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  1. Thank you all for the suggestions. So far I have a plan for the truck that includes a new spray in liner, running boards, Range AFM disabler ( cylinder deactivation system ) and the transfer from halogen bulbs to LEDS ( not replacing housing ) And maybe new wheels because I just dont like the stock ones. I saw someone mentioning a leveling kit and since this truck isnt that off center i am not going to bother leveling it out. Not sure on exhaust yet but I would like a bit more rumble but it being quiet isnt a bad thing for sure.
  2. Hey everyone, I just got my new to me 2015 Silverado this year and im looking to make it my own. Some upgrades Im wanting to do are new wheels because stock ones look really crappy to be honest, running boards, bed liner, and maybe new tail/headlights. But i dont know whether to keep it a red and chrome scheme or a red and black ( red and black would take a lot ) And i feel it wont go right. So i wqant some thoughts from you all who have had this trim level ( LT ) and this color scheme. Thank you all!
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