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  1. Quit over thinking this and took a 4 gauge cable and crimped 2 lugs on the cable for #10 bolts. Drilled out the lugs with a 15/64 drill to fit the metric bolts for the battery clamp and where the cable mounts to the frame. Ran the cable through the current sensor, attached both ends and called it a day.
  2. I'm trying to figure out the best way to upgrade/replace the small ground (8 gauge wire maybe) wire from the battery to the frame. I want to change it to 4 gauge wire because I'm installing a 50 amp DC2DC charger in my travel trailer. I want to use the frame as the return (negative) instead of buying another 20' 4 gauge cable. It needs to run through the current sensor which shouldn't be a problem. My problem is the limited space around the negative post.
  3. Had an intermittent "service stabilitrak" error on my wife's 2008 silverado. Ended up being the connector on the throttle body. Removed and sprayed with contact cleaner and reconnected. Never had the problem again. It's been awhile but I think I was losing the B+ voltage source and it only was used in a few places. One of them being the throttle body.
  4. I had a bad positive cable once causing me various and intermittent problems. Cable looked good but when I removed it checked it's resistance it was high.
  5. Found out they are a Max Trac 3" leveling kit for raising the front end.
  6. Removed from the top of the shock/spring assembly when I lowered my wife's 2018 silverado 1500 2wd.
  7. Curious is the fault only present when towing a trailer with the 7 pin connector hooked up.
  8. Pics. I added a little piece of foam between the bracket and the dash to keep it from shaking when the monitor is mounted.
  9. Used this to mount my backup camera monitor. https://coursemotorsports.com/collections/phone-mounts-1/products/chevrolet-gmc-direct-fit-magnetic-phone-mount-1500-2500-3500 Works really well and I use to hold phone when not using my monitor. Can take some pics if needed.
  10. I found a set of 20" takeoffs with 275/60R20 tires. I never liked the 22's that came with the truck. With a 2/3 drop and a tire diameter about 1 1/2 larger than 22's I like the look. The ride quality seems fine with a little more road noise which I expected due to more aggressive tread pattern and not being P rated. I have also had no issues with anything rubbing.
  11. It looks like I'm going with 18's as I have a better selection of tires. I want something with a fairly stiff sidewall when towing. The truck has 2" belltech drop spindles installed but this shouldn't be a problem per the installation instructions.
  12. So I scanned the QR code and the truck originally came with 20's. I want to run LT tires for towing so I'm going to go back to the 20's. If 18's will fit I would consider putting a set of those on.
  13. What size spare tire comes with a truck that came from the factory with 22's? The spare on my truck is a 17.
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