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  1. My guess is its a voltage/amperage feed problem because its only blue intermittently when in DLR mode and goes away completely when the headlights are on, and only on the drivers side, at least on my truck.
  2. This is my first UAO on my 21 Sierra 6.2. Bought a couple of the Napa kits, analysis was done by ALS labs. Total miles on the truck 5890 with oil/filter changes at 700, 2800 and 3044 using Mobil 1 AFE 0w-20 and Purolator Pure 1 filter.
  3. My problem is its intermittent, sometimes light blue other times normal.
  4. On my 21 Sierra SLT my steering wheel and seats are warm after 2-3 minutes, but no lights for the steering wheel or seats are on.
  5. The Blackstone pumps are identical to the Amsoil unit, just different stickers. I found that the 1/4" tubing is too large for my 21 6.2 dip stick tube, called Blackstone about this and they sent some 1/8" tubing, works fine now.
  6. Seems like the majority, if not all are the drivers side.
  7. My Sierras DLR lights match when I first start the truck then after a few minutes the driver side top turn a lite blue. I went and checked and mine behaves the same way with headlights on, clears up, off back to blue. Thanks for pointing this out.
  8. My 3 month old 21 Sierra SLT has developed this problem on the drivers side but its intermittent, usually when I first start it its white like the other side then will change to a lite blue and pretty noticeable. Of course took it the dealer and it stayed white! Lol Has anyone else had theirs act this way? Will it eventually stay blue?
  9. Is the ASE module causing the rough shifts or is this an existing condition before installation? Looking to get an ASE for my 21 Sierra, but holding off until I get more info on this.
  10. I think that spare plugs for the power sunroof.
  11. My Sierra SLT 6.2 /10 spd was built the week of 3/22 and a delivery date of 4/22. It now has a delivery date of 5/9. As far as I can tell its still bayed at the plant in Silao. My Dealer thinks its being held because of the chip issue and to check on it next week.
  12. After more research and checking with a GMC parts dept. the 84487008 comes as spoiler only now. The 84515395 is the High Mount Lamp with Camera only, no spoiler. I need to double check to make sure its for the mirror and not the bed view, the description just states rear camera. This comes with no harness, so will need 84479945. To summarize the parts needed for the mod. Mirror 13536995 Coax 84335461 High Mount Lamp 84515395 Harness 84479945 Thanks for the for the help Hiyo!
  13. Hiyo, Thanks for the reply! I already have the Mirror and Coax on order from Gmpartsdirect, Its the camera and harness part numbers that I need. From what I understand 84487008 does not/no longer includes the harness from reading through this thread. Do you know if part 84515287 or 84515395 have the camera and harness? The parts schematics I've looked at are not very clear.
  14. Did you use the Spoiler Assembly 8447008 and if so did it come with the harness ( not the Coax )?
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