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  1. Gm runs very high transmission temperatures because of the thermostat that is used. normal operating temperature is round 190 degrees and gets higher when it's hot outside. Heat is a bad thing for automatic transmissions so first let it run a bit cooler .I fitted a superior solutions transmission thermostat. It keeps the transmission temperature round 150 degrees. The other thing to do is check if your transmission oil has metal flakes in it. if so, your in trouble and you proberally need to rebuild the transmission.
  2. Thanks for the reply ftwhite. I'm going to replace mine too. But because I'm from Holland I can't go to a parts-store and buy a throttle body for my truck. They just don't sell them here. So the only option is to order one on-line. I usually order parts at rockauto.com but do you know any other site where to order one? perhaps a ported one?
  3. the throttle body isn't that expensive so replacing it is a good idea. do you need to reprogram the throttle body or is it just plug and play?
  4. there are no fault codes stored. but when I use an all metal screwdriver, put one side on the throttlebody and the other side agains my ear, I clearly hear the ticking sound. so the sound is coming from the throttlebody. The next thing I can do is remove the intake assembly while the clickingsound is present. so I can see if the butterfly valve is moving with the clicking sound and go from there.
  5. thank you for your reply jimcost2014 but what does CEL means? I'll take your advice of checking for some stored codes and post my findings as soon as I have the time to do so. the truck still runs great ,the only problem is the ticking. I don't want to be the guy who gets stranded at the side of the road because I ignored a problem.
  6. is the throttle body a part that often fails? or is it a case of bad luck for me.
  7. here's an update of the ticking issue. when I increase the rpm the ticking sound does not change. so it's not rpm related. the ticking is heard when the truck has been driven for about 10 minutes. when I shut of the engine after a say 15 minute drive , wait a good 15 minutes and then start it again, the ticking sound is gone. you can hear it but only once a minute or so. when I open the hood after a 15 minute drive it ticks but when I pull out the throttle body connector the ticking stops immediately and of course the engine goes into a sort of limp mode. so my guess is that the throttle body has something to do with it. so should I replace the throttle body for a new one or is it servicable?
  8. early today I opened the hood while the engine was idling and noticed a clicking sound comming from the throttle body / intake manifold area. I think it has something to do with the variable intake system. the clicking sound is heard twice every second. does the intake manifold has an electric motor inside to operate the variable intake manifold? It sounds like the connection between the actuator and electric motor has something to do with it. the check engine light does not come on. the engine is a 5.3L and the truck is a 2014 chevrolet silverado ltz. does anyone have an idea what the problem is?
  9. Hi guys, I'm trying to find a company who sells hidden winch mounting plates but got no succes. The only make I found is the rough country hidden winch mounting plate but to sent it to holland they ask $550. While the set cost $200. Does anyone knows an other company who makes these plates? Or is it a better idea to make something myself?
  10. Hi guys, Here's a update of how things are right now. I tried to find someone in holland who could reprogram my transmission. After a long search I found a guy who works at the gm import dealer. He could help but asked a serious amount of money. So I did the math and bought my own hp tuner hardware. This was only a little bit more expensive than the gm guy asked. But now I can modify my software as often as I want and it's also usefull to read dtc codes and much much more. Got a tunefile from grumpy bear's contact and used it to modify the stock transmission software. Now lets hope that the transmission gets to go way past 100000mls. Thanks guys for all the usefull input.
  11. Doesn't anyone know where the module is located? Lucky it's allmost summer so I don't need my seatheater now but I like to have nice warm seats next winter.
  12. Got an E-mail back from grumpy bear's contact. He says that he machinnes the pump housing if necessary and puts in a transgo tcc kit and a transgo shiftkit. And after install he tunes the transmission with hp tuners. After all of this the transmission works great and stays that way. So I'm going to tune my transmission to prevent any problems in the future.
  13. I send him an e-mail. Lets wait and hear what he's got so say. Thanks grumpy bear. I'll keep you guys updated.
  14. Thanks grumpy bear for the pm. I'll keep that tip in mind. You said that the problem is the jmbx torque converter. I put a heavy duty jmbx in my transmission(HDB85JMBX). Are the hd versions better or just as bad? Perhaps the heavy duty version usses a different torque converter clutch? This is what I'm going to do. Modify the transmission software and then drive it for 8000mls. Then drain the oil and see if there's debris or alu dust in the pan. If there is then I'm changing the torque converter with a sonnax upgrade.
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