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  1. Actually GM pulled one from the line at Fort Wayne and they are shipping it to my dealer and it should be here on Saturday. Sent a few emails around and got a response. GM contacted the dealership and got the bugs worked out. Thanks GM!!!!!
  2. You may be right but I have got every part from the dealership to do warranty work on my truck. From Steering Wheel, Console Top, Driver Side Cover, Sill Plate and Driver B Pillar trim replacement to every piece of the front end except the bumper to fix the damage. So SPO parts are being produced since all these parts came within a few days of ordering.
  3. 2019 Silverado High Country and a deer decided to play contact sports. Damaged the right hand front corner to the tune of 6500.00. Got it all apart and ordered all the parts which arrived today, 11/8/2018. All the parts except the front bumper bar which GM says there are none available and there is no timeline for delivery. But I will be the first one to receive one when available. The parts department is trying, Service Manager has made calls, Chevy Customer Care has been notified. So my vehicle sits at the dealership partially undressed until GM gets off its butt to produce 1 spare Front Bumper Bar.
  4. There are no settings either in the Radio unit and the DIC that allows changing those icons. The Screen Icons are the same way. They can be moved around but their appearance is fixed in the code of the unit.
  5. HC pearl

    1. Use Heat Gun to soften the adhesive and then peel the sticker away. Use 3m Adhesive Removal to remove the left over adhesive. If you had any ceramic coating put on, it will need to be reapplied because it is normally placed over the top of the stickers. 2. Tour mode is the general operational mode for just driving around. If you wish to add a little bit of the chase....go Sport.
  6. There is a Message App for the Silverado. I have it under my Apps Icon in my High Country. If you do not have it, Contact Onstar and they most likely will pass you onto the Connections Group. Tell them you have a 2019 Silverado T1 truck with Infotainment Gen 3 Ver 3.41 unit.
  7. Pyro See my Onstar entry Topic below yours. 1. Create your account in the Users App to save your settings to the cloud. 2. I only have the TWC and Spotify also. But I had the twelve apps before they disappeared. 3. Load the Message App which would be under the Apps Drawer where the TWC and Spotify are now. 4. There is a Onstar GM Engineer [Infotainment Product Manager to be exact] working on this problem. 5. Ensure the unit is connected to the 4g Hotspot or another Wifi network to allow contact to the outside.
  8. I bought a 2019 Silverado High Country with the Infotainment 3 Premium with Navigation on Sept 13. I had the various Apps in the APP drawer such as Audiobooks, News Items, Weather. Sports etc. Now the truck is suppose to come with the Shop App [catalog of third party apps] which allows you to download the Marketplace App if it is not pre-installed already. Everything I have read points to the fact that these Apps should be available for this truck. So I call Onstar and get pass from the initial contact to the Infotainment Techs to the Connect Techs. The Connect Org agrees that these Apps should be on the truck and they escalate it up to the Onstar Techs. The Connect group states that the Onstar Techs are an Offline group and there is no way to contact them other then by email. They state that the Onstar Tech group should contact me within 5 to 9 days. Meanwhile I hear from other owners with the same problem. So I visit my dealership and they receive the same information. We tried to find another vehicle that was in full operation to compare, but we had no luck. Meanwhile I hear nothing from Onstar, resulting in my attempt to call and find out what the status of my trouble call is. Everytime I call in and they promise to escalate the manner upward, which results in my trouble ticket being re-queued and the timeframe resets. I finally got a hold of someone who realized they have a supervisor who could send an email to the Onstar Tech group telling them to contact me. Well that was 5 days ago, and before I try again, I thought I'd ask this forum if anyone else has the Shop or Marketplace App on their Silverado and if it was preinstalled or what they did to get the Apps. Thanks. Oct 18 2018 Talked to the Infotainment Product Manager after finding him on Youtube and he stated that the new Apps Drawer is the old Shop App. The Marketplace App will be downloaded before years end.
  9. My 2019 High Country which I received Sept 13 2018

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