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  1. @Rook126 the software was released in September per TSB 20NA199. The April date is most likley from when GM started crafting it.
  2. It has worked so far on mine knock on wood. It has been a few days. The update also fixed "browse" on the FM radio and it shows a list of available radio stations and I never knew it was not working right in the first place.
  3. @BigMick2020 The old me would have made a scene, but not the current me, I feel that taking the GM survey, replying to the text message about "how was your visit", and no longer using them for service or sales, sending referrals, and telling friends and family about it is better off. Maybe even a google review/dealer rater. My mom is looking at vehicles and was thinking of purchasing a new car in a few years(she plans them out not just a spur of the moment thing), she won't step foot in there now. The sales dept did not even make the sale to me because the "used car manager" who I had to work with kept trying to find something on their lot for me instead of using the build sheet I made to find the truck at another dealer, I then found my truck and sent it to them and never heard back from them about it for a week, then they said we can't swap with them right now. I gave them another truck and they just shrugged their shoulders so I drove 80 miles away to pick up my truck, that dealer has nothing but good reviews and I would not hesitate to go there if they were closer but 160 miles round trip is hard to stomach, this local dealer is 10 minutes from my house, the next closest is at least a half an hour on the highway at best. The Chevy Dealer is Ciocca Chevrolet of Princeton NJ so you all know to AVOID them. Go to Patriot Chevrolet Buick GMC of Limerick PA or Coleman GMC Buick Cadillac in Lawrence NJ, best buying and service experience to date of all brands of vehicles I have been at.
  4. It was released after september of 2020, so your truck was probably built with it
  5. GM removed the app for text messages a few years ago my research found. A few people got GM to send them the app but I dont think they will do that anymore. If your build is W124E and U150.3.6 then you're up to date
  6. I did but the file is too big. Before W119E U148.3.4 After W124E U150.3.6
  7. Good news. Went to GMC, told them what happened. Service advisor said it is par for the course with that chevy dealer. They checked my vin and said there is an update and showed me on the computer. Less than an hour later and it was done and I had a clean truck too. He showed me the previous messages PIT5754 and PIT5737B that have been superseded by TSB 20NA199 as of September 2020. The PITs were released in the spring and summer. Not ever using that Chevy dealer again. The GMC service advisor said that they service a lot of Chevy vehicles because of the dealer across the street from them. I even showed the Chevy dealer the TSB and number of the update and the service advisor said "well my guy said this so we cant do anything, come back in a few months" I said why would I when the update is available, and has been for MONTHS now I will NEVER BE BACK or buy a vehicle from you either. Absolute garbage service, if that is what they were going to say they should have done so on the phone and not waste my time. Sales could not find any dealer that had the truck I wanted to begin with and tried to push me into a truck on their lot pre covid, and this is the final straw with the service dept. 1. Took the truck there in may about voice recognition not working and they said you need data for it to work... 2. They over filled my oil by a few ounces and I dont think the tire rotation was done. 3 they screwed up the alignment and I had to waste my time and take it back, they thought they should test drive it to verify instead of putting it on the rack again and they drove the truck like they stole it according to onstar, also they screwed up the adaptive tables and I had to find a relearn procedure online to get the truck to shift right after they "verified" the screw up. 4. They cant read a TSB that I gave them. Not to mention they don't know their own oil change prices and quoted me for an oil change 40 dollars over price. No wonder my neighbor brings his Tahoe to the GMC dealer. In other news VR worked 100% of the time so far and sirius has been fine
  8. So after having a pre arranged appt. To do this and a 1.5 hr wait they said there is no update yet and GM is still making it. Reminded them of the TSB and its number 20NA199 November 2020 update and they said we know about it but they havent sent the software to the dealers yet so we cant do it. Anybody know use a GMC to program a Chevy? I really dont want to find time to drive 20 miles out of the way to get the update if i can go to a GMC next to the Chevy dealer but different owner.
  9. I am at the dealer for an infotainment update to U150. Saw the sign for 8qt AC Delco at 69.95 plus tax. The person quoted me for Mobil One which an 8qt change is listed at 109.95. So they are nkt as over priced as I thought lol. Still doing my own oil changes lol. Private garage quoted 120 for AC delco and 160 for Mobil one or one of the other name brands, tire rotation is an extra charge for them which is where 180 came in.
  10. Only thing I did for my break in was stay under 70 and I did not "floor it". At 500 miles I drive how ever I feel like.
  11. I am at the dealer now as my truck will not recognize the update with wifi hotspot from my phone or on star. I advised them that the update is available and the truck will not find it. I advised them that i have an issue with Sirius and voice recognition on occasion and that TSB 20NA199 states an update is available for download via dealer software or OTA. Fingers crossed and will update later.
  12. @brownsugar That is 100% on the fault of your dealer for not testing the battery. I would put money on it that they just plugged into the truck, read codes, reset light, and checked for a TSB at best. There is a very slim chance they tested the battery under load or the alternator output or if they did it was because they just jumped it and it did not have a chance to die yet. They should have just made a BS RO and said the battery is bad so GM warranty would kick in, but since they did not do so they should have paid for the battery you purchased at least. Call GM and see if they will reimburse you. Also find a new dealer. I would not get rid of the truck just because you had a crappy service dept. Especially if that was the only issue you had with it, bad batteries happen but they should have caught it and swapped it on the first try. Someone else posted the same thing a while back but their dealer swapped out the battery and they had no problem since then. Service is what makes or breaks the dealer and the brand, find a new GM dealer to go to, can be Chevy or gmc. Remember dealers are just franchises and don't fully represent the brand as a whole.
  13. While I do not own or plan to own a diesel, keep a few a few things in mind. 1. Diesel and gas prices fluctuate, it may be cost effective now to have a diesel but in a few years the price may skyrocket. So just "the mpg" is not the most to consider. See #3 2. The warranty is only 5 years regardless of the motor OR 60k miles for all motors except the diesel at 100k miles. So I would calculate your mileage and determine whether or not you will exceed 60k in less than 5 years, most average people put around 10k on the clock per year. If you put more than 12k a year on the vehicle then you get less than 5 years on the power train warranty and it ends at the specific mileage, less than that and you get the full 5 years as long as you have not exceeded mileage. 3. Typically* everything with a diesel costs more, fuel, DEF, filters, injectors, are typical expenses. Remember that diesels like to be driven, not short commutes and little trips, if the DPF clogs up it can and will be expensive to fix, it can even start to affect the turbo and eventually the motor itself, and other components like the EGR. My company has a sprinter with the diesel and due to short trips in it, it is always causing some sort of issue. And now has other problems most likely attributed to the DPF and EGR/turbo being affected by it. They also need to regen. 4. The 10 and 8 speeds are both good transmissions. There have been few complaints about the new ones and they are people not understanding that if the solenoids are empty you get a harsh shift upon startup that goes away after the TC and VB fill up. Or they dont like the garage shift, which is on the 10spd as well, that the first shift into gear after sitting for extended period of time is delayed by 3 seconds for "safety" and to allow the trans to catch up. A vast majority of people have zero issues with the transmissions now, its the original 8spd that problematic, the new ones with the new fluid are very smooth. They all feature adaptive learning and can behave different after someone else drives the truck. In my case the **** tech at the dealer thought he needed to verify my concern that after he screwed up my alignment that the steering wheel was not centered. He floored the vehicle 5 times from a stop on the highway and aggressively braked each time as shown on onstar. This caused a harsh downshift 2-1 that I had to relearn myself. This is also why I dont let the dealer touch the truck unless gm is paying anymore. But the relearn fixed it. Other than that it is a nice truck and a crap ton better than the ford 10r80 if you ever had one. 5. There is no perfect 100% reliable anything anymore. People have the 5.3 from the original afm without issues and a brand new 6.2 that has shot lifters with piston damage meaning the brand new truck is completely taken apart and a new motor put in it. The ford 5.0 can either be 100% perfect or eat oil like a homeless guy at a buffet and crap out the cams with less than 10k on it and the ram 5.7 can last forever or kill itself shortly after birth. Nobody can tell you what to get, and everyone has an entirely weighted opinion on trucks. Just do your homework and pick what makes you happy. For me it is the L84 5.3 8spd but others like the 3.0 and 10spd, some want the 10spd so bad they get the TB or a GMC so they can pick it. It is all your choice and yours alone.
  14. I found TSB 20NA199 "Radio software version U150 update" november 2020. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2020/MC-10184493-9999.pdf Under RPO it states it is for all 3 radios and addresses, among several other things, Sirius XM acquiring signal or loading and playing music for 3 seconds then stopping after switching from another source then after changing channel in sirius it works again. Also addresses "I cant find a phone" when using VR when a phone is connected. My truck on occasion does these 3 things and I am wondering if anyone has updated to U150 and it solved the problem.
  15. Welcome! I have a 2020 RST 5.3 8 speed so I will try to answer what I can. I would look more into the LT over custom TB if you are not planning on going off road all to often and want something with better mpg for daily commuting, higher truck with off road tires creates a small bit of drag. The LT and RST are almost* the same but there are a few differences, mainly the rally edition and a sport look on the RST. Also a center console os available for RST unless the recently added it to LT. Personally I would choose 5.3 due to some reports of issues with the new 3.0 being dead in the morning and being a diesel there is more potential maintenance issues down the road and also differences in operation. Most likely your wallet would enjoy the 5.3 over the diesel. The transmissions are either 6 8 or 10 speed, if the dealer doesn't know that run. Like really run, they will pish whatever BS necessary for you to buy a vehicle from them that gives them more money OR the salesman is truly that stupid and needs to find a new job. I live in NJ and get 17.5 with highway then backroad commute. Around town (100 percent stop and go with auto stop off due to temp or hvac) I get 12 and auto stop on 13 to 14. On highway driving only I get 19 with the truck saying "best 22.5" for the 50 mile range. Just take the truck out on the highway once in a while to let it open up if you are able to vs city driving. I dont know how they got a 16 or 17 mpg city rating unless it is driving down rt130 at 2am with no red lights. Price for my RST Z71 CC was 54k sticker but pre tax out the door was 44k, just dont be afraid to leave if you dont get a good price, dealers can be greedy and have the if you dont buy it he will attitude. My truck has the z71 and protection package(bedliner and floor liner), safety package, bucket seats, 20 inch wheels, all star and convenience 2. Z71 will give you some more control over the transfer case with 4L and auto being available only with the 2 speed transfer case. So either LT or RST with the 5.3 and 8 speed is what you would end up with. The RST is more expensive vs LT but if you want a sportier look than RST. Price is going to sticker around 50k depending on options, but you should be getting at least a 7 to 10k discount.
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