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  1. I had two regular cab short box trucks in the past. Nice trucks but can't store anything in the cab. You would need at least a tonal cover for storage in the back for overnite storage. Other then that I like the looks of a short box regular cab. One salesman said that they have poor resale because there is no market for them. Jim CYWG
  2. Just wondering if anyone knows what city these servers are physically located. Jim CYWG
  3. I am going to keep track of my hours between oil changes. Still change it at the recommended interval but just to see how many hours. Jim
  4. Sounds like she's in the fun zone section.
  5. Then put the old belt under the seat for when the new one blows. Jim
  6. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) 4 letter identifier code for the intercontinental airport at Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. They all have them. I used to fly. Jim CYWG
  7. I cleaned the both battery cables when I installed the new battery a couple days ago and sanded down the negative cable where it attaches to the block last summer. Have not been under the truck but I think GM looked there and seen nothing as they would have said so I think. I might try removing the negative at the block again and sanding it down again and see what happens. Truck has 26,000 miles on it. jim CYWG
  8. Have a 2011 Sierra 5.3 - 26,000 miles. Don't drive the truck in the winter. This year at around -9F it wouldn't crank. No codes or service engine soon light. Truck is plugged in with a battery blanket. When around -6F starts as normal. When I turned the key to run, all lights and everything came on as normal and with full brightness. Turned the key to start and all I heard was what sounded the click of the starter relay picking up but the engine didn't turn over. Tried several times and the same thing. Then from out of nowhere the truck starts. After a couple minutes I turned the truck off and it started again with the key and also one more time with the remote. Next day about the same temperature same thing. No crank, just the click. Try the battery first. New GM battery and exactly the same thing. No crank. Bring it to GM. Was warmer that day and it started for them. They say everything checks out. Charging system, battery, fuses etc, etc. Everything is fine. The only thing they think is that it is the starter going wonky when too cold. I think so to. What do you guys think? Jim CYWG
  9. I think hydrogen is the way to go. Jim CYWG
  10. Flight simulation. P3DV4 Jim CYWG
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