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  1. I had my 2014 GMC Sierra SLT at the dealership for the brake recall update. While waiting for the repair I decided to test drive a 2020 GMC Sierra SLT. Since the 2020 model has the 10 speed transmission in a 5.3 engine, I wanted to test drive this configuration. I will say that the 10 speed transmission shifts really smooth. However, when I jumped back in my 2014 to drive home, I noticed the seats of my 2014 was way more comfortable than the 2020 model.
  2. I really like these wheels as well. Attached is a close up picture.
  3. More of an observation and maybe a curiosity question …. While searching for 2020 GMC Denali and SLT models online, it appears to me that maybe up to 80% of both the Denali and SLT have the Jet Black leather interior. The Denali offers an alternate color of Dark Ash Grey and the SLT offers an alternate color of Slate (which is a lighter crème color). Just curious, is Jet Black interior what most people desire? My current 2014 GMC SLT has the Cocoa Dune, which I really like.
  4. If the issue is with the SU4 axle and the SU5 axle is OK, how would you know when buying a new 2019/2020 model if the truck has a U4 axle?
  5. I only want a truck for trips\driving to work, etc, so I don't need off road, hauling\towing capabilities. Therefore, I would love to be able to order the following: GMC Sierra 2WD Crew Cab, Short Box SLT Exterior : Dark Sky Metallic or Satin Steel Metallic Interior : Dark Walnut/Slate Wheels : LPO 22" Bright Chrome wheels Engine : 5.3L EcoTec3 V8 engine with DFM Transmission : 10-speed automatic transmission Packages : SLT Premium Plus Package Exhaust: Integrated dual exhaust 1) Can't get the "10-speed transmission" in a 2 Wheel Drive. - Must upgrade to 4 Wheel Drive ( extra $3,500) , plus have to worry about the "jingle sound only in 2wd" issue. 2) I really like the Integrated dual exhaust look. It appears that the only way to get this exhaust is to purchase - 6.2L EcoTec3 V8 engine (extra $2,495). or - X31 Off-Road Package ( extra $850). However, this option removes the "22" Bright Chrome wheels".
  6. If you have had to get a lifter replacement in your 2019 truck, what was your mileage and engine type ( 5.3 or 6.2)?
  7. Random posts where lifters needed replacing or lifters making noises …... Member: gmdog2 Post: Well, took to the dealer. Needless to say I left without my truck. Apparently GM has a TSB on the this noise. They are ordering all new lifters, arms, etc ..... 1800 miles.. ------------------------------------------------- Member: JonGM19 Post: Just had this same sound start on my 19 Silverado 6.2. 5500 miles. Dealer looked at it today and confirmed a lifter issue and started tear down. ------------------------------------------------- Member: Wendie Post: My lifters have to be replaced. They went bad for some reason. First time our dealer has seen that happen. 3500 miles on it. ------------------------------------------------- Member: ct_corey Post: I bring it in the 3rd time and now GM says its a lifter noise and they are aware of the problem but no fix is available at this time. Some of the techs at the dealer weren't 100% convinced this was a lifter problem but GM engineers seem to think it is.
  8. Good article on the differences between Dynamic Fuel Management (DFM) versus Active Fuel Management (AFM): https://www.chevyhardcore.com/tech-stories/engine/gm-escalates-cylinder-deactivation-with-dynamic-fuel-management/ Highlights: - Spring-loaded lifters in all 16 positions so that all eight cylinders (instead of only four) can now be selectively deactivated. - DFM eliminates the Lifter Oil Manifold Assembly (LOMA) used by AFM and replaces it with dedicated oil control valves in the lifter valley. - AFM has Four Oil control valves that utilize oil pressure to deactivate lifters. DFM has Eight Oil control valves, - GM tells us there are 69,904 lines of code required to control the DFM’s various cylinder firing sequence.
  9. I have been trolling these forums for a few weeks now. Very interesting ( and disappointed) to see so many folks with the 8 speed transmission problems. I am somewhat interested in buying a GMC Canyon and would love to have the V6. However, after seeing all these 8 speed transmission problems, it seems one would be better off buying the 2.5L I4 with 6 speed transmission. Any thoughts on the 6 speed transmission?
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