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  1. Improves bluetooth connectivity, climate control display, and sd card errors as per the entry a few threads back.
  2. First all, ensure the dealership performs the TSB PIT 5728B which will fix the problem you experienced with the brakes. Second, become familiar with the Lemon Laws of your state and get the name of a good Lemon Law Lawyer. For example Steve Lehto in Michigan is a very good lawyer for Lemons. [Has a youtube channel also]. Keep all your paperwork, documentation, any communications with the dealership, GM etc. If you do not have a OBD reader, get one allowing you to read the codes faster before they reset or disappear. This will allow you to show them to the dealer or keep for a record. The dealership may still not do anything if they cannot read them but you have the codes. There are many owners that have had no problems with their vehicles. So getting a replacement vehicle may be your best bet.
  3. I have problems from time to time with my Intellibeam, LCA and LKA due to the cold temp until the inside of the vehicle warms up. So it is not uncommon. The -10 is cold whence my temps around 19 affect it sometimes. The XM issue sounds like a receiving problem which could be the antenna cktry or the radio module. See if you can find a spot at the dealership that gives you the symptoms that you have experienced, and see if you can get another vehicle from the dealership to test out under the same setup [ask the salesman for help if possible].
  4. Are you saying Onstar cannot perform a Diagnostics report on your vehicle [IE the report you can get once a month] or Onstar cannot tell you what the error code is if one exists? [These two operations should be the same thing but....]
  5. You might want to remind the dealership to check on updates for your radio when you are in for service.
  6. The Dealership just needs to follow the procedure to place the Front Camera in Learn mode so while you are out driving on a well marked road going > 36mph, the camera will calibrate. The dealership needs to clear codes for this to happen.
  7. I had no brake problems with my HC and all the software updates are completed including PIT5728B and I have started the vehicle via Remote Start App the last 3 days with no problem.
  8. If you are talking about the N192268090 [Brake System Malfunction Warning] and the TSB 5728A and B. [PIT5728A is just a informational TSB and PIT 5728B was actually a software update]. PIT5728B was developed to counter the effect of N192268090 which had a problem with the Remote Start App. PIT5728B might had replaced a few files in the module being program.
  9. There is an infotainment center update rolling out to the vehicles V807 that might address the SD Card issue. Ensure all the TSBs and Recalls are completed on your vehicle ie PIT5663 Climate Control Off, PIT5651B Steering Column Lock and maybe Climate Control Off PIT5695A Brake wear readouts recalibrated 8/20/2019. Wear Indicator reset to 100%. Bulletin 19-NA-191 says Software update and Brake Pad replacement but only for Cadillac CT6. Recall N192210560 Engine Calibration Torque Model not Accurate Recall N192270600 Seatbelt Pretensioner Fire Recall N192275630 Brake Assist Feature Recall N192268090 Brake System Malfunction Warning TSB PIT5728A After Campaign N192268090 Could be low battery and do not use Remote Start App for Brake Loss TSB PIT5728B Revision to PIT5728A 1/16/2020 Completed PIT5728B is the latest software update and it negates the effect of N192268090 where it concerns the Remote Start App problem. You may have a problem the parts of the Integrated Brake Controller which includes the Power Booster, Brake System Control Module and Master Cylinder. But these problems would normally leave error codes.
  10. It might if you got in an accident and claimed the brakes failed, GM could ask if you had all the TSBs and Recalls completed and if not, it could go west. It is better to get it done because you know about it and so far no one has claimed any problems with the PIT5728B update. I never had problems with my HC and I got it done just to keep everything up to date.
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