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  1. Flight simulation. P3DV4 Jim CYWG
  2. My truck seems to have this. https://i.imgur.com/keDngSj.gifv Jim CYWG
  3. If you think the tach is reading 600 and still shuddering, try lightly touching the gas peddle, if the shudder goes away then a raise in idle may be in order. Jim
  4. Some have raised the idle from 500 to 600 with a tune or something like that and their vibration was gone. My 2014 as well. Don't have that truck anymore. Jim
  5. I find it interesting that they notify you when they get parts in. Thanks Jim
  6. Doc. fees are a ripoff. Figure 50 bucks an hour and what do they do for 6 hours. Get those cancelled and maybe then buy it. Jim
  7. Have a 2011 Sierra 5.3 - 6 speed auto with AFM disabled. Any advantage using number 1 (premium) gas to tow? Jim
  8. I just cut off the fancy plug and put a regular plug on mine. Out of warranty though. Jim
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