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  1. Are you using Google Maps via the build in app on the truck... or via your phone/android auto?
  2. Get a mobile dent man to take of dent first .. then DR Colorchip. Think the beds are all allum now, but I wouldn't worry about rust either way.
  3. I still don't full understand all this data stuff either. I can tell you this.. once my 1 month free data plan expired, it told me I needed to pay $15 per month to have "app access" I did this because I prefer to play YouTube music directly through the truck OS.. rather than my though my phone/android auto. The sound quality/bit rate is much better. I couldn't figure out how my old 2019 BOSE stereo sounded much better... then I started trying things and discovered this. Any yes, my G maps work fine...it always runs on my main screen.
  4. Meanwhile someone else today on the F-150 forum is done with Ford products.. it's a constant back and forth.
  5. Yes, there is a sub with all BOSE. The AT4x and Denali Ultimate get some more speakers. Someone had posted radio info from GM on this not long ago, can't find it. As for the sound quality, I also came from a 2019 BOSE to the new 2022 refresh BOSE. I agree, the 2019 was better. A few things... make sure if you are listening via your bluetooth phone, and android auto be sure you adjust the EQ on your phone. Also, I use YouTube music for everything. I found that listening to YouTube music direct from the build in truck app OS, vs YouTube music via my phone (android auto) the sound quality is much better going directly with the truck OS YouTube music.
  6. I got one for my 22 refresh.. I'm not using it, may sell it if you don't find one...
  7. Every GM truck I have had since 2014 develops the leaf spring "creaking" at slow speeds, uneven ground. I think 3-4 trucks total. Thankfully the new 2022 Refresh I got doesn't do it.. yet... it only has 1K miles.
  8. at this point, wait. Inventory will start to build up fast...and rebates will show up. sh$t is about to come to a crawl in this economy. As for orders, just read the forum... guys crying every day about how long it takes.. 6-8 months+, etc.. So unless you are real patient .. I wouldn't do that.
  9. I would be more concerned about the wheels and tires. Seems most non-Z71 HC trucks come with the 22in wheels and street tires. I would defiantly get rid of those if you are heading to the woods..
  10. Same thing I did last month. Did the nationwide search and found the spec I wanted, which was a very rare spec. RST, Z71, Sunroof, 6.2 with the light color leather. Plus this truck wasn't missing half the chips like a lot of trucks. Only the parking sensor was a later retrofit. Drove my 2019 up there (10 hours one way) and traded in... I'm too impatient to do a special order and waiting 8 months. I would rather take a few days and just be done with it. Wasn't all bad for me though as I got to visit with some family that lived near the dealer.
  11. "Led trailer lights still flicker when the truck is turned off" Just FYI - my 2019 and my new 2022 Refresh both do this when the truck is locked with trailer hooked up. It's some kind of feedback....may have to do with the alarm. I know on my 2019 if you unhooked the trailer (while the truck was locked) the alarm would sound.. which is pretty cool. I assume the 2022 also has this feature. May try to turn it off in the IO setting and see if it still flickers.
  12. I traded a 2019 with 32K for a new 2022 Refresh. My 2019 was a great truck, no issues. The new 2022 has the 6.2 - been great for the first 1k miles. The interior is a major upgrade. I think the lifter issues have been mostly fixed for the 2022 trucks built since April time frame? Anyway.. I wouldn't be too concerned with that. There are millions of these trucks on the road and people generally only come on forums to complain about issues... so keep that in perspective..
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