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  1. You said that the 14s and 15s don't have the torque converter clutch issue? Maybe I'm not so lucky then? Cause my transmission had a little film of alu dust in it. My truck is build in december 2013 but the transmission is build in 2015 (I think). What I'm meaning to say is: do I need to change the transmission software or is it ok to leave it like it is now? It drives like new now but I want to run the transmission way past 100000mls without rebuilding it every few years.
  2. I've put the valvebody in the transmission and bolted everything back in the truck. Took it for a testdrive today. Now it shifts and drives like a dream! Even in v4 mode. I put in a HD B85JMBX of tc remanufacturing. Lets hope that a HD torque converter last a bit longer than a stock one. I'm thinking of changing the software of the transmission but I don't know somone who has the equipement to do this here in Holland. Is it duable to buy a softwareprogram and connector for myself?
  3. Maybe I'm saying something stupid but does gm have an transmission software update to tackle this known problem? I found a video on YouTube which shows somone who has changed the transmission software with "HP tuners". (6L80E The real cause of failure and how to adress them). Is it a solution to the tcc problem?
  4. Here is an update on how things are going with my tcc problem. The mechanic I took the truck to says that when he connects the diagnostic computer and pressurises the tcc the pressure drops within one second or so. He said it's a faulty tehcm but I don't believe him. A transmission control module (tehcm) is quite expensive and is working or broken, at least the solenoid is. So I did something I should have done earlier. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. So I took the tranny out again and inspected the whole thing. Replaced the pressure regula
  5. Thanks for your reply. You give me some new things to check now. Today we went on a testdrive with a diagnostic computer and the mechanic thinks it's the techm. He suspects that a bad solenoid or pressure switch is the cause. April 6th we're going to ask a tranny guy for his opinion. Is it possible that the Pressure regulator valve has something to do with it? Or does this part has nothing to do with the torque converter? When we changed the tranny fluid, it looked quite normal. There was no dirt or alu dust in the oil. So I think the oilpump is ok. The old torque
  6. Hi guys, I bought a 2014 chevrolet silverado 5.3 LTZ with the 6L80E transmission. When I keep the truck at a steady speed ,for example 35 m/h, the transmission keeps changing rpm. It 's constant changing between 1400 and 1200 rpm. When I drive at 50 m/h the rpm changes from 1600 to 1400 rpm. It seems that the torque converter clutch is constantly engages and disengages. I allready replaced the torque converter ,flushed the transmission and reset the computer. This didn't made a difference. Does anyone have an idea?
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