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  1. Dang, I'm surprised those rubbed slightly. My ridge grappler dimensions are the same width and slightly taller then the Mickey's. Maybe the refresh sierra is slightly bigger? They look good on your truck. How do you like them?
  2. Yeah I had seen that before and was an option. The switch was given to me and I think it looks factory especially in the location I put it.
  3. Only reason I used the harness was just to make it simple to connect to the Ford switch. You could do it without it or any other momentary switch.
  4. Ford cargo light switch harness. I think it was $34. Didn't get a part# for the switch as it was given to me and I didn't take a picture of the back of it. My friend had ordered it for a 2022 f150 but he had to order for a 2021 as the 22 was too new to be in the system.
  5. Route a single wire through firewall into engine bay and underneath to tail light. Cab wire to the switch and connect the ground.
  6. Remove connector from back of switch. Make t tap to grey wire coming from truck cargo switch.
  7. Remove side panel on dash, bottom panel under steering wheel, to access 2 (7mm?) screws that holds the left side switch panel in place. Remove switch panel. All these come off pretty easily.
  8. Removed unnecessary wiring and connectors from Ford harness.
  9. I tapped the grey wire coming from the back of the truck switch and connected it to the white wire of the Ford switch. The ground from the Ford switch was t tapped onto the ground wire for the cargo lights. You can connect this to any ground I just chose to keep the same ground as the lights and it was the easiest. I wouldn't normally use a t tap for something critical, but as this was just the cargo light I went ahead with it. I will post more pictures but it looks like I can only get 1 pic per post due to size.
  10. The switch now acts the same as the interior switch and turns the cargo lights on through the bcm. It will time out and turn off if you forget. Some aftermarket options won't
  11. I never really thought about before until a guy I work with got a new f150 and ordered the Ford oem bed cargo light kit and I really liked the secondary switch. I researched this a bit and there were a few aftermarket solutions and no real info on a 2022.5 as the electrical is different. He received 2 of the switches and gave one to me. I ordered the Ford wiring harness and t-tapped them in. It's weird having Ford parts, but I like that it looks factory. I wish it came that way from the factory.
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