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  1. Per the Bulletin, the pads do not get replaced with the Trucks. The software is loaded and the count is reset if < 6000 miles. I had 11000 miles and they reset mine but no new pads. The new pads applied to the Cadillac CT6 Bulletin. This is per my Dealership and they showed me the proper Bulletin.
  2. Bulletin 19-NA-191 applies only to Cadillac CT6. The Bulletin was updated 9/16/2019 to exclude the Silverado and Sierra. The Brake pads are not replaced, just the software update is done.
  3. Had the software update done and had it reset to 100% with about 10000 miles on the vehicle. Now the bulletin says to only reset if 6000 miles or less but the dealership did anyhow. 13000 miles and both readouts say 99%. It did slow down the wear indicator a bit. So now it might be stuck at 99% or I really drive softly.
  4. That has been the understanding, if you had it before Feb 2019 and you lost it, you could request a download from GM.
  5. Do you have the Tech Pack on this SLT? The mirror cameras were only used for the 360 view I thought. If you select your camera icon on the infotainment center, does your camera screen have two screens with camera icons along the bottom?
  6. This is the first truck I have heard of built after 10/18 with a window leak. They were all suppose to be fixed after 10/18.
  7. GM pays the premiums at the first of the month and it lasts until the end of the month. The health benefit was always good during a strike until the end of the month. GM decided this time pull the premiums and terminate the insurance. Do they have the right? Yes they do. Was it a smart move on their part? No, it was not. GM offered a decent contract solution about 2 hours before the termination of the contract. They then made it public which is rarely done. If they had made the offer earlier, the UAW and GM might have decided to talk longer without walking. Then you have the corruption trials of the UAW officials.
  8. They installed some software and reset the Brake counters. The Brake Wear numbers are definitely going down really slow now.
  9. Your Radio may not support the Message App. Since you do not have the Apps Icon maybe that is a hint that your unit is not allowed to have that App. If someone on here has the same unit, maybe they can inform us to what they have. The message app was discontinued 2/19 and it was my understanding is if you had it, you were entitled to it if you let GM know.
  10. Did this start after an update was completed? Did you install an App from the App Drawer and the symptoms started after that? Best thing to do if it is still frozen, take it in for the dealership to see. The unit itself might be failing.
  11. They take off the upper sections of the A pillar trim and then pull down the rear section of the headliner to obtain access to the bolts holding the spoiler in place.
  12. Updating to 805.1 did not uninstall my Message App. If the app disappears, just email the folks on the email listed above and explain the situation.
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