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  1. mafd, give this a look. I will probably try and swap my dash speakers out tonight once UPS delivers. Seems the entire dash panel piece comes off after the A-pillar covers are removed. Plastic pry tool I have from Crutchfield should pop the tabs loose. Will update once I have a chance to do the swap.
  2. Manny Man, Is there any way you can show pictures of what to do to remove the refresh dash area to get to the dash speakers? I want to replace my speakers but not 100% sure on what area needs to be removed. I would greatly appreciate a visual reference.
  3. I put some Audiofrog 6x9's in the front and 6" in the rear of my 2022 refresh LT. Problem I currently have is that I have no clue how to access the dash speakers so if anyone figures that out... Crutchfield provided adapters for the speakers that work decently well.
  4. I have only had my 2022 (refresh) Silverado LT Crew Cab 4x4 for a month, and yesterday I started experiencing an issue with Google Maps that had me wondering whether there was an issue with my GPS antenna, or possibly the Infotainment system itself. For clarification, this is not in reference to Android Auto, but the actual Maps application and subscription you pay for to use in the vehicle. Anyway, the Maps application (both the actual full-screen and mini-map on the right side of screen when using other apps) refused to load. It would start up like it was going to load fine, then go back to the home screen (or black screen for mini-map on right side). After calling OnStar, they had me go through the radio reset process with them and that did absolutely nothing. The rep on the phone then requested I take the vehicle in to my local dealer. After getting off of the phone with the OnStar rep, I realized that this is essentially Android apps, so I was just going to delete the Google Maps application and reinstall it through Google Play to see if maybe that would clear whatever software issue it was having. As soon as I load into Google Play, it shows there is an update for none other than Google Maps "Well son of a ******... has it been an update issue this whole time?" Downloaded the update, turn off the truck and restart it (I work in IT so "turn it off and turn it on again"). Everything works again as intended! Be sure to check your apps in Google Play for updates if you are running a 2022 refresh!
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