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  1. It looks like I'm going with 18's as I have a better selection of tires. I want something with a fairly stiff sidewall when towing. The truck has 2" belltech drop spindles installed but this shouldn't be a problem per the installation instructions.
  2. So I scanned the QR code and the truck originally came with 20's. I want to run LT tires for towing so I'm going to go back to the 20's. If 18's will fit I would consider putting a set of those on.
  3. What size spare tire comes with a truck that came from the factory with 22's? The spare on my truck is a 17.
  4. Nice truck. I did not know what the factory size was for 22's. I believe mine came from the factory with 20's as that is what is on the sticker on the B column.
  5. Probably gonna remove the blocks between the axle and the leaf springs. But I want to see how it sits and rides with camper hooked up and my bike loaded in the bed.
  6. This is what I ended up with. Yeah I know it's dirty and I'll wash it after I get the alignment.
  7. So I picked up a set of 1" to 3" adjustable drop coil relocators to drop the front 1 or 2 more inches. When I removed the struts to install them I found they have 2" strut spacers installed. I removed the spacers and I'll take the struts to a local shop have them rotate the lower half 180 degrees as they were rotated when the spacers were installed. I feel kinda dumb that I didn't notice the spacers but I didn't know there was such a thing. This is what I removed.
  8. So I did shackles in the rear and McGaughys 2" drop spindles up front. Wife is happy with the ride but wants to go another inch or two lower up front. I'm thinking of using McGaughys front drop strut spacers. I've been down this route before on a 08 Silverado crew cab. Maybe I'll let a local shop do it that can also do the alignment at the same time. I also want get rid of the tow mirrors but the wife wants them to stay, so stay they will.
  9. Wife just brought home a stock 2018 double cab that she wants lowered. It riding on 22's which will stay. I'm looking at a 3/4 drop most likely. The rear is easy, shackles and block removal should get me where I want to be. Looking for options on the front, I don't want to sacrifice ride quality.
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