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  1. 2019 Adjustable Foot Pedals

    Gotta pay for the autonomous and electric cars that are coming. Thus we get the cheap interior and loose many features that were available and standard on the previous generation truck. Can’t believe how dumb GM thinks it’s customers are!
  2. This feature was added for the idiots who park their truck in the garage and forget to turn it off due to the push button start.
  3. Employee rebates

    Yah, I got $3500 in GM points, seeing their capped, I use PayPal MC and earn 2% cash back on everything. You can transfer earnings anytime to PayPal account, then to your bank.
  4. How is the DFM working for you?

    That’s why GM always kept their trucks smaller then Ford and Ram on the exterior. How much bigger do these trucks need to get? It’s rediculous!
  5. 2020 model details

    I’m hoping for a complete re-design of the interior, hopefully with better materials!
  6. $1500 off email

    Wait a couple of months, they’ll be 10k to 12k off. 1500 off is peanuts!
  7. Lucky to be alive!

    Finally, maybe something that is class leading!
  8. Did Chevy Botch SEMA 2018?

    There is a reason GM quit reporting monthly sales, they know they’re going to slide to 3rd place in truck sales. All Mary Barra cares about is profit per vehicle, that’s why we have the outdated, cheap interior in the new trucks. Also why the latest tech Ford and RAM have and is missing on the new trucks. Greed will be the death of GM.
  9. What if...

    Ford has something similar to the aero curtain, but you can’t see it. It’s a rectangular slot in the facia . Why did we get stuck with the ugly aero curtains? Prehaps to impress, but I think it backfired, just like the outdated , cheap interior.
  10. Do these trucks come in any other interior color besides black? Anybody with different color show us your pics please.
  11. Ford achieved the same thing as the ugly GM air curtains except you can’t see it. They have a simple cutout in the facia. Two years in the auto industry is an eternity for the updated interior. GM will lose billions.
  12. All GM cares about is maximum profit per vehicle, that’s why we got that craptacular interior. I will not buy one of these trucks until the interior is updated. They have already found out they made a disastrous mistake by every review that dings them for the interior.
  13. New Silverado Commercial

    Finally, GM has something that is class leading in their trucks, 8 trim levels, take that Ford and RAM!
  14. DougFl 2019 Silverado

    I’d stay away from 3M, go with Xpel instead. To many problems with 3M.
  15. And the winner is.....


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