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  1. Jason, it is not the front camera in the grill but the camera behind the rearview mirror that handles the collision avoidance. You will not see a video representation on the entertainment system while using the camera system. This camera often needs realignment or a software update and often takes time to work correctly since it has to learn.
  2. I have not noticed the fluctuations but the DEF gage as you probably know it is not a true level or flotation sensor. I believe and I say believe that the sensor only informs the ECM that the DEF tank is Full and the ECM calculates usage and sends the corresponding signal to the digital level indicator. I was down 1 bar in the DEF gage, I added 1 gallon of DEF and the gage did not move for 2 weeks / 300 miles to indicate full. Did it take the sensor getting uncovered to tell the system the DEF tank was full?
  3. I get those error messages on My Chevrolet App all the time. 2022 Silverado HC 3.0 Duramax. It usually disappears after a few starts. The app itself is buggy because every so often I have to clear the cache on the app because the app is not starting correctly..
  4. No problem on my 2022 HC. Matter of fact, it works better than my previous 2019 unit.
  5. I had a 2019 High Country before buying a 2022 High Country and both running boards had their rear switches replaced due to the problem of not going to the rear most position when activated. A couple of the step arms had to be replaced due to binding while operating. This started around 33000 miles. Covered under warranty and after 36000 miles when I continued to have the same problems ie rear switches.
  6. Keep us updated because every situation is a learning experience for everyone.
  7. I would said no because the module if it is a used module might be vin dependent and not reprogrammable like a new one. A used part will probably void the warranty . But if the owner has the diagnostic equipment and access to GM's calibration data, I guess they could give it a go.
  8. Silver, as said by others, consult a Lemon Law attorney. Your vehicle has sat for more than 30 days and if you want to get away from it, talk to the attorney. See Steve Lehto's Youtube channel and search for Lemon Law. He explains the ins and outs pretty good. Or....you could ask if the dealership could take one out of another vehicle. This is an out there idea I know but who knows. I have had my dealership take parts off existing models to repair mine but they were not electronic. The module may be tied to the Vin, preventing an exchange. If you want to keep the truck, your best bet will be to go with the flow for now. Heck get the part number and search the GM part sites to see if the part exists someplace. Sorry about your experience with GM. Hopefully they do make it right with you. Does this apply to your truck? https://www.gm-trucks.com/new-tsb-issued-for-duramax-3-0l-lm2-and-6-6l-lp5-diesel-p206b-emission-exhaust-fluid-errors/ Talk to an attorney and see what can be done. The manufacturer will usually pay the attorney and the attorney will not take the case if he does not think you will not win. Ensure he specializes in Lemon Law!
  9. The trim scratches or scuffs really easy. The B pillar on the passenger side is where the seat belt mechanism will rub on the trim. The seal belt does have a loop behind the mechanism but when a person disengages the belt and lets the belt fly into the return position, it often does not return to the neutral protective position. The seat belt receivers in a front bucket configuration rub on the center console. The scuffs often can be taken out by an eraser. Entry into the vehicle will just suffer unless the person takes note. The covers are easily replaced but then the cost can add up.
  10. Get the front windshield camera checked for proper alignment or working condition. That camera controls alot of the safety features and there is a procedure to realign and recalibrate the unit.
  11. Since you had the windshield camera replaced, the dealership probably downloaded the latest calibration data for the module. But you should ask to ensure they did. If I remember correctly, once the camera was replaced the tech had to drive the vehicle for a few miles with the computer connected to step thru some procedural steps to calibrate the camera. Then it took a few days for the system to calibrate itself for proper operation. Have them check for proper alignment of the camera.
  12. I have a 2019 Silverado and the Climate message was fixed with a software update.
  13. The Auto Stop is a minor issue but it should work properly and the dealership has acknowledged that a problem exists. Other electrical issues are now raising up. You are right in pursuing a Lemon Law inquiry to prepare yourself. Try a different dealer to see what they can do.
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