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  1. While their at it, make the 10 speed tranny standard on the 5.3 and up the screen size to 12” like RAM and future Ford’s, at least make it optional. Don’t forget adaptive cruise control. Also, put back all the decontented items that were on the K2’s.
  2. Anybody know how much your mileage decreases with chin spoiler removal?
  3. That’s a start, now all they have to do is replace that cheap, crappy interior and put all the de-contented features back that were on the K2’s! Waiting patiently, I will buy no truck before it’s time.
  4. Has the rear window leak been permanently fixed, if so when?
  5. Why buy a 2018 when my 2014 is identical? Count me out of the T1 generation, just another lost sale to GM. My 2014 Sierra is superior in every way to the T1.
  6. If they want to move the metal with these cheapened trucks,they’ll have to.
  7. To name a few, adjustable seat belts, chrome trim around gauges, adjustable brake pedal, turn signal in mirrors, sunglass holder, lighted vanity mirror. Options not available, panoramic sunroof, adaptive cruise control and switch in bed to operate bed lights. The competition has em, why not GM? Also cheaper grades of plastic in the interior then the K2’s.
  8. I am waiting for 15k off, new interior and for GM to put back all the content that was on the K2’s.
  9. They should remove the black widget on the front corner of window. What’s the point of it, it reduces visibility and looks cheap.
  10. Any word on updated interiors and putting de-contented features back on new trucks?
  11. Gotta pay for the autonomous and electric cars that are coming. Thus we get the cheap interior and loose many features that were available and standard on the previous generation truck. Can’t believe how dumb GM thinks it’s customers are!
  12. This feature was added for the idiots who park their truck in the garage and forget to turn it off due to the push button start.
  13. Yah, I got $3500 in GM points, seeing their capped, I use PayPal MC and earn 2% cash back on everything. You can transfer earnings anytime to PayPal account, then to your bank.
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