. The 15 was an LTZ ccsb 5.3, the 18 was an LTZ ccsb LTZ 6.2. I don’t dislike my current truck, but the prior two were better trucks, better vehicles in my opinion. The 18 6.2 definitely got better gas mileage than my 21 6.2. I have had and am still having some minor electronic issues on my current truck. And in my opinion the 15 and 18 were a lot better looking trucks, had more storage. And the fact that my current truck does fall in the broken valve spring time frame it’s always in the back of my mind when I’m out of town, what if it breaks here....?
  9. I can vouch for not using the 1.5" bottom spacer. Installed it pushed my shock into the cv boot. I went with a 1.5" top mount spacer. My truck now sits at about 39 1/4" from ground to top of wheel well opening on all four corners.
  10. The same thing happened to me, kinda. All dealer installed options arrive separate from the truck. The dark essentials package that arrived for my truck had black duramax emblems instead of 6.2 emblems. They ordered the 6.2 emblems and arrived the next day.
  11. The '85 Bears only lost one game that year and won the Super Bowl, and ironically it was the Miami Dolphins who beat them.
  12. Doesn't matter if it's a Trail Boss or not, the dark essentials pkg should have all but the Z71 on the fender black, including the 6.2 or the duramax emblem on the hood. So you should have black 6.2 emblems on the hood. Those trucks with the dark essentials package arrive at the dealer with chrome emblems. The dealer then removes the chrome emblems and installs the black ones and installs the black "CHEVROLET" sticker on the tailgate. I've heard of dealerships not doing the greatest/straightest job on the new emblems and not doing all them emblems.
  13. Remember the WFL that ruined it for the Dolphins?? I was an angry 8 year old.
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