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  1. What's stupid about it? The entire point of remote start is to make the cabin comfortable, it its hot it blows cold and if its cold it heats it up, turns on the window defrost, heated mirriors steering wheel and seats How's it annoying? Really how? Dont remote start the vehicle if you dont want to use its features You can disable some of the heaters in vehicle setting on the radio, same place for the windows down from keyfob and horn alerts, rear seat reminder and what not
  2. Go to a glass shop and get a solid window
  3. The correct sealer is a solid window tbh, most sealers dont hold, mine lasted a whole 6 months. The design sucks and the tsb is a complete joke. They need to just stop offering sliders at all or make it a stand alone option not in a package like moon roofs should be. Solid window looks better too
  4. A glass company will not do the tsb, just the window replacement The dealer that did mine broke the headliner support bracket at the rear window on the driver side and ripped the inner layer of the headliner on the passenger side that the bracket glues to. they also broke the coat hooks covers, I never knew that until the glass was replaced with the non slider and the headliner sags at the window, so they wont pay up for the repair costs since theyre gonna claim the glass guy did it, even though he never dropped the headliner, just them so its not worth the argument. So i ordered the parts and I will do it myself, I just need some 3M VHB tape for the tear and I should be set but if I'd have know they'd break my truck's components and not tell anyone or fix it I would never have let them touch it the first time. Moral of the story, even if the dealer seems good there is at least one or two employees that dont give a f*** and will not do everything properly
  5. Just get rid of the slider, 400 bucks and the problem disappears
  6. New window is in, dry over the past week, goodbye to the stupid slider!
  7. Dealer called and said that GM will replace the window…with a fricken slider. They said that the person at GM the talked to have some bs rant about how vehicles are to be repaired to the condition the left the assembly line in blah blah blah. Quoted 625 for solid glass, wtf? private glass shop quoted 395 and safelite 479. private shop wants to water test it to verify that’s where the leak is, I have not replicated it since so I told them to replace it if they replicate it and it leaks or they can’t replicate it, unless the leak is found to be some where else then to the dealer it goes, also told them the nuts are one time use for the spoiler. Truck goes Wednesday to get tested/new glass if needed. I really hate that they force a slider down your throat to get the convenience 2 package, and they can’t even fricken remove it for a cheaper window. Ridiculous, it should be a separate option imo
  8. Well 1 day short of 6 months and just shy of 7k miles later I'm back! Noticed a very small leak in the same spot after the dealer did an oil change and washed it, only a few drops but its there, walked back inside and sent them the pictures, they said they will put in the request for a new window and let me take the truck home, I text the advisor and requested a new fixed window instead of that stupid fricken slider, they said it shouldnt be a problem as far as they know and the service manager will call someone monday morning to get the window approved. I'm not interested in the sealer or a slider, so fingers crossed they say yes, honestly I will pay a glass shop to replace the window with the non slider if needed. And to top it off its gonna rain all week, yay, towels in place. Also it is noteworthy to mention that there are 9 cracks and GM refused the replacement round 1. I love this truck so much more then my '18 F150 that Ford bought back as a lemon and dont want to go down that road over something so fricken simple to fix. I want to smack the crap out of whatever engineer thought it was a good idea to put the plastic slider rail between the glass seal and the body, make it a separtate assembly inside the glass! Also I looked up the parts online and the slider is not orderable, hopefully that means I get solid glass!
  9. Id still rather deal with the garage shift and minor harsh shift on a cold start over my f150 trying to activate the ejection seat while it was cold or when it felt like slipping.
  10. Happened again today, same part of the highway, going 83 and coasting, temp is 93 feels like is 100 with no breeze or clouds, similar to the first time it did it. stayed on for about 30 seconds but didn’t seem sluggish or reduced power and no onstar alert. 14400 miles. May take it in and see what they say this time, idk yet.
  11. It's a '20 RST I went ahead and ordered the whole package.
  12. I searched the forum a bit and found that most people were going with lasfit a while back, is that still the case? I saw a few others going with Amazon specials or oxilam as well. What holds up the best with no hyperflash? I was going to use Sylvania but they say that newer vehicles need to add a load kit to not hyperflash which I'm not interested in doing, plug and play only with a quality bulb is what I'm after.
  13. 2020 Silverado L84, 12800 miles. Today on the highway going about 80mpg and letting off the throttle a little the check engine light started flashing then stopped, came back on while getting off the ramp flashing 2 or 3 times then went away. No messages on the dash or reduced performance, no new knocks ticks or vibrations. Using Shell 87 for fuel. No onstar alerts either, I have gotten 1 for the airbag system when the steering wheel bag was replaced a while back(I hit the horn too hard on the side and broke the horn switch and mounting bracket while avoiding an accident). Anyway Went to the dealer and they pulled P0300 Random/Multiple cylinder misfire detected Failure code:00 Status: Test Failed since code cleared No active codes are noted just stored They said without diag, obviously, they can't point at any one issue. They said if it's not doing anything in front of them the probably can't find anything anyway but I am free to let them look at it later if needed. My plan is as per their recommendation to wait and see if it happens again, light comes on and stays, messages appear, or any performance or other concerns are noted. My thoughts are that it was probably just a glitch with the DFM system and PCM not agreeing on what cylinder was supposed to be firing and when. Put the truck thru its paces and it takes off smooth and nothing seems wrong with it. Knock on wood it stays that way. Anybody have something similar happen?
  14. How long are you letting the truck warm up? It needs a few minutes to warm up if it's been sitting and it was cold outside. The warmer the better. I find it doesn't do it once the temp hits 55 degrees for the trans. If it's been sitting overnight in the snow I just give it a 5-10 minute warm up so I'm comfortable and drive and deal with the 1 harsh shift and go about my day. Otherwise by the time I leave the house and let it run for 2 or 3 minutes in the morning it's fine.
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