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  1. Has it for 3 years on my 2015. I got 3 new ones under warranty as they all leaked. I got the new Extang Exceed on my 19 SLT.
  2. Its been 2 weeks since the updates wee done. No issues at all.
  3. It does seem a little silly to have to go in the truck to hit that light switch to turn them on long term.
  4. I saw that but assumed it was for the top cargo light.
  5. I was loading the bed a few nights ago for the first time in the dark. I dropped the MPT and the lights were on. It was great. Then the lights went out. I had to press the button in my fib again to regain lighting. Had to do this a few times to finish loading. Is there a way way to get the lights to stay on longer than a few minutes with the tailgate down?
  6. Well apparently dealership was backed up or at least that’s what I was told. Picked up the truck and all seems fine so far. Only had about a 20 min highway drive home.
  7. Its 243 pm here. I dropped my truck off at 715 am this morning. I was told the shuttle would be around to pick me up at work at around 2-230. I just called the dealership to check on the shuttle only to be told the truck wasnt finished yet. Now I am feeling nervous.
  8. Well with no real posts about further issues on thus I’m taking my 19 SLT in for the seat belt and ESC reflash issues. Hoping to come out the other side unscathed.
  9. I bought the Husky after several trucks with Weathertech. More door jamb coverage than the GM
  10. May 2019 build. Bought late October 2019. Truck has been fine for me. Minor issue with front parking sensor after a car wash but it rectified itself. Had the Sd card issue for half a day but that also cleared itself when I left for home after work. Flawless otherwise.
  11. Read this thread just yesterday. Checked and it had not been updated to the 807. Went to work this morning and pulled into work and the notice came up on the screen. I did the update and we will see what happens when I leave from work later today,. EDIT: drove home from work. Didn’t notice anything different.
  12. Yes I was on TS. What was your handle there? I got my 19 in October. Been flawless for the most part. Minor issue with park assist sensor after washing, but that’s it. Seems like the update issues are now fixed so I’ll be booking it in to get those rectified soon.
  13. Washed my truck the day it got cold here. Got a warning park assist was off. Few minutes later it was back on but constantly going off on drivers side front. I wiped clean and saw no ice on the sensors. Really annoying in rush hour traffic. I was busy and unable to get to dealer, plus taking a few days thinking it may clear itself. A few days later the weather warmed up and it’s been fine since. I chalked it up to washing in the bitter cold.
  14. So that means there was a problem with the recall fix but now the fix is fixed? I have been holding off on taking it in to avoid post recall blues.
  15. Happened to me about a week ago. I’m in Winnipeg too. I opened the top gat, and bottom wouldn’t open. Closed top gate then bottom still wouldn’t open. My hand slipped when I closed to top gate and I’m assuming it never went up all the way and it wasn’t recognized that ur was closed but it was. It wasn’t slammed close but just softly latched. My fix was just pushing on the top gate and everything went back to normal. Been fine since.
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