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  1. I see a lot of rumblings about the lifter issues in the newer trucks. My question.. these trucks come with a base 36K/3yr warranty + 60K/5yr powertrain. I assume any lifter/motor issues would be covered under the 60K/5yr part correct? The basic 36K is about to run out on my 2019 - all has been great with the truck, but wanted to make sure I still have engine coverage for a while longer..
  2. ok, great... that's I all need is a honk, my boat and trailer are always parked close to me. I'll try it out soon and see if works. I always thought the light flash was a back feed issue or something....
  3. Guys - I noticed my trailer lights will blink when the truck is turned off and just sitting there with boat hooked up. I thought something was wrong....but I guess not. So to be clear.. if I unhook my trailer while the truck is locked.. the truck alarm will go off? Or do I need the onstar stuff for it to work?
  4. I got a 2019 RST with every possible option.. and still didn't/couldn't get power side mirrors. Also can't get power passenger seat, and auto dim rear view mirror which I think is absurd. That was the case for the 2019....2020 could be different.
  5. I noticed today the right rear break had a burning smell coming from it when I shut down. I spit on the drum and was sizzling hot. Note, before I was barley using the breaks.. just cruising slow speed through the woods. Something in the rear is bad.. maybe a caliper is locked up? any ideas?
  6. I have no clue - I paid a local shop to build the box and install.
  7. here you go guys - AVS, had it installed for almost 6 months. Went through car wash many times. No issues, fits great.
  8. My 8 speed in my RST is butter smooth. I never understood the obsession everyone has with more gears. My 2016 was a 6.2/ 8 speed... it was also butter. Cant argue the 6.2 is nice ... but I will say I don't miss it. The 5.3 trucks this year are faster than ever... and to be honest I can't tell a huge difference from this truck and my 2016 6.2 (which was tuned btw)
  9. I purchased the chip from here - https://www.shopchevyparts.com/electronics/2019-silverado-1500-navigation-system-conversion-kit-navigation-radio-upgrade/84531832-p-92300645.html OEM - came with all the factory codes, serial numbers, etc. I told my dealer the price of the chip and they told me they can't get it for that cheap... so I got it online and they programmed in the truck for FREE
  10. I purchased the Navi SD card on my own online.. dealer programmed for FREE. Small town dealers are the best..
  11. some more pics. The box is actually fiberglass molded around that factory box. I need to clean up the amp a little.. but you get the idea. Also - adding a base knob up front is important. This set up is probably the same less $$ as the factory kicker sub.. but I can guarantee it rocks more.
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