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  1. The updates will either come OTA [Over the Air] from Onstar or the Dealership can install them. A user reported here that the updates were on hold presently due to some problem. V803.1 would be the next update for you, but since a hold is present, you will stay at V509 for now.
  2. Software Update 6/7/2019

    It can be loaded by the Dealership or the vehicle will check for an authorized download frequently. GM needs to authorize the download since they do them as roll outs due to the number of vehicles. It took my vehicle several weeks to a month to receive an update after the download became active.
  3. Paint issue

    Take it back as soon as possible to have the dealership made aware of the problem. These problems should have been caught by the salesperson and you the buyer upon delivery. One of them looks like sandpaper etchings.
  4. If you wish to purchase a Extended Warranty, realize it is usually cheaper to get when you buy the vehicle. So waiting awhile will cost you more. With the new vehicles carrying a boatload of computers and with sensors all over the place, when something goes wrong, it will cost you. Lost 4 Cross Traffic Sensors in a 2014 Impala and 2014 Acadia. Total cost 2600.00. Extended warranty paid everything except the Deductible. I have requested a refund on previous vehicles and GM has refunded my remaining balance. I would only purchase a Extended Warranty from GM or a Dealership.
  5. I have a High Country 6.2 10 speed with the Z71 option with the Auto Locking Rear Differential as Standard Mechanical Equipment.
  6. LT Trail Boss brake problems

    Seems to be a common problem among the owners. Mine are wearing fast according to the readout. The sensors and wear calculations might need to be updated. The techs have inspected my pads and they are wearing fine for the mileage.
  7. Rear window leak

    Good luck with your new truck. Hopefully you have no problems.
  8. Shamrock add these users also please Westin14th TB Jasnak Karen C Denali Austincb1762 TB
  9. Messaging App

    If you delete a profile, I am assuming the profile on the Infotainment unit and in the cloud will be deleted. Therefore creating the same profile should not have your settings. Now I have encountered my profile gone in the Infotainment unit for some reason and when I logged in using the Id and Password for that Gone Profile, the cloud did provide that deleted profile with my settings.
  10. Messaging App

    Guest is a profile and the Message App should be installed on that profile also. I have the App installed for the wife, Guest and myself making it 3 profiles. The profiles are supposed to be backed up to the cloud while the Infotainment unit will hold the last 4 profiles used. An unlimited number of profiles can be saved to the cloud. The benefit of the profile is that a few of the settings will transfer to another vehicle if capable of handling the profile login.
  11. Messaging App

    DougFL and I have been thru this. The GM Executive Resolution Team told DougFl if the Message App existed on your Truck when you purchased the vehicle, you as the owner are entitled to the reinstallation of the App if it has disappeared from your screen. The Message App occupies a spot in the Apps drawer if present. If the App has disappeared from your Profiles in the vehicle, email the Executive Resolution Team at [email protected] and state that you had the App installed in your truck and it disappeared. Now if the truck was built after Feb 2019 [Gm discontinued the Message App at this time], Gm probably will not honor your request. If Gm honors your request, they will place the Message App in your Apps Drawer for a few days to allow you to add it to your profiles. Gm will pull the App after a few days.
  12. Rear Window Fix

    GM does have a bulletin out to repair the leaking rear window and the fixes range from sealing the top of the window in place, resealing the entire window after removal and reinstalling that window to installing a new window. Now each action there is usually some after effects ie scratch trim and paint, poor workmanship etc.
  13. GM will push Infotainment and Onstar Updates down but you have to approve the installation of the updates. Other software updates have to be installed by the dealer and they probably have a list of 4 to 6 updates to be installed when the vehicle comes into the dealership.
  14. Get your profiles configured because the Message App will disappear from the Apps Drawer in a few days.

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