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  1. RST?

    I have replaced the Reverse and Plate lights with LED bulbs and they do not seem to affect the rear camera picture.
  2. Pearl White all the way......
  3. Conditions for Auto Start/Stop In a vehicle with a manual transmission, the transmission must be in Neutral and the clutch pedal fully released. Ambient and engine coolant temperature correlation must meet specified values. Ambient and transmission fluid temperature correlation must meet specified values. Hood switch status is closed. Brake pedal is depressed beyond a specific value (approximately 27%). Accelerator pedal is in the learned home position. Brake booster vacuum is greater than 45 kPa (7 PSI). Transmission gear selector is in the Drive position. Vehicle speed is less than 3 MPH (5 km/h). Engine speed is below 1500 RPM. Engine coolant temperature is less than 248°F (120°C). No A/C compressor request from the HVAC system (A/C or Defrost modes). Battery voltage greater than 12 V. Battery state of charge in the ECM is greater than 75% (changes with state of health).
  4. Make sure you inspect your truck inside and outside for any damages. I had hot glue on several pieces of of the leather interior, scratches on some of the trim which the dealership took care of promptly. Ensure all the software updates have been applied ie NAV SD Card Reader, Trailer Lighting Module, Brake Booster, DIC Blanking out, Infotainment updates etc. Some of these will be done because GM requires it and some will only be done if the customer states they are having problems associated with certain updates. So view the various topics here to get an idea of the customer complaints so you can tell the dealership to apply the correct updates. Main complaints have been the Trailer Lighting Module that reports a trailer disconnected when not connected, Brake Module failure causing the vehicle to lose braking slightly, Some Electrical / Computer problems involving the sensors not working due to cold weather, Infotainment units with displays that are blank and or no sound coming out of the audio system. Squeaks appear to be centered on the console due to the HVAC vents and some loose bolts in behind the back seats. Water leakage has been detected in the rear window with the power slider. [Fix requires gluing the track or replacing the window and headliner if damaged. With all these being said, GM, Dealerships and Owners appear to have fixed most [not all] of the problems discovered. Ensure you choose a good dealership with a good service department. The truck is great.
  5. The column shifter should not shake at all and as Jagabom says "Be careful and test many". Many of the trucks are solid and if the one you wish to purchase shakes, ensure the dealer takes care of it before you sign.
  6. For 2019 GM has three levels of Radio Systems that are built for the trucks Gen 3 IOR, IOS and IOT. IOR is a 7" unit, IOS is a 8" HD unit while the IOT is a 8" HD with Nav. The 2019 trucks have two types of Trailering connections. One is just a standard wiring without the Trailer Lighting Module and the othe includes the Module.The camera should work with the standard wiring [which basically would be a straight connection to the 12 volts] while the module presents an interface between the battery and the end connector.
  7. That is something to check for sure. It looks like the software update involves an update of the operating system and calibrations to the Trailering Module.
  8. If GM during their testing phase, detected the problem we are experiencing, then they developed the fix and applied it. So the truck goes on sale and no one knows the difference because everything concerning the Trailer connection works perfectly. No problem then. Thats in a perfect world. GM missed a few problems during their testing phase ie Trailer functions, Camera views, Infotainment problems etc. GM has issued updates or applied a fix for most of the problems. Once a problem arises, that issue begins a sort of tracking stat. When is becomes prevalent ie by number of warranty claims, calls from dealers or customers, GM starts looking into it. Now GM knew about this Trailer problem back in Feb 2018 and has been working on it since. How hard have they been working on it? Do not know. But they released a fix and now guess what, we get to test and find out the result. I am sure they have ran their own tests but we are the real testers. Now is there a hardware cause for this problem that they are masking or is a software patch good? The software patch could change setpoints, it could change the way the chips react to certain stimuli, It could prioritize communications on the data bus etc. All I am saying is if after the patch is applied and everything works as described by the user manual, Dealerships, GM's info handouts, and the driver has not experienced any problems, then I guess they fixed it.
  9. Put your truck thru the Rough 'n' Tough and let us know how the Trailer System works.
  10. If the Software Update is applied and the Trailer Connect/Disconnect/Alarm System works properly and the spurious Trailer Disconnection phenom does not show it's ugly head, I would say that GM fixed the properly. If the problem still exists, then the owners of the affected trucks need to speak up.
  11. Remove a couple of screws at the bottom of the console, insert box, screw down box.

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