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  1. Yea we picked up. Pretty peppy drive for 4cyl. Glad to not have two gas guzzlers. Hopefully the mpg is close to advertised. It's a nice compliment to my big truck.
  2. Thanks for the info. I think we're trading in today if my wife likes how it drives.
  3. Looking to possibly trade my wife's Tahoe in for something smaller and more fuel efficient. Looked a trax today it was nice but didn't have a chance to drive it. Looking for feedback from owners.
  4. Probably lucky you're getting that deal. I was out test driving a ram today and I was talking to my salesman about how I had tested the 2015 f150 and the silverado and he told me that they aren't taking anymore Silverados or sierras as trades because of all the problems. They have a bunch in their used lot and he said they are having a really hard time reselling them. Crazy how word has gotten around on these being lemons.
  5. Great video series keakar. Glad to see more vibration complaints finally making their way over to the NHSTA office of defects complaints. Keep up the good fight guys.
  6. HD Radio not working and seat movement issues. Good luck, you're braver than I.
  7. Yea, I kind of laugh at myself how tough it is to go to another brand. Still love the way this truck looks over the other brands. But obviously these trucks are not be trusted and especially not GM for taking care of loyal customers. Sucks, my has an 09 Tahoe. Been a great vehicle for us. I don't understand why GM can't fix this problem and take care of their customers. To me that is worst part of this as a potential future buyer the reputation hit GM is taking by not admitting the problem and taking care of it.
  8. Thanks for posting. I've been beating myself up over not grabbing a 2014 in blue topaz. But that is the nightmare scenario if you can't tell on the test drive and it pops up later.
  9. Had my Saturn in for a recall today and they had a deep ocean blue metallic truck in the showroom. Sadly it does not look like the picture I posted in the op. Much closer too what's on the Chevy build site. It's almost a teal color. I didn't like it all.
  10. Look at the frame under your driver side door. The sticker should be there beneath the truck.
  11. Wow... That vibe is the worst I've seen. Good luck man hope you get sorted out.
  12. Finally ran across some dealer photos on the web. I was pretty bummed they got rid of the blue topaz. Honestly I'm happy the color looks pretty similar and doesn't look near as ugly as shown on the Chevy build site. Dig the color, but damn they are charging an extra $500-1000 more for a slight variation of last year's color which is ridiculous. Wish there was better lighting in these pics but thought I'd post, I know there were some others curious about the color before. http://www.jackburford.com/VehicleDetails/new-2015-Chevrolet-Silverado_1500-Double_Cab_Standard_Box_4_Wheel_Drive_LT_w%2F1LT-Richmond-KY/2364699523 Now if they can just fix all the recalls and problems of the 2014s.
  13. You must have never been to GMFS before. This place is cupcake comparatively. Pretty friendly bunch here which is why I've frequented this forum.
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