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  1. Good article on the differences between Dynamic Fuel Management (DFM) versus Active Fuel Management (AFM): https://www.chevyhardcore.com/tech-stories/engine/gm-escalates-cylinder-deactivation-with-dynamic-fuel-management/ Highlights: - Spring-loaded lifters in all 16 positions so that all eight cylinders (instead of only four) can now be selectively deactivated. - DFM eliminates the Lifter Oil Manifold Assembly (LOMA) used by AFM and replaces it with dedicated oil control valves in the lifter valley. - AFM has Four Oil control valves that utilize oil pressure to deactivate lifters. DFM has Eight Oil control valves, - GM tells us there are 69,904 lines of code required to control the DFM’s various cylinder firing sequence.
  2. I have been trolling these forums for a few weeks now. Very interesting ( and disappointed) to see so many folks with the 8 speed transmission problems. I am somewhat interested in buying a GMC Canyon and would love to have the V6. However, after seeing all these 8 speed transmission problems, it seems one would be better off buying the 2.5L I4 with 6 speed transmission. Any thoughts on the 6 speed transmission?
  3. Any update on the fix for this ticking sound?

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