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  1. Infotainment Questions

    put the music on a USB drive ... should work
  2. I got the onstar update today... but still haven't got the new system update.
  3. Led Reverse Lights

    Just note - when you change these reverse lights it will make the already very bright reverse camera (at night) even much more brighter.
  4. it just shows up when the cyber gods decide it's time....
  5. Forums are a place for people to complain for the most part. A lot more bad posted than good. Go read the 2019 RAM forum then come back and report your findings. As for the 2019 - I have had multiple GM trucks over the years....last was a 2016 and 2014. This one is the best GM truck I have ever had so far. Yes, the interior is lacking a bit in regards to luxury and tech... but it all works.
  6. how about just taking the battery out of the fob....
  7. Unsettling Experience

    Probably paid blogger from competitor.. many of these trolls out there. Fake news..
  8. None of my K2 or T1 trucks every did this. I wish I could get the email ding alert sound. Text alert comes in ok assuming you use the texting app chevy has.
  9. + 1.. just get some visor clips.. problem solved.
  10. I like the T1 seats better - certainly better quality leather IMO
  11. 2019 Wiper Blades

    Yes, that does make sense.. thanks for the info.
  12. 2019 Wiper Blades

    Bosch Icon has always been perfect on all my past trucks.
  13. Are they different on the 2019 trucks? I wanted to change my wiper blades, factory wiper blades chatter - same thing was the case for my 2014 and 2016 when got them brand new. Anyways, I looked briefly today and it seems they may connect different than the K2 trucks?
  14. Thanks for the info.. I have a RST with the convenience II package.. but no build in Navi. I know I can use my phone / Android Auto.. but I never really liked that solution. I like it being build into the truck. I assume it automatically lower volume when giving commands, etc.. just like factory?

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