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  1. I've search the web on and off for months, watched every YouTube video and read every Amazon review for the encoder motor and can't find a single person that has an fix for my problem. 99 Silverado 1500 with 165k. Bought the truck knowing the 4x4 didn't work but auto 4x4 did. First thing I did was put a new front axle actuator in it and confirm it was actually pushing out when called for. Also checked all my fues and cleaned the ground under the door. No check lights are on for the 4x4 system all lights on the switches work as they should. My scan tool shows everything is working as it should be. Front actuator is locking and trasfercase case is enabled. I can hear the encoder motor shift and I can get all modes of the t case, just that the front wheels dont pull it. Last night I jacked the truck up on 4 jack stands so I could let the wheels spin. Sometimes I'd get a front tire to spin in 4hi but if I stopped each front tire by wedging a pipe under it the front drive axle would stop spinning. I know the truck is shifting the t case because I can still put it in neutral, 4low (but works as 2low but definitely drives in a low gear) and auto 4wd (that works great still) and 2hi as well as 4hi that doesn't pull the front wheels. I bought a new encoder motor but I feel like because everything is shifting I'm wasting my money putting it in. I'm totally out of ideas other than something internal with the t case.
  2. I've looked online for a website that would let me search for tsb on my truck . Unfortunately I'm not having any luck with finding anything that gives me more than just what my outstanding recalls are.
  3. Went to the Range website and it isn't traceable. Might be a way to prevent this issue but still would like to know why it's happening all of a sudden.
  4. I'm right at 50% when I looked today. Last 3 or 4 oil changes have been mobile 1 full synthetic Dextos compatible.
  5. I'm familiar with the keeping it in manual 5 gear so it can't go into V4 but because of the speed I drive I run at 2500 rpm in 5th so that won't work for me. Also know about the Range programmer that keeps it from going into v4. I don't want to the Range if there's something going on that would make the Range act as a bandaid to mask an issue. I have a feeling it's possibly a solenoid for a lifter that's going out. Id hate to have a breakdown while still under warenty and have the Range detectable and have a claim denied. I think I've read the Range isn't detectable once you pull it but still think it's a bandaid for the issue I'm having right now. If I find my issue is something easy to fix I'd probably get one after my warenty in 5500 miles.
  6. So I'm on my second 2014 5.3 truck first one was a Silverado that I started the Shake or Vibration topic post that I got rid of for a 14 Sierra. I'm very familiar with the how some times the transitions between v4 and v8 or vise versa can be not quite as smooth as I would hope and some are so smooth it's almost undetectable. Put about 13k on my Silverado and 54K now on my Sierra so I have a pretty good idea of what has been normal up to this point. Past few weeks at about 68 mph I will go from v8 to v4 and back to v8 all within a second. started out once every few days and now it happens once a day it seems. One day it did it 4 different times within probably 2 miles. Has done it with cruse on and off. When it does it, it gives the truck the feeling of bang,bang, bang all in about a second time frame. 2 times now it has felt like it's got hung up between the modes, it took about 3 seconds to change over like it stuck doing the switch over. Ive never been really happy with how it feels when it switches over but this is something totally different. Whats going on that's making it do this? Is it damaging the motor when this happens? I have warranty left but no check engine lights so I'm sure I'll get the "couldn't replicate" answer if I bring it in. Thanks.
  7. Original poster here. Wow, it's sad to see this still going on. I get updates every day on this topic but honestly I try not to read them anymore. I did want to share that after getting rid of my Silverado that the Seirra I traded for has always been much smoother. I've got 42k on the Seirra now and just put new tires on a few thousand miles back. I ended up going with the Kumho Road Ventures AT51's and I will say that the truck did get even better with these tires. A few weeks ago I noticed my truck was smoother than I've ever noticed it before it was like I was in a Buick, it was crazy. I don't know if I just had the perfect tail wind or what but it was like glass! It's usually pretty good but never that smooth. Now just the other day I parked my truck outside my garage with the front tires on my garage apron and the rears on my gravel driveway. The apron has a slight incline to it. It was parked from Friday when I got home and I didn't drive it until Monday to go back to work. I don't know what happend or why but my truck shook for 10 miles going to work that morning worse than my old Silverado ever did. Got to work and thought I must have mud in the wheels but when I look they were clean. Drove home after work and the truck had been just fine ever since. This isn't the first time I've noticed it shake more after parking without moving it for a few days. I've noticed it with both trucks. If I leave the truck level on the driveway it seems fine after a few days so I don't think it's the tires flat spotting. I don't know what it would be but it's almost like when it's parked with the front end higher something is draining out of or into something after its sits for a few days inside the tranny or something.
  8. I did all the common stuff, road force balance and even new wheels and tire but still never got it to go away. Even had a engineer look at it and tell me it was normal. I went to the dealer to trade it in on a 13 f150 but ended up getting another 14 but a Sierra this time. The Sierra is much better but at times a vibration for the first few miles but it always goes away, some days it's worse than others and some days it's like it's not even there. I would swear it's the tires from sitting but doesn't explain why some days are different than others and some days it's gone in a mile and some days it takes 4 miles. I could swear it's getting better with more miles on the truck and seems like I don't notice it more often than I do lately. Overall much, much better than the Silverado was. I'm do for new tires before winter so I'm almost nervous about it because of how nice it rides now. Funny looking back when I posted that, I was afraid I was going to get jump on for posting that thread being so new to the forum. I didn't think people would believe me! I still get updates emailed to me daily on that topic but I only read them from time to time, still seems like no fix for most.
  9. If I rember right I got 100.00 off few years back on Black Friday.
  10. Did you lose much gas mileage? When I had the Duratracs on my 14 Silverado that I traded in, it seemed to only go in 4 cyl mode when going down hill. I did however have the heavier LT duratrac. When my buddy told me he was buying a Falcon atw3 I was sceptical, he just walks into the local tire shop and says he wants an AT tire with no research at all. After that I did a bunch of research and found them to be rated good enough to be in my top 2 choices! I really like the sidewall of the Falcon much better than the Kumho.
  11. At 36000 miles I'm at 5/32" with my stock SRA tires so 've got a few months before I need to buy new tires but figured I should start looking now before northern Minnesota snow comes. Im set on a Sever Snow Service tire as I pull around a 4500lb fish house out on the snowy lakes without a plow. In the past I've ran Goodyear Duratrac tires and have had 3 sets total now, they are fantastic on ice and deep snow but they keep raising the price on them and to be honest they're loud. I had the vibration issue with my 14 Silverado and Because of that traded for a 14 Sierra that is pretty smooth so I'm always concerned about vibration issues. At one point I thought I would go with a Michelin tire because I've heard they're more round than others but Michelin doesn't make anything that gets my interest. One thing I've read over and over is how well the Kumho at51 balance out. One concern too is reduced mpg. Right now I'm averaging 19.6 for the past 1100 miles and I know switching to a heavier AT tire is going to bring it down some but I really don't want to see more than about 1 mpg. I think the SRA's are 38 or 39 pounds for my size and the kumho are 47 and Falcons are 48lbs. From what I've read both the Kumho and Falcon are quiet and my buddy just put a set of the Falcon at3w on his 04 Silverado and said the noise is the same as the Firestone destinations he replaced. Just by looking at each tire I would give the Kumho the edge for snow traction. I know the Falcons just came out this spring so there's no snow reviews on them yet. So I guess what I'm asking is anyone running these tires that can tell me what they like or dislike about them. Also I'm really interested in knowing what kind of mpg loss you got from switching from the SRA and did you run into any vibration issues after.
  12. Sorry guys, had a Brain fart on what it's called, yes it's a crew cab. I'm thinking an 8' camper is definitely out of the question and more then likely a 6.5' too. Might just build a topper the size of the box that's about a foot taller then the cab.
  13. I had a 8' pickup camper for my 2004 6.5' box and would just leave the tailgate on and down, worked just fine. Sold the camper years ago but thinking about getting a used one. My truck now is a double cab and a 5.5' box I think it's about 5' 9" actually. I put the tailgate down and measured and I think it's like 7' 8" or so but the header at the top of the box is going to take up about 2" so it's roughly 7.5'. Anyone with a 14 or newer have any experience with a 8' camper in a short box? I wouldn't typically be overly concerned but with these new trucks there so finicky with vibrations. I had to sell my snowmobile trailer because pulling it shook my truck so bad and never was an issue on my old truck and never heard any complaints from the guy I sold it to. Also have a 16' camper/fish house and that pulls absolutely awesome. Utility trailer I replaced the snowmobile trailer with pulls good but has a slight vibration 90% better then the snowmobile trailer. Just concerned about the weight being that far back and how the wind hitting it will affect it.
  14. Thanks to this forum I told my dealer about the headlight TSB, They hadn't heard of it. Got it done today and I don't know if it's just placebo effect or what but to me it seems WAY better!
  15. I can't take it anymore!!! My first truck was a 14 Silverado that I traded in because of vibration issues and got a 14 Sierra. The Silverado was the first 14 to hit the lot so very early production and the Mylink worked fine for calling people. My Sierra was ok until the past few months. When I say to call someone it doesn't even come close to getting the name right. I'll say "call Eric" and it will say "did you say call Nat" or "call Darin" and it will say "call Gary". Tonight I said call Eric and It asked if I said Nat I said no "Eric" so then it changes to Eric and I can see "Eric" on the center screen but it still called "Nat". Another one, because I call home almost every night on my way home and it will ask if I said Cole. As you can see not even close. I wish it stopped there but the other issues will be I'll say a name and it will just say "who do you want to call" or it will get it right after a few tries and then just not even try to make the call. Sometimes it works like it should but only around 50%. I thought it might be the heater blower fan noise screwing it up but this is the 3rd winter owning a GM truck with the same infotainment system. I didn't have a stroke or anything, my voice is clear. It's so frustrating knowing it worked in the past. Sometimes I find myself yelling at it at the top of my voice after it gets the name wrong 5 times in a row (like yelling going to help). I'm using a note4.
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