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  1. I wouldn't bother with swapping the DIC in a truck that old. I would either buy a battery shutoff or add a battery tender and keep it plugged in while the truck is unused.
  2. Yep. There's another thread about this on here somewhere. It happened to me last month. All fixed under warranty.
  3. Never mind. I figured it out. The app is only supposed to work on a phone or tablet, not the rear screens. That doesn't make much sense to me, but that's the way it is. There's an app for the infotainment system, but it's not the same. It pretty much only gets CNN. No thanks.
  4. Could someone tell me how to use the new WM Ride app to stream video to the rear seat screens? I have an active wifi connection in my Yukon. I downloaded the app on my phone. The app only works when connected to the in-vehicle wifi connection. I can play video in the app on my phone. When I try to play the video on my rear seat screens, I get a prompt telling me to connect the phone to the rear seat wifi and enter a password. When I do that, it breaks the wifi connection to the vehicle hot spot and the app quits working. I'm probably missing something obvious, but I can't find any online instructions about how to make this work. Thanks.
  5. It's $80 at my dealer for an 8-qt. oil change and tire rotation. It costs me about $50 for the oil and filter. I don't have the equipment to easily do the tire rotation. It's worth the extra $30 to me to let the dealer do it. For that $30, my tires get rotated, I don't make a mess in my garage and I don't have to deal with the used oil.
  6. I don't buy extended warranties. I'd rather keep the $2 thousand or more in my pocket and pay for the repairs, if needed. I put about 25,000 miles per year on my vehicles. A lot of repairs seem to relate to time more than mileage. The warranties would usually expire based on mileage for me before I ever use them. A warranty may have paid off on a vehicle or two over my lifetime, but I've saved a lot of money over the years by not buying them.
  7. I second the Rock Auto/TYC recommendation. I have three teenage drivers. I have replaced lights. I've had good results from TYC and fair pricing from Rock Auto.
  8. They’ve been pretty good to me over the years. I go there for oil changes because they charge about the same amount as it would cost me to buy materials and do it myself. I had the defective vacuum pump problem with my 15 Sierra, before it became a recall. The cost was going to be about $1,000. They contacted GM and got some help for me. The cost came down to $200.
  9. Here's a link for P0449: https://www.700r4transmissionhq.com/p0449-chevy-silverado/ Here's one for P0300 https://www.700r4transmissionhq.com/p0300-gmc-sierra/ Oops. I just noticed this was in the as a GM technician forum. I'm not. I just read the message and thought I could help narrow it down. Feel free to ignore. Merry Christmas.
  10. A flashing check engine light means it's an urgent problem and you could damage the engine by continuing to drive. You should buy or borrow a code scanner and read the error code(s). That will at least give you an idea of what's wrong and what you need to buy/replace.
  11. You don't mention a Check Engine light. Is it on? Have you checked for any error codes? Those would give you a good idea of where to look.
  12. That looks to me like something rubbed on the paint at that spot and wore through the clearcoat and into the basecoat. I wouldn't worry about it.
  13. Check your trailer brake fuse. This happened to me after a friend tried to unplug a trailer from my Yukon. He pulled up at weird angle and apparently shorted something. I got that error message and found that the fuse was blown. It's a strange slow-blow fuse that I couldn't find at a parts store, but the dealer only charged me $2 for it. All was well after that.
  14. Update: My dealer called and said they found the service bulletin I mentioned. They don't have the part, but will keep the car overnight and replace the antenna amplifier tomorrow. As a bonus, it was also time for an oil change. The mechanic found a leaking oil line. That will be replaced under the warranty. All will be well again tomorrow.
  15. Thanks, Mike. I have a service appointment on Monday. This will be handy if the dealer says he can’t find the problem.
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