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  1. My front sensors will normally go off after power washing the vehicle with it being cold out. I would just take a heat gun to the four sensors and my sensors would be okay. After washing the salt off with it very cold, the front and back acted up. So I dried the trailer connections out and all of my sensors worked correctly under the same weather conditions. So who knows....
  2. Over the Air Update

    I am still on 507 and I have a High Country and I purchased in Sept. I wonder how they determine who gets it and when.
  3. Serice Steering Column Lock

    Just ensure the dealership has completed all the Service, Technical, Recall Notices before you purchase/drive off with the vehicle. They are suppose to ensure these are completed before purchasing. Being built at this time might mean that some of these updates are installed already. Instead of F&F it might be F&f.
  4. CQuartz is a good product. Your vehicle will look nice. It is a bummer that you have to wait until June.
  5. 3m or Xpel pre-cut kits?

    You could try Ziebart. They cut their own material which is a new self healing film. They did my bumper, front fender extensions, 1/3 of the hood, mirror caps, and between the wheels above the rockers and below the first bend for about 800. So they might give you the cut sheets for less.
  6. Ceramic Coating pricing depends how much paint correction the shop does and what product is used, can be 600.00 to 2000.00. My HC was 1000.00 for 7 years warranty.
  7. I think the Custom Trailboss comes with neither option but the Trailboss 2LT can have the Safety Package I which is Front and Rear Park Assist, Lane change Alerts and Side Blind Zone Alert, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Perimeter Lighting.
  8. What did you pay for your truck?

    Sounds great. Did you receive some rebates maybe? Even on a $67000 Truck the Employee pricing would be at most 6k to 7k off the MSRP. Maybe one of those $1500 certificates with GM card discount?
  9. Your dealer I would say is wrong. I have not heard or seen any problem with the passenger mirror being folded in. Have GM prove it to you that it is a problem. It worked for 2 weeks after replacement, so have them replace it again. Call Chevy Care and the BBB to notify them of the problem if the dealership puts you off again. Take it to another dealership and see what they will do. So with the mirror in its normal position, which way does the mirror go when you initiate a close action?
  10. 2019 Denali Heads up Display

    As reported above, no display of Tach, Phone or Audio. I have tried every screen and none of those three appear. Software update might cure that but I would think it would be a dealership update instead of a OTA.
  11. Rear Camera - Not Very Clear?

    I assume they roll it out like the Phone providers. My unit says no update available also. I just force update the unit every day to see if one is available.
  12. Accident OCT 13. You have way more damage than I had. They replaced the Headlights, Grill,Bumper, Extension, Wheel Guard, and Paint Protection Ceramic and Film.
  13. A Deer decided to hit me on a night attack....6500.00 later the repair was done and you could not tell. Choose a good Bodyshop [Dealership usually] and one that backs up their work. In Michigan you file or have the police come out to do a police report. Called Allstate and they told me to take it to my Bodyshop and Allstate communicated with them. There were two problems during the process, GM had no bumpers available and the Iridescent Pearl is hard to match on the plastic fender extensions. Called a GM VP to ask about a bumper and GM took 3 Bumpers off the Fort Wayne Assembly Line and sent them to the dealership and The dealership finally had to take a bumper and fender extension off another new vehicle to match the paint.
  14. Talk to text

    I have responded with voice when a text came across but maybe it was when I had Android Auto running. You are right about the Messaging App only replying with a known message or typing.
  15. Talk to text

    Your phone should work with messaging without Android Auto. Ensure your phone is Bluetooth Pairing with Mylink. Ensure that Media and Messaging are enabled when the messages appear on your phone after pairing. Ensure the Messaging App is loaded on your Mylink. Select Messaging Icon to ensure it loads and displays your text messages. You should be able to select a message, listen and/or read it and respond to it with voice. There have been times when the Messaging App would deny loading the phone messages. Reconnect the pairing or try deleting the Message App and reload. You may have tried most of this already, I thought I'd just write down want I have done.

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