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  1. Your right on that one DeePa. When I bought the truck 14 months ago I did clean the ground that goes from the negative battery terminal to the chassis. I'm talking about the small wire that is connected near the right front wheel. When I looked at it last week it was a bit rusty again. I think the winter weather had something to do with it. But for now lets keep my fingers crossed. 10 years ago chevrolet was the truck to own here in holland but today Ram took over that spot. There are only a few fords to be seen and fewer chevy's. The reason is that the quality of the electronic parts has gone down a lot dealers say. What do you guys have to say about that? Is the quality of gm trucks getting worse by the years?
  2. I cleaned all of the grounds I could find and I think it's fine now. Those ground wires are very sensitive. At first I took care of the G218 issue. Cleaned it and sprayed it with WD40 but that was a mistake. Before I didn't had any trouble with the powersteering and the stabilitrack system. But when I took it for a drive after the G218 modification it shut itself down while driving, gave a stabilitrack failure and the powersteering died. Today I cleaned it with brakecleaner and sandpaper and so far it's doing ok. So don't use any kind of spray or oil. just clean it and put it back together. Those ground connections are very sensitive.
  3. thanks for the tip deepa. I'll check this groundwire too. any more tips?
  4. thanks mikeyk101 for your reply. the ground issue you brought up is a known problem and that's why I already corrected this problem. I read the service bulletin you sent me and I don't have any of the issues that are mentioned. so maybe it's a dodgy bcm?
  5. My 2014 silverado has a problem with the clock and date when I start it. This problem happens sometimes. I start the truck and everything works normal but the clock and date are changed just like if you disconnect the battery. Is it possible that there's a bad ground somewhere? And if so, where is this bad ground located? thanks.
  6. Thanks for your reply. Your explanation of the afm system makes a lot of sense. I never had thought about pumping losses before and it's an eyeopener for me. The next step in afm is perhaps downsizing the engine displacement just like ford is doing nowadays with its V6 engines in trucks. But I hope that gm stays true to the mighty V8, which sounds a lot better too thanks guys.
  7. but a simple decompression system just like on a one cylinder motorbike and a injector deactivation isn't a simple solution?
  8. so the engine not only collapses the intake lifters of 4 cylinders , it also shuts down the fuel injectors. but doesn't this mean that the cylinder is pulling a vacuum at the intake stroke? and pulling a vacuum like this cost energy, right? perhaps it"s a better idea to use the solution used on a big 4 stroke single cylinder motorbike. I'm talking about the decompression system that is used to lighten up the effort to start such an engine. this system opens the exhaust valve at the compression stroke too. I'm not an engineer ,I'm just trying to figure this out with the help of you guys
  9. Hi guys, I have a silverado truck with a 5.3L engine and I wonder how the active fuel management works. I know that it uses lifters which can shut down it's cylinder but my question is: why use all of the hardware, like special lifters and stuff, while it's easier just to shut down a fuel injector instead? Just turn of the voltage to the injectors of 4 cylinders during V4 mode instead. Is there a reason why my simple idea does or does not work?
  10. Another design flaw from GM... So the tip you guys give me is: don't hit stuff with the outside mirrors. It will damage them. Thanks for the input guys.
  11. So if I hit a tree during offroading the mirror will fold in but only if I drive forwards. If I drive backwards the mirror will break. But the mirrors don't like it very much? It's better to fold in the mirrors in during offroading in the woods?
  12. Hello guys, I have a 2014 chevrolet silverado LTZ with the standard mirrors. Not the towmirrors. They fold electric, but what happens when the mirror is struck by an object like a tree? Does it break off or does it fold and can it fold to the front and the back? I'm allways folding my mirrors in when I park at a buisy parkinglot cause I'm afraid that someone wil walk against the mirror and damage it. But do I have to worry that something wil break?
  13. Gm runs very high transmission temperatures because of the thermostat that is used. normal operating temperature is round 190 degrees and gets higher when it's hot outside. Heat is a bad thing for automatic transmissions so first let it run a bit cooler .I fitted a superior solutions transmission thermostat. It keeps the transmission temperature round 150 degrees. The other thing to do is check if your transmission oil has metal flakes in it. if so, your in trouble and you proberally need to rebuild the transmission.
  14. Thanks for the reply ftwhite. I'm going to replace mine too. But because I'm from Holland I can't go to a parts-store and buy a throttle body for my truck. They just don't sell them here. So the only option is to order one on-line. I usually order parts at rockauto.com but do you know any other site where to order one? perhaps a ported one?
  15. the throttle body isn't that expensive so replacing it is a good idea. do you need to reprogram the throttle body or is it just plug and play?
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