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  1. I guess find another High Country or Note 20 and see the combination works. My Note 20 Ultra works fine in my High Country. Try a different cable?
  2. Try placing the Note 20 into SAFE MODE and then try connecting via Bluetooth and sees what happens. Safe Mode will cut down on the number of Apps running in the background.
  3. Onstar just released a update also. Look at your Settings - About to see what was updated.
  4. If it comes and goes, I would think it is a connector problem. It could be a software issue but I would not put any money on it put they do happen. There was a Climate Control problem in the 2019 T1 units. Sometimes when the vehicle started up and got running, the Climate control in the radio [Software Control] would not work. A software update took care of it. What was the error symptoms and code??
  5. Gregg, The software update is normally done over the air or at the dealership. Updating the software by the owner is not done. Since your problem was fixed the first time and is occurring again and you are out of warranty, just ask the dealership when you bring it in if it would be covered. If the problem and solution is similiar, it probably will be covered. Different solution will probably not be covered. The older trucks did not have the capability for the OTA updates. The newer trucks perform OTA updates for the Infotainment, Onstar and some other functions.
  6. What SLJ2008 said is about 1000 to 1200 for my truck. The PPF is precut to fit to the edges. If I could find someone to wrap the PPF around the edges, that would be the best because the edges will collect dirt after years due to claying etc. They usually wrap the more expensive supercars underneath the edges. But the PPF is really needed on the front end and sides of the truck.
  7. My 2019 High Country just started something like that. If my radio is on [XM] and I plug my Note20 in [Android 10 UI 2.5, Nov 2020 Sec Update, Sprint] at a certain volume, the volume cuts down a good bit. Unplug the cable and the volume returns to normal. The phone is also paired to the vehicle at the time this happens. Have not tried another cable, phone or disconnecting the bluetooth.
  8. Make sure you check the rear window for leaks after it rains or you wash it. The power slider frame is known to leak because the frame tends to crack. 2019, it was bad and it improved on the 2020 models.
  9. Cheryle, My 2019 1500 manual says "If equipped, the safety lock is on the inside edge of the rear doors. To use the safety lock: ". So maybe your truck does not have it. It would be nuts not to have that available. But the 2020 manual for the 3500 says " The safety lock is on the inside edge of the rear doors. To use the safety lock:1. Move the lever down to thelock position.2. Close the door.3. Do the same for the other rear door."
  10. Had Ziebart do my 2019 High Country. They did 1/3 of the front hood, front bumper, front fender plastic ends, 1/3 of the body panel behind the wheels, and the mirror caps. They cut their own patterns from their library of manufacturers and their pieces fit edge to edge instead of folding over the edges. [Pros and Cons for each I guess]. They always do a good job and this is the 4th vehicle done by them. About 1000.00. Also had their Ceramic coating applied to the entire vehicle.
  11. 20 oz loss every 500 miles is way to much. My 6.2 does not lose any noticeable amounts. Once they complete the test, the engine will probably be changed. Depending on the dealer, you really will not know the difference. Take a good look at the vehicle with the service writer before they change the engine to make sure any damage is repaired under warranty or free. If they decide to change the engine, keep all the paperwork and get familiar with your state's lemon laws to ensure you know how to proceed if the vehicle stays at the dealership for a extended amount of time.
  12. I believe the codes will stay as long as 1. The Battery is not disconnected. 2. Some conditions will cause the codes to clear if the conditions fix themselves. [rarely happens] 3. Dealership or someone does not clear the codes thru an OBDII Tool. 4. Tech reprograms a module that might clear the module codes. Codes will stay there unless cleared. Best way to get the codes is get a OBDII tool to read the codes.
  13. For pure enjoyment 10 speed and 6.2. For practical purposes and some enjoyment 10 speed and 5.3. For real practical purposes, 2.7 Turbo with 8 speed [do not know if the 10 speed is available]. Stay away from the 8 speed.
  14. So no plug found to connect or you forgot to connect?
  15. There is a procedure to relearn the front camera. Basically they connect the MDI 2 interface to the OBD2 connector and then their GDIS PC to the MDI 2 connector. They reset the error code and drive the vehicle on a nicely marked road and speeds > 36mph and the camera calibrates.
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