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  1. Latest I have is the package will be there by the 16th. Jim
  2. Got it. Plane leaves here in a couple days. Not much traffic here in the middle of nowhere. Good luck. Jim
  3. Need your mailing address. Could be a week or two till it gets there. FEDEX. Jim
  4. It is fully assembled so there is nothing to do but look at it. Is that what you are looking for? It does move as I described above but you sometimes have to help it along. Jim
  5. I am looking to give away the rock crawler. Free postage and manual. I will pack it up as best as I can but no guarantees about what will happen when it gets there. Let me know. Jim
  6. Not sure if this is part of the ad problem or not. For the last 3 or 4 weeks or so the back button on my browser doesn't go back to the previous page. All other web sites I visit work perfect. Thanks Jim 2011 GMC Sierra & 2017 Silverado soon to be returned from lease.
  7. It was really weird. I assumed that the transmission fluid lines worked the same as the engine coolant lines. In at the top and out at the bottom. So I took the transmission line at the top of the rad off and put my bucket under it and started the truck. Well the fluid started shooting all over the engine. What a mess. lol Stopped the truck and figured out that it is reverse. In at the bottom and out at the top. Not sure why this is the way it is but the lines could only hook up one way. I figure it is because they don't want the transmission fluid to get too cool. Can anyone confirm the way the lines work in the 2011 5.3 - 6 speed? Not a big deal. Thanks Jim
  8. On my old 99 Sierra 4.3 I used to change the transmission fluid by removing the out tube at the rad and start the truck. It would then pump the fluid into a bucket. I would stop doing this when the pump went wooosh, wooosh a couple times meaning the pan was empty. Then I would fill the pan up. Then start the truck and repeat a few times until I felt I had removed most of the fluid. It was good enough for me. Think this would work on a 2010 Sierra 5.3 - 6 speed? I didn't want to change the filter. Thanks Jim
  9. Someone once said you have to have some seniority before you can assemble GMC's........................................unless someone phones in sick. Jim
  10. I had two regular cab short box trucks in the past. Nice trucks but can't store anything in the cab. You would need at least a tonal cover for storage in the back for overnite storage. Other then that I like the looks of a short box regular cab. One salesman said that they have poor resale because there is no market for them. Jim CYWG
  11. Just wondering if anyone knows what city these servers are physically located. Jim CYWG
  12. I am going to keep track of my hours between oil changes. Still change it at the recommended interval but just to see how many hours. Jim
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