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  1. I also read somewhere in these threads that the outside temp has to be at a certain point for the heated seats to be activated, even though the option is active. Such is the same for the cooled seats.
  2. As I posted earlier, i got he new Extang Xceed cover. No issues yet.
  3. I returned 3. Leaked like a sieve each time. First 2 I installed myself. Last 1 installed by dealer. Undercover wouldntbrefund my money after 4 covers. It was an undercover flex.
  4. Had an undercover. Never again. This is is my new Extang Xceed.
  5. This. I took min for a 1.5 days before I decided to buy. Drove it to work and back, errands. I didnt just take it and let it sit in the garage. I drove it to test it. Dont any of you complainers drive these before buying? I cant imagine dropping the cash for these without testing the driveability. Only way to know if its to your liking.
  6. The AT4s are nice dont get me wrong, but with the SLT already sitting 2" higher than my 2015 AT, so adding another 2" with the AT4 was not a right fit for me. Plus I didnt need/want the 6.2. Im happy with my 19 SLT that I got a month ago for 28% under MSRP. I can drive that for 3 years and not lose a dime.
  7. I’m in Canada so it’s KPA. IIRC it was about 10 under from the others. So it was just a bump up.
  8. So one of my tires could have used some air. I was a little excited to put some air in with the new tire fill notification like the flashing lights and horn honks. I proceeded to add air air waiting for the lights and/or honks and I got nothin. I tried to read up on it it but the only thing I can come up with is that those indicators only happen when you get a low tire notification in the DIC. Is that right?
  9. Just had this happen to me when i turned the truck on today to go to work. I reseated the SD card. Nothing. Stopped on the side of the road and turned off the truck for 30 seconds. Nothing still. I got to work and went back out 30 minutes later. It restarted the truck and it booted up. Although it took about 3 times as long to do so but it did it. We will see how it continues going forward.
  10. lie inside the bed with it closed with a flashlight and have some one hose water on the cover like rain.
  11. When I was buying my new truck recently, I was in the lot with the sales guy. I was deciding on the red or the white. They were about 2-3 trucks apart in the lot. I said i didnt want black as it was a bitch to keep clean. looking. He says well if that the case go and wipe your hand across each hood and tell what your see. So I did. I bought the white one. Tri coat actually. I washed it for the first time yesterday. I didnt have time to wipe after the wash. I got home and it looked great. no water spots at all. well worth it.
  12. only had my SLT for about a month. Never had wireless charging before this truck. I would put my phone on it to charge and lean over to look for the little lightning bolt to make sure its charging, The other day I noticed, when you put the phone on to charge the phone icon on the screen changes to a lightning bolt as well. Maybe im dumb, but i thought it was cool.
  13. Is this what you put on? https://www.tubmangmpartsdepot.ca/p/GMC__Sierra-1500-Limited/Front-Door-Sill-Plates-with-Jet-Black-Surround-and-GMC-Logo/90354789/23114162.html?partner=googlebase_adwords&kwd=&origin=pla&partnerDevice=t&userLocation=9001172&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIooGz-O6I5gIVh7zACh0qigMXEAQYAiABEgLJ4vD_BwE
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